From the Mouth of Addicts: 3D Opera Stage Beautification

Welcome to another edition of From the Mouths of Addicts, where YOU get to sound off on anything and everything in the world of Tapped Out!  This week’s post comes to us from reader tiff.  Besides reading this great site, Tiff shared an awesome image of some 3D additions she did to her outdoor opera stage on the origin post. Well, I reached out and not only was she willing to have a how-to done for her design, she went the extra step to do it all for you readers.  Without further ado, here’s the awesomeess she came up with to give your opera a 3D upgrade.


I really like the Opera Stage, I swear. I only think it’s a little weird looking. Because, the perspective seems off. So, I decided to follow in the footsteps of the great design guides on this site and do something to appease my inner artist.

I designed the Purple Opera House initially, and I guess a few people liked it? 🙂 Wookiee contacted me to see about a “how to” post, so here I am. Except, I also already made another design, Red Opera House Of Righteousness. So it’s two for the price of one, today.


First up, Purple Opera House. It takes up a bit less room, so that might be a consideration.

Purple Opera N1

I first put 4 cobblestone walls in the configuration shown. Then, I used 5 more to make a solid row behind the left side. Next, 7 more to make a row behind the right side. This is the flat part of the roof.

Purple Opera A B C D

To make the ridge around the roof, place 4 concrete walls directly behind and along each back side, oriented toward the cobblestone. Then, place 2 along each front side, oriented away from the cobblestone.

Purple Opera E F G

Next, place a cobblestone wall centered in front of each side of the roof ridge. Add 2 more (for a total of 3 in each line) while lining up their sides to form the walls. Add another cobblestone wall next to the first one on each inside.

Purple Opera H J K

Add 2 more concrete walls below the cobblestone walls you just placed as pictured. Pay extra attention to their orientations and to where the upper corners line up.

Purple Opera L M

Now just place the Opera Stage into the wedge of space left in the middle. And you are done! This basic form can also be used with other types of fence fairly easily, so it’s good to experiment with.

Purple Opera N1

Now for the Red Opera House Of Righteousness! Put those training walls to use. It will actually help your conform-o-meter that way. 🙂

Red Opera K1

To start out, I prefer to make a little grid with some pavement squares to help guide things. But, this isn’t required. The first thing to place is 4 training walls all together. Then, I added a block of 5 to the front facing edge, going the opposite orientation. Then another block of 5 to the other front facing edge, lined up along the back. Finally, 1 more to cap off the open front and make it symmetrical. This is the top half of your building.

Red Opera C D E F

Now, I next added the tallest decorations that also seemed like they would go. First, the Ice sculpture ladies. I turned them to best cover the doors I wanted to hide. Then a series of squidport lampposts. I made the ones near the doors turn so one of the plant baskets covers the corner of the door.

Red Opera G H

Finally, another training wall on each front in order to add the bottom of the building and help the decorations incorporate. I make sure the sides line up with the ones above. If you used the pavement grid, you can also see how it should line up with that in the photo.

Red Opera I1

Now all that needs to be done is insert the Opera Stage and it is finished! I really love how the colors came together on this version. You can see how I used squidport benches (I’m trying to avoid crafting any seats) and trees to trick out the landscaping at the beginning of this section.

Red Opera J1Red Opera K1

So there you go friends.  An awesome 3D tutorial to maybe make your outdoor opera stage just a little fancier.  What do you think?  Sound off below and a hug shoutout to tiff for all the hard work.  Thank you for sharing!

TTFN… Wookiee out!

33 responses to “From the Mouth of Addicts: 3D Opera Stage Beautification

  1. I love this things but i suck making them haha lol

  2. That is super duper! Great ideas! Thanks for sharing!! This was very clever and has sparked some creative ideas.

  3. Looks great! Thanks for sharing the how-to with us!

  4. TechnoTrousers0

    This is fantastic! Thanks, Tiff and everyone for sharing. I was able to create a Red Opera House of Righteousness on my Squidport, and it looks absolutely epic!

  5. I <3 my Opera House …. I learned a lot of interesting ideas for modifying the Opera House using Decorations that are available (that don't require Donuts) 🙂

  6. Both done very nicely I love this is. I applaud both of you very nice, thanks for sharing two thumbs up.

  7. holy crap that actually worked. Thanks for the step by step process! I put it right next to my Squidport but right at the back of the mountain background with the benches just butting up against the rail before the beach. Looks freaking sweet. Thanks!

  8. Well done!

  9. Amazing!

  10. Mandy (amandajane797)

    Amazing – love the last one and will have to try it! Thanks for sharing 😃

  11. This is awesome. Especially for something like this, the Opera House has potential to be really cool, not sure why EA executed it so terribly (IMO).

    I feel like the Stonecutter walls would go good with the OH, kinda kicking myself now for not stocking up on them last time they were available.

  12. Now i want another opera house. Great designs.

  13. Awesome, I like the purple one.

    I love these little 3D effects people come up with. I have my budist temple on a grass pyramid. And a chain-link archway in front of Monsarno

  14. Burrahobbit_L27

    Thanks for this guide, I really like the first design. Been wanting to add some 3D design to my town, looks like I can finally get started.

  15. junkfoodbetty

    Holy smokes, those are both lovely and very creative. I wish I had an eye for design like that!

  16. This is awesome. Thanks for sharing how to do it.

  17. I don’t get it. Is it supposed to give the impression that there’s a building behind the stage? That would be a bit odd, wouldn’t it? What am I missing?

    • Hi Swiss…were you having a bonut moment lol? Both designs are supposed to look like the opera front is part of the total building as on its own it does look a bit flat and also where would the fat lady who always sings when its over change costumes ; )

      • lol – maybe it’s just me but I think they both look stranger than the stage on its own does. I admire the creative design, but I can’t imagine how it could ‘work’ like that.
        I think I’ll just embrace the silliness of the stage on its own.
        My fat lady has to get changed in the ocean! 😀

    • That’s how I felt about the second one. But the first one works for me….it gives the stage depth – a sort of open-air theater.

  18. Thanks Tiff – I’ve been wanting to add some 3D!

  19. Amazing designs, I especially like the Red Opera House of Righteousness! 😀

  20. Thanks for sharing!!

  21. You have an “eye” for creating beautiful things..Bet your whole site is special.. thanks for sharing.

  22. You made that look easy! I’ve never tried 3D design in my town but am gonna give it a go now …so thank you for sharing your creativity and tips your opera houses looks wonderful : )

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  26. Very creative! Thank you for sharing your technic.

  27. Wow that even looks easy!!!!! I may have to try my hand at this one!

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  29. Brilliant. How kind to share the ‘how to’ with us. Thank you

  30. Awesome!! Very creative.

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