Where Did THAT Come From: Old Simpsons Farm

In our silly lil game, we sometimes see things pop in that we have no clue as to their Origin. They seem familiar, but we just can’t pinpoint from where. So that is why we decided to make a fun lil reminder out of it. To let you know just Where Did THAT Come From?ico_terwilligers_oldsimpsonfarm_unlock

This post I will be going over the Origin of the Old Simpsons Farm. Introduced into our games with the Terwilliger Event, the 4th prize you earned with Spade Collection. Where on earth did this first appear? Why is it in our game? What does it have to do with the Simpsons? Let’s take a look at the TV Series to find out.

Season 6, Episode 10: Grampa vs Sexual Inadequacy
Homer and Marge are trying to spice up their “romantic” life. Oddly, it seems an Elixr that Grampa made did the trick. Homer sees this as a way to make lots of money. So he goes back to the Retirement Home to get Abe to make up a bath full so they can bottle and sell it.

It becomes such a hit, and Grampa is also loving all the attention, that Homer and him set off traveling town to town selling the Elixr. While driving through a rural town, Abe starts to recognize many of the Farms. He tells Homer to make a right…Old Simpson Farm 1

Old Simpson Farm 2

Homer is not impressed by the run down dump he is looking at. Abe begins to explain that the dump is actually the house that Homer grew up in. They lived there until they were foreclosed on. Something caused the cows to give sour milk (per Homer’s flashback it was him).Old Simpson Farm 3

Homer continues to reminisce, realizes they are mainly bad memories of Abe yelling at him, and blames Abe for how he turned out. Abe points out that Homer’s treatment of him isn’t that great either. They take off… arguing.

As the conversation becomes more heated, we learn that due to the Elixr Homer came into the world. Without it, Abe thinks he would have been better off. Homer was a mistake. Homer stops the car, tells Abe to get out, and takes off. Leaving him behind. Not wanting to be a bad parent too, Homer tries to overcompensate being  Dad with Lisa and Bart, but that backfires. So Homer takes off to do some serious thinking… back at the Old Simpsons Farm.

While looking at an old picture under the light of a match he struck, he realizes that Santa was HIS Dad. It makes him happy…until he realizes he just lit the picture on fire. To which, of course, he runs round screaming and lighting the whole room on fire. On the other end of the Farm House by the fireplace, Grampa Abe is also feeling bad. Saying that his Elixr has caused him nothing but trouble, so of course he tosses it into the fire. Flames burst all over the room. They both run outside and end up running into each other by the front door. They start apologizing to each other and kind of making up… while the house is burning in flames behind them.Old Simpson Farm 4


Season 11, Episode 5: E-I-E-I D’oh
After picking up something he saw in a movie, Homer decided he will get what he wants by challenging everyone to a duel. Unfortunately, he stumbled upon a Southern Gentleman that excepted. As the man showed up outside his house at dawn, Homer panics. Marge sneaks him out of the house by hiding him in the dead Christmas Tree (yah, they still had it months later), and then taking off into Farm Country to hide.

As they travel down old Rural Route 9, Homer decides they can hide out at the Old Farm where Homer grew up. (Ummmm… wait a minute… didn’t that burn to the ground? Lol. Oh Simpsons.) But there it is, still a run down shack, but no longer devastated by a fire. (They must have traveled back in time. 😉 )Old Simpson Farm 6

The family ends up setting up house there and doing what they can to survive, like farming. Homer heads out to Sneed’s Feed & Seed to buy some seeds to plant. The shop keep tells him nothing can grow on the Old Simpsons Place, and that is why his Dad abandoned it. But Homer is determined and snags a mix of Tobacco and Tomato seeds.Old Simpson Farm 5


Determined to make it grow, he also calls up Lenny to send him some Plutonium to spray all over it. (Maybe this is what created the Mutant Veggies and Seedlings too.) Thus ToMacco is created. In the end the Simpsons refuse an offer from Laramie Cigarette Company, animals get into the crops while they were gone talking to Laramie and go mad from the addiction of the plants, Homer accidentally tosses the last ToMacco plant to a Laramie Executive while trying to get the mad animals to go away, and of course they go back home… still broke… as if it all never happened.Old Simpson Farm 7


There you have it, a Farm House that seemed to miraculously reappear after a devastating fire… and it is now in our silly lil games. I wonder when we get to start growing ToMacco there instead. 😉

What do you think of the Farm House? Found a cool location for it in your town? Put it next to Cletus’? How do YOU think it made it back into the episodes undamaged? Let us know.


16 responses to “Where Did THAT Come From: Old Simpsons Farm

  1. Will I still be able to get the springfield market in act 2 and 3? Would live to have it. Also are we going to get any more land? I’m running out

  2. Too bad they didn’t have a quest for Homer to burn down the farm with tire fire animation 🙂

  3. “How do YOU think it made it back into the episodes undamaged?”

    It wasn’t undamaged as the pics you chose for this article prove.

  4. If you have a second farmhouse and want to keep it, don’t put it in storage!! I am not able to place it again. I tried to put it in Krustyland and now it’s stuck in storage and when I try to place it on either device, I get this message: ” *Already built! ” with the blue “OK” sign underneath it.

  5. Still trying to figure out what to do with this one. So far I’ve got Ploppers silo next to it but that’s about it.

  6. Collecting sh*t for the Farmers Market 🙂
    I’ve put The Homers Farm next to Cletus’. The market will be placed next to it, to make a rural area. I wish EA gave us some rural roads.

  7. My favorite thing from this event. I have a nice little farm now I just wish cane fields weren’t so expensive.

    • I agree. I’d like to see some income inflation on event currency by the end so I can afford to get a decently sized patch of cane to make it look like an actual farming effort.

  8. It’s good to see this appear in the game.

    Because it’s not actually in Springfield, I had the idea of creating a single road out of town and putting this there. Only an idea for now, I need more land to make it happen.

    • It’s in the “greater metropolitan Springfield area” lol! 😉

    • The entire upper left corner and upper center area of my game is “out of town”. The farm, Cletus, guinea pig, cabin, and castles go there since they aren’t apart of Springfield technically.

  9. It would be fun to get Sneeds’s Feed & Seed for our Springfields!

  10. Thank you for reminding me about a classic and very funny episode of The Simpsons (and thank you EA for offering Freemiun content referencing classic Simpsons episodes) 🙂

  11. I’m loving the farmhouse so much! I’ve got a nice farm idea/look that I’ve been wanting to try. But didnt really have a house that was appropriate for it until now. Gives a nice pay out too! 👌🏻😊

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