Springfield Heights 101: Modern Mansion

Hey there Hoppereenos!

With all the New Additions and items added to our games for Springfield Heights, it can be difficult to keep track of what each individual item has to offer you in the game.

In this post, we are going to be taking a look at some of the Buildings that you can Upgrade to not only add to the look of your town, but to also help you with Real Estate Points to unlock even MORE items. Buildings like the Modern Mansion



First off, each one of these Buildings will require certain “Unlock” points in the Springfield Heights Questlines. So it will take you some time to get through all the Questlines and Dialog to completely unlock the access to these Buildings. No worries. It is a permanent addition to our games, so you have all the time you need to get to them. No need to rush.

Just take a peek at the Springfield Heights Menu. You will first see the Real Estateico_heights_realestate_lg Requirement to Unlock a Building.

Buildings Locked

Then once you have reached the Real Estateico_heights_realestate_lg Requirement, it will then show you the Questline Requirement to gain access to the Building.

Valet Parking Business Center Locked



Now let’s take a look at this Building, what it will take to Upgrade and what you can get out of those Upgrades.



The First Modern Mansion will Unlock for purchase once you Collect 6.2Mico_heights_realestate_lgand get to Cubical Dream Pt. 1. You will need to have also accessed the Coffee Shop and sent a few Characters on tasks to make Latte’s to be able to purchase the First Modern Mansion for 25 Latte’sico_heights_coffee_lg. Each of the 9 Additional Modern Mansions will cost 25 Latte’sico_heights_coffee_lg.

Once you place the First Modern Mansion and it completes being built, you can then tap on it to see what it will take to Upgrade it to the Next Level.

Modern Mansion Levels 1 2 3



With this Building being a bit different, the Level Upgrades will NOT change the Appearance of the Modern Mansion Building. So all Upgrades will look the same.

mansionmodernbigbuilding_menuModern Mansion Level 1 – 5

The game will actually notify you when you have enough Material to make an Upgrade by showing the Upgrade Icon over the Building.




Because this Buildings Main look does not change, options to change its appearance are given instead. Not only will you gain Real Estate Points when you Upgrade, but also access to additional Decorative Pieces for the Buildings that you can use to add to the unique look of each one. Here is the Breakdown for the Additional Pieces.

Level 2 Pieces:

Modern GarageModern Garage

Modern Lower BalconyModern Lower Balcony


Level 3 Pieces:

Modern Side Building 1Modern Side Building 1

Modern Upper BalconyModern Upper Balcony


Level 4 Pieces:

Modern Side Building 2Modern Side Building 2

Modern FountainModern Fountain


Level 5 Pieces:

Modern Middle BuildingModern Middle Building

Modern PoolModern Pool


You don’t even have to use these items for the Modern Mansions, you can pretty much place them anywhere in your game and add some cool looks to multiple other Buildings or even use them by themselves to add some cool features to any area. You will only gain access to these items by Upgrading the Modern Mansion.

Some places that you can add these items to are the Zenith Items from the Superheroes Event and even Scandal-gate Hotel. Or you create a “Modernistic/Futuristic Area” with Locations like Zenith locations, Ultrahouse 2, Frink’s Lab, El Chemistri, Super Collider, and Springfield Knowledgeum.  Even the Business Center fits in with the look.

superiorsquadhq_menuwatergatehotel_menuultrahouse 4000goo

Here is a progression of the “extras” surrounding the Superior Squad HQ and adding from there. 

Modern Area Building 3Modern Area Building 1  Modern Area Building 2



There are some additional “Modern” pieces you can purchase in the Main Menu as well to add to the overall look. You can purchase as many of these as you want. Keep in mind though, some of these also will have specific unlock points, Material costs, and Real Estate Payout for placement.

Modern Solar PanelModern Solar Panel: Unlocks at 6.25M Real Estateico_heights_realestate_lg, Cost 10 Yoga Matsico_heights_yogamat_lg, Payout 30K Real Estateico_heights_realestate_lg

Modern Art StatueModern Art Statue: Unlocks at 6.25M Real Estateico_heights_realestate_lg, Cost 12 Yoga Matsico_heights_yogamat_lg, Payout 36K Real Estateico_heights_realestate_lg

Modern AwningModern Awning: Unlocks at 6.25M Real Estateico_heights_realestate_lg, Cost 50 Latte’sico_heights_coffee_lg, Payout 150K Real Estateico_heights_realestate_lg



Here is the Basic Overview of the Modern Mansion Upgrades.

First Modern Mansion: Collect 6.2Mico_heights_realestate_lg &  Reach Cubical Dream Pt 1 & Pay 25 Latte’sico_heights_coffee_lg

Modern Mansion Levels Upgrade Cost Payout
1 25ico_heights_coffee_lg 600Kico_heights_realestate_lg
2 50ico_heights_coffee_lg20ico_heights_yogamat_lg 1.5Mico_heights_realestate_lg & 2 Pieces
3 25ico_heights_coffee_lg30ico_heights_pharmaceutical_lg 3.29Mico_heights_realestate_lg & 2 Pieces
4  30ico_heights_pharmaceutical_lg15ico_heights_goldawards_lg  9.26Mico_heights_realestate_lg & 2 Pieces
5 30ico_heights_pharmaceutical_lg20ico_heights_goldawards_lg 21.19Mico_heights_realestate_lg & 2 Pieces

You can see by the chart that you will need to have Unlocked the Coffee Shop, Institute of Technology, LA Body Works, Pharm-Er John’s Pharmaceuticals, and the Springfield Heights Theater in order to fully Upgrade the Modern Mansions.

Also note the amounts required. That also means you will have had to increased the Storage Capabilities in each location to have enough space to Collect the amounts needed to Upgrade too.



10 Building Count Down

The Buildings all have a MAX Total of 10 Each. You can keep track of how many you have purchased and how many are left by going to the Springfield Heights Menu and looking at the Counter Icon on the Building.

Deluxe Condo 10 Counter



There are several requirements you must meet in order to be able to Upgrade your Building Levels.

First thing you need to look for is what you need to Upgrade the Building. If it is a Material from a Location you have not Unlocked into the game yet, you will have to wait until you gain access to the Location and those Materials before you can go any further.

In this Example, I did not have the Coffee Shop Unlocked yet, so I could not get any Latte’s to help with the Upgrade. Due to this, the “Upgrade” button was grayed out.

Deluxe Condo Level Not Enough

You will also see this if you have the Location but your Storage is not high enough to cover the amount. For instance, if the amount was 50 Latte’s and I only had my Latte Storage to 20… I could not Upgrade. There has to be enough room in Storage for the amount Requirements. Tapping on a grayed out “Upgrade” icon will just tell you that you need to gain more Storage in order to Upgrade.


If you have a Location Unlocked, enough Storage space to cover the amount of Material you need, but have not earned enough of that Material yet… you will have the option to use your Donuts to process the Upgrade. I would advise highly against this. You will get there eventually and this is here to stay, so save those Donuts for other items that will be better for your game.

Business Center Level Donut Upgrade


If you have the Location Unlocked, plenty of Storage space, and enough of the Material you need… you will see the “Upgrade” button turned to Green.

Deluxe Condo Level Upgrade

Tapping on the Green “Upgrade” button will bring up the Confirmation Screen asking you if you are SURE you want to spend the Materials to Upgrade the Building. Tapping on “Yes” will complete the Upgrade.

Deluxe Condo Use Materials Confirmation

So if you can’t Upgrade a Building, check out these points:

  1. Do you have the Location Unlocked that makes the Materials?
  2. Do you have enough Storage space for the required amount of Materials?
  3. Do you have enough Materials Collected?


You can learn more information about Storage HERE.

You can find the Details for the Locations on their own Posts:
Furniture & Coffee Shop
Insitute of Technology
LA Body Works
Pharm-Er John’s Pharmaceuticals 
Springfield Heights Theater


There you have it. A break down of 1 of the Buildings you can Upgrade to add extra pieces of Decorations to the overall look of your Springfield.

What do you think of this Building? Do you plan on getting all 10? How many do you have already? Do you have a favorite Level Upgrade Point? What do you think of the additional pieces you can earn? Where have you used them? Let us know.


77 responses to “Springfield Heights 101: Modern Mansion

  1. I only have two classic Mansions. I have all the furniture, coffees, yoga mats, etc full. I cannot find where to buy more Mansions to get the full 10 of them. Please help me figure out what I am doing wrong.

    • Did you look in the Springfield Heights menu in your store?

    • I also have problems like these. Do not have the option in my store of Springfield section at all, but some items are offered. Only buildings as far as mansions & condos are the new huge pink 1 & some beach huts for donuts. I only have 1 classic mansion and condo, doesn’t offer me more to buy. I have 3 modern mansions, in storage it says i can buy more, but again the store doesn’t offer any.

  2. So I stored all of my modern mansions after upgrading them and I only seem to have 8, can’t find the other 2 anywhere.. Any thoughts? I did buy all available mansions. Thanks!

  3. I got 11 modern mansions all of a sudden I was sure I had 10 now there’s an extra. Is it a glitch?

  4. I can’t store my classic and modern mansions now, did something change?

    • Yep. They killed the glitch.

      • Bunny, one of Alissa’s posts says that she thinks that the ability to store the modern mansion will come back after they fix the glitch. What’s your take?

        • I am gonna harass EA til they let me store them again. 50 buildings is a LOT of decorating room to me. 😉

          • Quick question do I still receive the real estate bonus if I do not place the additional items. Say I upgrade the Modern Mansion and get the two extra pieces. Do I need to have them placed or can I keep them in storage and still receive the real estate bonus for them?

  5. Can someone please help me? How do I get more storage for the yoga mats? I have tried everything and am just stuck

  6. Springfield fan

    Not sure if people know this, my friends Springfield Heights are looking very cluttered. Once you have built and upgraded buildings to the max they can be stored making way for new ones, without loosing any value to the Heights. I am a bit OCD so already well on the way to the billion with a well presented Springfield Heights and lots of new buildings stored.

  7. If you store the main building of an upgraded Modern or Classic mansion, do the side buildings/attachments they had get stored, too? I’m thinking of storing fully upgraded mansions to see whether I can take advantage of the glitch, but I don’t want to lose their extra “pieces,” too.

    • I don’t think so. I think they’re separate

      • Great news – thanks! 🙂 I might try to take advantage of the glitch using my classic mansions, and it will be helpful to have the “extra” buildings remain behind to mark where the replacement main buildings should go. (Plus, that means when you’re 3-Dupgrading, you’ll have even more of the “extra” pieces to play around with. 🙂

        The main building of the modern mansion looks more like a city hospital to me….at best, it’s a luxury apartment building. Doesn’t feel like a mansion to me at all!

      • yeah i actually prefer the modern mansion’s add ons, but gotta keep the mansions themselves out as well to get the hidden xp boost. too bad it’s 5% for the modern ones and not the classic ones, though 4% is good too.

        • Oh, I wouldn’t store them away for long – just for the time it would take to take advantage of the glitch.

          But I have a ways to go before I’ll be able to try that anyway… Actually, I’m getting worried about not having enough land left to place one of everything. Really don’t understand why the land on the SH side of the range doesn’t go as far north as the land on the Springfield side!

      • Hi, this is actually in response to tapebelt’s reply below, s/he mentioned a hidden XP boost… where can I find info on this? I’ve read every item that seemed relevant to no avail, and the Search feature gives no results. Has this been covered somewhere? Thanks…

        • The upgrade Buildings.
          Deluxe Condo: +1% Per Building
          Business Center: +2% Per Building
          Valet Parking: +3% Per Building
          Classic Mansion: +4% Per Building
          Modern Mansion: +5% Per Building

          The post it is in was held back for new level 56 content. 101 on Classic Mansion. It’ll be up soon.

  8. I apologize if I’m jumping the gun here (I know you are all busy people) but is there a breakdown of what is required for each level of the Classic Mansion posted yet? I tried to skim back through old posts but I’m not seeing it. I’m trying to approach upgrading my buildings in a calculated manner and that’s the only building information I can’t find. 🙂 Thank you!

  9. I’m focusing on only upgrading mansions, due to the fact that the condo upgrades are purely individually cosmetic. Whereas the mansion upgrades provide more decs to work with, that and the fact that when you upgrade a condo it’s changed forever (at least for now).
    I’ve been enjoying using the mansion upgrades to fashion new house for my S. Heights area 🙂 my favourite so far is this one:

  10. Bunny, I LOVED your idea of creating a modernistic/futuristic area! I’m completely redesigning my 3-year-old Springfield (without nuking it!), so your suggestion came in perfect timing for me 😀 I can also add some of the decorations that I didn’t know where to put, like the Frink-thetic egg generator Mk 1, the herbicide squirter and the anti-gutenberg 3000.

    Now I just have to figure out where to place my elf cannon. Love the animation and I don’t wanna store it, but it doesn’t really fit anywhere. *sigh*

    • I’ve put my cannon next to Giuseppe’s house, I figured it’s some kind of new firework delivery machine he’s building. The thing I couldn’t find anyplace for was the elf cave, even though I have a display of Christmas decorations, it just didn’t fit well there. I ended up with it in inventory, which is frustrating for something that earns cash.

      • Seems awesome! Unfortunately I don’t have Giuseppe… My phone died due to water damage when he was originally released for free :'(

    • Oh oh! I placed my cannon outside Itchy and Scratchy studios, like a prop from the show that Scratchy would fire Itchy out of 🙂

  11. EA has to make a better way to get resources. Almost every upgrade needs tons of coffee. You can only get 7 every 2 minutes. So for people who cannot have the app open all day and click every 2 minutes, they get maybe 21 each day. Assuming they log in 3 times. That is ridiculous!

    I know this is not a timed event, but this is just pure torture. Would it kill them to put in a 4 or 6 hour coffee task for a reasonable amount? Krustyland had normal tasks to earn coupons that ranged from 30 minutes to 24 hours. And that was at least only 1 currency. There are way to many currencies now like tech that require coffee as well. To upgrade to Deluxe Condo Level 4 I need 75 Coffee and 25 Tech. Each of the 25 Tech cost coffee. So overall I need about 100 coffees. At 7 per 2 minute it is insane!

    • This is really frustrating to me too. I decided to just stop production on pills and statues til I’ve done all the purchasing/upgrading I need to do using chairs, coffees, devices and yoga mats and then built up a bank. It does annoy me that I can’t expand land any further yet without pills and statues, but using up coffees and mats to produce them and never increasing my stash was driving me crazy!

    • Just until you see how hard it is to get all the pills you need!

    • I totally agree. But I think EA’s idea was that this would be something you can sit there and play for as long as you want, as opposed to the regular “set it and forget it” way that the game is normally played by basically tapping once in the morning and once at night. But it would be much more considerate of them if they gave us the option to do the mini tasks OR longer ones for the same rate of pay. For example, sending Homer to earn chairs for 1 hour would net you 120 chairs. It’s like they’re punishing those of us with jobs and real world responsibilities!

    • Completely agree. The way coffees work & the amount you need is ignorant.. I get the fact that they are trying ways to keep people playing for more than the 5-15 mins to collect & send chars on missions (maybe a bit more during events). Personally I’ve frozen production on my heights theater for everyone but bumblebee man..
      I’ve already gotten 30 jetskis & 12+ fancy gold trees. After level 3 on your condos the furniture is pretty much obsolete (yeah you need 12 every 5 for the devices – While you can acquire 70 – that’s a net of 58) its a great way to add that little bit to your real estate, but pretty unbalanced imo.
      But in 12 minutes (keeping smart devices & pills going) you basically net 18 coffees to get your 14 smart devices & 7 pills.. (so the business center level 5 only needs 125 pills & 50 statues – that’s 225 pills + 100 yoga mats or even more broken down 450 coffees + 325 yoga mats)
      I still haven’t built all my modern mansions yet just because of the ridiculous amount of coffees needed for upgrading everything else..
      I think they should have made coffee missions a minute instead of 2 & balanced the amounts needed for the statues a bit more..
      Eg. considering its 24 mins to get 14 statues and you need 12 every 20 to keep the statue production going. I can’t even imagine how much harder it is for freemium players that can’t net those extra 2 items from the 1 premium character. Thanks for another grind, haha…

      • But that assumes that you’re supposed to be crafting everything at the same time. I’ve found, personally, that it’s better to pick a particular goal (best to start with smaller ones and land first) and just focus on crafting what you need for that. When I’m focused on crafting pills, I may not be making statues at all! It’s also a long-term thing, so you can spend a day amassing lower-level “ingredients,” and then the next day work on using them to craft high-level items (while still making more lower-level ones, because there’s no reason not to make rose as constantly as you can).

  12. Excellent step by step explanation of the whole upgrading thing, I know some people have had trouble with this, also good ideas on what to do with the additional building parts. I did wonder if the superhero tower could be included like this but thought it looked a different shade so I didn’t bother, but having seen your pictures, I now wish I’d done it

    🆒 🐰 🚝

  13. Can’t. Stop. Rearranging.

  14. The modern mansions are the most challenging for me in regards to placing and designing. The upgrade pieces are just odd. I have stacked a number of the mansions back to back to make a larger apartment looking thing. I like the business centers, and parking garages the best. They’re simpler to deal with.

  15. That’s a very complex and neat design, Bunny. I hope you know which one I mean.

  16. I have two of each at each level. But with not upgrading every building to the max, how will I be able to attain 1 billion?!? I have not even attained 500 000 000 yet, it’s a bot slow going for me. And I do spend a lot of time in my game.

    • You need 10 of each building…and you don’t have to upgrade all fully but you have to upgrade most. I believe if you upgrade all of the buildings (10 of each) to the max it’s just over 100 million over 1 billion (i think I haven’t looked at the math recently, so someone correct me if i’m wrong). So there are some you don’t have to upgrade, but you need to upgrade most fully.

    • You can get to one billion with some upgrading to spare. I just hit one billion tonight and I have nine business centers and eight classic mansions remaining at level 4.

  17. Not sure if this is the right place or not but I was wondering does Fat Tony have a task for learning yoga matsBecause every time he is free the symbol comes up over the LA Works

    • He doesn’t any more… he was replaced with Snake but something in the coding is still linking him to L.A. Body Works. To get rid of the icon, just send Tony on a task.

  18. I like that this post includes suggestions on how to use the upgrade pieces for the Modern Mansion, but I was hoping to also find similar suggestions for the Classic Mansion pieces.

  19. Unrelated question, but does anyone know if/when they have sales on premium items. I’ve got a bunch of donuts finally stored up but want to know when the best time to spend them is. If there’s usually a time of year where they have a sale I will wait.

  20. I find the modern Manson pieces the hardest to put together…nothing seems to go the right direction or attach the right way. I wish the garages came in two options – “left-handed” garages and,”right-handed” garages. But the piece that stumps me the most is the lower-level balcony…I can’t find any way to attach it to the building that looks like it makes sense! The only way I’ve seen it work was in one person’s town where he put two of them together near the pool to kind of make a deck.

    Also, these seem more like fancy apartment buildings (or even office buildings) than mansions, so I’m not even sure that I’ll use the pools there, anyway. (Same for the classic mansion hot tubs…I have mine set up on more of a development, with songs of them strung together like a row house, and no real “back yards,” so I’m not sure what to do with those hot tubs. If the spa had been more affordable, I might have gotten that and then put a hot tub area out back for the “water therapy” and mud baths, lol!)

    • I put the lower balcony next to the garage like a place for bikes and mopeds.

      • Hmmm…an interesting idea! My current two garages are each at the end of the street, so there’s no way I can do that now, but I’ll keep that in mind for the future!

    • I agree, but I have finally figured them out. The ramp does not go in front of a door but out in the open. The plain side without a railing or ramp goes against a building or the swimming pool edge to create a low deck. Looks great extending the pool.

    • Erika Fournier (BraveElfgirl1994)

      A good place for the lower level balcony is on the beach attached to the cliffs. As for the rest of the pieces, I have no idea, lol.

    • This is how I put mine together:


      • Nice!!

        How did you make such a small, clear picture? Is there a particular app that you use? The only free all I found that can shrink and share a picture (aptly named Shrink and Share, lol), reduces the resolution of the picture in proportion to its size reduction. Small-sized pictures come out looking really crappy.

    • You can place the lower level balcony on the back of the mansion (with the railings on the two right sides) and make it look like it’s an upper level balcony on the back of the mansion.

  21. Friend of mine told me that buildings (levelable ones) from this update give % bonus to XP received (not money, so it does not show in the multiplyer). Is that true?

    • Honestly I haven’t tested it, but we’re seeing reports from other players of the same.

      • If so, then it would be a bad idea to place buildings in storage, as I have

      • Just tested it on Otto’s Bus. After 12 hours, it should have given me 30 XP. In fact, it gave me 103 XP. I have 90,45% multiplyer, so I should receive total of about 57 XP. This is the math friend sent me (not sure how he learned it):
        Deluxe Condo : 1% each
        Business Center : 2% each
        Valet Parking : 3% each
        Classic Mansion : 4% each
        Modern Mansion : 5% each.
        30×2,4 (240%) = 72 XP plus 30 for the building is about 103 XP I received.

      • Total XP bonus buildings give should be 150%.

    • I’ve tested it in mine and it definitely does! It was one of the most exciting surprises about SH.

  22. I realized that when making a progression from one to five and saved two of the level ones subsequently!

  23. For buildings that change as you level up, they need to add a “version” selector to you can use a downgraded version. Something similar to what they did with the “radioactive man” statue from the comic event.

    Also, I wish the enabled an upgrade turn off toggle. I have accidently upgraded buildings I didn’t want too because I accidently hit the updated.

    • Erika Fournier (BraveElfgirl1994)

      I suggested the same thing to EA and I was told that they discussed it with the game developers and they appreciated the suggestion and then gave me a 15% coupon. I think if enough people tell them they want this in the game, they might actually implement it one day. But, not soon enough, lol.

  24. I upgraded all my pink condos and now I wish I hadn’t. I like the look of the smaller buildings and size for design, but can’t go back. Bummer!
    So my suggestion is max out a few buildings at a time and see how you like them.

  25. Guess I’ll be getting all 10 (of all the buildings) as the only realistic way of hitting $1B Real Estate value, in order to get the “prizes” that go with that. (Though I may not pursue the $1B, after getting to $500M.)

    I’m pretty disappointed with the artistic and design quality of the artists’ work on the Modern Mansion, and on the Classic Mansion. Differences in color tone (ie, so that two objects from a single set, appear to have both “sunlit” and “shaded” sides facing in the same direction.) Differences in color on the Classic Mansion’s “add on” skins. Differences in scale (while this is sort of rampant in Springfield, building-by-building, the Classic Mansion is a mess of scales within itself, with grossly mismatched window and door sizes, and a diminutive garage by comparison.) Also not happy with the design of the Classic Mansion “side building” — the one with the flat roof with a trap door & plants. A mansion like this wouldn’t likely have a flat-topped annex of any kind. I may use those to act as lake-side cottages later, unattached to any Classic Mansion.
    I do like the variations of the condo tower at it progresses through different heights. The Valet is ok too, as it has progressed — I’ll ultimately only keep one or two max, on display. And the Business Center is cool enough at its different levels, too.
    I plan to keep a mix of buildings permanently at different upgrade levels — such as some Condo at 2, 3, 4 and 5 permanently. I’m crafting a mega mansion from 4 Classic Mansions (hence all my nit-picking over its design flaws!) I think I’ll ultimately have a cluster of Business Center 5, 4, 3… Time will tell — it is slow going, without using donuts 😉

    • Totally agree .. it’s a design disaster, nothings fits together. Guess I will store all additional parts.

  26. You might also want to note that each Modern Mansion placed in your town (at any level) gives you a 5% XP bonus for all of your taps (50% extra for all 10 mansions).

    This bonus is a bit hidden as it does not show up on your Conform-o-meter and does not affect cash earned.

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