Where Did THAT Come From – Shorty’s

What’s the haps amigos? Wookiee popping in for even more origin goodness for all my favorite skyfingers. You know, just when you think a game is busy enough with superheroes, vigilantes, villains and criminals, EA decides we need even more goodness and drops Level 50 in our games. Of course, a new level means new stuff and that’s where I come in. Here’s a small hint… all the items have something to do with the Lovejoys. Surprised? I must admit a playful side of me wants to leave it at ust that but you know I’d never leave you hanging. For this round of where did THAT come from, we’ll take a look at the Shorty’s.


So one of the new premium offerings for Level 50 was Shorty’s Coffee Shop. For 60 donuts, this building earns $105 & 11 XP every 3 hours. While it may seem like a silly offering, I immediately snatched up this item but more because of knowing its origin and wanting a symbol of the particular episode in my town. Which episode might that be? “Life on the Fast Lane” (S1:E9).

Also known as “Jacques To Be Wild”, this episode details the romance of one Marjorie Simpson with her bowling instructor. The episode also was the first appearances of Lenny Leonard and Helen Lovejoy. Homer buys Marge a bowling bowl for her birthday. Of course, he thought she’d just give it to him (he even had his name engraved on it lol). Marge ends up taking bowling lessons instead out of spite and ends up infatuated with her charming instructor, Jacques.

Homer Bowling Bowl Jacques

During the course of their lessons and flirtation, Jacques and Marge have brunch at none other than Shorty’s Coffee Shop. “It’s not quite breakfast, it’s not quite lunch but it comes with a slice of cantaloupe at the end. You don’t get completely what you would at breakfast but you get a good meal.”

Shorty's Coffee Shop Simpsons

Helen Lovejoy is introduced as the gossipy wife of the minister when she spies on Jacques and Marge having brunch.  Before you get worried that Marge would cheat on Homer, remember who she is. Jacques may be super charming and mysterious (I actually think he comes on too strong creaper style and have since I was little) but Marge is a good woman and Homer is a lucky dolt. Despite the ups and downs of Marge and Homie’s marriage, one thing remains, they are true to each other.

Jacques Helen Lovejoy Marge Homer

And that’s it for our new coffee shop. What do you think of it? Hope like me this item means Jacques may be coming to our games? Too bad Albert Brooks wouldn’t voice him. He could always bowl with Mindy and Lurleen as long as he stays away from Marge. She’s got enough to worry about with Artie always proposing. Take care and enjoy your games friends. I’ll be back later with more origin goodness for y’all.

TTFN… Wookiee out!

7 responses to “Where Did THAT Come From – Shorty’s

  1. It needs some animation. I really wish EA would have at least one task given to each structure so that we can animate them.

  2. It’s kind of a waste to me, Shorty’s and jacques would of been a perfect addition to valentines event, same with Jessica Lovejoy, and lurleen.

  3. This one was bugging me. I consider myself fairly versed in The Simpsons Universe, but couldn’t for the life of me place Shorty’s. Turns out, it’s from one episode I really don’t care to re-watch.

    Thanks for the write-up.

  4. Even though it’s premium, always interesting which things EA has missed to release with it. I would have seen Jaques being released with it, EA would have also included an interaction with the premium bowlerama and would have double the profit on some…

  5. D’OH! My previous comment should have said 60 donuts not. 65!

  6. Hi Wookie,
    Thanks for that sweet morsel of WDTCF for Shorty’s.

    May I make a gentle editing recommendation? You refer to it as Freemium at the beginning, but then refer to its Premium price of 65 donuts. So as not to get Freemium players all hopeful then confused, confused could you please correct it? Thanks.

    Apologies if this was already pointed out in case someone else’s comment about this gets posted first.

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