Whoopee Level 53! (Updated and Complete)

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Well so much for a break….Level 53 has arrived!

2015-05-28 13.41.23

Brockman will kick this off for us….so make sure he’s free (and you’re on Level 53).  First build will be Spiffany’s for $1,322,000 and a 24hr Build.


We’ll be back with more as we go through it…More details below the fold…

Sorry guys this too a little longer than usual…got a bit sidetracked with work.  

As mentioned above Brockman starts things off with the prompt to build Spiffany’s….

Those not quite at Level 53 yet, will still have access to the premium items in this level as part of the Early Access…


Spiffany's LargeSpiffany’s- $1,322,000. 4×7 in size. 24hr Build.  Unlocks Martha Quimby

unlock_marthaquimby Martha Quimby

Ground Pool LargePool- $5,000.  Will NOT unlock until you’ve reached Part 3 of Higher Class of Politics.  Unique. 5×9 in size.  And this is something you will upgrade.  I’ll cover this below…


Lots of premium stuff with this update…and it’s all about Malibu Stacy!

malibustacyhq_menuMalibu Stacy Headquarters- 165 Donuts. 4×10 in size.  Instant Build.  Comes with Stacy Lovell.

unlock_stacylovellStacy Lovell

stacysdreamhouse_menuStacy’s Dream House- 55 Donuts.  6×10 in size.  Instant Build.

lisalionheart_menuLisa Lionheart Display- 50 Donuts.  Adds 2.25% bonus on all cash and xp.  2×2 in size.  Not unique.

stilettosculpture_menuStiletto Sculpture- 40 Donuts.  Adds 2% bonus on all cash and xp.  3×3 in size.  Not unique.

Pool Upgrades

You’ll start off with the basic ground pool that’s $5,000.  Ground Pool

You’ll then have to upgrade it (like Money Mountain).


Here are the various levels…

Modern Pool LargeModern Pool- Level 2, $10,000

Exclusive Pool LargeLuxury Pool- Level 3, $20,000

Once you’ve hit the final level you’ll see this when you tap on the pool…


What are your thoughts on Level 53?  Thoughts on Mrs. Quimby finally arriving in town?  How about Malibu Stacy?  Are you excited there’s finally a pool in Springfield?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

367 responses to “Whoopee Level 53! (Updated and Complete)

  1. I feel like I saw more than one comment about new land being released w/ the update… Not seeing it. :-/

    Is this not the case?

    Yes… I need land!

  2. Thanks ea, I was about 10,000 experience points away of getting another free three donuts. But I’m along with waylon Smithers Are excited about Malibu Stacy and Lisa Lionheart premium Stuff to arrived in our Springfields

  3. moviebuff3000

    Shouldn’t Stacy Lovell be in a Celebrity collection instead of the Oldies one?

  4. So, after the end of the Terwilliger event, started working on the Burns money quest and of course there’s Spiffanys that requires a good amount of the money I just spent. Oh well. And I also am saddened by the voice cutoffs when selecting a new character.

  5. my game is stuck on level 52 and wont upgrade to 53, i tried hard start and uninstal but nothings working

    • Can you be more specific on how it is “stuck”? Are you not proceeding forward in game play? Or not collecting XP? What exactly do you mean?

      • it wont update to level53

        • Let me ask you this, is your XP Level on 53? Is that why you say it is not working? If so, you need to also keep in mind that your GAME PLAY LEVEL has to be on Level 53. Game Play is critical to moving up in the Levels. It is the main questline with the new main Characters you release each level. Have you finished 51 & 52? Got all Lunch Lady Doris’ Stuff done? What are the quest names you still have open in your quest menu bar?

      • i am on level 52, luch lady doris is complete, my quest bar says build spiffanys, i have cecil hanging with barflies and sideshow bob teaching my xp is at 577824/684600

        • Then that means your XP Level is not high enough. You have to meet ALL requirements to move on. Game Play & XP Levels. You need to earn more XP by completing tasks or, only if you have lots of in game cash to spare and lose, buy and resale High XP items like the Bloodmobile and Rat Trap Truck.

    • ok, thanks Bunny for taking the time to answer my question

  6. shawtymclittle

    Sorry if it was already brought up already… I have been trying to download the update for 4 hours now.. Ugh! What is a addict to do? 😉

    • Could be your connection. Try hard closing and restarting your phone. If that doesn’t work try a full uninstall and reinstall. But make sure you check your connection first..

  7. Really EA? You drop a new level on us ONE DAY after a huge event ends. Darn, I was looking forward to some downtime.

  8. After this last update my experience points dropped from about 800k down to under 700k. Did this happen to anyone else?

    • The total you need to get usually drops for me on a new level.. But what was weird is the level of XP that I already achieved also dropped about 100K. Stealing XP is not cool EA!!

  9. Is it really difficult for EA to add more land? I don’t understand why they can’t give us more?

    • I’m gonna guess that it’s a resource issue on their servers. Ie: the larger each users’ Springfield is, the more server space/resources they have to have to be able to display it all.

  10. Shouldn’t Dr Monroe be cheaper now that a new lvl hit?

  11. The real question is, is there any new land yet to go with all of these new buildings?? There is literally no room to put anything anymore. It is starting to turn into the Family Guy game… Not good 🙁

  12. Can u get the pool if u are no level 53? Because u could the money mountain

  13. Bit off topic but still getting message when visiting friends that SB ‘is in the area’ and running round just as he was before – including the ‘Other Springfield’. Does the same old thing when you tap him. Weird! Apologies if I’ve missed this being noted before.

    • I’ve spotted the old-style Sideshow Bob, moving rapidly through my Other Springfield, and tapping him yielded cash, same as before the Terwilligers Event. I guess both the new Sideshow Bob character and the old Sideshow Bob annoyance are around now, though I haven’t yet spotted them both in the same Springfield at once. Too bad. I was tired of searching through a neighbor’s vast town for Bob, just to keep my stars.

      • I think the old one appears if that neighbor didn’t get SSB

      • When you visit a neighbor and there is a Sideshow Bob running around, you don’t have to search for him. If you leave that town and come back, it will take you right to where he is.

  14. Brockman and quimby and the rest of the characters are free, but Brockman doesn`t start the questline..any suggestions? Already tried hard closing it and resarting device.

    • Are you sure you’re on Level 53? Double check your XP level. Also, make sure you built the slaughter house and unlocked Lunch Lady Dora

  15. The Problem Child

    At last, a decent use for those ghastly valentine’s decorations! 😉

  16. Ever since the Play Store update my game has been running so slow and glitchy it’s almost unplayable. My wife is having the same problem on hers. Is this widespread? I know it’s happened before and eventually EA has fixed with an update.

    • I’m not having any issues…but I can’t speak for everyone. Anyone else having problems?

    • The game gets fuller and fuller as time goes by, that makes our devices struggle more and more to keep up. Here are some tips I personally use to help with Glitchy/Crashing issues that you deal with in large file games like these.

      1: Run the App off of WiFi. Good, steady, and strong WiFi. It seems to be the most stable, even better than most data plans.

      2: Make sure this is the ONLY App actively running on your device. I have a program that shuts down all other apps before I launch this one.

      3: Check your internal device memory, make sure the app has 2-3GB of available space to “move around” in. If it is borderline to the MAX on your storage capacity… you may want to look at deleting some items or if you can, moving them to an external storage if you have that option.

      4: Do not crowd your town. The more “stuff” in your game, the more pixels your device has to try and recreate with every opening as well as every movement within the game. The more there, the more the device will struggle and eventually give up and kick you out. (This also can cause issues when a neighbor tries to visit you, they may get kicked out too and not be able to tap anything.) So store “stuff” away. Put away items not in use all the time. Try to cut down on clutter. Keep Characters on inside tasks, outside ones mean more memory drain.

      5: Make sure you don’t have a glitch or corrupted file downloaded. Make sure your game is saved to an Origin ID. Try to clear all the cache/data for the app from your device. Clear it completely off the device. Uninstall it. Restart your device. Then reinstall it again. See if that helps.

      Give some of these a try and see if it makes a difference. If not, report to EA what you did try and what you are still experiencing along with the device specifics. 😉

      • I’m on Android and this happens fairly frequently. Close TSTO, go to the running apps button, click this, and from the list swipe the app off to close it. Then open the app as normal (you will know you have closed it properly as it starts with the EA splash screen instead of the TSTO one) and it should be fine 🙂

        • I am on it too. 😉

          Force Close does work, but most of the time temporarily (at least on my devices it was). So it is good to see if you can find a more permanent fix so you aren’t always force closing the game.

      • Thanks…I’ll give this all a try and cross my fingers! Good to hear it’s not a widespread problem like the last time I had major issues with it.

  17. Nice updates, but i must say i love this upgraded Mystery Box – ive gotten so many premium goodies from it: Kearney, Blue Haired Lawyer, tire yard, lard lad donuts, channel 4 van and more!

  18. barleecreations (canid88)

    I don’t know if I am in the minority but I like the characters that have been added in this new level. I can wait to get enough donuts to buy the new premiums.

  19. uuuhhggg… the new update cuts the sound bites when you clock on a new character!! So, if you have a character that you send to do a job that says something when you send them and you click right on one that says something when tapped it stops the sound of the one you sent. I loved having 4 or 5 characters all talking at the same time…. that is gone now…. no more crazy sentences of 2 characters mashed together. It’s a sad day.

  20. whatever whoever why the never I am happy that my neighbours are back from outer space …the look upon your face : S

  21. Hmm, shouldn’t the Indoor Tennis Courts (level 45) price have been reduced with this update? It’s still $167700, 1.3x the base cost. I build the ZiffCorp Sign to get Ziff for the event’s Act 3, but was holding off on the rest of the level until this update and the reduction in prices. Except it didn’t drop?!? Guess I should wait until you guys post your awesome misc changes post… (hint hint) Thanks! 🙂

  22. I just got a SSB spotted in the area note, found and tapped him for $$ in a friends town

  23. Did you guys change the images of the pool and make them bigger??? I could swear this morning they were smaller because I was thinking to myself I couldn’t see the details well. And now I can see the detail so clearly.

  24. Italian Beauty

    No Level 53 yet for me. Waiting for it to hit. Currently on Level 51 (will probably be on Level 52 with the update) and finishing up Level 43 quests. A little more than an hour until Honest John’s Computers is built (start of Level 44 quests). Once built it should trigger Level 45 quests but I’ll wait until Level 53 hits so the prices drop for the other buildings.

  25. We need more land!!!!!!! All these updates with a bunch of buildings and nowhere to put them. Some more ocean would be cool too so we can put the islands out a little further.

  26. When are we going to be able to get more land? All these updates with buildings and nowhere to put them. Some extra ocean would be cool too for the islands.

  27. time to contact EA…with the forced update and new level I have lost my very hard earned homer decoy and the sideshow bob welcome sign… (yup i took advantage of the extra time even though I was tired of the event, to get them)…but so far I am liking this new level…keeps me interested in the game

    • Not trying to be mean here but what is there to contact them for? The event had ended, it was never a secret or surprise that you would be forced to update at some point. And there’s no reason for them to say when that will be since the event already had a timer and the timer has already run out.

    • Good luck. I lost a cane field that I crafted and I choose to update the game as I read in the tsto posts that the updates were coming – contact with “Kuldeep” with EA Support just stated that the event technically ended before I crafted the cane field so they would not give it to me.

      • whether the event was over or not, they game hadn’t forced the update on you yet and you were able to craft some items. the text that replaced the timer even said “event ended. craft while you can” or something to that effect. none of the items that i crafted after the event timer ended disappeared in my game, and it doesn’t seem like that was the prevailing outcome as i look at others’ comments on here, so it definitely appears to be a glitch issue. my suggestion is to continue to contact ea customer service reps until you get one that doesn’t give you some bs to avoid helping you.

      • I think the ones on the live chat (located in India?) don’t have powers to allocate items so maybe it’s better to try to get through to an EA specialist. Even then, it depends which one you get as to whether you will be successful.

  28. So prior to terwilliger event I blew my wad on the krusty oil rig cuz I was like why not. Now I’m hovering at 1.5 million and have money mountain upgraded thru level 7. Should I build spiffanys or keep chugging away completing money mountain?? 😟

    • Spiffany’s will progress you in the game. Money mountain will not. So if something you really want hits on Level 54, you won’t be able to get it until Spiffany’s is built

    • Hahaha ah man, thank you for that laugh. Pretty sure you meant you blew your dough, cuz what you actually said has a completely different meaning, lol.

  29. Kumiko!
    I’d trade up to get her cause she looks like a girl I work with : )

    You guys are the best with these updates in “better than real time”
    Could not even define how lost I would be without all your help.
    Thanks a million (and then some)
    You Rock!

  30. may the FORCE be with you lol …

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