Update- Gil Deal! Muscle Marge!

UPDATE 8/26 7:15PM EST: Seeing coming and going of the Bart Screen. Hang in there. I had it too, but was right back in after a couple minutes. Could be an influx of Players on the Servers. 

Hey there Hoppereenos!

Our dear Ol’ friend Gil is back with another deal. Begging and pleading for our Pink Sprinklies.

I am going through it really quick and will have the full details updated to the post shortly. Mainly, you will see your app Update as you go into your game and you will be pulled to Gil on the Streets once you enter with a Weight over his head.

Gil Kneeling

Back in a bit with MORE…

This is a Limited Time Offer and will expire in just over 6 1/2 days. 

Once you tap on the Weight Icon over Gil…


Gil: Hey, ladies! If you’ve ever wanted to exercise without the oppressive eye of social judgement getting you down, have I got a deal for you!
Marge: Hmm, it sounds like this business is making money off female confidence issues…
Gil: It sure is!
Marge: Then sign me up!

The Gil Deal Offer will then pop up on the screen…

Gil Deal Muscle Marge & Shapes

Shapes GymMuscular Marge 3Shapes w/Muscle Marge: 175 Donuts. Sits on a 4×6 Base. Can go on Grass, Beach, Pavement, and Boardwalk. +300 Vanity

(For those of you complaining it looks like Android’s Dungeon… it is intentional. You may want to go back and watch some episodes. Season 19, Episode 7: Husbands & Knives. Just sayin. 😉 )


If you do NOT take the offer…

Gil: Really? But this is the only gym where women get to work out behind curtains.

There will now be a notification icon on your Menu to let you know the Gil Offer has moved to your Menu.

Shapes in Menu


If you take the offer and place the Shapes Building into your town, it will take it 6 seconds to build.

Gil: Congratulations! You own a branch of a passe’women’s fitness chain!

You will then get the Pop Up explaining you will need to follow the Questline, Too Big To Fail, to unlock the Muscular Marge Outfit and two animated jobs.

Muscular Marge Outfit


Muscular Marge Beat up MuggerBeat Up a Mugger : 60mins , unlocks at end of Part 3

Brawl at Moe'sInstigate Bar Brawl : 4hrs , unlocks at end of Part 6 (the animation on this one INSIDE of Moe’s. You can see fighting in the windows, things thrown, Skylight shattered, and smoke coming out.)


Her Costume unlocks at the end of Part 1. Marge will start Part 1, Homer Part 2.

Muscular Marge Unlock Screen



Quick side note for those that have not noticed. The “Pool” Decoration we had released with Martha Quimby is back and in your Decorations Tab in the menu for purchase.

Ground Pool LargePool: $5000

Modern Pool Large Exclusive Pool Large

You can by more of them and Upgrade them just like previously. So add as many as you want to your town.


That about sums up the offer! What do you think? You going to go for it? Did you just see it and buy it anyway? Thoughts for others on it? Let us know.


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  1. After the last Update, my Muscular Marge and Gym is gone..!
    and my 175 Donuts too
    what can i do?

  2. I really really apologise in advance if this is a questioned asked and answered but I cannot see the pool in decorations.

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