Superhero Prize Guide: Issue 4, Prize 3 …Radioactive Man

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

The Superhero Event is upon us and Springfield has been invaded with Superheros, creeping Criminals & a whole new Comic Book look!  In the final issue of the Superhero Event, it seems as though the good guys have won!  That is until Fallout Boy decides to build a statue in tribute to Radioactive Man…a statue that appears to be evil!

In the ultimate Boss Fight during Issue 4 you’ll have to fight the statue several times in order to unlock 3 all new prizes!  Each with each defeat you’ll get a little bit closer to the ultimate goal…Radioactive Man!

The final prize awarded after five statue defeats is the man himself….Radioactive Man! Let’s take a closer look at this true Superhero and just what happens when you unlock him in your Springfield…


WARNING Mild Dialogue Spoilers Below…

Once you’ve defeated the Statue all five times you’ll first see the final defeat video in your game.  In case you missed it…

After the video plays you’ll automatically be awarded Radioactive Man and you’ll see this message popup:


Once you’ve unlocked Radioactive Man some Dialogue will popup between him and Fallout Boy, with an explanation as to what happened….

Fallout Boy: Radioactive Man?! Alive?! But how?!  You died!
Radioactive Man: I was never dead, Fallout Boy.  When I awoke I was encased in a lead monument.
Fallout Boy: But the monument… your statue was attacking the town!
Radioactive Man: That was me waking from my slumber, trying to escape the lead coffin.
Dr. Crab: And you should have died in that tomb, but Fallout Boy and Sky Finder poked holes in my evil plans.
Radioactive Man: Dr. Vladmir Krabokov?! You were behind all of this?!
Dr. Crab: Please, if we’re going to get through this explanation, call me Dr. Crab.  Now I bid you adieu!  But know this:  I will return with another plan more even more evil and convoluted than this one!  But when good closes a door, evil opens a window.  I will return another day with a plan nastier than my last!
Narrator: Once again, good triumphs over crustaceans!   Thanks to… YOU!

At this point you’ll see Radioactive Man’s character unlock…


And he’s part of the Superheroes Character Set:


Radioactive Man does come with a short questline, Epilogue.  If you’ve purchased the Tar Pits he’ll also have another short questline with P-Rex.  Let’s take a look…

First this is the questline everyone will see, Epilogue.

Epilogue Pt. 1

Radioactive Man: Now that I’m lead-free, I will fight crime in our city wherever it lies!
Make Radioactive Man Seek Out Crime– 24hrs, Earns $600, 150xp (note: this is his flying task)

Epilogue Pt. 2
Radioactive Man starts

Radioactive Man: I’m impressed!  Fallout Boy and the Sky Finger brushed and flossed this city’s dark cavities clean!  Maybe I can finally find time to recharge my superpowers in the deep-end of a mud bath.
Make Radioactive Man Relax- 8hrs, Earns $275, 70xp

And that completes the basic questline for Radioactive Man that everyone will see.  If you have the Tar Pits and P-Rex you will also see a bonus short questline popup between the two:

Final Issue, Volume 2
Radioactive Man starts

Radioactive Man: Not so fast, Petroleus Rex!  I’ve returned from the brink of annihilation to upend your evil plans!
Petroleus Rex: Radioactive Man!! I’m thrilled to see you alive again!  And also thrilled to see you die again!!
Make Petroleus Rex Battle his Nemesis- 12hrs
Radioactive Man: We truly are an even match.
Petroleus Rex:  Indeed.  And as long as the writers don’t ret-con our powers or stage a new publicity stunt, we’ll be matched forever!
Radioactive Man: …. Yeah.  Writers always leave well enough alone.
Petroleus Rex: Well, it’ll be good while it lasts.
Radioactive Man: Yup.

Radioactive Man is a full character in TSTO.  He comes complete with a full set of tasks.  Let’s take a look at those tasks now…

radioactiveman_relax_active_image_5  radioactiveman_dies_image_4 radioactiveman_victory_pose_image_5

Task Length Earns Location
Pump Iron 1hr $70, 17xp All Night Gym
Promote Nuclear Power 4hrs $175, 45xp Power Plant
Relax 8hrs $275, 70xp Kane Manor
Attend a Teleconference 12hrs $420, 100xp Superior Squad HQ
Seek Out Crime 24hrs $600, 150xp Outside, Flying

What’s next?
Right now…nothing!  You’ve completed the entire Superheros Event and saved Springfield from evil, congratulations!

So that my friends is the full breakdown of Radioactive Man!

What are your thoughts on Radioactive Man?  Thoughts on his tasks?  How about the event in general?  Which prizes did you earn?  Which ones did you miss?  Will you be storing any or are they all going out in Springfield?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

131 responses to “Superhero Prize Guide: Issue 4, Prize 3 …Radioactive Man

  1. Just got the Bartman/Radioactive Man deal. Radioactive Mans Relax task is locked but no quest line triggered. Is there a way to trigger the quest line or is the task just going to be locked?

    • Unfortunately that task is tied to the Beach House which was a premium during the first superhero event. Not sure if it will be re-released but the task will remain locked without it.

      • The 8 hour “Relax” task is tied actually to the Kane Manor, which we receive in the combo. The beach house adds a different “Shirk His Responsibilities” 16 hour task. The reason why the 8 hour task is locked is because we received no questline for Radioactiveman in the bundle, but it requires a “Quest” to unlock.

  2. I defeated the statue and didn’t get Kane Manor or Radioactive man. Is it too late now?

    • Did you just defeat it? The event ended last week, so if you didn’t get them by last Tuesday you missed out. If however, you defeated it before last Tuesday and are saying you didn’t get the prizes, contact EA and let them know what happened.

  3. Wil the game auto-update back to normal or will I have to don it?

  4. I have completed the tasks but no radio active man? Any suggestions?

  5. I finished the prizes on Thursday, and all the quests Saturday morning. I’ve been very bored while waiting for something else to happen. A new premium item, or just something that could make it feel like I was helping neighbors. I feel really let down by the lack of storytelling and the way the stories of the new characters didn’t interact very much at all. Add in the social factor wasn’t great, and the quests were extremely short for the time between and after earning prizes. Especially after getting the final prizes for this final issue. I also was hoping that we would have gotten a little more land/water with all the big buildings that we needed to have space for during the event.

    Don’t get me wrong, I really liked a lot of what was done to keep the event interesting. The event really didn’t necessitate using donuts to get the prizes which is awesome! I loved the superheroes and supervillains. Though, com’on EA, at least ONE superheroine or supervillainess wouldn’t have been hard to be part of the event! I loved the boss battle! I loved the prizes to win and craft. It was a pretty great big event, and that is hard to pull off.

  6. Hello, lil’ question, above we can see 3 pics showing Radioactive Man’s tasks. I recognize the one in normal clothes (relaxing), but to which tasks do the other two pics belong?
    Thanks in advance. 🙂

  7. This was one of Tapped Out’s best events. I thought I was going to store Death Mountain after the event but it has grown on me. And since I figured out that I could change the Radioactive Man statue back to an unblemished state, it will stick around too.

  8. Hey! Question. I’m not yet finished with the radioactive man quests, but I was wondering if you’re able to store the radioactive man statue once all the quests have been finished? It’s not that appealing and I barely have room for it and it won’t let me store it :/

  9. I got everything except Fruit Batman and P-Rex. I will showcase everything in a section that I call Zenith City. Guys, honestly, we got awesome stuff for a superhero / supervillain city, that’s just what I wanted (and a wrestling arena with pro wrestlers jumping from the turnbuckles). Best event and best items ever! Bring something like this again, please! 🙂

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