Monorail Math Act 2

Hey there Nerdereenos!

Act 2 is now in full swing and much like Act 1… there is panic of “Can I really get all the Prizes in time?”

Once again we are seeing the same kind of panic on the Project Board caps, Neighbor Visits, and daily tapping. No worries, here to help out as usual for those that scream “I CAN’T MATH!”


Lots of options all around in the game of ways to earn the needed Duct Tape, so let’s break each one down a bit smaller and take a closer look.



As we learned in Act one, the Project Board has some kind of Cap on it. A Cap of just how many Duct Tapes you can earn per day from the Project Board. So let’s take a look at just how much Duct Tape you can earn just from the Project Board.

Again, this is ONLY on the Project Board. Nothing else. No Bonuses, Possums, Neighbors, etc. JUST THE PROJECT BOARD REWARDS.

Let’s take a look at these caps (as they are stated to appear, although I see different in my games)

UPDATE 8/27: The Board info now reflects my game testing. 9500 Cap for most of it, then increasing to 14000 & 15000

Date  Cap Increase
8/23 7500  
8/24 15000 +7500
8/25 22500 +7500
8/26 30000 +7500
8/27 37500 +7500
8/28 45000 +7500
8/29 52500 +7500
8/30 60000 +7500
8/31 67500 +7500
9/01 75000 +7500
9/02 82500 +7,500
9/03 97500 +15,000

As you can see, it seems you are SUPPOSED to be hitting a Cap of 7500 a day until the very last day of Act 2 where you jump to 15,000 Cap.

It’s a running total and NOT an individual per day cap.  The cap per day is set at 7,500.

Also important to note it’s not a hard 7,500.  You can go slightly over it each day (depending on the projects you do) from what I’m seeing…BUT if you go over it the previous day, the next days amount will be lower.  It balances out in the end, that by September 3rd you can earn a max of 97,500 Duct Tapes from the Project Board.

Side Note: The Cap this time will NOT lift once you get all your Personal Prizes. I got them all and am still running into a cap.

So from the project board you’ll earn 97,500 Duct Tapesico_mono15_ducttape_lg.


UPDATE 8/27: With the Changes to the Project Board Caps, you now can get 133,000 Duct Tapesico_mono15_ducttape_lg from just the Board alone. No worries on getting all the Prizes now!




Now, as far as MY games are going, I am hitting around 9000-9500 Caps each day before I am locked out. I am not sure why I am able to exceed the 7500 but I wanted to let you know. For instance, here are my results…

382 + 1263 + 19 + 950 + 1915 + 2 + 1546 + 826 + 2045 + 1744 = 10692
1915 + 190 + 1792 + 2659 + 763 + 380 + 1692 = 9391
1992 + 2845 + 1924 + 1792 + 2 + 248 + 960 = 9763

I will continue to test this throughout the week. But just in case there is a “glitch” and they patch it, the info is 7500 for now… results for me a bit different. 

UPDATE 8/27: My counts were proving accurate. 9500 Daily Caps for most of Act 2 and rising at end. 



Daily Challenge Reward

Of course 97,500 isn’t enough to unlock all of the prizes, as you’ll need 132,700 to get to the Hippie w/Uriah’s Heap Recycling Center.  Let’s take a look at a separate Bonus from the Project Board. The Daily Bonus.

Here’s a look at those Daily Bonuses (and the tasks needed to earn it):

Date Bonus Payout # of Projects
8/23 1200 2
8/24 1200 2
8/25 1200 2
8/26 1200 2
8/27 1800 3
8/28 1800 3
8/29 1200 2
8/30 2400 4
8/31 2400 4
9/1 1200 2
9/2 1200 2
9/3 3000 5

So if you make all the Daily Bonuses throughout Act 2 you’ll earn an additional 19,800 Duct Tapesico_mono15_ducttape_lg.



If you are able to collect all the available Duct Tapes according to the Project Board Cap, you will earn 97,500 Duct Tapes.

Then if you get all the Daily Bonuses just for clearing out a few Project Board Tasks, you will earn 19,800 Duct Tapes.

97,500 + 19,800 = 117,300 Duct Tapesico_mono15_ducttape_lg

Just with the Project Board alone, you will be just 15,400 Duct Tapes from the Final Prize. 


Since we know you do not want to stop there, as well as with the possibility of some extra Monorail Track Pieces BEYOND the Personal Prizes, let’s keep going further on other options around the game to earn more Duct Tapes.


Neighbor Icon

You’ll earn Duct Tape in Act 2 for Dumping Garbage on your Neighbors Buildings. The Daily Actions will be the same.

Duct Tape Neighbor Actions

90 Daily Actions Total (Roughly 30 Neighbors at 3 taps each)

6 Duct tapes for each Building you tap on to Dump Garbage on.

So just bouncing around and making your Neighbors Houses all smelly will bring you in 6 Duct Tapes x 90 Daily Actions = 540 Duct Tapes a Day

Act 2 started 8/23 and will run until 9/4, so let’s look at 12 Days Total of tapping.

540 x 12 = 6480 Duct Tapesico_mono15_ducttape_lg from Neighbor Tapping



Smelly Garbage Building

Back in your town, the Garbage that was dumped on your Buildings by your Neighbors will leave you Stink rising up from the Buildings. Tapping on the Building to clear this off will give you an additional 1 Duct Tapeico_mono15_ducttape_lg per Building. This is where having very active Neighbors will become beneficial to you.

As this number all depends on how many active Neighbor Visits you have, just think of these as an added Bonus to your totals.

If you are having issues clearing the stink, see the help info HERE.



possum03 possum02 possum01

Possum’s appear when you place a Monorail Station. Currently there are 3 possible Monorail Stations in the game. (2 Freemium, 1 Premium.) Possum’s will start out at each Monorail Station at a rate of 8 Possums every 4hrs. Each Possum you tap as it scurries out of the Monorail Station will give you 10 Duct Tapes each.

Side Note: You WILL need to tap the Possum Icon over each Monorail Station to release them at the 4hr mark. They will not appear on their own. 

Let’s breakdown a few different looks at the possible Payouts for the Monorail Station Possums.

Main Monorail Act 1: 8 Possums every 4 hrs x 10 Duct Tapes = 80 Duct Tapes every 4hrs
80 Duct Tapes x 2 Collections a Day = 190 Duct Tapes a Day
80 Duct Tapes x 3 Collections a Day = 240 Duct Tapes a Day
80 Duct Tapes x 4 Collections a Day = 320 Duct Tapes a Day
80 Duct Tapes x 5 Collections a Day = 400 Duct Tapes a Day

Tetanus Monorail Act 2: 8 Possums every 4 hrs x 10 Duct Tapes = 80 Duct Tapes every 4hrs
80 Duct Tapes x 2 Collections a Day = 190 Duct Tapes a Day
80 Duct Tapes x 3 Collections a Day = 240 Duct Tapes a Day
80 Duct Tapes x 4 Collections a Day = 320 Duct Tapes a Day
80 Duct Tapes x 5 Collections a Day = 400 Duct Tapes a Day

You could almost reach 6 collections a Day if you are really on it. 

For not even getting that far either of the Acts, you can still bring in a lot of extra Duct Tape Daily with little effort. Now for a step further. As going into your game 4 times a day seems pretty standard for many, I will look at those totals overall for 12 Days.

320 Duct Tapes a Day x 12 Days in Act 2 = 3840 Duct Tapes

That is just ONE Monorail Station. Double the total for 2.
3840 Duct Tapes x 2 Monorail Stations = 7,680 Duct Tapesico_mono15_ducttape_lg




There is added benefit to placing Track Pieces into your game for the Monorails, and NO they do NOT need to be attached to the Stations… just in the game. You will get MORE Possums every 4 hrs.

These are the result I saw in my games…

Up to 11 Track Pieces – 8 Possums
12-23 Track Pieces – 9 Possums
24-35 Pieces – 10 Possums
36-47 Pieces – 11 Possums
48-59 Pieces – 12 Possums
60 Pieces – 13 Possums

From what I see in my game, every 12 Track Pieces you add to your town will add 1 more Possum Scurrying out of your Monorail Stations when you tap them every 4 hours.

I am currently sitting at 60 Pieces in my test game. You get 21 from completing all of Personal Prizes in Act 1, and 21 from Act 2. The rest can be won by completing random tasks and the Ahead of the Track Bonus after all Personal Prizes are awarded.

You can read more about the Ahead of the Track Bonus on the Calendar Posts. 



For those of you that like to splurge a lil extra Donuts into the game, there are a few things that will indeed help you out on the Daily Totals. Let’s take a look.



For those of you that splurged 60 Donuts and took it one step further, The Dumping Permit doubles your Total. That means you can add an additional 5940 Duct Tapesico_mono15_ducttape_lg to your totals.

Should I Buy HERE




For those of you that splurged 150 Donuts to add another Monorail Station to your game, here are the additional Payout options you will see for Krusty’s Drive-Thru Station

Krusty’s Drive Thru Station Act 2: 8 Possums every 4 hrs x 10 Duct Tapes = 80 Duct Tapes every 4hrs
80 Duct Tapes x 2 Collections a Day = 190 Duct Tapes a Day
80 Duct Tapes x 3 Collections a Day = 240 Duct Tapes a Day
80 Duct Tapes x 4 Collections a Day = 320 Duct Tapes a Day
80 Duct Tapes x 5 Collections a Day = 400 Duct Tapes a Day

Collection 4 times a Day for Act 2…
320 Duct Tapes a Day x 12 Days in Act 2 = 3840 Duct Tapesico_mono15_ducttape_lg

Should I Buy HERE




For those of you that splurged 200 Donuts to pick up Little Lisa’s Recycling Plant and put it on your shoreline, you are adding 350 Duct Tapes to your total every 4hrs. Let’s break this one down to how that Donut Purchase will impact your totals overall.

350 Duct Tapes x 2 Collections a Day = 700 Duct Tapes a Day
350 Duct Tapes x 3 Collections a Day = 1050 Duct Tapes a Day
350 Duct Tapes x 4 Collections a Day = 1400 Duct Tapes a Day
350 Duct Tapes x 5 Collections a Day = 1750 Duct Tapes a Day

Now for a look at the totals by the end of Act 2 basing it again off of 4 Collections a day.
1400 Duct Tapes a Day x 12 Days in Act 2 = 16800 Duct Tapesico_mono15_ducttape_lg

Should I Buy HERE



Now with an idea of WHAT you can earn and some of the options for additional earnings too, let’s add up some of those very Basic totals.

  • 97,500 from Project Board
  • 19,800 from Daily Bonuses
  • 6480 from Neighbor Tapping
  • 7,680 from Four Possum Collections per Day on Two Stations

= 131, 460 Duct Tapes ico_mono15_ducttape_lg

This leaves just 1240 Duct Tapes to reach the Personal Prize Total of 132,700. That is EASILY picked up by tapping a few houses that Garbage has been dumped on. Adding a few more Collections to the Daily Collections. Or just by simply even just adding those Track Pieces you win into your town and increasing your Possums.

Daily Play Combo

There is also one more item left not in these totals just yet… if you play 5 days in a row… you get the Daily Combo Bonus of 5000 Duct Tapesico_mono15_ducttape_lg. If you hit it just right this Event, you will get this twice. Either way. It will most definitely give you PLENTY more Duct Tapes to go above and beyond that 132,700 Total in a very Freemium Way.

131,460 Duct Tapes + 5000 Duct Tape Daily Combo Bonus = 136,460 Duct Tapesico_mono15_ducttape_lgico_mono15_ducttape_lgico_mono15_ducttape_lgico_mono15_ducttape_lg 


And that my friends sums up this Monorail Math Act 2 Post! You can see that both Freemiums and Premiums should have no problem hitting these totals and beyond just by playing daily. Lots of wiggle room too.

What are your thoughts on the math of this event?  How are you doing with your Duct Tape count so far?  Are you visiting all your neighbors daily?  Clearing those possums? Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

91 responses to “Monorail Math Act 2

  1. anyone run low on garbage? I am down to 50 and you need at least 100 to generate more garbage, is there a way to get out of this?

  2. Will track pieces be available for cash after the event finishes?
    If they’re donuts or not available after I’ll have to shorten my track 🙁

  3. HELP HELP HELP ME PLEASE MAJOR GLITCH …..I just hit a Major Problem in game and wondering if anyone else has hit this issue this morning I unlocked the last 5 rail pack before unlocking the Hippie dude and when I went to place them everything all buildings disappeared streets and pavment water and everything was still in place but people and buildings where invisible but with money icons still there to collect rent so I went to friend actions came back and all buildings are back but now just about all my main characters that are needed to do the event for parts when I go to send them it says there Under Construction so im stuck and cant do the Monorail event except with 3 or 4 characters now and same for Springfield heights Please help HELP ME PLEASE

    • I Figured out how to Fix the Problem I had to take each building for each character I was having problems with under construction and put them away in inventory and ok it saying character will be tucked away too then take them back out and reset the buildings and my characters came back plus I got the rewards for completing character sets again … but atleast the info is out now to help anyone else that hits this glitch there is a easy way to fix just takes a little time to do but not long

  4. I’m at around 76,000 duct tape. Am I behind schedule or on track for getting all of the prizes?

  5. You really have to spend a lot of time in the game to do the 30-seconds-tasks like collecting garbage. Not sure if I get it all, maybe I’ll miss it closely. But I have a much better feeling for Act 2, they basically fucked up Act 1 and I was far away from getting everything. It started IIRC on the 11th, but the game just told me five days later that there’s an required update. Wasn’t possible to get all the blueprints. Such stupid guys at EA, they’re trying everything to make us buy donuts (which would be ok, if it’s not that kind of unserios way).

  6. Can anyone help me? I’m on The Hippie act 4, I am supposed to make him hang out with other ‘corporate hippies’, but no yellow task appears on the list. All my 80+ characters are on jobs, and I have no idea which of them is a corporate hippie. Clearly he needs friends to do this task, but who? TSTO hasn’t written on this, I must be infront of the curve, but it is annoying.

    • Sorry I just got home from vacation so didn’t do this walkthrough yet (as we figured most players would be unlocking him this week). That task requires Matt Groening.

  7. Is the daily cap of 9500 accurate? I’ve just hit my limit for the day already. Only added 7900 to my total before being capped and that includes my 1200 daily bonus and 440 for tapping possums. So by my reckoning, the project board only gave me just over 6300 today.

  8. I didn’t see this anywhere in post or comments. What happens if I release opossums from my station but, don’t collect them? Will they stay running around until I do? Will the stations still release in 4 hrs again? and finally is there a cap like in other events i.e. “Your town is over run by criminals” ? I’m trying to be very strategic & save all the duct tape items for collection after I max out the project board for the day. Also, my max for the day is still 7500 shouldn’t that have raised to the 9500? I’m on prize 7 of the act 2 prizes. Thanks to whom ever answers me! 😁

    • 50 MAX allowed in town at a time.

      As far as the Project Board, make sure you are on the newest update and watch each days totals. If you “go over”, like get 10,000, that extra 500 rolls into the next day.

      You hit either the daily cap or the overall amount. Whatever comes first.

      • I just checked the App Store & my game is fully updated. I did the math yesterday & I capped out at 8966 duct tapes from the project board. So my cap is definitely still too low. Am I reading the updated info above correctly? I should have a cap of 133,00? I’ve been letting my opossums run wild & saving them & all friend actions till late in the day bc, of the crazy low cap on my PB. I don’t even think I’ll be able to unlock a personal prize today because of it. What should I do Bunny? I’m so sad right now! 😞

        • That depends. Go off ONLY the daily one. 9500. If you NEVER go over the day before and are still short the next day… something else is going on. You may want to try some of the other basics… like even a complete uninstall, wipe any game info, restart device, reinstall, log in and try again. Otherwise EA needs to know.

      • I got just over 10,000 yesterday. It must have increased on the 8th personal prize but, still, that’s kinda crazy! I was calculating it by writing the starting #, tracking what I collected, then checking it by subtracting the starting # from the end total when I hit the cap so I know my # were correct. If I have issues in the next act I will be complaining to EA right away. Thank you so much for the advice & help, Bunny!! 😄

  9. Its always a tight schedule during these Events where (knock on wood) I manage to complete every Task to the Last Prize (thanks to TSTOADDICTS) 🙂

  10. Have to say that I was so excited for this event and it’s been nothing but trouble. Having so much trouble in my game freezing, monorail disappearing and don’t get me started on the project board- project board brings me to monorail store. Haven’t earned anything in the last week. Been dealing with EA for days, so frustrated I’m level 56 premium player and you can’t fix my game??!! 😡😡 ok rant over

    • I had huge issues with the game constantly freezing. I followed the step in another post & stored all animated decorations That don’t have payouts, hottubs, non-taskable characters, and disconnected the track from my monorail stations. The freezing ended just after doing this all.

  11. I dont know what happened, but today, i was able to perform 4 projects : 623+768+886+558= 2835, i had an option to do another project but i had nothing so i send all them to get plastic, etc… I locked the phone and 1 hour later i see that sebastian cobb needs to rest… Is that normal?? Or its a known glitch????

  12. fwiw i just hit 60K duct-tapes, that’s all from the project boards + possums. no friend-visiting or donuts. i’m not playing hourly either but i do think i’ve had some sort of (beneficial) glitch with the possums, i clear the possums and an hour or so later the terminals have more possums ready to go. i haven’t checked exact times but i know for sure it’s more often than four hours that the possums are re-spawing.

  13. The cap got Iincreased. Also once you got all prizes the cap is gone.
    This was changed with the latest update

  14. The project board cap is gone now that I’ve finished the donut quest!! Finally!!

  15. Thank you for this useful post! I didn’t know that the daily limit is based on the amount of duct tape. I just thought that there is a fixed amount of projects (10 or 15) you can finish per day. My first reaction was “Aw my gad how am I supposed to earn all those prizes” too, lol. But maybe I’ll manage it. I’m on prize 6 now, I think.

  16. Schedule looks tight. Maybe “glass” will be introduced towards the end of the act two and help with catching up, if one has fallen behind. So far I am able to keep up in all my three towns though, but I can play at work a bit as well.

  17. I am enjoying expanding the monorail line but wish there were less station pieces which I couldn’t care less about.

  18. I’m on 53,254 already and I don’t have a permit and no premium characters…

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