Where Did THAT Come From – Opera Krusty

In our silly lil game, we sometimes see things pop in that we have no clue as to their Origin. They seem familiar, but we just can’t pinpoint from where. So that is why we decided to make a fun lil reminder out of it. To let you know just Where Did THAT Come From?


For this post, we’ll be taking a look at one of the Act II prizes from the Terwilleger event… Opera Krusty.  So why is this in our games? How does it tie in to all the Terwilleger madness? Let’s take a look at the TV Series to find out.

“The Italian Bob” (S17:E8)

The Simpsons are going to Italy!  Courtesy of Mr. Burns buying a Lamborgotti Fasterossa, Homer is sent to pick it up at the factory and ship it back to save some taxes.  As a bonus, he gets to take his family.  Well, maybe not for him but anywho… The Simpsons get the car and decide to use it to visit Italia.  They visit Pisa and Pompeii but due to an unfortunate accident with a cheese truck and some mortadella, end up stranded in Salsiccia in Tuscany, Italy.

Simpsons in Italy

In Salsiccia (Italian for sausage, not a real city btw), our favorite family discover that the mayor of the town is GASP… Sideshow Bob!  He needed a fresh start and his giant feet made him a hero during grape harvest season. He’s happily married and has a bambino.

Sideshow Bob, Francesca & Gino Terwilleger

Things go well at first but as Simpson-Terwilleger relations often go… they end with Vendetta!  Now the Simpsons are on the run and end up stuck in a foreign city (Rome) with no car being stalked by a killer just like the Bourne Identity.  Fortunately Krusty is performing Pagliacci in Rome.

Opera Krusty The Simpsons Tapped Out

Hey hey kids, it’s Opera Krusty.  Of course, anyone who read Bunny’s sound clip WDTCF already knew this origin but I already had this typed up.  There’s nothing quite like taking refuge at a Roman outdoor opera stage aka the Colliseum.  Bart’s exclamation that the Simpsons family doesn’t want to be the first Christians to die in the Coliseum always makes my historic funny bone tingle.

Opera Krusty The Simpsons Tapped Out 2

Not much else to this new skin than that.  What do y’all think of the prize?  Earn it yet?  Sound off below and happy Bob thwarting to my favorite readers.

TTFN… Wookiee out… Farfalla vendetta!

9 responses to “Where Did THAT Come From – Opera Krusty

  1. Opera Krusty – a fun skin for Krusty the Clown (and you earn extra XP + Simpsons Cash) 🙂

  2. Not one of the better Bob episodes but it did introduce his new family and made me realize that I really want to hear Bob sing Pagliacci.

  3. Any more WDTCFs you need to do for the terwilligers?

    • There’s a lot for the event that are still waiting in drafts. We’ve been putting them off to rush out game play/content/tips.

  4. Has anyone crafted the homer decoy or the houseboat? Which one is cooler? I wanted both but not sure I’ll make it. I can craft the decoy now or should I keep pushing for the houseboat? I’m still a few thousand masks away…

  5. Hopefully we get the Lamborgotti Fasterossa at some point. I would have rather had that than the homer decoy.

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