Where Did THAT Come From: Spider Pig

In our silly lil game, we sometimes see things pop in that we have no clue as to their Origin. They seem familiar, but we just can’t pinpoint from where. So that is why we decided to make a fun lil reminder out of it. To let you know just Where did THAT Come From?unlock_plopperpig

This post I will be going over the Origin of the Pig, Plopper, Spider-Pig. What is so important about a Pig? Can he swing from a web? Why does he come with a Giant Crap Silo? Let’s dive into the Simpsons TV Series to find out more.

The Simpsons Movie
That’s right, this lil piggy actually got his start into the “Simpsons World” via the big screen instead of a little one. We normally cover the TV Series, but as this was his introduction into the Simpsons, we will journey there.

After the chemicals in the Lake dissolved the latest concert barge Green Day was on, taking them to their deaths, Springfield is warned that they need to stop polluting. Lisa tries desperately to spread awareness around town about Lake Springfield, but no one wants to listen. Until he meets a new boy Collin that shares her thoughts.

Bart & Homer meanwhile are exceedingly increasing their dares to one another. To the point Homer dares Bart to skateboard to Krustyburger and back… naked. He of course takes the challenge, but gets caught and handcuffed to a pole outside by the cops. Homer finally shows up to get him and decides to go inside for a bite. Bart is upset with Homer and asks him why he didn’t help him out. Homer said who wouldn’t care about….. A PIG IN A HAT!!!

There is also a commercial being filmed inside of Krustyburger with Krusty and a Pig in a hat. It is for his new Pork Sandwich… the Clogger. At the end… it’s time to cut, print, and kill the Pig. WHAAAAAAAA? Homer can’t stand it. The Pig runs over to Homer and squeals at him in a pleading way. Homer tells the Pig he is coming home with him.

Homer arrives home to show Marge what he has. She flips out as part of Grandpa’s incoherent babbling and prediction in Church of bad things to come was… a twisted tail. Just like a Pig has. Homer shows her that the Pig can sound like her and him, which makes her giggle. So he’s off the hook.

Later on we see Marge trying to clean up all the Pig hoof prints off the floor, but then she realizes they are on the ceiling too. How on earth… enter Homer, Pig in his hands pressing him against the ceiling, singing a lil tune…Spider Pig 1

Spider- Pig
Does whatever Spider-Pig does
Can he swing from a web?
No, he can’t. He’s a pig.
He is the Spider-Pig.

At the Lake, everyone is still dumping all their waste into it. It is just one piece away from a toxic situation. Finally Mayor Quimby pays attention and warns everyone to not add one more thing to it. So a big clean up by the entire town is initiated and a barrier put around it so no one can get to it.

Homer and the Pig are becoming best friends. Marge has had enough, the Pig belongs outside. Not to mention, where is its poop going? Homer shows her the giant Pig Crap Silo out back he is storing it all in. Completely full and overflowing and… leaking. Marge tells Homer she is concerned about it. He needs to dispose of it properly. He can even take Spider-Pig with him. To which Homer tells her he is now Harry Plopper.Spider Pig 2

He heads off to the Hazardous Waste Treatment Center with the Pig. But he is distracted when Lenny calls him that the Health Inspector just shut down Lard Lad Donuts and they are giving them all away FREE! Homer doesn’t want to miss out on Free Donuts (Hmmmm sounds like an Addict to me. Lol.) So he literally drives to the Lake. Through all the “No Dumping” signs and all the People forming a chain around it. The moment it hits the water, it turns the Lake lethally toxic black.

After the entire town has been trapped by a Giant Dome from EPA, the cause of the Toxic turn to the lake is found when the cops pull the Crap Silo out of the Lake… with “RETURN TO HOMER SIMPSONS (NO REWARD)” in big letters on it.

Thus the basis for the Simpsons Movie. Springfield locked down in a Dome due to a massive toxic lake and the insane head of EPA. This… all started by a Pig and … of course… Homer.


Now our lil Pig, Spider Pig, or Plopper… whatever you wish to call him, has been randomly plopping up all over the Episodes since. here are some instances of when you could have caught a glimpse.

Season 19, Episode 1: He Loves To Fly and He D’ohs
During the Opening Sequence we can see the town being put back together after the destruction in the Movie. Homer has the Silo attached to his car and Spider Pig is on the couch waiting for the family.Spider Pig 6


Season 19, Episode 5: Treehouse of Horror XVIII
In the “Heck House” short… After Agnes didn’t give the kids any treats for Halloween… Bart, Lisa, Milhouse, and Nelson turn into doing tricks instead. To the point they get out of hand and make a mess of the entire town. As all the angry neighbors gather round the Simpsons home to complain, the kids drop the Pig on top of Homer’s head. A few moments later you can see the Pig draggin Homer around. His head still stuck in the Pig.


Season 19, Episode 20: All About Lisa
In the beginning of the episode while Sideshow Mel is narrating the Award Show going on, we see a quick cut to the Pig in a tuxedo sitting at the table by Sideshow Mel.


Season 20, Episode 4: Treehouse of Horror XIX
During the opening sequence of “How To Get Ahead in Dead-Vertising”, we get a quick glimpse of the Pig while Homer’s shadow is falling through the city and photos.


Season 20, Episode 10: Take My Life, Please
Mayor Quimby is inducting a new person on to the Springfield Wall of Fame. The High School Class President of Homer, Vance Connor. As the curtain is pulled on his plaque, you catch a glimpse of another at the side of his legs. It looks to be the last letters of Plopper as well as the note under it for Spider Pig.

The plaques seem to keep swapping position. Lol. Later on when the family brings Homer back to the Wall of Fame to show him the plaque they installed for him, we see that Plopper is now in a completely different location above Poochie but a lot more noticeable.


Season 20, Episode 20: Four Great Women and a Manicure
While Marge and Lisa are at the salon getting manis and pedis, they start to tell tales of women in history. The second one rivals a dark hair and fair skinned princess that runs away from her evil Step Mother to live with seven dwarves. Part of the scene is the henchman Willie attempting to fool the queen he had killed her by placing a pigs heart in the container instead. Luckily the Pig was saved when Willie just could not go through with it.


Season 20, Episode 21: Coming to Homerica
During the Opening Sequence, we can see on the ever changing Billboard that Spider-Pig is now a Musical. Complete with music by U2 & Alf Clausen.Spider Pig 5


Season 21, Episode 11: Million Dollar Maybe
Spider Pig is seen swinging from his web across the title sequence.Spider Pig 3


Season 22, Episode 16: A Midsummer’s Nice Dream
After Chong refused to do his bit anymore for their act, Homer steps in to his place and ends up traveling as Cheech and Chunk. After a great performance, Cheech tells Homer he has done so well he deserves a reward. So Homer starts dreaming of all the cool things Cheech will reward him with. During the fantasy sequence, Cheech uses Wiggums baton to change him into the Pig.


Season 22, Episode 19: The Real Housewives of Fat Tony
Bart and Lisa are in the forest desperately trying to get rid of the others germs when Bart starts to smell something at the bottom of the tree he is licking. He digs up a truffle. Lisa explains to him that usually only highly trained pigs are able to locate them. Enter a scene of what looks like Luigi leading the Pig on a leash to look for truffles.


Season 23, Episode 1: Falcon and the D’ohman
While Comic Book Guy starts off the Opening Scene talking about Ned & Edna’s combined name, we can see the Pig as Harry Plopper sitting behind the Computer Screen.


Season 23, Episode 17: Them Robot
During the Couch Gag, they are in the frontroom while random “iconic” Characters throughout the years cycle on past. 2007 shows Homer tickling lil Plopper in his lap.Spider Pig 8


Season 24, Episode 11: Changing of the Guardian
After a twister hit Springfield and took Santa’s Lil Helper Homer, Marge, Lenny, and Carl go in search of him. As they are passing by a bunch of destruction… Spider Pig swings on in and casually walks off.Spider Pig 7


Season 24, Episode 20: The Fabulous Faker Boy &
Season 25, Episode 12: Diggs
They must have liked this one due to they reused it a few times, but with a twist. Spider Pig can be seen swinging from a web across the opening screen, but not for long. The lil Drone Copter (like the one that hovers around the Superheroes HQ) comes along and ZAPS him. Turning him to ash.Spider Pig 4


Season 25, Episode 16: You Don’t Have To Live Like a Referee
It seems we have come full circle with our dear lil Pig friend. In this episode we catch the Pig dressed up as the sandwich that started his whole journey into the Simpsons Home… a Pork Sandwich. Lol.

Homer is a soccer ref for the World Cup and traveling while trying to avoid the constant offer of corruption for him to look the other way during matches. In Rio de Janeiro, they bribe him with a fresh Pork Sandwich… REALLY Fresh. As we see two pieces of bread strapped to the Pig as he runs by squealing.


A catchy song sung by Homer, turned orchestral, and went viral… all due to Homer’s love for a Pig. A reoccurring lil Animal role that now has made it into our games. What did you think of him? Do you remember him in all the episodes? Did you buy him? Did you have the song as a ringtone for a very long time? (Or was that just me?) Are you singing the song now? Let us know.


12 responses to “Where Did THAT Come From: Spider Pig

  1. if theres anything i always remember about the simpsons its spider pig …

  2. That scene in the movie where Homer is singing the Spider Pig song was my absolute favorite moment… Gave me a major giggle fit both during the movie and afterwards, whenever I thought of it!


      • Ok, a little too excited, but I had another reason for trying to get Spider Pig, this is my first event as a Freemium I have managed to achieve a collection, ‘WITHIN THE EVENT’!!! After nearly two years, the closest I came was recently with the re-introduction of the Stonecutters, I managed to sorta acquie a set, but still didn’t have the premium character to apply the completed set skin to.

  3. I wanted Spider pig really bad but being a freemium I had to hold off until I could collect enough donuts. I was just one donut away and thanks to yesterdays 20 donut gift win-fall (so awesome) I now have him! I had considered paying for any remaining donuts to get him in time if I couldn’t win enough donuts on my own. Woo-hoo!

  4. 20 free donuts last night was finally enough to get Plopper, didn’t think twice about spending those donuts and usually I maul over it for days (like Brandine, Kudos and the Drive In) but this I woulda beat myself up if I didn’t get it after I finally had the donuts

  5. Yep saw the movie, have the movie, watched the movie LOADS of times now. “Who’s a good pig?”

  6. I bought him as soon as he was available. I have been singing the song constantly ever since. I did not catch him in all of the episodes.

    I really hope they add a Hairy Plopper task at some point.

  7. I finally got plopper the free donuts did it for me
    Then I read the posting on our pig and went wow! What an amazing piece of work! Thank you Bunny!

  8. Since we have Spider Pig, does that mean that we might get a Harry Plopper skin at some point?

  9. Love me some spider pig! I snatched him up the second i saw him.

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