St. Patrick’s Day 2015 Walkthrough: O’Flan-again

Top O’ the Morning to ya Tappers!

Saint Patrick’s Day has arrived in Springfield!  The beer is flowing, the rivers are green and Tom O’Flanagan’s is open once again! This year Tom’s got a special stout for the residents of Springfield…made with the help of a magic Leprechaun!

So now that we have an all new event in Springfield, let’s take a look at the questline and just who you’ll need to keep free and when!



Note: Full dialogue version below….

O’Flan-again Pt. 1
Auto start

Cletus: Brandine! Why’s my moonshine rich an’ frothy like sarsaparilla, not noxious an’ pungent like turpentine?
I saw a leprechaun swimmin’ it this morn’.
Cletus: Leprechaun?! That’s the sort of silly nonsense if they’d just drunk all my moonshine. J’accuse Brandine!
Leprechaun: No, tis true! Twas I who swam in your shiniest of moons! I took me yearly bath in it.
Cletus: Yearly? Who do you think you are – the Queen of England?
Leprechaun: That’s almost as offensive as callin’ me sober!
Cletus: That moonshine’s s’pposed to pay for new blocks to put under our yard car! Now what’re we gonna do?
Brandine: How about you sell it to that funny talkin’ fella over at flannel pub? I bet you can pull one over on him.
Cletus: Brandine, just cause a fella talk funny don’t mean he dumb. Now while I’s gone go bury them magic beans I bought.
Build O’Flanagan’s Pub
Reach Level 6 and Build Cletus’s Farm
Make Cletus Visit O’Flanagan’s Pub-
30m, Earns $40,
Tom O’Flanagan: A patron! Bless the emerald isle!  It feels like it’s been 364 days since my last customer!
Cletus: I ain’t lookin’ to buy nothin’. I’s here to sell.

O’Flan-again Pt. 2
Tom O’Flanagan starts

Tom O’Flanagan: This Irish stout is thick and dirty, just like the barmaids back home!  This is just the thing I need to lure those bearded twenty-year-olds away from their Saisons and IPA’s.  Although we probably can’t sell it in these broken washing machines.  It’ll have to be bottled and labeled and… you know, made to look like I didn’t just buy it from an unwashed man with no shoes.
Lisa: This is a great opportunity to use the three R’s!
Tom O’Flanagan: Revolution, Runes, and Riverdance?
Lisa: Uh, no. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. I lobbied the EPA to add Responsible, Sustainable Bookkeeping as a fourth R, but they never got back to me.  We’ll collect bottles from around Springfield and reuse them.
Tom O’Flanagan: And I’ll stay here and come up with a name. How about Yellow Girl? Or maybe Empty Stool?
Lisa: You’re just saying what’s in front of you.
Tom O’Flanagan: Well, sounds like we’ve both got a lot of work to do!
Make Lisa Recycle Empty Bottles- 4hrs, Earns $175, 45xp
Make Tom O’Flanagan Think of Craft Beer Names- 6hrs, Earns $225, 55xp

O’Flan-again Pt. 3
Tom starts

Tom O’Flanagan: We’re almost ready! We just need a fancy label for our beer. I was thinking about namin’ it after me mum: Rat Poison O’Flanagan. It’s a Celtic name.
Lisa:  I think you should name it after St. Brigit, the female Irish saint of bastard children, brewers, chicken farmers, and harsh scowling.  Basically she picked up all the slack from those lazy male saints.
Tom O’Flanagan: You can’t name an Irish beer after a nun – most of the people in here are drinking to forget their time at Catholic school.
Cletus: No no no – we’re namin’ it ‘Spuckler’s Stout’ after my sweetheart Brandine.  After all, she’s drinkin’ for two!
Make Lisa Print Beer Labels- 6hrs, Earns $225, 55xp
Make Tom O’Flanagan Bottle the Beer- 6hrs, Earns $225, 55xp

O’Flan-again Pt. 4
Tom starts

Tom O’Flanagan:  Assuming you ignore FDA regulations, Spuckler’s Stout is now ready for public consumption!
Homer: The FDA’s in my top 5 favorite government agencies to ignore… right after FEMA, the TSA, the IRS, and the Department of the Interior.
Tom O’Flanagan: Whenever someone says “in their top five”, that always means fifth.  Homer, I’ve got a business proposition for you. You can have all the free beer you want —
Homer: Woohoo!
Tom O’Flanagan: …if you promote the beer on the street.  Wait! Come back!
Make Homer Promote the Beer- 6hrs, Earns $225, 55xp
Make Tom O’Flanagan Serve Drinks- 4hrs, Earns $175, 45xp
Make Springfielders Drink Craft Beer-
x4, Earns $175, 45xp Freemium and $260, 70xp Premium.  

O’Flan-again Pt. 5
Tom starts

Tom O’Flanagan: I’ve brought out my finest drinkers to taste test the first batch of Spuckler’s Stout.
Barney: I knew that being a frequently relapsing alcoholic would pay off someday!
Lenny: *Cough* I think there’s a red hair in my beer.
Tom O’Flanagan: Uh, it’s what gives it that ginger flavor.
Carl: Mine’s got a belt buckle in it.
Tom O’Flanagan: An unfiltered Irish experience! Just like Red Tick Ale. All the rage on the Emerald Isle.
Make Tom O’Flanagan Serve Drinks- 4hrs, Earns $175, 45xp
Make Springfielders Drink Craft Beer-
x4, Earns $175, 45xp Freemium and $260, 70xp Premium.  

O’Flan-again Pt. 6
Tom starts

Tom O’Flanagan: Oh, no. I’m running low on Stout!
Barney: Oh no. Stomach debloating, vision clearing, judgment returning… MORE STOUT!
Cletus: Brandine, go fetch another bathtub full of home brew.
Brandine: We’re out! We ain’t got no bathtub, washing machine, or kiddie pools of beer left!  And we can’t make more — that leprechaun ain’t nowhere in sight.
Cletus: I’s pretty sure I saw something green crawling around the river this morning. Maybe it’s a leprechaun.
Make Cletus Catch Green Creatures- 4hrs, Earns $175, 45xp
Make Brandine Prepare a Moonshine Bath- (if you have her) 6hrs, Earns $350, 90xp
Cletus: Oh shucks, it’s just ‘possums turned green from the river.  Close enough.

O’Flan-again Pt. 7
Tom starts

Cletus: Who would’ve guessed addin’ possums to beer don’t make it magical. I sure wouldn’t!
Tom O’Flanagan: But it did make the possums drunk! And boy are they angry drunks.
Homer: Not all of them – this one’s a horny drunk.
Tom O’Flanagan: *sigh* Spending the day fending off a horde of hairy, drunk monsters who have overrun my bar…This ain’t the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day at all!
Homer: You’ll have to do what you people are best at.
Tom O’Flanagan: Drinking? Fighting? Nurturing alcoholic writers?
Homer: Emigrating!  Just make sure you’re back next St. Patrick’s day, when we actually have a reason to visit your pub again!
Make Tom O’Flanagan Hide from Crazed Animals- 8hrs, Earns $275, 70xp

Upon completion of Tom’s task you’ll get this popup:



The Stack of Beer is your gift from EA for St. Patrick’s Day!  It’s a premium item and will be placed in your inventory once you’ve completed the questline.  It’ll earn you a 0.75% bonus on all cash and XP.

You will also no have the opportunity to purchase more Stacks of Beer via the store.  They’ll cost 35 donuts each.

And there you have it my friends, the complete details for Tom O’Flanagan’s 2015 questline for St. Patrick’s Day!

What do you think of the questline?  Were you happy to see St. Patrick’s Day return this year?  Which items have you picked up so far?  Thoughts on the free premium item awarded?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

132 responses to “St. Patrick’s Day 2015 Walkthrough: O’Flan-again

  1. How much time do we have for the St. Patrick’s Day/O’Flanagan questline?

  2. Unfortunately, I have Brandine in the process of birthin’ a Spuckler, so I’m unable to finish the quest. Wish there was a way around that, since she has 60 days left!

    • Yep. I have 57 more day til the new bundle of joy and I don’t think I feel like spending 17 donuts right now. Maybe, I will wait a couple of weeks until it is less donuts to rush her delivery.

  3. So I finished the quest, received the pop up that says I would get the stack of beers sent to my inventory but, when I go to my inventory nothing. I Dont know what I did wrong?

  4. Being a craft beer guru… having plopper drink craft beer!

  5. How long is this quest line around for because there’s no way I’m gonna be able to finish it before the 20th

  6. Weirdly enough I never got the 20 donuts everyone is talking about. Odd.

  7. It was my pleasure to send Matt out for some craft beer – twice! I figured he’s earned it.

  8. this was another great walk through for St Patrick’s worth reading by those who want to know what’s going on with which Characters and make sure said Characters don’t interrupt Hero Quest 🙂

  9. I’m so upset that no warning was given about the strict time limit on the St Patricks day items – neither here at TSTOA or in the game – I thought I would have more time to buy the cute little guy that runs around and the green faoming fountain. I was fooled by seeing that the only limited timer was for the castle.
    I purchased a bunch of donuts to buy the running guy and I am very disappointed to see the items are no longer for sale. Why didnt they at lest have a “hurry ends in 13 hours” etc ???? Arghh so upset now 🙁 I was planning to surround my foaming green fountain with some pink fountains as a colourful water display 🙁

    • Um it doesn’t end until Monday. Check your store and pull up all the icons, you should see a shamrock icon…that’s where it’ll be.

      • Thank you so much Alissa 🙂 I thought they had disappeared because I lost the shortcut Go to menu which has Superheroes,Blimey castle, etc and St Patrick’s Day 2015 (which is no longer a short cut) and when I checked all the individual buildings,characters & items, I couldn’t find them there either. I forgot all about the little tab to reveal all the icons. I feel slightly embarrassed but relieved I can now purchase the items, thanks again 🙂

      • OMG TYSM that was my issue also, they moved the sale to a different area and I forgot about the arrow!! Thank you Alissa

  10. Italian Beauty

    How long is this task? Make Springfielders Drink Craft Beer- x4, Earns $175, 45xp Freemium and $260, 70xp Premium.

  11. Bunny, et al., thanks for your work and info on this site! It is such a valuable resource. I added my “voice” to the thread you started on the EA forum about Brandine. I have a question that I hope you might be able to answer: if I’m on Part 6 of O’Flan-again, and wait until Brandine is free (60+ days, after the event is over and limited-time items are gone), will the O’Flan-again quest still be completable (and the Stack of Beer still awarded)? If that’s the case, I’d be totally fine with waiting out her pregnancy! Thanks in advance! 🙂

    • Most of the questlines for events have a “kill date” when EA will pull them from the game. This can happen ANYTIME from when event ends and beyond. I myself wouldnt risk it if you want the prize. Its too hard to know when EA will “kill” the questline permanently.

    • I’m right there with you Nvrumind. I could spend 21 donuts or put her in inventory. I decided it was worth waiting another month for a Spuckler than spend my donuts.

      Thank you Bunny for the heads up. I really want a Spuckler, but I couldn’t pass up the free Stack of Beer for my Springfield.

  12. I thought it funny that a pig and a ghost (Plopper and Maud Flanders) can drink craft beer.

  13. I hope I’m not the only one who’s gotten a laugh by sending Rex Banner on back-to-back “Drink Craft Beer” tasks.

  14. Didn’t think about this until it was posted on the EA forum: “Anyone who got her during valentines is probably in the same boat.”

    I think it was a matter of really bad timing. Many of us got Brandine in February, and of course we obediently went ahead and started birthing. So, there’s a very large number of people who are right around the 30-day mark for a birthing.

    I’m sure someone at EA is saying “oops” right now.

  15. After the 25th do we lose Tom o’flannagan and his pub?

  16. CapCityGoofball

    I also LOVE Homer’s promote beer task! Hope we see that again next year (or sooner) 😄

  17. Hmm, my current rush cost for Brandine at 60 days (which seems to be the common number) is 21 Donuts, and at the start of this mini event EA gave me a gift of 20 Donuts. Coincidence or last minute fix for a mistake?

  18. CentralCali559

    Most people that bought Brandine need roughly 20-21 doughnuts to rush her pregnancy. Funny that EA awarded everyone 20 doughnuts a few days ago, and Brandine is now needed to complete a task. Hmm what a coincidence.

    For ALL you lovely Freemium Tappers, your getting ALOT of FREE DONUTS!! If you want to NOT lose your Spuckler, then speed the pregnancy or forfeit!! Not everything in this game is free or will it ever be!!
    Be Happy with what you have or change it by spending some donuts!!
    Most of us that were freemium since the start 3 yrs ago are now Premium Tappers! You cannot expect to get everything for free! When i had an event come up and Brandine was “brewing” , i bit the bullet and got the baby with what donuts i had so i could avoid what alot of you are doing aka giving you a break! END RANT!!

    • I have no problem with paying for content. But when EA state they are giving out ’20 free donuts’ and also a ‘free premium item’, that isn’t correct if you then need to purchase additional Donuts to get the ‘free’ item. If they just put up a quest line that needed Donuts to complete and were straight then fair enough.

      But to be honest I don’t really believe EA meant to do this, as it’s bizarre that true freemium players would get the freebies, while those who have invested in Brandine have to pay more. It’s much more likely the left hand didn’t know what the right hand was tapping, and as such it’s valid for people to raise it with them and I’m hopeful they’ll find a way to fix it.

    • This is a good rant.Thanks for sharing your perspective.
      I would add:
      – Another choice is to use the donuts that you would spend on the speed up to buy picket fences and get more of a bonus percentage than the beer stack.
      – I read on the EA forums that someone received 15 donuts when they brought up their concerns with one of the chat agents.
      – Getting a Spuckler earlier and having Brandine available for tasks has value too.
      – I knew there was a risk when I started such a long task (although I didn’t think I would miss out on an item, just that I would have to wait…)
      I am still disappointed with the situation, I don’t think a premium character should ever be a detriment, but it can’t be roses all the time.

    • Except those people who never spent the money get the quest item – for free. Only people who spent the donuts on Brandine are being penalized by being forced to spend MORE donuts or give up a significant time investment to get what’s FREE to everyone else. This is where the beef comes in.

    • runicgem, Let me try and explain why people are unhappy, and it’s nothing to do with expecting everything for free. There are essentially 3 situations that are pertinent to this situation:
      1) You don’t have Brandine
      2) You do have Brandine, but she’s not pregnant
      3) You have Brandine AND she’s pregnant

      In cases 1 and 2 you get 20 free donuts AND a Stack of Beer
      In case 3 you only get ONE and not the other, OR you lose about a month.

      So, just about everybody who bought her at Valentine’s is losing out when compared to other people. Now, we all lose out on something from time to time, that’s the nature of things, but in this case it’s hard to imagine that EA want to penalise people for buying a premium character, it’s more likely that they didn’t think very hard about it and in hindsight would probably have left Brandine out of the quest completely.

      This isn’t about people expecting things for free, it’s about not being charged a ‘stealth tax’ of about 20 donuts for a character you’ve paid for (completely the opposite of ‘free’). It’s also about people, rightly imo, suspecting EA have made a mistake and wanting them to correct that mistake.

      • Can I add that I think this situation is completely different to when people were upset about the islands being given out for free?

        In that case, an item had a price and some people chose to pay that price. They got what they paid for.
        A few days later everybody was given them for free. People who had paid for them now had 2. They hadn’t paid more than was advertised (either directly or indirectly), and they still had more stuff than people who hadn’t bought them.

        That’s just my take on things.

        If Brandine had been a freemium character there could be no complaints from anybody, just make one of the choices you describe and ‘take the pain’ but she’s not.

      • I see your point! Thank You! 🙂

  20. The st. Patrick’s day event did not trigger for me! I am uber upset as I have wanted Tom! I know Cletus begins the quest line, but are there any items that need to be present to trigger Cletus? Was this only an event for the 17th and that is why I didn’t get it? Feeling pissed and left out…

    • Did you make sure your game updated? Try some basics like restart device. Or even uninstall and Reinstall the app and log back into your account

      • Yes, Bunny, that was the first thing I did. I also put my farm away with six days left on the corn crop, hoping to force the quest since I have had Brandine on hold sine de I bought her. Long story short:
        1.My BatCave has been erased
        2. My friendship level has dropped from 16.5 back to a capped 15.
        3. My friendship level 16 prize has disappeared from my town
        And of course 4. My st Patrick’s day quest line us never appeared.

        I have tried to contact EA but I have had no success.

        Recommendations are most welcome as I am really upset and ready to delete this game. It is quickly becoming clear to me that EA does not care, if you don’t play, plenty of others will and they will spend their money if you don’t…sad

  21. I left a B town behind for six months. When i returned i found it was half way through an episode tie in. I was able to finish the quests despite being late

  22. Bunny your patience is AMAZING!!! The fact that you continue to respond so kindly to everyone on here who hasn’t bothered to read the previous 8,743 comments about Brandine being pregnant is impressive. Bravo!

    • Meh. It is fine. I don’t mind helping. 😉

    • Glad she’s running this & not you. This (brandine) is the reason I came here. Does anyone know how long the St P event lasts? I’m not gonna store her until the last minute in case they resolve this.

    • I’m sure that in Bunny’s ideal world it would be possible to update the main post and have an auto alert go out to everyone who’d already commented 🙂

    • ** Hugs for Bunny **

      Often, it’s easy to forget when we read through all the comments and see the same answer over and over that, more often than not, those comments were posted at about the same time, and the authors could not see each other’s posts due to the moderation process. When Bunny or Alyssa or Wookiee moderates, they end up finding a zillion of basically the same question, and often use cut and paste to put in a reply, and they may even edit the original post to address the issue for future readers. It makes it look like people weren’t paying attention, even when that isn’t what happened.

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