Where Did THAT Come From – The Collider

Hey there Superfriends!

I gotta say that I am loving the heck out of this Super Event. Vigilantes, Superheroes, Supervillains, bad guys to tap Batman-style, Spiderpig… so much fun. Of course, with lots of new items comes my task to let you know just WHERE all the stuff comes from. For this super where did THAT come from, we’ll take a look at the The Collider.


Is he a good guy? Is he a bad guy? Is he just an attempt at mirroring a certain villain from Batman? Why does he make sense in our games?  Well my friends, I guess to answer all those questions we just have to check out this new character in the Best. Show. Ever. Let’s start off with “Steal This Episode” (S25:E9).

Homer is ticked that all the workers of the Nuclear Plant are discussing the new Radioactive Man movie, Radioactive Man Re-Rises, before he’s seen it. It’s not a sequel or reboot, it actually undoes stuff from the last one so it’s a deboot. Homer can’t escape discussion in the bathroom or church. The movie even pops up at the Krusty Burger in Milhouse and Bart’s Laffy Meal. We get our first view of The Collider there.

The Collider Simpsons TSTO

So we learn The Collider is Radioactive Man’s new villain. He turns out to be a good guy, dies but comes back in the credits. We don’t actually see him in the movie since the shown clip in the episode is an Ask Body Spray commercial but we do see him again in “Opposites A-Frack” (S26:E5). When Homer is selling frakking to the citizens of Springfield, we see The Collider as an action figure in the Android’s Dungeon.

The Collider Simpsons TSTO 2

Not surprising that CBG is selling merch from the new Radioactive Man movie. And that’s really it my friends. Real quick blips in two episodes that made it into TSTO as a full-fledged character. What do you think? I’m still counting this guy as a Bane rip-off but I’m sure that was the point. Sound off below and keep it classy like you always do.

TTFN… Wookiee out!

36 responses to “Where Did THAT Come From – The Collider

  1. I am almost at 65,000 rays and 10 donuts away from getting the collider. Once I get him (cool character BTW) do I hold off on getting rays? I don’t think they’ll “roll over” into the next issue

  2. Thanks for this. I really wanted to know where he came from.

  3. yeah I consider the Collider a Bane homage (lol) cause his enemy is very Mr. Freeze inspired 🙂

  4. Do you think we should use up as many of Comic Book Guy’s crafting items as possible before the next issue starts? I already have one of each item, but I’ll have enough for another building soon. Is it possible these items will be useful in the next issue?

  5. Do I really only have 4 days left to get collider? Or will I keep getting freeze Rays?

  6. Wow – they really dug deep for this one, huh?

  7. Anyone else saw Radioactiveman flying in the towns of your neighbors? Did they cheat or is it just something to confuse use?

  8. Hi! I just got 60 donuts, and I don’t know what to do! I am a freenium player, and I don’t know whether to save up, buy Moleman, buy Bartman, or buy the french waiter! Please voice you opinion!

  9. hey guys, I love your page !
    but I really need your help. I currently have 98 donuts and because I have missed the 2012 Christmas Event, I don’t have Barney 🙁 this christmas I was so sad about that that I promised to save my donuts for Barney now. But last week I was in Tokyo for vacation and now I am obsessed with getting The Happy Sumo ! Do you have a tip for me ? 🙁

    • Finish Issue 3 so you can earn more donuts. For every 6,000 freeze rays you collect after you unlock the collider you’ll win 1, 2 or 3 donuts

  10. Hey,
    Any idea what that is on his arm? Some sort of weapon, probably? He does remind me if bane, but bane doesn’t have anything on his arm. Thanx and have fun.

  11. I am still trying to figure out how you found the collider in that episode.lol.
    You guys must have super vision😉

  12. Luke the Asian

    Just out of interest, this site and another I’ve visited both refer to ‘the files’ and you guys being able to see more than we can.. What exactly are ‘the files’? And how do you guys see things before they come and when we can’t? Is there a post that explains this? I don’t think I’ve tried looking as keywords would probably result in some generic posts haha..

  13. Only 9thousand to go 🙂 if i stay up all night and play every 4 hours i should get it by 5am it 8:30pm now so looks good roll on issue 4

  14. kingofstillwater

    It’s cool that EA turned a minor character, who only has two appearances, into a full fledged charecter

    • I’d call someone like Üter a “minor character” – this is getting down to the level of “obscure reference”. I’m not complaining, though – I’m always happy to have more characters in my game. Plus, he has a cat. 😀

  15. Got The Collider this morning! 🙂 He’s doing 2nd task now while i am enroute to “3 sprinkle heaven”!!

  16. I am super excited to get this super hero in my game …still 8000 or so off but totally on target! Loving this event and all the free playable characters. Wowee what will issue 4 bring?!

  17. Radioactive Man must be alive !!!!!! he has to return and stop all these villians roaming around my town………. ( fingers crossed )

  18. I love knowing the origins of these new characters.

    Is there anyway we can convince EA to move these event items into KrustyLand for theme park rides? They should totally do that as im probably going to store death mountain anyway. 😉

  19. OT, but is anyone else’s game crashing constantly since the last update? Wondering if it’s just me.

    • emma or emurphy318

      Mine is! It keeps force-closing itself so I have to login over and over, kinda annoying and makes my neighbor visits excruciatingly slow since I’ve got my full 100…

      • Try to store some items in your town. It is usually due to a Memory drain that will cause it. Lack of signal, not enough memory on your device, TOO much going on in your town, TOO many Characters on outside tasks, TOO many NPC outside.

    • Mine is too, but mostly first thing in the morning when its full of criminals, floating cash, and radioactive signals. Once its cleared (after 4 or 5 crashes and restarts) its generally much better. Although yesterday it took me 6 tries to get through the last of Tom O’Flanagans dialog….. I think Bunny’s right. Too much going on at once.

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