Superhero Prize Guide: Issue 4, Prize 2 …Kane Manor

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

The Superhero Event is upon us and Springfield has been invaded with Superheros, creeping Criminals & a whole new Comic Book look!  In the final issue of the Superhero Event, it seems as though the good guys have won!  That is until Fallout Boy decides to build a statue in tribute to Radioactive Man…a statue that appears to be evil!

In the ultimate Boss Fight during Issue 4 you’ll have to fight the statue several times in order to unlock 3 all new prizes!  Each with each defeat you’ll get a little bit closer to the ultimate goal…Radioactive Man!

The second prize awarded after three statue defeats is Kane Manor…the home of Radioactive Man’s secret Identity!  So let’s take a closer look at this new mansion and see just what happens when you unlock it in your Springfield!


WARNING Mild Dialogue Spoilers Below…

Once you’ve defeated the Statue three times you’ll automatically be awarded Kane Manor and you’ll see this message popup:


Kane Manor will be placed in your inventory so you’ll have to head over there to pull it out and place it in Springfield…


Once you’ve unlocked Kane Manor, some dialogue will popup between Fallout Boy and Bart with a short task to place Kane Manor.  Let’s take a look…

Kane Manor

Bart: Whoa cool, that’s the home of Claude Kane III – Radioactive Man’s secret identity!
Fallout Boy: Zip it!  Secrets don’t stay secrets when they’re blurted out loud.
Build Kane Manor8hr build

Here are some quick specs on Kane Manor:


What does it Do: Another home for Springfield.  Radioactive Man will have a task here and it is animated.
Size: 9×9
Earns: $150, 13xp/8hrs
Conform-O-Meter: Indolence +10
Where Can I Place It?: Springfield Only, Pavement or Grass

What’s next?
More statue attacks and Radioactive Man!

So that my friends is the full breakdown of Kane Manor!

What do you think of Kane Manor?  Have you earned it yet?  If not how close are you?  Where have you placed it in your Springfield?  Thoughts on the questline up to this point?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

55 responses to “Superhero Prize Guide: Issue 4, Prize 2 …Kane Manor

  1. It did not take long for me to obtain Kane Manor and Radioactive Man (I’ve had two tasks generate in the game for this character, a 12 hour task and a 24 hour task – but the character comes with the standard 1 4 8 12 24 hour tasks) …

    This was so far the best Event for 2015 (mainly because it was a brand new to the game this year). I know we have Easter 2015 coming up, I have no idea what EA will do (hopefully not screw up like they did in 2014 lol)….

    I can’t wait for the Heroes vs Villains Event to continue (long time Tappers will agree that new events are more welcome as opposed to returning events which offer the same prizes we already own – only newbs benefit from repeated events since they were unable to obtain prizes from years past). I can wait several months for a to be continued featuring new heroes and villains, but this long time Tapper wants more & new Freemiums for Krustyland) 🙂

  2. I got Radioactive Man today, this was the best event, and I love how they teased that the main villian will return with a new plan, So bring on another superhero event…….. 🙂

  3. i want an mp3 of the song that plays when i tap kane manor.

    the song just screams ring tone.

  4. I just got Radioactive man. I loved this event! I really think that this was the best event of the last year. It’s going to be a little weird going back to the game without an event going on. I felt the same way after the Christmas event. I’m looking forward to the next event.

    I’ve acquired a lot of new buildings and characters during this event. I also got a lot of doughnuts. I’m super happy about getting all of the doughnuts. I finally got Luann and the Cracker factory- which allowed me to get access to the Fleet-a-Pita’s. So that’s pretty cool.

    I wonder what’s next? I suppose there will be an Easter event of some kind. Then who knows? I wonder if they’ll bring back the Stone Cutters. EA gave us the chance to get some Stone Cutter skins not too long ago. I wonder if they’re telling us something…….hmmmm?

  5. I hope the fact that they were very reasonable in the timing of all tasks and the ability to win prizes means that EA has learned that by doing so they will retain more devoted players and as a result they will use this model for their next events. I have to say this one was extremely enjoyable BECAUSE I wasn’t stressed out about losing out on some prizes. I still regret not being able to get Alien Mr. Burns. And thank you so much TSTO staff for those calendars, without which I would be even more stressed during an event.

  6. Yay! Got radioactive man earlier… Shame we can’t get free donuts this time though 🙁 lol. But I just got the canyanaro so I’m really chuffed to start earning my free sprinkles 😀

  7. Just for fun they should have had “Scoutmaster” in the event haha
    There’s a lot of things they could have done actually… FOREVER WAITING for the Superheroes Event 2. (lol I hope they have one sometime in the future).

  8. SlimHiAzFckJim

    Yea I recently finished and this had to be my favorite event next to the stone cutters. Awesome prizes and I wasn’t rushing to finish like always haha

  9. for those that stocked up on extras during the re-release of the stonecutters stuff, the hieroglyph walls go great with the facade of the kane manor… >-I

  10. Wow, if there was a way I could upload a picture here for ya’ll I would. I have Petroleus Rex doing his research as he’s trying to resurrect Radioactive Man RIGHT NEXT to Kane Manor. It’s kinda funny.

  11. What happens to RM once this is over? Will he be permanent in game?

  12. I still think it looks like Just Another Castle (TM)! 😉

  13. Um…uh, oh. I went through the whole thing, got the video in the end, but no Radioactive Man. When I click on the little trophy, it says I have not completed the quest. It says I’m on 1 of 5. But I’ve already got the car and the manor. I’ve logged off and logged back on. I’ve gone to Krustyland and back. Nothing. I’m power cycling my device but I’ve tried my iPad, my iPhone, and Bluestacks and have gotten the same thing.

    Any ideas?

  14. I’ve got it ocean front with a cobblestone wall. Parked the car out front. This was a cool overall event. Here’s hoping if there’s an Easter event or not, we can finally sell off all the nonsense from last year’s!

  15. Obtained radioactive man a few hrs ago. I managed to get a total of 179 donuts in this superhero event. It has been a busy event..

  16. Hope they give us a few days off after event ends 🙂 just spent all money on land so need to build coffers back up ha 2.5 million in 2.5 weeks not too bad

  17. I love that it plays music when you tap on it! (An obvious parody of the original Batman show theme song.)

  18. CentralCali559

    I’ll have radioactive man in a few hrs. Oh man I’m gonna need more land soon lol. Or most likely stuff is going into storage.

  19. Just finished and got Radioactive man… is that the end / end? RAM has a quest, but it doesn’t seem related to the event.

  20. Any idea why EA can’t get it right? Shouldn’t a building that serves as a HOME for Springfield’s greatest superhero affect the Insolence rating? Why is RM’s mansion categorized as a business? Why does the Lotto n Liquor still show a 💲above it? There are so many others. Why can’t EA get these right?

  21. Kane Manor looks great. Feeling a touch sad as I unlocked Radioactive Man a couple of hours ago (no donuts used) and now my superhero event has ended. Must say the time available for each issue has been very generous. I have earned a lot of donuts over the last month. But looking forward to the next big event in TSTO. Signing off for now with “Up and atom!”

  22. I think Kane Manor is gorgeous!

  23. Something I just realized, and correct me if I’m wrong, since the Superhero event is going to end on March 31, if someone unlocks Radioactive man on the last day/last hour, they won’t get a chance to complete all his quests before EA updates the game.

    • No, EA always always you to continue the questlines. As long as you’ve unlocked him you’ll be able to continue the questline.

  24. Just completed the event! Super fun event with a ton of great stuff for our towns!

    Wonder what the creative team has up its sleves for the next one!

  25. I got it yesterday – 4 hours till Radioactive Man for me. I love the house, I think it fits in well with the other mansions.. I think we are close to more mansions then regular people homes. 🙂 I hope they add more land – this even, while awesome, took up alot of real estate.

    • I just got Radioactive Man, and he’s doing his final task to save the Springfield/Zenith city 😀
      Once his work is done (for now, for evil never rests), he shall go and take a nap in his gorgeous manor in the core of Zenith City/Neighborhood 🙂

  26. I got it yesterday and love it.

  27. Picked up RM a couple of hours ago, he was then sent on a task – is that the only thing he does or does he have a full quest?

  28. shame the game crashed and we wont get the chance to finish the game, at least i got Kane Manor, i was wanting to get the last part but hey ho…

  29. Finished building this morning and should have Radioactive Man before I leave work; Fallout Boy is ‘dealing the final blow’ this very moment.
    Then I may just blow up my Springfield and rebuild; still deciding.

  30. Just finished building this morning! I’m ready to get Radioactive Man tomorrow! (:

    • Same here, although weirdly enough I did not get the Bart/Fallout Boy dialogue, may have been because they were both on tasks when it unlocked, but even when their job ended, nothing happened. Fallout Boy just gave the final task, nothing more, nothing less.

      • Same here, but that’s because as soon as I got it, I placed it. I didn’t even give them the chance to speak.

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