Updates To Monorail Event 8/16. UPDATED

Hey there Hoppereenos!

Got to love the weekend changes. So much for us Addicts attempting to take the day off, huh? Lol.

I just got back into a service area and am going through to try and pick out all the new changes. I will Update here as I can.



It looks like the -xx issue many of us had is now resolved and the tasks should be working properly again. So those that were stuck should be able to progress normally again.

2015-08-12 15.34.45

If you are STILL having this issue, try to restart your device and check App Market to ensure you are fully updated. Then contact EA if still issues.



Lots of reports from Players that a New Spuckler just joined the game for them. So check to see if you also got yours in your game. (You may have to check inventory storage in the Characters Icon Section.)

unlock_whitney unlock_dubya unlock_birthday


If you are STILL having this issue, try to restart your device and check App Market to ensure you are fully updated. Then contact EA if still issues.


unlock_brandineBrandine Spuckler: 100 Donuts. For those of you wondering if Brandine is worth 100 Donuts, here is her Original Should I Buy. Add to that her tasks this Event.





We have 4 New Pieces now to add on to the Krusty Station. These are similar to the Platforms for the Main Monorail Station. They are here for a Limited Time (Less than 12days now on timer).

Krusty Station Drive Thru AwningDrive-Thru Awning: 25 Donuts, +0.25% Bonus to xp & $$$

Krusty Station Drive Thru ExtensionDrive-Thru Extension: 25 Donuts,Β +0.25% Bonus to xp & $$$

Krusty Station Drive Thru StairsDrive-Thru Stairs: 50 Donuts.Β +0.50% Bonus to xp & $$$

krustystationextension_menuDrive-Thru Platform: 10 Donuts,Β +0.25% Bonus to xp & $$$




As this glitch did not impact me personally, I am flying blind on that one. For those that had the issue that you could NOT place the Project Board as the “DO IT” Option never even showed up for you, please let us know if this helped to patch the issue. If not, I need to bug EA some more. πŸ˜‰



I have placed this all over in the comments as well as noted on it since… well… for as long as I can remember, but with this Event there is an additional cause.

Memory Drain. It is a big issue in highly outside animated Events. This is why keeping 4500 items in game helps among other things. Help your device when this hits really hard, like this Event.

  • Disable Monorail. Pull the track pieces away from the station to prevent it from moving around your game or when Neighbors Visit.
  • Store NPC’S and any other animated items not in use.
  • Don’t push the 4500 limit. If you do, expect the game to slow and more “texture” glitches to name a few things
  • Keep non essential Characters on indoor tasks or store them in your inventory.
  • Play ONLY this App. In other words kill all other Apps that are running BEFORE launching this one. Anything in the background while this is going (Facebook, SnapChat, Twitter, etc) will take Memory away from the app as they fight over the availability.
  • Give it space, LOTS of space. Like 2-3GB of empty space on your device. Insane I know, but highly active Events take a lot.
  • Run on highest stable internet connection as possible. WiFi usually works best, and also doesn’t wipe out your Data Plan

Remember, if you are having trouble getting in your game… so might your neighbors. Memory Drain impacts more than just you. So help you and your Neighbors or they may not visit if your town crashes their game each time.

Outside of that. EA knows how big this one is pulling on the Memory Drain. Hopefully they can make some cuts to help combat it too. Until then, try the tips to see if it helps. In the meantime, keep reporting to EA the Crash Issues.


There you have it. Some additions to this really cool Event, some patches, and some Spucklers. Lol.

What do you think of the New Items? Are you going to splurge the Pink Sprinklies? How about the Patches? Did it help the issues you ran into?


292 responses to “Updates To Monorail Event 8/16. UPDATED

  1. You have to go to your krustyland and it’ll award you the pieces. Enjoy!

  2. I’m sad about my monorail. The event ended and I really wanted to finish, so I bought the rail yard so I could keep building pieces… But the building is broken. It doesn’t matter how much blueprints I collect, it won’t award me with track pieces. The first track piece requires 5000 blueprints. I have over 8000…

  3. Sadly, after the update, game still freezes and crashes. Looks like my monorail is not going to be completed πŸ™

  4. My game has been messed up since the monorail act 1. First regarding the update before that anytime I try to upgrade buildings in the new area I don’t get the new building pieces since act came out. My game got so bad half my town was disappearing everytime I placed an object. Also it kept telling me I had to build the library, cooling towers, and krusty burger to get characters I already have. I conntacted origin and to fix the issue my account had to be rolled back so now I don’t have any monorail progress and I still don’t have my building pieces. On top of that it keeps tellung me to upgrade the pool as part of another quest but ive already done that. Never had any problems with the game til now but since the monorail update is the best in my opinion and now I miss out on half of it because of the glitch I’m quiting and ive played loyaley since its launch

    • That’s too bad to hear. Did you try reaching out to EA about the items you lost? Get compensation?
      As for the pools, it’d a known issue we all have. They’re working on a patch.
      But in the end, we understand if it’s just not fun anymore.

  5. how does a user have all three terminals already?

    • Only possible way is a mod or hack.

      • Is there a difference between a hack and a mod? (This is a real question, not an underhanded “correction” or something.)

        • It all depends on how you look at it. “Hack” could be just someone breaking in where as a “mod” could be someone breaking in and modifying everything from it’s original form or data.

          Hackers is just a widely used name for those that get into somewhere they are not supposed to. So it groups them all into one place. πŸ˜‰

  6. I’m having an issue with buildings that have had trash dumped in them in my Springfield. When I go to clean them up it kicks me out. I have 6 buildings now that I can’t clean up and collect blueprints on. Help!

  7. Quick question. One of my neighbors has two monorail trains. One on each end of his tracks. How is that possible. Am I missing something?

  8. Wait, so do we get a 4th Splukler kid? I got Brandine when she was originally released & have had the 3 kids for a now. There is a task involving an unnamed kid but I didn’t get another character. IT feels like I’ve been waiting f-o-r-e-v-e-r hoping EA puts out another kid & now it’s just a tease? πŸ˜”

  9. Quick question: I’m in the bonus for mono-tracks, and I keep getting curved pieces. Is this random? How do I get straight tracks? Thanks.

    -kisses, Kevin.

  10. Love the game–but when I go to clear dumped garbage by neighbors, my game shuts down/crashes. I can restart the game but I cannot clear most of the garbage. I have restarted my phone, reinstalled the game, and nothing helps. Any ideas?

    • This has been going around. If it’s just a couple of buildings try storing them and replacing them. If it’s all your buildings contact EA (and avoid clearing buildings).

  11. I am having trouble getting the project board πŸ™ I completed story line 6 but it does not appear in my store. Any idea how I can fix this??

  12. Can’t get into my game for over a week now and I’m missing the event. The screen is stuck the second it loads. I contacted EA and they just emailed me back “they’re working on resolving the issue”. I play almost hourly and I’m going nuts missing this event. I feel like EA is going to wait until the event is over before they will do anything. : (

  13. any one have screen shots of how to put together the monorail station I can’t get anything to look right and use both sets of stairs would rock if you could 4X rotate them instead of just 2

  14. Gahhhh….like other posts on here, I am also still having issues with negative tasks (and it’s all the 24hr. ones). I’ve tried to restart my phone multiple times, updated my game and hard closed it. I guess I’ll be bugging EA again. >_<

    • I still have the same problem and missing one of Brandine kids :(. I wrote to EA and I’m waiting

  15. Has part of anyone’s town disappeared?! Mine has and I can’t use characters that came with the buildings that disappeared. The game wants me to buy the buildings again but then says I don’t have enough money. Help!

  16. I have an update to my Project Board glitch. There is a 3rd party hack that was installed on my game a few years back when some website was selling discontinued items. That hack is now effecting the programming in the game. EA does not have any plans to work around this and will not make any guarantees that I will be able to advance any further in this game. They won’t tell me specifically what it is that is doing it so I can’t tell anyone else that this is the same issue for them. All I know is I allowed someone else into my game to add items and it is now catching up with my game.

  17. I still do not have the project board and EA is of no help

  18. A hunka hunka burning train?
    I hit 75,000, received my last 5 pieces of track and my five car train is now burning. I closed out, stored the station and track, redesigned my track layout and it still has black smoke curling out of it. Maybe it needs to reset in a few hours?

  19. Weird glitch – I’m told I need to “get” Mr. Burns, but I’ve already had him for a long time. So I buy the cooling towers and place them next to the ones I already have but still no Mr. Burns. I have closed and opened, deleted and reinstalled, etc., still need Mr. Burns. Ideas?

  20. How do you get the Plastic Depot? I thought it didn’t unlock until Act Two but some of my friends seem to have it in their towns already…

    • There’s a questline that popped up this morning. I’ve got to play around with it myself…

    • Yup I got it this morning when I logged in too……

    • Yeah I just got the plastic depot – started with a short task to make lisa look out of a window, then complete 5 board jobs, then the plastic depot unlocked.
      2 hour tasks, takes 100 trashcans to make the plastic.
      Some overlap with characters from the other buildings but Comic Book Guy, Martin and Skinner have tasks at the plastic depot.

    • I read somewhere that it’s released on the 19th….and that’s today

      β˜• 🚬 🚝 β™» πŸ“† πŸ“… πŸ™‚

  21. I’ve just unlocked the plastic plant, but I can’t see it in any of my neighbours maps. It’s weird as I’m 10,000 behind everyone (54000 vs 64000 most ppl seem to be on) so perhaps it’s just a timing thing i.e. 4 days before finish.

  22. Ouch! I got my 5th new Squidport tile tonight and let it go into inventory. When I looked there I had only 1 tile. What? I backed out of the game and went back in, and now the game freezes the minute it gets to Springfield. I am totally shut out of tapping on anything…I usually don`t get the crashes and freezes that are common for big events, so I guess, welcome now to the club. I cleared cache and data, logged back into the game, and my Springfield is frozen still in time…

    I keep one track missing from the loading platform to keep the monorail from running. I placed it just to watch it run once. When the monorail was back home I removed the one piece of track. Now when I go back to my Springfield the monorail train flickers a few times and then everything is instantly frozen. (the monorail when flickers for a second only shows the front car and back car with space between them on the platform. Something tells me this is where the glitch is. I can`t go forward or back now. I am totally locked out of playing the game, and I am one that plays every tapping moment. This hurts!

    Before this all started my inventory earlier today showed that I had 4 Squidport tiles in my inventory. After collecting the last one and showing only one tile in my inventory, that is when this all started. Or else it is when I ran the monorail (just about the same time of my missing tiles) once and stopped it at the station… Regardless, this is a huge bummer in my evening… Cheers gang!

  23. So strangely this morning I finally got my negative task cleared and got my spuckler. I hadn’t rushed brandine tho and shes due to give birth in 9 days so hopefully might get a second spuckler when she does. Is there an order that we get the spucklers or is it random? I got the guy with the patch first.

  24. All of the crashing is making it very hard to collect blueprints and I’m not so sure that any of the solutions are going to do much. I’ve been playing this on an Android simulator on a PC (which has a great connection and more memory than it knows what to do with), and the game still crashes a fair bit. It crashes less than it does on my iPad, but I suspect this is more about sloppy code than about devices and memory. I have stowed all of my NPCs that are animated, but I think that EA should implement an option which allows you to automatically turn off all animation on NPCs and buildings that than users having to one by one stow things. The immediate ability to freeze anything that isn’t an active character would help a lot. There is no way I’ll get to the end of the first round of prizes due to crashes prohibiting my visiting neighbors or other harvesting of blueprints activities.

    I contacted EA about my issues. They told me that they were do to a “corrupted save file” and the only way to fix it was to rollback my game to the last point *before* all of the crashes started. They also said I’d lose everything I gained (donuts, blueprints, etc.) if they did that. I chose to just stay the course.

    • Yea but it’s better to have it rolled back earlier than later. Once Monorail ends and if it’s still crashing and they have to roll it back, you’ll lose everything from the Monorail.

    • I think it has more to do with the bluestacks app actually, because I’ve also have that issue with it since this event started, and my computer has plenty of processing power and memory too… so it’s definitely not because of that. Meanwhile, I’ve experienced the issue very little on my tablet and smartphone, both from 2012.

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