These are the (May the 4th Contest) results you’ve been looking for

This will be a day long remembered…

Ok, maybe not but it’s high time we announced the winner of the Star Wars contest from May the Fourth. First up, I gotta say I loved reading everyone’s comments. I plan on going through and commenting on each one over the weekend so feel free to revisit the original post to see if I had anything witty to say. I’ve been fairly busy with archeological digs with Dr. Jones and studying for my history degree lately, so apologies for the delay in both departments. Back to the entrants… thankfully, it didn’t fall on my shoulders to pick a winner because I loved so many. I even got a haiku about Jar Jar lol. did the job for me and THE WINNER IS….

Photo May 04, 9 24 39 AM


Ok, I’m just kidding… that’s just me nerding out and pointing out that Disney has done a collaborative effort with the Star Wars franchise and not messed it up besides showing footage from Luke missing the thermal exhaust port of the first Death Star followed by it exploding but that was just the first iteration of the ride… the new one takes it to another level and (cough cough) YOU CAN GO TO KASHYYYK!!!!!

What’s that?  I’m supposed to announce a winner.  Oh yeah… I know I have that name around here somewhere.  It’s right next to the new t-shirt I ordered courtesy of another addict… CGuy.Photo May 05, 8 46 49 AMHow dope it that?  Seriously… let the Wookiee win folks.  Oh yeah, speaking of winning and not wasting words on one of the Sheen clan… I’m supposed to let you know about the winner of the contest.  Hopefully they’re as happy as I was with the little easter egg J. J. Abrams threw into the EPisode VII trailer.

Photo May 05, 3 34 19 PM

That’s right folks… 18 years later and those minions of Darth Helmet are still combing the desert.  Way too funny.  Of course, Peter Mayhew also shared some photos from shooting the movie on twitter.  If you haven’t followed both him and George Takei yet, feel free to do so now… you shan’t regret it.

Photo May 04, 9 21 09 AM


Anywho… I’m digressing from the point of this whole exercise and need to announce a winner… I guess I better finally get to it.  Please enjoy one last photo followed by an actual name.Photo May 04, 9 24 58 AMCONGRATULATIONS spideyivan956!!!!!

Hopefully when he gets his new collectible he’ll share a photo of it.  Here’s his Star Wars memory that earned him Mark Hamill in all his Simpsons glory.

“A few Star Wars memories to share –

My older sister worked at the theater where it was showing in 1977-1978 (it’s original theatrical run lasted about 18 months!), and she gave me one of the large blue buttons all theater employees got that said “May the Force be with you.” Despite parting ways over the years wit many of my Star Wars toys and comics, I still have that button. Theater employees were only given so many of them, and were expected to wear them every day, and weren’t supposed to sell them or give them away. On any given day she would get about 100 offers to buy the button for as much as $5.

When Empire Strikes Back came out, I saw it with my Dad, and the guy in front of us almost gave away the Vader/Luke (spoiler omitted) secret before the movie started.

My love of Star Wars led me to the Star Wars comics, which led me to other comics, and the books (especially Splinter of the Mind’s Eye) led me to other science fiction and fantasy novels. In the early 90’s I had a small apartment and way too much “stuff,” so sold all of my Star Wars action figures (including the mail-in stand for the first 12 figures), my X-Wing and TIE Fighter (with the boxes), and all of the comics for $200.

I once got in an argument with a much younger Star Wars fan who thought (mistakenly) that the opening credits of Star Wars had always had the subtitle of “Episode IV: A New Hope.” I saw the movie enough times that when that first showed up, i immediately noticed it. It didn’t appear until it was clear the movie was a success, and the films started literally wearing out from use. (Remember, it was still on reels of film, and showed multiple times per day, every day, for almost 18 months!) That is why, to this day, for me, the title of the 1977 movie is JUST “Star Wars.” No “Episode IV” or “A New Hope” for me, thanks.

May the 4th be with you!”

Mark Hamill Simpsons Figure

The force is strong with this one.  Congrats again to spideyivan956 (no hugs necessary bro) and a special thanks again to all of you who shared.  Hope everyone is having a great weekend and much love from the Wookiee.  TTFN.

Wookiee Avatar in real life

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  1. Brillant game just no like when it freeses

  2. The combing the desert thing is fan made, cool and funny, but fan made. JJ did say he was really tempted to put the bones of Jar Jar Binks somewhere in the desert in the movie. THAT would be awesome haha

  3. Congratulations, spideyivan (or, add my spell-checker would have it, Dorian or Slovenian or Spiderman, lol!)!!

    I have my own story to tell about my very vivid memories of watching the first Star Wars movie, but I didn’t want to share it on the original post and potentially take the chance of winning the prize away from someone else who might want it more…

    The movie had just come out and the first thing I remember was the “Whoa!!!” feeling when the opening titles came up. Those of you who were born more recently can’t appreciate how revolutionary those seemed at the time…there had never been anything like that kind of dimensionality before.

    About 30 minutes later, we were thoroughly immersed in the movie when suddenly it stopped, and the theater became pitch black. When the lights go out in a movie theater (especially back then, when I think there were fewer emergency lights) it is DARK! We had no idea what was going on…after several minutes passed, my imagination started running wild – was there a crazed gunman in the back of the theater? We sat in relative silence and confusion until, eventually, someone came out and told us that they were going to give us replacement tickets to come back another time to see the movie.

    We left the theater and walked out onto a completely dark East 86th Street in New York – no neon signs, no street lights – a very weird and eerie feeling. It was the big blackout of 1978, and it would be a few days before we’d get our lights back.

    A short while later, I did go back to see the rest of the movie, but, for many years (during which time I saw it again several times), I would always say that I had seen the movie x and 1/4 times, until it came to TV and I saw so many other fractional pieces that I stopped making that distinction. 😉

    • I really enjoyed this story, Sandra. Very well told; it made me feel like I was there. Hard to imagine NY at night without the lights! 😮

  4. 4kidsandacatdog


    The first three movies are Star Wars for me. I was 11 when the first one came out! Maybe I’m just not a die -hard fan but I haven’t seen the other three – not for lack of trying (I can’t seem to keep my focus, or stay awake!)

    • trevbowman486

      Wait, by first three, do you mean the prequels? Or the OT? If you’re referring to the prequels, everyone’s entitled to their own opinion, but you should definitely try out the OT

  5. kimberlyah794

    Great post, Wookie! Very, VERY entertaining! I’ve wanted to order that shirt (and the other two) since I saw them earlier this week! 🙂

    And congrats to the winner!

  6. Is that Rx-24 driod representing smithers?

  7. Hi chewee I went to watch the trailer again and could not spot the tiny speck of combing the desert Easter egg. Is it really a real easter egg?


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