Addicts Meet Up Recap

Hey all~

Taking a step out of the Event for a minute to flash back to a really cool thing that happened at the end of March. Addicts Meet and Greet. Woohoo!!

Addicts Playing Games

This concept of a Meet & Greet was started with the idea that we love to see the interaction on our sites with all the fellow Players. It makes us think of all those times you invite people to your house to play video, board, or card games. Things are always a lot of fun when you get a crowd together. So why not do the same with the silly lil games we play? So Meet & Greets were started.IMG_20150407_205814

This most recent Meet & Greet was a blast. Again, we went into it with more the thought of just a Thank You to YOU… the Readers for just coming round to our sites and hanging out with us and your other fellow players. We wanted to offer a place where you could mingle with other fellow players, share tips and tricks of your own, your personal gaming experience, and show off your games… in person. Our treat. Just like our sites. It was like the Open Thread Live and it was a blast. We all play this game. You come here seeking help. So why not do that exact same thing, but in a fun setting face to face with other fellow players? Instead of waiting moderation, you can ask and share help right away, and show each other on the device how to. Such a fun way of interacting with others that play the game and think alike too.

We loved sitting down and personally chatting with each of you. It is really funny how we all came to be involved in these lil games. A lot of us had a silly way of stumbling on to the game, yet alone the Addicts sites. Of course there was food, drink, and prizes. What is a party without fun gifts, right? (Not to mention that really cool personal message from Matt.)




I LOVED when I was younger just getting a group together to hang out and have fun. Many fond memories of inviting the entire neighborhood over to play indoor/outdoor games all day and late into the late late night (usually turning into a mass sleepover).

When we got our first gaming system, would we have competitions to see who could get the farthest. Or battles with each other. Such a blast. (A Gamer Girl paradise.) To this day I love inviting a big group people to my house to just take a break from work and stress. Do something that is just fun. Gets us all laughing. Enjoying each others company and life in general. Life should be fun. Too much hate and sadness in the world, so why dwell on it all day every day and turn your life into nothing more than a grumpy grouch that complains about people being too happy? Seems silly to me. Who wants to go through life upset and angry all the time? I don’t. What a waste. I am also one that loves to give and share what I have in life with others. At times it may not be much, but still… that Pay It Forward mentality is with me everyday.  😉

Keeping all this mind, I wanted to do in person what we do on line… Pay It Forward. Keep the happy going. Offer people a place to go, talk, ask questions, and just have fun with others just like them that a silly lil game brought together. I love seeing the relationships and friendships start, blossom, and then grow into so much more than our silly lil games. It is amazing to watch. People making friends worldwide they may have never spoken with. A Community.

Those of you that came to the Event were amazing. You guys cracked me up so much. I saw a lot of the same kindness in you too. Watched as you interacted with one another the same as you do here. All these strangers, in a strange place, talking like you knew each other a lifetime. Though I think with some meds, you all may have learned TOO much about me. 😉 So much laughter. So much sillyness. So much fun. I can’t wait to do it again. I do apologize I was under the weather and couldn’t fully enjoy it or talk too long to some of you.  (For those of you that asked… I ended up with the Flu, later turned Pnuemonia & Bronchits with a side of Laryngitis. But I just keep pushing on. Blame the passionate spirit inside of me to never give up, especially when doing something for someone other than yourself.) 

I wanted the fun to continue on into the night, but knew you all may have other plans and places to be (that and I don’t think Alissa would have let me and Wookiee have a sleepover. Lol.) It is a true sign of something that is great when you don’t want it to end. Maybe next time we can get the Laptop to cooperate better so we can watch some Episodes and you can show of your game play for others on the Projection Screen. Maybe even play the Simpsons Hit n Run? Mess round with some 2D n 3D art?  Lol.


On another side note (I used some silly names instead of your real, in case you didn’t want them out there):

Armyjoe- I hope you and your friends had a blast. Thanks for talking with me a while. 😉

Catalina- I had so much fun talking to you. You are awesome. 😉

zackbender- So sorry on the age thing, and that we didn’t get a chance to see you too long. We owe you dinner 😉

James- I still think we had the coolest outfits there! 🙂

Ken & Julie- you two are adorable. Still can’t believe you gave us those. Hope to get a chance to write something up for you soon. 🙂

Brian (not the dog) & “the girl that got Lois, HA HA”- you two made me giggle. I am still laughing she got her. 😉

Dave- Thanks for getting a dying girl a drink. Lol. (Stupid cough) 😉

Brad- Sheesh you say a lot. All you did was talk talk talk. 😛

Sarah- HAPPY… oh wait… we already did that 😉

“Our Two Twitter Stalkers”- I didn’t get to talk to you two very much before you left, but you two were great fun 🙂

“Mom that made her daughter spend her bday with us” & “not 21”- I am so glad you guys made it. What a journey. Just in time too. 😉

Matthew- You don’t seem like you gone mad to me. Lol. I didn’t get to spend too much time chatting with you, but glad you won that bag. I went through a lot to keep it safe. 🙂

lekittynoir- I for one am glad you didn’t leave when you originally planned. Just think of all the fun you would have missed 😉

“The Accountant” & “Furrball Fan”- You two were so sweet. I am glad you guys had fun. I know Wookiee was giddy bout it. 😉

And a HUGE MASSIVE THANK YOU to LardLad737, for her amazing artwork and creative donuts she made for the Addicts Readers. I am still blown away by them. So much time and work went into these great pieces of art. I know many of you went home with at least one of her items. Check her out online. Some amazing pieces any Addict would love to have in their homes!!


I will leave all the fun additional details of the trip to my fellow furry friend, Wookiee


Wookiee PNGWookiee aka Joe

Hey hey hey… So Alissa and Bunny asked me to write down my thoughts about the Addicts Meet & Greet and here I am, a week later, finally getting around to typing up some words.  Thankfully I’m the nerd that jots down notes to help me out with recollecting my memories lol.

So I left out on Friday and honestly, it was all just very weird.  I’d lived in Joisey before but it’d been over a decade since I’d been on terra firma there.  Sooooooooo strange to be flying there for a hang out with people who only knew me from a silly little blog I write for.  I know I’ve said it before, but I started this journey in August 2013 with no idea what to expect.  Nervousness and trepidation come to mind to describe my feelings.  I love the Simpsons and thoroughly enjoy writing about them but was I really getting on a plane to hang out with two different people who I blog with but had only hung out with once before?  I’ll be completely real when I say I still didn’t believe anybody else would show up to hang with us.  I mean, we’re certainly not celebrities of any sort and the idea that tappers from the Northeast would take time out of their weekend just to come hang with us just seemed far-fetched.

Of course, I got there and was ecstatic to see Bunny and Alissa.  They actually were a little late courtesy of Newark Airport traffic so I tucked and rolled and got into Lis’ car.  A slice of pizza and a backyard fire that took 30 plus minutes to light and the only word to describe the reunion is hilarity.  No surprise because us three fuzzy nuts always crack each other up.  Of course, it was late so the ladies were tired. Too funny that I was 3 hrs behind them and wide awake at midnight.  Fun times and despite the homebrew beer trying to take my eye out like a Red Rider BB Gun, I was actually in Jersey.

On Saturday we got all our prep done and were ready for the event.  Still not sure how it all was gonna go, my heart lifted as the first Addict, Lekittynoir, arrived.  The rest was all a swinging good time.  While some folks couldn’t make it for assorted reasons, we really had an amazing turn out that defied my expectations.  Delicious grub, free drinks, trivia and prizes and ultimately just some really great camaraderie.  If even half of the readers on our site are as cool as all the people we now can put faces too… there really is no doubt that this site is one of the best communities ever.  As a bonus, I now have some new TSTO neighbors who I sort of kind of know.

The weekend was so much fun.  I’m truly humbled to have had the chance to fly out for a mini-vacay to the East.  The meet-up event was so cool and I still can’t believe how great it went.  If that wasn’t enough, add a geek trip with Bunny to Jay & Silent Bob’s Secret Stash, some amazing food including a Philly Cheesesteak in Philly, sightseeing, jokes with my two sistas from different mistas and no frostbite courtesy of the fraking cold, cold weather (don’t listen to Alissa’s claims of a warm streak… pure poppycock).  I might just be one of the luckiest. Fuzzballs. EVER.  My friends and family still can’t believe how a ridiculous pastime like writing for a mobile game has morphed into opportunities like this.  Not sure I believe it either but my daughter has pinched me and I’m still in this reality.

To summarize, thanks to everyone who made the trip so special and thank you to ALL of the Addicts on this site who made it all possible.  Hopefully more goodness like this can happen in the future.  Maybe it’ll be in my neck of the woods next time.  Jebus knows the weather is better.  Much love and all that good stuff.  Stay classy and thanks again.  TTFN… Wookiee out!


To round out the trio, here is a lil something from Alissa. 


Alissa PNG Alissa

I’m going to keep this short and sweet…as you guys read enough words from me each day 🙂

It was so great to get to meet a bunch of my fellow Jerseyans and East Coast peeps!  We had a blast hanging out and chatting with many of you and we can’t wait to do it again!

Thank you to everyone for coming out and having fun with us!  And a special thank you to LardLad737, aka giddygirlie, for donating some simply AMAZING Simpsons themed prizes for the Meet and Greet!   You all should seriously checkout her work at!  Thanks again Lardlad737!

Can’t wait to do it all again soon!

There you have it. An Addicts Meet & Greet. Just basically doing what we all do here, but in person. So much fun.

Special Thanks to all YOU that took time out your day to come be silly with us all. Hope you thoroughly enjoyed it!!!

Now for a few more fun pics (sorry not many taken, I was a lil out of it and when you are having so much fun you forget to do things… like take pics). If you have some you took you would like to add, feel free to email them to us. I still want to see images of where those Wiggle Bunnies ended up at YOUR house, or you put some of the silly gifts you got. 😉



Can’t wait to do this again!!! Where do YOU think we should all hang out next time? 

Alissa, Bunny, & Wookiee

Addicts Logo Alissa Bunny Wookiee PNG

32 responses to “Addicts Meet Up Recap

  1. Hey everyone,
    I had soooo much fun and I was soooo happy to win such great prizes.
    Bunny, I want you to know the bag is in good hands. I am actually going to have it framed because it is so cool looking and I am so thankful to have it. I was wondering though, I was bragging to friends about how cool the bag was and I think you said you got it from Matt groening, himself and they didn’t believe me. I think you said you got it from him at SDCC, right? Anyway, I wanted you to know how much I love it. Also being one of the first people to have an official addicts t-shirt, I wear it proudly. I also won a marge Lego mini figure, a family guy/kid robot figure, and one small and one large donut pin(thanx to lardlad737). Plus some tinyco stuff and the food and the drinks and getting to meet and talk to all three of you and meeting other people who love this silly game as much as I do. I wonder if the bartender is still playing. He said he loves the simpsons, so it’s possible.It’s funny cos it was really a bunch of strangers who met on the internet getting together in the middle of jersey. Sounds like fun to me. And it was. Thank you guys sooo much. You didn’t have to do any of that for us. All three of you are soooo nice. Some people in yr shoes would be conceited or snobby. In real life you are all as nice and friendly as you are here. The positve, friendly, information providing environment you have created is refreshing in this angry, mean spirited internet. I could go on and on but I won’t. Thanx,

    • Awwww well I’m so glad you had a blast. It’s all we really wanted. Like a block party or neighborhood BBQ. Just a good time, good food, lots of fun.

      And yes, while I was at SDCC I was spoiled by FOX and TinyCo and was able to hang round the FOX booth and meet some pretty amazing people.

      Matt was one of them. I didn’t want to disrupt everyone else that had been sitting there in line for hours waiting to see him, so I didn’t ask him for an autograph. But he was a sweetheart and while talking to fans and signing autographs, he smiled back at me, reached under the counter, grabbed the bag, and handed it to me. Told me how much he really appreciated his fans and what we do here. Been hanging on to it since. Knew I wanted one of our Readers to have it. I love passing on special gifts like that. You guys mean a lot to me so I wanted to share. ; )

    • I looked through my Con photos, couldn’t have camera behind with me for security reasons, but I do have an image of Him (Matt) signing the posters at the FOX booth and you can see one of the reps next to him holding one of the bags. I can email it if you would like. Just let me know. (

      I was the only one he personally gave one to and everyone stormed me after to try and get it from me. Nope. I hung on to it. 😉

  2. I wish that I could have been there in person myself! If there is a meet-up on the West Coast, I will be sure to pop in. I’m a SoCal person like Wookie so a trip to Universal to see the new Springfield would be perfect! 🙂 Glad that I was able to contribute from far away – it sounds like a great time was had by everyone! 🙂

  3. Bring it to Chi-town this summer!!!!

  4. Bring it to Chi-town this summer!!!

  5. Where can I get the embroidered donut?

  6. So much fun! I’m glad I stayed the whole time too, you guys were tons of. fun and made me feel totally comfortable, like I’ve known you for much much longer than just a few years on the interwebz. Thanks for having us, for feeding us and thanks Lardlad737 for the prizes you so generously donated. Maybe with enough notice, if there is a trip to Universal planned next year, I’ll be able to get down there with my husband. I’d love to hang out again. So of course I have to ask- where did you get your Philly cheesesteak?

    • Campo’s in Old City (my hubby and I took Bunny and Wookie to tour Independence Hall & all that fun stuff)…those are our favorite cheesesteaks!

      Oh and we got our tickets for Yankees Phillies, we’re going Monday the 22nd 🙂

      • Campo’s huh? Surprisingly I’ve never had theirs. They’re even in CBP but I don’t usually get cheesesteaks at the game. Maybe this summer I’ll try to skip the Bull’s bbq addiction and try one. Steve’s is my favorite and on occasion Pat’s. Now I’m getting hungry! We still don’t have tickets for Phils@Yanks, my husband is being a big time hater, and yeah, we’re not Yankee fans but come on, Yankee Stadium is legendary! He’s all waaah, it’s so far and public trans blah blah. I may end up just getting them and telling him to suck it up. Lol

        • hahahaha it’s not that bad. We’d much rather go to CBP, but we can’t resist our two teams battling each other!

          Campo’s is sooo good. Although sometimes (if we tailgate before a game) we go to Talk of the Town. Also really good. But inside the park I love Campo’s over Tony Luke’s. And mmm Bull’s! Also soo good! We sometimes go there, although we were at the game yesterday (finally Howard looks like he knows how to hit the ball) and we just ended up with crab fries at Chickie and Pete’s lol

          And now I’m really hungry lol…too bad I’m about 20 minutes from NYC at the moment, hard to get a good cheesesteak this far east lol

  7. When are you coming to Oz????

    • That long of a flight scares me…I have a hard enough time doing the 5hrs from NY to LA. I’m not the most patient person in the world lol

  8. Looked like everyone had an awesome time! I think you should come to the Uk next :-p …..

  9. Glad you all had fun. It sounds awesome.
    Isn’t it great that a silly little game like this can generate a silly (but very helpful) little blog like this, which attracts silly little people like us who actually arrange to meet up face-to-face and become real-life friends?
    Can’t wait for a Europe-based meet ‘n’ greet… Wouldn’t that be cool?

  10. Somewhere near or in Florida (City Walk at Universal maybe?) but you were already in this time zone, so it wouldn’t be fair to the people in other time zones. Sad I couldn’t make it to this last one. But there will be more 🙂

    • Love Florida 🙂 Just can’t convince my husband to move there…something about his job 😉

      We’re still thinking about a big Universal one in FL but it’ll probably be next year, as this fall’s already getting kinda filled up for all of us.

  11. I’m so mad I missed it I was at a baby shower just staring at my watch like cmon she said we’ll only show our faces then we can go to the meet up which turned into a high school reunion and a whole lot of girl talk (angry mumbling goddamn coed baby showers) but looks like you guys had a blast. And yes you guys are celebrities of the best blogs out there.

  12. Thanks for the recap and pix. Wish I were there.

  13. Next time? In Bunny’s time zone, of course. Second choice would be Wookiee’s time zone, but I really don’t want to drive in Southern California traffic. 🙂

    The Giddy Girlie donut looks cute, btw — awesome job on that!

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