How To: Visit Neighbors Superheroes Edition Issue 3

Hey there Hoppereenos.

We now have a 3rd Issue of the Superheroes Event in full swing adding even MORE fun to our silly lil game. What changes will come with Issue 3? Let’s take a look.

By now you and most your Neighbors should be updated and at LEAST have the Super Squad HG built. If not, you are gonna be a bit behind. 

Now on to the basics of visiting your neighbors. These will be VERY similar to those in Issue 1 & Issue 2. There is a LOT of info (most you should be aware of by now) but I will break it into sections to help you out better.

The breakdown for this event is as follows…

Criminal 90 Actions to Capture Criminals (about 30 Visits): 3 Criminals per town with a payout of 3 Freeze Rays per Criminal. (The Criminals Appearance has not changed, but will still put out the new Currency for Issue 2.)  You will also get Friend Points with the New Level 50 Items released. More on that below.

reportcrime100 Actions to Report Crimes: 3 Buildings per town with a payout of 1 Freeze Rays per Building. I was able to keep going through all 100 of my neighbors. (Add more Neighbors to your town HERE). Continuing to tap will also help your Neighbor gain FP. 

Criminals will show up all over the town, including the Boardwalk if there are not many roads. So just take a quick scan for them. As in past Events, they also tend to creep to where you are in the town if you wait a bit.Criminals on Boardwalk

Buildings and locations that are not already tapped will show the Red Telephone. If they are blank with nothing on them, it is very likely your Neighbor has not cleared the Radioactive Signals just yet on their end. Try again later. You have 24 hrs to revisit them still. Neighbors Town



Money Stack Icon

If you are only seeing a payout of $$$ & XP or nothing at all when you tap a Criminal, it means you have already used up your 90 actions for the day and have to wait until your 24hrs resets. Or they have not updated to New Hero Rises Part 2. Once it resets, you will be able to go back in and start over. Same for questline.

Best thing to do while hopping in n out of Neighbors, is just pay attention how many Captures and Reports you have left as you Visit. If it is ZERO, then you are done with your Actions for the day. Capture and Report CountsSo watch for both issues. You ran out of 90 Actions and those NOT updated towns.



Friend Point FP Friend Point FP Friend Point FP Friend Point FP Friend Point FP Friend Point FP Friend Point FP

With 2 new Friend Point Prizes added to our silly lil games from Level 50, you now will need to MAX out those FP in order to get those Random Free Donuts from Neighbor taps.

It shouldn’t be too hard to get right back up there though,  with all the activity going on for the Superheroes Events FP are flowing quickly.

You can get them from just tapping on your Neighbors Criminals. Criminals are set as the “Daily Action” item in this game, so tapping on them will pop out Event Currency, XP, $$$, and FP until you hit your Daily Action MAX. Here is how the Friend Points (FP) will break down daily.

10Friend Point FP First 30 Daily Actions (Approx 10 Neighbors)
5Friend Point FP Next 30 Actions (Approx 10 Neighbors)
4Friend Point FP Next 30 Actions (Approx 10 Neighbors)
2Friend Point FP Next 30 Actions (Approx 10 Neighbors)
1Friend Point FP Next 180 Actions (Approx 60 Neighbors)

So for a total of 100 Neighbors tapped in a 24 hr time period you can earn 810 Friend Points. That means MAX FP Level in no time at all.

Here is a quick recap of all the FP prizes and Levels
olmechead_menuLevel 1 (1000FP): Olmec Head
singingsirloin_unlockLevel 2 (2000FP): Singing Sirloin
unlock_snowballIILevel 3 (1500FP): Snowball II
Homer CarLevel 4 (2000FP): Homer’s Car
unlock_stampyLevel 5 (5000FP): Stampy
earlslighthouse_menuLevel 6 (5000FP): E.A.R.L.
unlock_capitalcitygoofballLevel 7 (3000FP): Capital City Goofball
cool lisa 5Level 8 (5000FP): Cool Lisa
KBBLLevel 9 (4500FP): KBBL Radio
margetetherballstatue_menuLevel 10 (4000FP): Marge Tetherball
unlock_mrteenyLevel 11 (5000FP): Mr. Teeny
The Little Black BoxLevel 12 (2500FP): Little Black Box
Stewart DuckLevel 13 (5000FP): Stewart the Duck
charactersets_helenlovejoyLevel 14 (3000FP): It Blows
canyonero_menuLevel 15 (5000FP): Canyonero

That will push you to Level 16 and MAX when you complete collection for the Canyonero. Giving you TRIPLE Payout on Daily Actions and back to Random Pink Sprinklies.Friend Points MAX Triple Reward



This is something that has been long going on in the game and a pretty cool way to earn some Free Donuts from just tapping through Neighbors.

First off, you need to make sure your Friend Point (FP) Level is at MAX. The current Level now is 16.

If you are at MAX FP Level, as you make your way PAST the 90 Neighbor Daily Actions on the Criminals, do not stop there. Keep tapping the Criminals. Depending on how many Neighbors you have, you can get anywhere from 1 up to 6 (which is most I got in one day) Free Donuts. Not bad for just tapping on through. You need to clear the Buildings for Game Currency anyway, so just keep on tapping Criminals at the same time too.

You may have already got a Free Donut or two and not even noticed. Just to give you an idea, I took a Screenshot of a Free Donut I got today during my daily visits (got 3 total). As you can see in the pic, it is a bit hidden and if you move through quickly it is very easy to miss.

Again, these will ONLY come from Criminal taps  AND ONLY if you are at the MAX FP Level in your game.



As listed above, while you are visiting your Neighbors, you will see the Red Telephones on many buildings. Once tapped, the Radioactive Signal will show…Radiactive Man's Signal 1

…and your Neighbor will be alerted that you have just Reported a Crime. Reported Crime

You will then get the Payout stated above of 1 Freeze Ray per Red Telephone/ Building tapped as well as a possible Random Red Telephone for the Collector’s items. So Reporting a Crime just became more helpful in the Event. It helps both you AND your Neighbor, so tap all of the Neighbors you have. (The Random Red Telephones for Zenith City will NOT appear until the Collector is unlocked and you got past his questline… The Collector Part 3. More details and information on this will be in the Collector Post. )


Neighbor Visits Red Telephones

Also, any animation the Building has that you tapped will come alive. This is a GREAT chance to get to see all those dormant ones in action again. So have fun tapping away and look for ones you may have not been able to see animation on in a while and bring them alive. Like the Guinea Pig Rescue or my fav… Bad Dream House.



If your Neighbor is not fully into the Event by now, I do not think they are playing and probably won’t even notice.

If they are fully into the Event and collecting at LEAST Carbon Rods, then you can tap on ANY building that has a Red Telephone on it and it will act just as a normal building tap. They will see the Spotlight on the Building in their town and can clear it for the Event Currency they are collecting. Vandalism will not happen.Non Vandalised Springfield Elementary

If your Neighbor is NOT fully updated and NOT collecting at LEAST Carbon Rods, the tap on the Red Telephone on the Vandalism Buildings will result in them actually being Vandalized and seeing the Broom and graffiti on their end.Clean Graffiti Tagged Spray Paint

So if you both are updated, Vandalism will NOT be an issue this Event. 🙂




If you purchase the Superior Squad Membership for 90 donuts, you will get double the payout on CRIMINALS ONLY. So 90 actions at 3 Freeze Rays per Criminal turn into 6 Pie Bombs per Criminal.Freeze Ray Neighbor Actions



Radiactive Man's Signal 1

This event is very Neighbor involved as well. When you go to a Neighbors town or they to yours and tap on that Red Telephone, it initiates the “Report Criminal” action. The one tapping on the Red Telephone gets 1 Freeze Rays for doing so and the one having their Building tapped on get an alert a Crime has been reported in their town and to hurry to respond.
Reported Crime

Now how does the payout work on the Radioactive Signal? Well as soon as the Building is tapped and the Signal launched a countdown begins. How long it takes for YOU to clear that Radioactive Signal will impact what payout YOU get. It breaks down as follows…

Radiactive Man's Signal

Signal first appears up to 3hrs 59mins = 4 Freeze Rays per Signal
4hrs to 7hrs 59mins = 3 Freeze Rays per Signal
8hrs to 11hrs 59mins= 2 Freeze Rays per Signal
12 hrs to 15hrs 59mins= 1 Freeze Rays per Signal

As you can see, the sooner you clear those Signals the higher Freeze Rays payout you will get from each one. Clear them as fast as you can and as often as you can to allow your Neighbors visiting something to Report a Crime on. If you don’t clear them, your Neighbor will see no Red Telephone and have nothing to tap on Building wise.



Friend Point FP Friend Point FP Friend Point FP Friend Point FP

To recap from above on the Friend Points (FP) from the Radioactive Signals now with Level 50… by tapping on Red Telephones in your Neighbors towns you are leaving them not only a Radioactive Signal to clear, but also 1 FP for every building you tapped.

This means every time YOU clear a Radioactive Signal off a building in YOUR Springfield a Neighbor left for YOU, you will get 1FP. Imagine 100 Neighbors tapping on 3 buildings each. That is a possible 300 Friend Points Daily by just clearing Neighbor taps.Freeze Rays & FP



No. The two are completely separate. Collect away. During this event you can continue to collect money from any building in your town. Your Neighbor will be able to tap regardless if there is $$ or not. The ONLY thing that will not allow them to tap is the Radioactive Signal on a Building. So clear those as fast as you can to leave places for them to tap. Radiactive Man's Signal 1


There you have the basics of Visiting Neighbors and clearing their taps in your town. Want to know more about what YOU can do daily to earn the Freeze Rays Faster? Check out our Math Post on it all.

What do you think of this Issue 3 Neighbor Visits? Are you getting a lot of Freeze Rays? Have you hit your FP MAX again yet? If so, any Pink Sprinklies yet? Lol. Let us know.


49 responses to “How To: Visit Neighbors Superheroes Edition Issue 3

  1. Am I the only one who is getting a little bit bored with this? Tapping criminals, and getting felons 3 times a day. I have built at least one of each building, close on the last friend prize, should get mountain today, all quest lines done, and it’s starting to feel like a chore. Is it just me?

  2. I have a quick two-part question:
    A) Has anyone noticed that the 30th action at each payout of Friend Points is not coming up correctly? For example, the 30th action that should be paying 10 FP, is instead paying 5 FP. I’ve noticed this at each tier of FP payout- the last action of 30 pays less than the first 29.
    B) Is there any way to know yet how big Death Mountain is? My Department of Civil Planning is becoming overwhelmed by a lack of land…EA, I’m talking to you (release more land!)

  3. I got the Canyonero today. Happy tapping, and now back to fishing for donuts! Thank you my neighbors, you all count…

  4. I never get red phones from my neighbor. I only got one once and that was it

  5. Criminals don’t go to krusty land :/

  6. Not exactly to the topic, but wanted to share that info. ****

  7. HELP!! Fellow TSTO addicts., I need more friends or I’m never going to get enough red phones…

  8. I just received a second Super Jeb statue!! When I logged in on another device I got the pop up saying that it was placed in my inventory. Since I had already placed the statue I didn’t think much of it, until I went into my inventory later and there it was!! Now I have one for my Superhero area and one for my town hall with the other Jeb statues!! Great glitch!!

  9. Great article 🙂
    This Tapper visits all of his Neighboreenos. If I max the daily alotted Criminals ? Then I only click the Buildings (why waste time looking for Criminals to click if you’ve maxed out for the day?)

  10. Last issue I checked my Springfield in the middle of my neighbor visits and got the free donuts prompt. After collecting my donuts I noticed that the pie count was zero. If you continue collecting pies after you hit the free donuts count, do you lose those pies?

  11. I’m confused how can the event end at issue three? We still have issue four to do. And what exactly is a crossover? Also I have some other things I’d like to bring up but I’ll save those for tomorrow.Thanks ffor all you guys do. Maybe one day will get premium addict team members in the game that would so cool. I’d be broke for a week but that would be so cool. Lol

  12. Do you know if there are any plans for us to be able to craft something with all those extra red phones we have earned from tapping in our neighbors’ towns? Thanks for all the great info you provide. You usually answer my questions before I even know I have them. And to all my friends who have been actively tapping away, especially during this event, thanks to you too!!!

    • Mainly just for the Craftables in Collectors items. You can get more than one.

      • We may be able to craft more than one of an item (except for the Zenith City News), but since each item requires two types of tokens, and those that require the phones don’t require very many of the phones, my phone stash is building up quickly. I’ve already got 11 of the ZC Phone Booth (9 in inventory), and I’m 2 handcuffs away from my first ZC Store Front, and 3 capes away from my second ZC Apartments, and I’ve got over 600 of the phones. I figure that I might be able to get a 3rd ZC Apartment building before issue #3 ends, but I anticipate that by that time I’ll probably have close to 1,000 of the phones. To get a second of either the ZC Lofts or the ZC Store Front will be pushing it, since both require 10 handcuffs, which I am only generating at about 2 per day. Of course, I contribute to my large phone quantity myself a bit since I have 100 neighbors and visit all 100 about 6 times a week – for a player with less neighbors, or who doesn’t get to them every day, their phone balance will be much lower. Is there any possibility of new items to be crafted during issue #4 that would use some of these excess tokens? If EA offered either $1 game cash for 10 phones, or a chance to trade 100 phones for 1 of the other tokens, I’d be all over either of those offers.

        • Everywhere in the info…Issue 4 is hidden. They really want to keep it a secret. I have ideas what’s coming but with it so short, I don’t think crafting could happen.

  13. Come on, EA…… Not even a small percentage boost for Super Jeb??!! All that tapping for another useless decoration? You really should be nicer to the people who pay your bills.

  14. Sorry if this is an off topic question, but some of my neighbors when they tap they come up with a handshake icon, instead of the star. Does this mean they just didn’t participate in the event as of yet? I’ve seen the icon on youtube videos, it just never came up on my screen before, so not sure what causes it to happen.

  15. At what point, if any, does upgrading the HQ get you extra currency? I am at 20 freeze rays per criminal right now.

    • Currency? None. It is only Freeze Rays and it will add 10 every upgrade and it is ONLY on the HQ payout. Criminals are not impacted by the HQ at all. Just the ability to tap more at one time as your tapping radius increases.

  16. Howdy looking for neighbors that play daily***

  17. It sucks. I was halfway through the last friend prize (Stewart the Duck) and the final level (Lv. 49). And then they released another level and another two friend prizes! SO CLOSE TO BEING MAXED OUT ON BOTH!!!

  18. Has anyone else noted an in game error with regards to friendship prizes. I earned Stampy a few days ago and today it awarded me a second Stampy rather than E.A.R.L, which now sits in my inventory while the other walks around my town.

  19. Bunny, I’ve been playing TSTO for exactly a year now (love it!) And for the first time in my neighbors town a little leprechaun ran under one of my taps and gave me $ and exp. I chased him and taped him again and received another small $ reward. I tapped him probably 10 times before I lost track of him. I’ve yet to find another. Is this something new, or am I just late? Thanks so much 🙂 ~Jen

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