Another Update On It’s Way?

Hey there Hoppereenos!

Monorail Event is over and now being pulled from our games, though I know some of you are pushing those limits to squeeze the last few Bells & Whistles out of it. Just remember, you are now on borrowed time and an Update can be forced on you by EA at any time.

Outside of that, I wanted to touch on a “Poem” that was offered to us via the App Market Updates. Let’s take a look.

Monorail Poem

A poem to celebrate the end of the Monorail Event*:

Your trashy treasures have all turned back to trash,

and the magic of the Monorail has ended.

The stress of it all has given you a rash,

But think of all those strangers you have friended.

Another Update is on its way,

With New Characters a’yapping.

Now this might sound a little cliche,

But all you have to do is keep tapping.


*But all existing trains, tracks, buildings, and decorations are staying in your town.


EA has already lined up something for us that is on its way. Now the question is, just WHAT that will consist of?

Well, we know that the New Season 27 Episode with Lena Dunham won’t start until September 27th… so unless it is a 2 week thing or does not start til next week, I do not see an Episode Tie In this week.

Lena Dunham Season 27 Episode Teaser Pic

The happy time of year for me, Halloween, Treehouse of Horror Episode is not set to air until October 25th… so I don’t see them launching anything for that until closer to October. Even then, I am more anticipating a full blow Halloween Event at that time.

Could the “Just Keep Tapping” be a hint at Lisa’s old Dance Teacher, Vicki Valentine and her School Lil’ Vicki Valentine’s School of Dance? (Me and Wookiee also thought this was a possibilty). “Tappa-Tappa-Tappa”.

Just what on earth could be coming? I think ANOTHER Level Update. It seems they like to be dishing those out every other week to us lately to keep us on our toes. It also could be just some kind of a Mini Update with something leading into the New Season.


What do I personally want with an Update? Well, I am still holding out hope for my “Baby Event” or Level Update. I know they are tiny, small, and may be more difficult to track roaming our Springfield streets, but I see many other lil teeny items already in there roaming around as we speak. I WANT MAGGIE AS A CHARACTER!!

Maggie & Bobo 2

Maggie & Bobo

It’s about time our lil darlin was released from Marge’s clutches and allowed to do “her own thing” in our games, don’t you think? A Baby Event could really work out. We could bring in the lil adorable adopted “baby” Ling Bouvier, Selma’s girl. Maggie of course. Baby Gerald could make his arrival too, in which I would hope there would be some sort of silly outside task involving the two of them battling it out in Shopping Carts. We could even get some of the Nahasapeemapetilon babies in on the action. There are 8 of them to choose from.

Maggie n Bunny

Maggie Sad Face

Do It For Her Image


Enough of my wants, what are YOU hoping will arrive for us next in the game? Any thoughts or a possible clue the “a’yapping” could be giving us? When do you think the “New Update” will hit our games? Let the speculations begin!


149 responses to “Another Update On It’s Way?

  1. Yaaaaa!!!! I am finally back where I was on my game, it took EA just over a week to get back to me to get the problem sorted, but I was patient and, best case. Thank you for your advice of what to do. To help and send me in the right direction. The EA site can be aggravating to a point, but thanks again, thanks EA, and happy tapping:-) 🙂 🙂

  2. Still kind of new to the game with a major task like the monorail…am i done collecting junk, plastic etc. Do I get anything for doing these tasks anymore????

  3. Erika Fournier (BraveElfgirl1994)

    Level 58 is here!!!!!

  4. Level 58 is here. Two donuts awarded. Many characters have 20 hours left. My track builders have one to two hours left. Just finished this weeks 70,000 grind and have 5 MORE donuts and track pieces.
    Who triggers this Level? The answer is not yet revealed herein.
    Alas and forsake, Addicts have lives outside the game and have forsooken me, so I will need to traverse to one of the Dark Sides to discover the answer as to whom I need to,release to imitate my voyage.

    • Alright, found the answer – Fat Tony starts it. Buy a car for close to $1.5 million, 30 minute task with Tony and 30 minute task with Quimby.
      No new character (at this point) merely from Leveling Up to 58. (Happy days, Sandra – I think – and others have expressed concern over the time spent tapping characters)

      • Yup – the days of sending all of my characters on one-hour tasks throughout the day to maximize my income are long gone, I’m afraid. But that doesn’t mean I’ll turn down the chance for new freemium characters! 😉

  5. level 58 just hit!

  6. If we do get Maggie can ea please please please make a task “shoot Mr. Burns!!!!” Please. Other task can be “save homer” “change self” you could add one for Marge “put Maggie in swing-a-ma-jig” (one of my favorite episodes) and make it outside

  7. I don’t want a new level or event!!! They have been bombarding us with new levels & events for the past 4 months or so. Just give us a break to work on SH & building monorail tracks (straight pieces are hard to come by). Give us a rest until late Oct. for Halloween.

    And it would make waaayyy too much sense to give us some longer tasks for earning stuff in SH.


  8. I wouldn’t mind Lionel Hutz (I know he’s dead, but so was Marvin Monroe and Frank Grimes) or Bob the RV Salesman from season one (he always ticked me). Maybe Jaques could show up and woo Marge to the long dormant Bowling Alley.

  9. Isn’t SH 2 onits way there is so much land to unlock

  10. Has there been a springfield zoo? I’ve not seen one in any neighboring towns. It would be nice to have one.

  11. I would love to see more spuckler kids!

    • Oh, oh! Spuckler kids and Maggie and Maggie’s enemies and ALL THE BABIES! Yes.


      Sad part of the spuckler kids is that they will have to release Brandine again for it to work. Was she 90 donuts, last time? Because I have enough donuts now and will so get her if that’s the case. Please!

  12. HAY ADDICTS TEAM!! I just got an update!

  13. This is a test

    • I’ve been having some troubles commenting. seriously. Sometimes if I rant for a while or need to look up a spelling of something I copy my text and paste it later when I recieve what I was looking for. But I think recently the reason I can’t send a comment into moderation is because it was pasted (I’ve done it many times in the past, but something’s going on and that’s my best guess). 🙁

    • I hate pop quizzes! 😉

  14. Oooh! What about the monkeys paw??!! That would be a neat halloween theme. Or perhaps im silly!

  15. Good things come to those who wait! Just keep saying to yourselves- i shall soon see! Ten times as fast as ya can! Lol. So much joy!!!

  16. I kinda think we might be overanylizing this “yapping” thing. It is a word they used to rhyme “tapping”. And to prove how few words there are that rhyme I used a search engine and… There are Lots of words that rhyme with “tapping” the only problem is,, is that few of them are words that are G-rated. So clearly I won’t share them. I must confessed whatever innocents I had left is now gone. “Yapping” is a good word.

    I have to wash my eyes now and maybe hit my head with a coconut in hopes to forget some of the things I’ve read.

    • Lol. It is still fun to speculate though… isn’t it? Brainstorming ideas can get far more creative then just… “this will be how it is done”. 😉

    • Wait – Tot is the voice of reason here?!? What happened to the wonderfully fantastical Tot we’ve all come to know and love? 😉

  17. Please EA give us Maggie!!

    Do a ‘The Happy Little Elves’ Quest with lots of elves running around to tap! Give us The Ayn Rand School for Tots building with Ms Sinclair, as well as maybe Llelwyn Sinclair for Ned and Marge to practice ‘A Streetcar named Marge’.
    It’d be so cool to have Maggie as a regular character, along with Ling Bouvier, Gerald Samson (Monobrow Baby), and The Nahasapeemapetilon Octuplets to add more babies into our town!

    I’d also love to see a Homer MuuMuu skin at some stage, and also Ms Botz aka The Babysitter Bandit, she could come with the Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers Babysitting Service building!

    On a side note, it would be awesome if EA could change Santas Little Helper to have some tasks to earn money, similar to Spider Pig who was a Premium Buy, or give him a % towards extra XP because at 150 donuts for no game play, no interaction and no tasks, it’s a bit unfair, and I really want him as a main part of the Simpsons Family!

  18. I am hoping the leaves will turn colors. I really enjoyed watching fall come to everybody’s Springfield. Right now all my peeps are wandering around loose. They are tired of recycling for now and just waiting for something to happen. I love the monorail but it slows everything down so much. Makes it much harder to visit my neighbours. Kinda want to pack it all up–and I’m probably not supposed to say that. My favorite part was the possums!

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