Where Did That Come From – Blarney Castle

Hello me lads and ladies! How are you on this foine foine day? So in the midst of Superheroes and Level 50, EA decided to drop a little luck of the Irish upon us in the form of green rivers, leprechauns and other goodness. Of course, not everything that became available was recycled from the last St. Paddy’s events and this year an entirely new building was offered. Let’s take a look at that crumbled ruin Gil was shellacking, shall we and see just what it has to do with the Best. Show. Ever.?


The Blarney Castle comes our way from the Simpsons go to Ireland episode. Most of us aware of the show’s journey know periodically our favorite yellow family heads off to a new country and in Season 20, Episode 14: “In the Name of the Grandfather”, they headed to Eire courtesy of Grampa Simpson’s bucket list. Besides the origin of O’Flanagan’s Pub and the Shamrock Café (click the links for those posts), this episode includes some sightseeing by Marge and the kiddos. They visit the Giant’s Causeway, the Guiness Brewery, Nick Ellis Island AND the Blarney Castle.

Blarney Castle Simpsons

At the Castle, the biggest tourist draw besides the Blarney Rubble is kissing the blarney stone. Marge says it best that America doesn’t have any stones worthy of kissing besides Stone Phillips. I laugh every time I see Bart replace the stone with his own grey rocks. He never guessed an Irish version of Nelson would want to carve his initials in the tender stone lol.

Blarney Castle Simpsons 2

That’s it for the new premium building. While I can agree it’s a bit pricey at 115 donuts, I snatched it up and placed it with my other castle in town. Always nice to have a spot for Bart to get some comeuppance even if EA missed out on a great task opportunity for the castle.  If nothing else, I really dig that this looks like the real Blarney Castle in Co. Cork, Ireland, which is certainly on my bucket list.  For now, I’ll just have to make do with the pixellated version.

Blarney Castle

Please sound off with your thoughts and I hope everyone had a mighty foine Paddy’s however you chose to spend it. I’ll leave ya with an Irish blessing I learned from my beautiful grandmother.

May those who love us, love us,
And for those who do not love us, may the Lord turn their hearts,
Or at least turn their ankles, so we might know them by their limping.

TTFN… Wookiee out!

15 responses to “Where Did That Come From – Blarney Castle

  1. Hi. Came across this post as I got the Blarney Castle in the St Patrick’s day mystery box. Very appropriate that I have it as I live just 7 miles from the real Blarney Castle and it is indeed a very good image of it. And the castle itself is well worth a visit for anyone who has it on their wish list, as indeed is County Cork. Happy saint Patrick’s day to all, or as we say here, Naomh Sásta lá le Pádraig 😉

  2. How lon was the castle offered for? Cuz it’s not in any of my menus for purchase and gil is still wandering around my town

  3. Has there ever been an event with both a level update and a mini holiday update before Superheroes?

  4. emma(emurphy318)

    Hey guys, I’m posting here cause I seem to have lost the link to the page where you can notify your neighboreenos about vacation, compliments, etc. (If someone could post the link for me then feel free to delete or move this post.)
    I am skipping neighbor visits tonight because my game kept closing on me last night and dragged the whole process out to two looong hours so I’m going to let it reset and will visit all of you again tomorrow. I’m the meantime I’ve added the Shamrock Cafe to my town (couldn’t resist, what can I say, I’m irish!) So make sure to track down my little yuprechan and keep tapping him til he empties his pockets for you! (Think you get 10 taps). Enjoy him, I know I am! 🙂

  5. Someone posted about now having a “Castle District” and it got me thinking…I have all the castles so far, but no idea what to do with them.

    Would you ever consider a small contest or even just a “Show us your castle district” post so we can see what some of the cleverer Springfieldianites have come up with?

    Also, excellent recap; I had forgotten that they actually did feature Blarney Castle in that episode. I’ll have to watch it again tonight.

  6. I don’t think the price was worth it in donuts (EA lost out on not offering any task, or quest, involving characters in Springfield – but I guess there’s always a future chance if EA wants to). This is a beautiful structure, but its not that large (compared to other buildings costing the same price and donuts).

    I guess if this building gives you luck? Then you got your donuts worth 🙂

  7. Just watched that show the other day and loved it! Wish EA would of thrown in the Blarney Rubble with the castle for that amount! A task with Bart would also have been cool! Love these posts Wookiee! You and the ladies do such an awesome job on everything!

  8. Hahaha the blessing is awesome! Unfortunately I twisted my ankles very often 🙁

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