Monorail Removal is Live (for ALL devices..and SAFE to download)

Update Bunny 10:15PM EDT: Seeing many reports from ONLY iOS users that they are crashing. All I can suggest is same… report it to EA and wait.

Update 4:30pm EDT: Seeing reports from several of you about your Rail Yard not paying out the tracks it’s supposed to.  You’ve earned enough points but it doesn’t reward them.  If this is happening to you…go to Krustyland and back to Springfield.  It will resolve itself.

Update 3pm EDT: Android users you are SAFE to download the update.  I just tested it out, had zero issues.  Level 57 is there, as is my questline progress.

iOS users, a patch did come through so players are no longer losing Level 57 buildings (if you’ve lost them, hard close and restart your game).  I can’t give you the “all clear” on it because I don’t have my iOS device with me right now, but based on reader comments it is safe to download now.

Kindle, it’s out for your platform.  I’m guessing it’s safe, as it’s safe for Android.  But I don’t have a Kindle so I couldn’t tell you for sure.  If anyone in the community on a Kindle wants to test it out and let me know I’ll report it here.  Thanks 🙂 Update: Several players have reported Kindle works just fine.

Update 2:30pm EDT: Update has hit Android now…I’m hoping all is resolved with the level 57 issue or it’s not impacting Android.  I’m going to “brave” it and test it now on my phone…I’ll report back here once I see if it works or not.

For iOS users: Other players are reporting that if you hard close and restart TSTO (if you’ve already downloaded the update) the buildings are restored now.  But they have to play the Level 57 questline over again.
Others are reporting that if they JUST now download the update they don’t lose any level 57 progress…so it may be safe to download now.

WARNING: Do not update to the new version in the App Store.  It will cause all of your Level 57 progress (at least that we know of) to disappear.  Hold off on updating for now if possible.  If you’ve already updated and have lost Level 57 progress (or completely), contact EA immediately.  (they are aware of the issue and are working on a patch, but in my mind it’s always good to contact them for yourself)


Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Just a quick note to let you know the Monorail Removal Update is now live on iOS.  It’s also out on Android at this time.  It’s also hit Kindle.

So if you want to remove the event download the update from your App Store.  BUT be warned…there’s a bug going around we’re seeing creep into the comments with the download.  It’ll remove some buildings from your game.  So pay attention to what you have in your town and if anything is missing after you download the update contact EA immediately.

You can contact EA here

308 responses to “Monorail Removal is Live (for ALL devices..and SAFE to download)

  1. I blew past the 30000 3 Mystery Track Pieces to 35194. I did not get my 3 track pieces, will we still continue to make track, I sure would like a lot more straights!
    thanks for all your help


  2. If you have yet to update and are going for the Rail Station, keep going! It can be done! I went through three prize tracks in the past two and a half days by playing every hour to avoid the forced update point of no return. Hasn’t happened on the Kindle yet and I was just able to get the Rail Station now! Indefinite tracks here I come 😀

  3. What’s the new resting opening location? When I go into my own game for the first time it puts me in the middle of the map, so I was adjusting my sign for friends. But when I go to Krustyland and back it puts me at SH entrance. And when I go to friends it’s SH entrance. Where is it supposed to be when this is all settled?

  4. Where is the Monorail Removal Update live on iOS. (What is IOS). In the App Store it doesn’t show I have an update ??? I’m playing the game on my AT&T 6.0 IPhone !!! I’ve got completed on my rail yard. HELP would surely be appreciated.


    • iOS is the platform used for Apple.

      The update has been out for 2 days now. Best thing I can tell you to do is restart your phone and see if the update pops up. You can also just do a search in the app store for tsto and see if it says update under that app.

  5. Many of my buildings are resetting when I leave the game so there is little for my neighbours to tap.

  6. Alissa, I finished the urbicide guideline and it should be in your mailbox as I write. Post it as you see fit.

  7. If I visit friends or go to Krustyland all my icons in Springfield disappear and my buildings reset. Just wondering if anyone else is having this issue.

  8. I used my award statues to get as many tennis courts as I could and got to 66% bonus!! Good glitch. I will check if I can put them into inventory without losing the bonus

    On the downside I lost all progress on lvl 57 and also the Quinby Mansion pool. Hope this gets fixed soon.

  9. I have lost all Level 57 progress since the update (iOS), as I complete this as soon as it hit stores. Should have read TSTO first! There’s a lesson… Reported it to EA straight away. EA advised me to “wait for a few days” and not play the game at all. 5 Donuts are offered for all the inconvenience cause…. mmm donuts grrrr just 5!?

  10. Now its is safe to download the update ? I played on IPad Air 2 so IOS.

    • We’re getting mixed responses for iOS (Android, it’s safe. Kindle it’s safe). Some players are reporting no issues on iOS. Others are reporting constant crashing. So it’s a crap shoot…

  11. My version (iOS) was freezing and kept shutting off yesterday, but it seems to have stopped no. What I’ve noticed is it’s still prompting me to collect trash, sort glass, etc. which I’ve never noticed happen in other updates. Has anyone else noticed this?

  12. As long as there is no upside to updating I am not doing it. Lots of problems and the only thing it does is taking away a source for earning tracks (i.e. possums and bells & whistles)

  13. My credit card info has been removed from my iphone so none of my apps will update till it’s added back. I’m still playing the monorail perfectly fine! Doing all the jobs for it still.

  14. Back to the tennis courts. Thanks for the heads up. Was able to buy 38 courts. I was thinking that when I bought each, I checked that the bonus still applied. When I stored no. 38, the inventory description did not show any bonus, but the ones in play certainly still have a bonus. So is it safe to store them (and I was too sleepy when I bought no. 38 to check for the bonus) or do they lose their bonus when stored? Thanks
    Revising the urbicide guidelines to reflect SH changes, which are apparently here to stay. Will finish today.

  15. playing on kindle fire having to download every time i log in is any one else having this problem please?????? help please

  16. Tapper friends, question: if I store some of my classic mansions (to make room for the polo goodies) can or will they stay in storage our will they disappear? Anyone know? RevJRO1650

  17. It’s not a huge bug but getting a computer to do mathematics correctly is quite fundamental.

  18. For those without Krustyland yet: I found that visiting Other Springfield fixed “Rail Yard not paying out the tracks it’s supposed to. You’ve earned enough points but it doesn’t reward them.”

  19. I guess a bad day can turn into a good day did not get to update until about 11:30 p.m. so I missed all this .

    I hope tomorrow will be a better day , but the 8 Ball says No.

    I know this is a little late , but glad you made it out of the woods Bunny . 🌲🌲🌲🌲🐰🌲🌲🌲🌲

    See ya bye . Shine on you Crazy Diamond . 👽

  20. I’m having to replay two questlines – Marge’s gym and the burlesque house.

    Did anyone find a way of rectifying this bug?

  21. I’m an iOS user, and thanks to this blog I haven’t updated yet.

    I normally ALWAYS update right away, but thanks to Bunny and the dream team addicts, I haven’t yet. 😀 I get to do my friends list later YAY!

    Thanks everyone <3 <3

  22. This is unrelated to anything, but note Moe and Marge walking together. It reminds me of an episode with Homer asking himself what Marge would say. There’s a thought bubble of Moe with Marge’s hair taped to his head. Can anyone think of which episode it is? Any help would be appreciated. Wookie, I’m looking at you.

  23. thank you for updating. i just downloaded the update, and it’s working fine for me. 🙂

  24. Am I the only one that is okay redoing level 57? It actually restarted level 57 twice today on me and I was rewarded 15 doughnuts 2 different times. I’m okay rebuilding things for 30 free doughnuts.

    • I’d be fine with replaying level 57 if I hadn’t also lost premium buildings. The error donuts aren’t enough to offset what was lost. Waiting impatiently for the magical EA fix…

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