TSTO Crash Alert: Move Menu/Build/Edit Crashing

Update: A couple of tips from other players about what might resolve the issue:
-Hard Close and restart.  Took me several attempts at this one but after hard closing and restarting several times it doesn’t crash anymore.
-If you have another device try loggin in from that device and see if it resolves the issue on both ends.

If you’re still crashing and none of those methods worked for you, contact EA.

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Popping in with a quick alert about a bug that just started popping up in TSTO this afternoon…and it relates to crashing.

Here’s a list of what we’re seeing cause a crash…

-If you press the move menu (4 way arrows) icon, your game will crash.
-If you try to place a prize (i.e. the Rail Yard), your game will crash.
-If you try to build a new building from the store, your game will crash.
-If you try to buy something from the store, your game will crash (note: this isn’t impacting everyone)

These were all working earlier this morning, so this is something that just started happening in the last 2hrs or so.

The best thing I can tell you to do right now is Contact EA if you’re experiencing the issue.  They need to be flooded with tickets about this so it can be fixed ASAP.  So don’t hesitate…contact them immediately about it:

Contact EA Here

Beyond contacting EA, just sit tight and hope it gets fixed soon.  It is impacting nearly everyone…so know you’re not alone.  But remember the more people that contact EA and report the problem, the quicker they’ll be to resolve it.

TSTO Game Crashing

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  1. can anyone of you tell me how to get to the bored where you turning recycling and you’re dumped stuff so I can get my monorail piecesplease help asap

  2. Edit/Move issues….

    I was able to place the rail yard without any problems. But when I reached the final prize (5 tracks & 5 donuts) the donuts arrived but when I tried to go into Edit/Move to place the tracks it kept freezing and crashing. After logging back in 3 times, instead of tapping the arrows to go to Edit/Move I tapped and held a building & it went into Edit/Move mode no problem and now I can tap on the arrows again.

    If anyone is experiencing problems with going into Edit/Move mode try it and see if it helps…

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