Red Nose Day

Hey there Hoppereenos,

It is Red Nose Day in the USA today, May 21st, 2015. I am sure there are many that have not heard of it before or have but do not understand just what it is. I am hopping by to give you a quick run down of just what this amazing day is.

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I know here at the Addicts, our main goal is helping others. It is one of the reasons we started these sites. It goes further within our real lives. Some of us have local Charities and Organizations we work with, many on a weekly and even daily basis. So I am taking time out of our silly lil games to bring focus to an amazing Charity I adore and have done lots of fundraising for in the past. The Red Nose Day Fund.

What do you think of when you think of a Red Nose? For me, a Clown. Clowns are around to make people laugh and giggle, mainly kids. Laughter and Children is what Red Nose Day is all about. Bringing laughs and giggles to the world and helping Children in return.

Red Nose Day & the Red Nose Fund was set up to raise money to help Children in poverty and need. It is a fundraising campaign set up by Comic Relief. Comedians using their talents and humor to give laughs and get some funds raised in return. Red Nose Day has gone global. For instance in the UK this has been going on for over 30 years, already raising over 1 billion to help those in need. For the main Red Nose Organization Page and more details, go here… Nose Day

So what happens on Red Nose Day? It is the last day of the main Campaign. In the USA, there will be a live broadcast on NBC, from 8-11PM Eastern Time (check your local listings). Hundreds of Stars have got together to provide sketches and performances to make us all giggle. The benefit will help raise funds for over 12 charity organizations. For more details, you can go to their page here… Nose Day NBC

The Red Nose Day Campaign began in April and will be ending today, but that never means you should stop. Take a few moments and check out all the really amazing things this Campaign does, and if you are so inclined… donate yourself.

“Paying It Forward” is our main motto here, I know it is mine in life. It makes the world a better place for us all by doing so. Simple things like a donation to an Organization like The Red Nose Fund or doing something for people in our own home town. There is always someone in need, doing something simple can help in so many ways. Paying for someone’s meal at a Restaurant. Paying for someone’s groceries at the store. Helping out an Elderly Neighbor by picking up some groceries for them while you do your shopping, preparing a few meals for them, doing some yard work for them. Helping your local Homeless Shelters by serving some meals, gather clothing and drop it off. Give to your local Food Bank. All things I strive to do daily and am doing in my real life.

What do you think about the Red Nose Fund? Have you participated in it in the past? Have a local Charity yourself you work with? Have a “Pay It Forward” moment you’d like to share? (Whether it was something you did or something someone did for you.) Are you sporting a Red Nose today to help promote the Fund? If so, let us see your Red Nose. Feel free to share below.



Thank Chris, It made me giggle 🙂


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  1. Red Nose Day & the Red Nose Fund
    I feel anyone with an ounce of compassion within them would want to do whatever they can to ensure future generations are not living in poverty (currently 22% of the children in the United States live in poverty – we can all do a little bit to make a difference in the hopes that it will foster a better future).

    Thank you for publishing this for fellow Tappers to read

  2. I sent a message with my picture I posted on Facebook for support… Hope you got it, funny have fliker to put it in the comments but thought everyone would get a kick out of it :p

  3. It is always Red Nose Day for me 🙂

  4. And here I was thinking the Brits invented Red Nose Day – at least that’s where I first heard of it :o)

    • Correct, Lenny Henry was one of the founders, Aussies jumped on board about 5 years later, I think it’s our 25th anniversary for it this year. ..
      When did the US start supporting this?

  5. In the Uk it usually has the tag line “do something funny for money”. One year my pupils convinced me to dress up as Professor McGonagall and pretend to play quidditch on the rugby pitch. Raised a lot of money and a lot of laughs! I’m a vice principal (depute head), surname McGonigal!

  6. I’ve had so many noses over the years, this year I had a pin badge – much easier to wear! RND have produced some amazing comic songs, always good to do something funny for money 🙂
    Interesting to read that the US one is focused on fundraising for children, here Comic Relief aims to help all people in need in the UK and Africa. The stories that are shared are inspiring and heart-breaking.

  7. Definitely a worthy cause, on a side note, does “Addicts” take donations for charities, or for the furthering of this site also? If so, how would we send? I’m sure the 3 of you spend a fortune on donuts over the years.

    • On a side note, we in Nova Scotia just had Blue Nose Day, similar, but for different cause.

    • This is my thought as I am sure the thoughts of my Two fellow friends… we would rather you Pay It Forward to those in need in your local area than to give it to us. Seriously. It is why we won’t ever put a “donate” on our site. I have a roof over my head and food in my belly. I am fine. 😉

      If you really want to do something, feel free to drop us a postcard. We love those. 😉

  8. I imidiately think of Patch Adams, clowns, maybe Rudolph -besides the idea of buying these piticular red noses at participating stores, as an American I really don’t much more about it. Advertisements and people like Bunny help spread the word but I haven’t offically partisapated as of yet. I may give pocket change to cashier counter boxes at times but never feel like I’m doing enough.
    I have worked in a soup kitchen for a year or so but once again I never really felt my being there made much difference. I’m not discouraging people from giving or volunteering, I’m just expressing my own lack of personal gratification but in the end it really isn’t about ME or if I feel good at the end of the day, it’s about people who have been dealt a worse hand (card playing reference) than me get the emotional and/or medical support They are lacking.

    • The way I always look at it, do it without expecting anything in return. Do it just to do it. Random acts of kindness. We never know how we may impact someone’s life, but you never know how a simple kindness like even a smile can change someone’s day. You may not think you did much, but I bet you did without knowing. I for one think it’s a really great thing you helped with the soup kitchen. 😉

      FYI… it makes me think of Patch too. 😉

      • Just telling a stranger something positive can make a difference, whether they have a nice smile, you like something they are wearing, or they did a good/great job. You never know what a person might need on the inside that can’t be seen from the outside.

  9. This is the first year I’ve heard of RND, but it seems like a great idea. I have to give a presentation to kids about doctors and nurses in a couple hours so maybe I should pick up some noses from Walgreen’s.

  10. As a Brit, it always makes me proud to see how much we care about people less fortunate than us. Really pleased it has found it’s way across the Atlantic too 🙂

  11. Was in March this year for the UK but wasn’t aware it was also happening in the USA too. We used to dress up for Red Nose Day when we were at school and also sung some of the official charity songs. For example ‘Love Can Build A Bridge’ by Cher (and some others who I forgot) was the Comic Relief official song in 1995 which was the year I left primary school (ages 4-11). All our year 6 group loved singing that song and it’s one that has school memories attached.

  12. RND is great. It;s been going here in the UK since 1989 and always raises lots of money. Plus there’s always a whole evening of special television and popular programmes do a special mini episode for it. Hopefully it will be a similar success in the US, defiitely a cause worth supporting.

  13. richard casey

    Red Nose Day. That thing is brits have been doing for decades….

  14. I’ve never heard of Red Nose Day! But I do know today is my birthday!
    Thanks for informing us of this day; what a great organization to help those in need.

  15. Some times there is even a doctor who special. I love rnd. I’ll donate later today when i go back home.

    • I have a few different magazines with the doctor in a red nose. I still think David Tennant was my favorite 😉

      • Totally. But capaldi is too

      • A person’s favourite Doctor Who is often a good indicator of age, for example mine is Tom Baker because he was the Doctor I grew up with. Although I do have to admit that I thought Matt Smith was great – aided by some superlative writing.

        • Lol. I adore Tom Baker too, but overall content and excitement… Tennant was more for me all around actor/Doctor in his portrayal. Matt did well, and I loved the Amy storyline with it. He did do a great job. The classic docs before they revamped it, Tom is still my fav with those boys. The New breed… Tennant. 😉

    • Doctor Who: The Curse of Fatal Death was an absolute classic! 😀

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