Act Two Clarifications Q&A

Hey there Hoppereenos!

Bouncing by with a lil help with the new Act Two Event issues we see being addressed in the comments. So sit tight while we take a peek at some of the main Questions we are seeing and offer up some answers.Craft Items Act Two

Let’s look into some of these now…



We see this pretty much every Event. Some players games will “hiccup” and not go into the next stage fully. Or at times they will go into it but then reverse back. Either way, this makes it a bit more difficult for you to move on.

Side Note: If you are still seeing the Message at Monsarno below, it means what the dialog is telling you… you need to continue the story. In other words, finish the questline. As soon as I tapped on Homer’s ! and got to the point I squished 5 of the New Bob Clones, once that “Completed” popped up I was able to then go back to Monsarno and Level 8 Upgrade was there now.Monsarno Research Continue in Act 2

The Soup Thickens Homer Starts Dialog

The Soup Thickens Part 1

Monsarno Level 8 Upgrade

Now for those that have done the dialog and still don’t see the options popping up, the best suggestions we can offer is to follow some basic steps first…

  1. Double check your App Market to ensure you did not miss an Update there. A lot of times they send an Update just prior to the new Phase to help with any glitches
  2. Try restarting your device. There were several In Game updates that hit my device the last few days. One just before the new Act Two launched. Restarting your device may help any missed kick in for you.
  3. This is a little more extreme, but Uninstall/Reinstall the app. This will ensure you do not have a corrupted file in there for one causing the issue. This will also force your device to be on the most current game file and items. Just make sure your account is linked to Origin so you can sign back in once you complete the process.

Beyond that, you will need to get in touch with EA for further support.



For some of you not seeing this, it may be due to two possible things…

  1. The First being issues with the items above, so try those.
  2. The Second is you may already have the items. The only ones that transferred over are the main 3. Founder Statue, Simpsons Old Farm House, and Mutant Pet Plant.


To locate them, you will need to be up to date first, then just go to the Event Icon and tap on it. (Sideshow Bob Knife Trophy, lower right corner of game.) ico_terwilligers_trophy

Once in there, go to the Crafting Icon and tap on it. (Lab Beaker and Flask)ico_terwilligers_craftingtab

Then scroll to the left or right using the arrows through all the Craftable Items til you see the ones tagged “NEW”. You will see the items rolled over from Act One Personal PRizes that you did NOT already get there to craft. Craft Items Act Two


Sadly some of you contacting EA got the “not so helpful” side of their outsourced “help”. Just so you are aware, they are usually a couple days behind in the information and many of them do not even play or know the game at all. More just work from scripts, so their help is limited.

The CORRECT information is just as Alissa posted in main run down and as I stated here (verified by the actual EA contacts that create/play the game)… you WILL be able to craft the Statue, Farm House, and Pet Mutant Plant from Act 1 if you did not win them in Act 2. My EA contact even pulled up his personal game along with others in the office to check multiple times. Everyone had all 3 items in their games in Act 2 as they should be.  So if you are being told differently, the rep is WRONG. Try the steps of troubleshooting above, try to get a EA rep on the PHONE not chat. If you get one that is not helpful, disconnect Chat and try again or ask for a supervisor.

In the meantime, the main EA office is going to be contacting those in charge of the Chat Reps and other reps giving wrong info out to get them to stop misleading players.



This part is going to be totally up to YOU to decide. These Events are set up now so you can customize them to fit the needs and wants YOU have. So in the end, the decision will be yours.

Here are some suggestions, again… just OUR opinion. You do not have to follow it. Final Choice is yours.

  1. If you want any of the Craftable items, like the Farmer’s Market or any other Crafting item, get it. As we are seeing these Materials will take time and effort to acquire, so you may want to snag something while you have the Materials to do so.
  2. Upgrade Monsarno. Again, items are needed for things like Craftables and Event Personal Prizes, so you want to do all you can to be able to collect those items quicker and in more quantity. Upgrading the Monsarno Research will once again unlock more Character tasks with payouts for Materials.

Now deciding which of the two options to take will be something YOU will have to ponder on. If you are struggling to get items due to your game play, you may want to get the Craftable items last after you see what all you can afford to get vs what you really want to make. Upgrade the Monsarno Research as high as YOU can go. Doing so will unlock tasks. Tasks will get more Materials. More materials will in turn help you get more Craftables.

Myself, I am personally going for the Upgrade route on this one.

From Alissa…

Here’s my take on it all…

YES…UPGRADE!  You should makes the most sense.  I’ve been telling you that since day 1.  BUT there is an exception to this…and here it is…

IF you want the Farmer’s Market (and no there’s no special benefit to it.  It doesn’t pay event currency…just regular cash and XP.  There’s no extra quests with it.  It does however, boost consumerism) and you’re close to getting it, continue to grind towards it.

Now here’s what I mean by close…if you think you’ll unlock it by tomorrow. i.e. you’re within 2,000 Fertilizer (so at that 13,000-14,000 mark).

If you’re below 13,000 you’ll need to evaluate how much you’re earning per day and see if it’s worth it to continue to craft.  You may benefit from limited upgrading (i.e. to unlock the DNA tasks, and just going a couple of levels)…but you have to evaluate where you are and how much you can earn per day.

IF you don’t care about the Farmer’s Market, or feel you can easily catch up…Upgrade.

The choice is yours.  This is just my take on it and what I would do if I was close to getting the Market (I did however unlock it yesterday..and I made the same choice.  I crafted it, to get it out of my “goals” list and focus on what happens in Act 2)

But here’s why I say to upgrade if you’re close…. If you’ll achieve the Farmer’s Market by tomorrow, then you can put it out of your focus and concentrate on upgrading (which you’d need to do anyway) and getting the new crafting prizes.  With the Farmer’s Market off your mind.  If you spend all that currency (Fertilizer) on upgrading, it’ll take you some time to get it all back and to me…that’s a mental blow.  At least if you craft it you have something to show for your efforts over the last 2 weeks.

But again…I ONLY recommend this if you’ll get it by tomorrow.

If you are going the upgrade route…be warned there is no cap.  So you can continue to upgrade and upgrade and never reach it.  So I suggest stopping around Levels 17-19…at that point you’ll have unlocked the final task (a corn task) and upgraded each one as good as they’ll get.  Once you hit Level 20 it’s just a small increase (and some don’t increase at all) in Fertilizer, Corn or DNA.

More on the Upgrades and tasks it unlocks coming in another post. 


There you have it, some basics on the Event for Act 2. Much more details coming on Neighbors, Maths, etc. What do you think of Act 2 so far? Collection going well? Did this help you? Let us know.


135 responses to “Act Two Clarifications Q&A

  1. I never got the opera house or Sideshow Bob at the end of Act 2. I haven’t been able to find anybody else who has had this problem and don’t know how to fix it. I’ve logged in and out and uninstalled/reinstalled the game. Nothing. Help?

    • You need quimby free to trigger it. If you’ve finished the entire act 2 questline and have quimby free, contact EA.

    • I have this problem too. I guess I’m too early in the game to get it since I don’t yet have Quimby. 🙁

  2. Hi I opened the game this morning, after having it closed for about 6 hours, and only had 3 Bob clones in my town. Normally it would have been filled with them at this point. Has anyone else experienced this?
    To note, I closed the app after re-tasking my characters and opened it an hour later and then the recent upgrade downloaded, not beforehand, so it wasn’t related to that I think.
    I’m disappointed, more like really pissed off, since I was robbed of all the masks and prizes I would have been awarded from the missing clones.

    Thanks for all your hard work and missed sleep to keep us informed of all the crazy sh*t going on with these events. I’d never get going on most of them without all the help you provide.

    • It goes around at times. Just hard close your game next time before you plan on leaving it for several hours. Should correct itself.

  3. Love this place and am quite impressed that it is maintained very well. I bag a question about clones. Does it matter materials wise if I click clones when I see them or should I save them to some sort of max? Do they multiply faster with the more you have out?

    • No. Just remember how fast they spawn. 1 Every 5 minutes, then MAX at 40. So if you go out of your game all day and come back to clear them all, it will take a while before you will see a lot again.

  4. Couldn’t see my comment posted so am trying again. I don’t understand why there are both mutant Bobs and mutant seeds in my neighbours’ towns when I visit them. I thought the seeds would have disappeared at the end of Act 1, Which of them should I be squashing? Thanks

    • Doesn’t matter which one.

      And general rule of thumb…if it’s between 9:30pm and 6am EDT and you don’t see your comment moderated right away assume it’s because we’re sleeping or decompressing from the site for the night and spending some time with our families. 🙂

  5. Hi. Just a query about Viking neighbours. Now that we are squishing Bob clones in friends’ towns, why are there still mutant seedlings as well. Does it matter which ones you squish? They seem to give the same return. Thanks

  6. Hi! I’m wondering what’s going on with the fertilizers and the Craft Items (in the beakers tab). I’m still trying to craft the cane field but everytime I upgrade Monsarno Research levels, it brings my fertilizers back down to the remainder of what wasn’t used for that upgrade. I have restarted my android phone several times, and still can’t get to anything. :/ Is this normal?

  7. Why are my bob clones only worth 3 gas masks? They started at 5 and turned to 3 just recently

    • We’re seeing it too…trying to figure it out ourselves. Hopefully we’ll have some answers tomorrow. Right now all the EA contacts are gone for the day..

  8. How many gas masks are we supposed to get for tapping Clones? I thought it was five, but seem to only be getting three.

    • Yup it’s going around…we’re looking into it.

      • Yep, this one’s driving me crazy, too. I tap hourly except for about 6-7 hours of sleep, if I’m lucky (but not so much sleep lately with this event!) and I’ve usually got the highest amount of “tappables” out of my friends. When I was lagging far behind on the first day of act 2, I thought something was wrong, but today, I know it. These 3’s are displeasing me. I am displeased.
        But really oddly enjoyed typing “displeased” so many times. 😉
        And I’m still SUPER excited about this event! Looking forward to having the entire Terwilliger crew. 😀

  9. What are the DNA things for?

  10. are the monsarno buildings ever going to be useful for anything? so far, they just look sort of pretty. no payout, no bonus, no character tasks, nothing. the ways it’s going, they’re destined for storage once the event is over.

  11. I just got the Minimum Security Prison and placed it. It showed the 24 hr build time and I did some more tapping. I left the game and came back to find it completely gone. It shows that I have it in Event window and it’s not in my inventory. Is this a known bug? Should I contact EA?

    I have done a hard reboot, but haven’t reinstalled the game.

    • Contact EA, let them know what happened.

      • Thank you for responding Alissa. I logged into the game with another device and there was the Min. Security Prison waiting to be used or stored. I placed it and went back to my primary device and there it was under construction. I’m not sure if this will work for others, but it’s worth trying.

  12. Howdy – just wanted to thank you both for all your hard work, lack of sleep, useful information and love of everything Springfield. I have been watching these four fingered, yellow trash icons since the ‘Tracey Ullman Show’

  13. Hi I have a Q^^
    It’s about seedlings.
    Most of my neighbours don’t click my seedlings in 4 hours, so I only get half the resources. Is it safer to send to the “other Springfeild”? I have to wait longer, but if I can get more resources per seedling, I’d rather send them there.
    Thank you for all your efforts ♡♡♡

    • You’re always better off helping your neighbors out because it benefits everyone. So for me…I’m not going to tell you to send them to Other Springfield cause it’s always better to help your neighbors.

    • May I suggest to you what I do?

      Use those seeds for “TurboTapping” your visits/day and aim a higher number FreeDonuts for it!

      Extrapolating my thoughts
      and speeding up things,
      I jump to a random part of my FriendsTown using the seeds
      sometimes take boring time looking for (plant-clones-etc) until the “SocialButterfly”

      this randomly makes me distribute seeds between my current 92 friends


      4lvinos from Brazil

  14. CRAFT OR UPGRADE? That’s a good question!
    I chose to update to a level (10) that allowed me to make more characters busy and hopefully it will pay off in the end! I want that Farmer’s Market!

    Is there anyway to know if more character benefits with future upgrades.
    I don’t see anything coming up for Level 11 (except increase Fertilizer rewards), but how does it pay off for the in regards to the 1500 bags you have to use to get it.
    Anyone have any idea?

    • Post is coming…I’ve got to finish it (all this comment moderation and sleeping has put me behind 😉 ) It should be up this afternoon

  15. Really looking forward to the info on the monsarno. Hope it’s not too far away… Keep up the great work!

  16. Ok where’s my part 2 it’s says it coming g soon but everyone else has it

  17. Looks like EA realized no one was willing to spend their hard earned cash on doughnuts for Mutant Seeds. Since act 2 my rate has more than doubled

  18. Well, Thats it – Another player lost – I am really fed up with the crashing, failure to work, the constant endless tasks, it is a game, thats all, something that you should just pop in and out of at will, not one where it rules you life, to make sure that you get every last weed, seed, feed – The same happened with Zynga, at one point i was playing about 8 of their games, this morning i finished with them too. I will still play a FGTQFS, as thats fun, and hopefully they wont go the same way with endless tasks one after the other, with unrealistic time scales, the game fails, but the time scale stay the same – until that day, i will enjoy Peter Griffin et al, but goodbye Simpsons, it used to be fun,,,,

    • It’s funny…we get the same argument on both sites. Some people say they’re quitting TQFS because of endless tasks, crashing and various other issues….

      And now you’re saying the same about TSTO…

      It’s just a personal choice…no game is perfect but if you enjoy it you put up with it a lot more than if you’re not enjoying it.

    • I have to say, I’m completely with you on this. When they introduced the one hour fertiliser tasks, I thought “that’s it, I’m not being tied to my game”. But for some reason I’m still here. I don’t think this site is called Addicts for nothing. Maybe after they add the monorail I’ll quit…

    • Eric_Go_Isotopes

      Maybe I’m missing something but i don’t see your issue. If you don’t enjoy the time requirements of the events, simply don’t play the events. You can still play the game in whatever fashion you enjoy while the event is going on like only playing the new level tasks and sending your characters on 24 hour jobs or whatever your favorite gameplay style might be.

  19. Have you guys posted anything yet on what each level upgrade gets you? I saw that it was supposed to be in an upcoming post, but haven’t seen it yet. I read the part that there’s minimum benefit to upgrading past 20, but I wanted to see what benefit there is with each level before that. Thx

  20. Thank you addicts, wonderful post and very helpful info and advice. You are truly amazing.

    For those looking for advice whether to craft or upgrade, can I say just one thing?
    It is really tough for Alissa or Bunny to give 100% accurate advice to any of us because we all play the game differently – we have different characters, we play different amounts and we have different things that are important to us. There is a lot more flexibility in this event than in any I’ve seen before which means there are countless variations for how we play the game.
    All I’m saying is that you should have a think and decide what *you* think is best, this will better help you assess whatever advice you get. You know how you play and what is important to you better than anybody else does.

  21. what level should I stop level 16 how much does the fertiliser go up for level 17

    • There’s a good jump from 16-17 for Fertilizer. And then a good jump at 18 for corn and 19 for DNA. But that point, i’d stop…since anything over 19 has such a minor increase (only like 1 more on some items, but not all items)

  22. Should I upgrade or craft the market?

    KIDDING, kidding… I live to amuse you guys.

    My question is actually, the little red box in my task bar that helped me earn so many spatrowvels has vanished. I know I earned gas masks from it earlier today (was leftover from a 16 hour task… which I seem to get a lot of…), so I’m not sure if it was supposed to vanish for Act 2 and I got a happy glitch of extra gas masks, or if it’s still supposed to be there and I have a sad glitch I’ll need to contact EA about and try to channel your infinite patience while I very… slowly… try to explain to a frazzled EA rep who has never played the game what the problem is.
    Also, I tried to post a long reply to Drew on another thread, thanking him for his math post, but my phone didn’t seem to cooperate and my entire draft vanished into thin air. Hopefully it went through, but if not, many thanks to Drew! And I also said you Addicts need P.O. boxes so we can send you thank yous… Like a lifetime supply of jelly beans for Alissa, and whatever favorites Bunny and Wookiee have.
    It sounded a lot nicer in the other comment, lol…

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