Terwilliger Prize Guide: Act 3, Prize 4…Opera Krusty

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

It’s Harvest Time in Springfield and the Terwilliger’s have returned to Springfield to unleash Mutant Vegetables on us!  In the Third Act of the Terwilliger Event you’ll unlock Dame Judith Underdunk, unlock Opera Krusty & try not to go crazy collecting all sorts of stuff to craft prizes in Springfield!

This Event is broken up into 3 Acts, with each Act containing part of the story.  To help you move along with the event you’ll get several prizes per Act.  Each prize will either be something fun for Springfield or something to help you move along in the event.  For the third Act you’re tasked with collecting Music Notes!  The fourth Act 2 prize awarded at 4,200 ico_terwilligers_musicnotes_lg is Opera Krusty, an all new skin for Krusty the Clown!


So let’s take a closer look at this singing clown and just what happens when you unlock him in your Springfield….

WARNING…Dialogue Spoilers Ahead…

Once you’ve collected 4,200 ico_terwilligers_musicnotes_lg  you’ll automatically be awarded Opera Krusty and you’ll see this message popup:


This will automatically be placed in your inventory, so remember you’ll have to go into your inventory to retrieve it.  You won’t see it listed with Krusty until you pull it from your inventory.




Once in your town, Opera Krusty does come with his own questline.  (you don’t have to complete it right now, it should stick around after the event as long as you’ve unlocked him)  Here’s a look at that questline now (note: this is the full dialogue version):

The Clowned of Music Pt. 1
Krusty starts

Mayor Quimby: Krusty, attendance at Springfield Opera is way down. It used to be five people, now it’s none.  As a last gasp, we’ve decided to put on the beloved opera “Pagliacci”. It calls for a great comic actor.
Krusty: So you came to me.
Mayor Quimby: No, we went to a great comic actor. But he wasn’t available, so here we are.
Make Opera Krusty Practice Singing- 1hr, Earns $70, 17xp
Krusty: Ack! Oh boy, I guess all those years smoking haven’t done me any favors. Better soothe my vocal chords with a quart of vodka.

The Clowned of Music Pt. 2
Krusty starts

Krusty:  Who’s visiting my dressing room? Adoring fan? Angry bookie?
Fat Tony: A little of both. I love opera, and I’m furious you haven’t paid me back for your terrible bets on NCAA basketball.
Krusty: The monkey is supposed to keep people like you out of my dressing room!
Fat Tony: The monkey won’t be keeping anybody out of anything for quite some time.  I’m afraid we had to break his opposable thumbs.
Make Opera Krusty Beg for Mercy from the Mob- 8hrs, Earns $275, 70xp

The Clowned of Music Pt. 3
Krusty starts

Krusty: *SOBS* Please, Fat Tony, don’t break my thumbs. I need them for throwing pies.
Fat Tony: Stop, I hate weeping clowns… unless it’s in the classic opera “Pagliacci”. So I shall make you a deal.  I wish to teach my new girlfriend, Miss Springfield, the glory of Italian opera.  It will make her view me as romantic, and lead to some serious Rigoletto, if you know what I mean.
Krusty: Not even a little bit.
Fat Tony: Just sing so good she weeps for joy.
Krusty: You can count on me… barely succeeding.
Make Krusty Practice his Scales- 4hrs, Earns $175, 45xp
Krusty: Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Dough is what I need badly.

The Clowned of Music Pt. 4
Krusty starts

Krusty: “Laugh, clown, at your broken love. Laugh at the grief that poisons your heart.”  Pretty good, eh Fat Tony? Is your girlfriend weeping with joy?
Fat Tony: She’s weeping all right.  With horror at your terrible performance.
Krusty: Tears are tears, am I right?
Fat Tony: Why do people always say “am I right” when they are obviously wrong?
Krusty: Time to get out of here Molto Accelerando.
Make Opera Krusty Hide from the Mob- 24hrs, Earns $600, 150xp

The Clowned of Music Pt. 5
Krusty starts

Miss. Springfield: Tony, what are you doing to that silly clown?
Fat Tony: Nothing, my dear. Just pumping a little electricity through his toes.
Krusty: The agony is proportional to the size of my giant feet.
Miss. Springfield: *Giggles* He’s funny when he’s miserable.  I want him to perform at our engagement party.
Fat Tony: Engagement?! But I never…
Miss. Springfield: If you like your thumbs, do it!
Make Perform for the Mob- 12hrs, Earns $420, 100xp
Krusty: Fat Tony, shoot me in the head if I ever try to do opera again.
Fat Tony: All I heard was “shoot me in the head.”

And here’s a look at Opera Krusty’s Tasks:


Task Length  Earns Location
Practice Singing 1hr $70, 17xp Outdoor
Hit the Vino 4hrs $175, 45xp Moe’s
Relax like a One Percenter 6hrs $350, 90xp Krusty’s Mansion
Dub his Lines 8hrs $275, 70xp Channel 6
Endorse a Sketchy Import 12hrs $420, 100xp Channel 6
Punch Up a Classic Opera 24hrs $600, 150xp Outdoor

What’s Next?
Well there are three prizes after Opera Krusty…Fertilizer, Corn and Theater Masks.  I’m not going to do separate posts about them as it’s pretty basic.  Once you unlock them it will add more Fertilizer, DNA and Theater Masks to your Crafting Totals.  (Remember crafting totals can be found at the top of your event hub…Trophy Icon with the knives bottom right.  The totals will be in the top right of the event hub)

Here’s a quick breakdown…

ico_stor_terwilligers_fertilizer_200 Awarded at 6,000 ico_terwilligers_musicnotes_lg.  This will add 200 Fertilizer to your total Fertilizer count (found in the Event Hub).  This is not a tangible item for Springfield, it’s just 200 Fertilizer added to your total on hand.

ico_stor_terwilligers_corn_200 Awarded at 7,800 ico_terwilligers_musicnotes_lg.    This will add 200 Corn to your total Corn count (found in the Event Hub).  This is not a tangible item for Springfield, it’s just 200 Corn added to your total on hand.

ico_stor_terwilligers_theatremask_200 Awarded at 11,000 ico_terwilligers_musicnotes_lg.  This will add 200 Theater Masks to your total Mask count (found in the Event Hub).  This is not a tangible item for Springfield, it’s just 200 Masks added to your total on hand.

Next Tangible Prize for Springfield…

unlock_damejudith Dame Judith Underdunk awarded at 16,050 ico_terwilligers_musicnotes_lg.  This will be the next prize we cover in a prize rundown post.

So that my friends is the full breakdown of this singing Springfield Clown!

What do you think of Opera Krusty?  Have you earned him yet?  Thoughts bout the event overall?  What are you most looking forward to?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

38 responses to “Terwilliger Prize Guide: Act 3, Prize 4…Opera Krusty

  1. Is there any way TSTO can add dates to their articles? So frustrating to not be able to figure out when the posts were created. Thanks for all the great articles!

  2. Katie Robertson

    I was just wondering about Dame Judith’s quest line…..

    • It’ll be up as soon as I do her prize post. Yesterday’s little update threw a wrench in things..but it’ll be up today…

  3. I have Dame Judith and I started her questline but I’m not noticing any benefit towards the event. With just a few days left, would it be ok to hold the quest till the event is over? Will the quest still be playable?

  4. Opera Krusty – a fun skin for Krusty the Clown
    Dame Judith Underdunk – a fun Character that interacts with Mr Burns


  5. So I just unlocked Dame Judith Underdunk. Now it says upgrade the Monsarno and Opera House (kind of a waste of resources) , AND another quest is telling me to craft 10 ITEMS off the event menu. In the next 5 days, it WILL NOT BE POSSIBLE, to grind out these tasks. The math just isn’t there. Now, I know this particular Event is a GRINDFEST, but I think I finished Dame Judith in good time, like with most of my fellow Tappers. These closing tasks are a long reach. I just wish they already included the items you have already crafted. There just isn’t enough resources/time to grind out both, and I grind hourly. (really, I still do 1hr fertilizer tasks to optimize my return, I currently have no life. 🙂 ) HOWEVER, this Event has been fun with some cool new stuff for my Springfield and the TSTO:Addicts have been great, as usual. Thanks everyone! 🙂

    • BTW, my Monsarno was already at level 24 when I reached this task, and my Opera Booth was a level 10. To finish the “Building Toward the Sky”, I must use ALOT of fertilizer, DNA, and Masks ton complete it. At this point, (5 days 9 hrs), I would not be able to grind out enough of these resources to craft 10 ITEMS. (corn seems to be in surplus, we even grow it in-game). Not complaining, I’m just a completionist, and I feel we are given little to work with. I SAY AGAIN, this was a great event, I’m loving the social commentary the game brings with it. AND, great new item. WE FINALLY HAVE SIDESHOW BOB!! (but does this mean no more arresting Sideshow Bob in my friends Springfield? 🙁 ) Dum Dum dummmmmm…. 🙂

  6. Just unlocked Dame Judith, and if I go to the prizes screen now it says something like “all prizes are unlocked. More prizes will follow shortly”. Is there another act after this? I thought Act 3 was the last??

  7. Why do mi want a bowl of Rice Krispy’s? Does anyone else want some too?

  8. Since I wasn’t in the game back in September, I never received Krusty’s Mansion, apparently it was a limited time item, and one of Krusty’s new quests requires it. I hope it makes a return.

  9. I’ve nearly got the last prize with six days to go so I hope I get some more donuts as I’m kind of low.

  10. i unlocked opera krusty days ago but the quest never popped up??

  11. Hi, what about the tasks
    Building towards the sky
    Running around the clock (not sure this is its name)
    Are they endless? Do they lead to something? Just one I thought I ended this event and crafted one of each, suddenly these quests…almost annoying

  12. Is there a chart that shows all characters that can produce’s event currency. especially DNA . Didn’t realize that Indian chief collects and im wondering if any of the 10 left over do anything. I just bought the Texan and Bumble bee man to help out. I should have gotten the license like every other time but I didn’t do it this time and its a rush to complete everything.

  13. When did Miss Springfield get involved with Fat Tony? I always thought of her as a one man kinda girl. Does Quimby know about this?

  14. Is there a particular quest that I need to complete to recreate the scene in the recent caption this ? – where the Terwilligers are performing on the opera stage. I now have all the Terwilligers (except Its a Wonderful Knife) and so far I cant get any of them to perform on the stage. Have I missed something?

  15. But part of the dialogue is wrong – Krusty doesn’t have giant feet, just giant shoes. We found that out in the first or second season when Sideshow Bob framed Krusty for robbing the Kwik-E-Mart.

  16. My big challenge lately is getting enough theater masks and DNA. I am doing just fine on music notes and fertilizer. I have way too much corn. I realized since I had an abundance of corn and somewhat fertilizer, and we still had 7 days to go, it may help me get more DNA by upgrading Monsarno one more level to 20. So I did. Not sure if it will truly help me get there, but I don’t consider the spent fertilizer & corn to be a loss at this point!

  17. Just got Dame Underdunk 😀 Not too far from getting the Simpsons Houseboat, then I want the Homer decoy and I’ll be happy 😊

    • Crusty Krusty

      That’s weird, got both the Houseboat and the decoy(which isn’t impressive once you get it) days ago but haven’t quite unlocked Dame yet.

  18. I still don’t get why Opera Krusty does NOT have jobs that produce music notes, or Theater Masks.

  19. Catrina Simpson

    Im loving this event except for a few things. I really want some of the smaller prizes like flower wall and desert but will need too many to really be of use. Why do they cost so much to build if your only getting one? I’ve been trying to rearrange my Springfield for months but keep getting caught in events, ugh! NEED MORE LAND! Something to spend my hundreds of millions on!

  20. A really up and down event for me. Act 1 I found boring, Act 2 was much better, some more interesting prizes and a bit more to do, but Act 3 I find boring for the most part.

    Oh and sorry to anyone visiting my town and seeing a massive jumble of buildings. My small change up turned into a massive redesign lol

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