TSTO Addicts Remember: September 11th Fourteen Years Later

First let me start this with a little disclaimer. I know this is a blog about The Simpsons Tapped Out and I also know that this is a blog read by more than just Americans. However, all of the Addicts writers are from America and we feel as though it just wouldn’t be right to let today pass with out something. This post will remain our top post until after the moments of silence, and we will return to our regular TSTO posts shortly after. Thank you for your understanding and respect.

Today is September 11th 2015, the 14th anniversary of the attacks on America, where 2,977 innocent people were killed while just going about their every day lives. Today Bunny, Wookiee and I would like to take a moment to honor all those innocent lives that were lost in New York City, Shanksville PA, and Washington DC.

I ask you, the readers of this blog, to take a moment today to reflect on that day and honor those who lost their lives.

911 Memorial Sandy Utah 4

On a personal note, 9-11 has never been easy for me.  As many of you may remember from previous 9-11 posts, we lost my aunt that day.  She was in the north tower and on one of the floors that took a direct hit from the first plane that hit.  She never saw it coming.

14 years later and I can still tell you every detail of that day, as I’m sure many of you can.  Every word spoken.  Every feeling, every emotion, every facial expression.  It’s all there, etched into my brain.  And it’s difficult for me to relive those memories.  Even now.

However, I will say visiting the 9-11 Memorial at Ground Zero, while very difficult to do, is incredibly helpful..especially during this time of the year.  They did a wonderful job with the 9-11 Memorial.  It’s a beautiful place to go and pay your respects.  While it’s still hard to go, it helps.  It helps with healing.  If you’re ever in the area and have the chance to go (it’s completely free to go to the Memorial) I encourage you to visit and pay your respects.  I still haven’t been able to go into the museum, but hopefully soon.

What follow are some of my personal photos from the Memorial, including one of my Aunt’s name on the wall….

2013-09-22 13.32.09

North Tower Reflecting Pool

2013-09-22 13.48.20

North Tower

2014-06-29 12.31.13

Bunny, Wookiee & I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all of the police and fireman who saved lives that day, and everyday. We would also like to say a special thank you to all of our brave service men and woman, at home and abroad, who risk their own lives so that America can be safe. We would also like to honor all of the service men and woman from our allies around the world.

We encourage you to share your stories about 9-11 in the comments below.  


51 responses to “TSTO Addicts Remember: September 11th Fourteen Years Later

  1. Even as a 10 year old child in England, I knew something bad had happened that day. I got home from school and it was all over the news and filled me with sadness.
    I will never forget that day.
    R.I.P forever in our thoughts!

  2. That day changed everything, as I young officer in the Navy. I was in my Anesthesia Training during the attacks. We stop all sceduled cases and clear the base hopsital for only non essential personnal and emergency services. After we got all the post-op patients on thier way home. I was one on the last people from Anesthesia left. Only the on-call provider was left and then it happened, A young mother on the Labor deck needed a emergency C/Section, she was so distraught watching the news reports she worked herself into a hypertensive crisis. I did the anesthesia for the C/section and everything turned out ok, still wonder to this day about that child born on such a bad day in American History.

    That day lead to me having 7 combat deployments and 4 non combat deployments, it was the start to alot of missed family time. But time I was glad to serve the USA and conduct surgery on our wounded Boys and Girls as they went into Harm’s way.

    RIP to the people that we lost that had day and from then. Thank you to all the Brave Service members, Police, Fireman and first reponders for everything that you do ****….

    thank you

  3. I was still living with my family and it was a day I only had afternoon and evening classes at the University of Missouri St. Louis. I woke up and put on the Today show and just laid in bed crying. It was so shocking and horrible. I really didn’t know what to do. School hadn’t been cancelled. I drove up there listening to the radio reports and crying the whole time. I missed my exit on the highway to school. They had brought out extra TVs and had TVs on all over the Millennium center, our student union type building. It was so sad. I think I went to my first class, but I really don’t remember it. Then back to the Milenium center since my next class wasn’t for 3 hours (7 pm). I went to class and the professor was at least 10 minutes late. I left and went home.

    It was hard coping with the devastation, knowing how much hatred lead individuals to do the unthinkable and the incredible loss of life that hatred caused. I never want to forget that feeling and I never want to have our country experience it again.

    I never personally knew any if the victims. I visited NYC two years ago and spent a day at the memorial and the 9/11 museum. It was so sad but also good to remember the victims and the heroes who died trying to help them.

    God bless America.

  4. I was in 7th grade when this happened and this horrible attack on the U.S. had a huge impact on my decision to join the military after high school. Prayers go out to everyone that was affected. May your aunt rest in peace Alissa 🙏🏽. And thank you for your service Wookie

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