Common Bugs/Glitches Since Monorail Removal Update Hit

UPDATE 3:30pm EDT: There’s an update in the App Markets (I can confirm it’s both on Android and iOS…Kindle I’m assuming it’s there for you too).  This most likely is the patch MANY of you have been waiting for.  So download the update and see if it helps resolve your issues…

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

So we’ve been fielding hundreds of comments over the last 19hrs or so about bugs you’re experiencing in your game, if it’s safe to download the update and a bunch of other stuff all related to the Monorail Event Removal update.  So I figured one central place for all the answers we have for your common questions…and a place for you to list your issues is best for everyone.  (especially since I can’t drink caffeine and I have a small child kicking my insides all night…so needless to say my energy level isn’t as high as it used to be 😉 )

So on with the show problems…


Problem: Springfield Heights Prizes Not Appearing…

You’ve reached _____ level of Real Estate Points and won ____ prize for it.  However, you’re not finding the prize anywhere.  The popup isn’t appearing:

2015-07-28 14.11.25

this is just an example it could be for ANY prize for SH.  So just cause this image shows the lake don’t assume it’s not about your problem. 

And you can’t find the prize anywhere (you’ve checked all over your inventory, etc)

Resolution: There’s a weird bug going on with Springfield Heights since the update hit yesterday.  This is something several readers have reported…the only resolution for this right now is to try the basics:  Go to Krustyland or a Neighbor and come back.  If that doesn’t work, Contact EA


Problem: Since I Downloaded the Update My Game Keeps Crashing
No explanation really needed on this one

Resolution: We’re seeing this impact iOS players only.  If it’s happening to you try uninstalling/reinstalling TSTO (FULLY) following the methods on this post. If it’s still happening the next step is to Contact EA.

Problem: I have to replay Level 57 and Muscle Marge questlines over again, is there a workaround? 


Resolution: No.  The bug was fixed where Level 57 completely disappeared, but the downside is that many of you will have to replay the questlines and there is no workaround for it.  The bright spot is many of you are reporting you also got double donuts since it reverted back.

Problem: I’ve Earned Enough for the Next Prize at the Rail Yard but It’s Not Awarding me the Prize and the Blue Bar Goes off the Screen.
Looks something like this (thanks elwyn5150 for the image):


Resolution: I’ve said this many, many, MANY times in the comments and posted it on the removal post.  This is a Sync issue.  The simple fix to this is go to Krustyland or a Neighbor and come back to your Springfield.  It will resolve itself and you’ll be awarded the prize you were missing.

Problem: Every time I log into TSTO it redownloads everything, how do I stop it?

Resolution: Try fully unistalling and reinstalling TSTO, see if that helps.  If it doesn’t, contact EA.

Problem: There’s No Money Icons Over My Buildings, I Can’t Collect On them. Money Dollar Sign

Resolution: This is something we’re seeing mainly hit iOS players.  There really isn’t a solution to this at this time.  My best advice is to contact EA.

Problem: The Tennis Courts Don’t Say The Award A Bonus Any More, Do They Still? What About What I Already Owned?


Resolution: The ones you already own should still reward the bonus % for each one.  And other players are stating that even though it doesn’t say they award a bonus % in the store, they’re still awarding it if you purchase it now.

Problem: Is it Safe to Download the Removal Update Now?

Resolution: It depends on who you ask and what device you have.  On Android I have zero issues, so in my opinion it’s completely safe on Android.  On Kindle, users are reporting it’s safe to download.  On iOS…this is where we have issues.  Some players are reporting zero issues with iOS.  Others are saying they’re having crashing issues, or the money icon issues from above.  And some are just saying they have to replay Level 57 again.  So on iOS, right now, it’s a crap shoot honestly.  If you are having issues, contact EA.


And that should summarize all of the major issues we’re seeing with the removal update.  Hopefully it helps clear up some problems for you guys…if not let us know what you’re experiencing in the comments below and we’ll see if we can find some info for you.

What are some issues you’ve experienced with this update?  Smooth sailing or driving you nuts?  Have any of the tips above worked for you?  Anything you don’t see listed that worked for you?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

261 responses to “Common Bugs/Glitches Since Monorail Removal Update Hit

  1. The railyard does not show any prizes that could be achieved. I sent my residents every day to recycle and the like. Years ago, the railyard would show prizes that I could earn. Not anymore. Is this a known problem? My game is also impacted by the rollback glitch, is there a connection between these two glitches?

    • I would also like to know this too. My game is still fine but in my mums game, she is not able to continuously earn the prizes anymore. It says “You’ve completed all quests for this week”. She says its been like that for while so it hasn’t reset.

  2. Since the new update my husband is able to play Maggie every 10 mins, could this be because he placed her in Springfield Heights?

  3. On this update in the acts theres tents and when i get to them i dont recieve them i get everything else except the tents . i’ve been playing for a year now never had a problem love love the game please fix and on the krusty land i havent got any task i’ve been having my krustyland very low becasue i dont have anymore task how can i make it have more task

  4. Did anyone else lose the ability to send all characters on quests via the Unemployment Office? Ever since Halloween update the feature is not available. That was the best upgrade I’ve seen since playing,Mehta a time saver!! I want it back!

  5. I was just a few $$’s away from getting 5 more rail pieces, and didn’t receive them!! I have looked everywhere and yonder, and no luck!! I was ready to start the last set of 5 rails plus getting the 5 Donuts, and have lost that chance in a glitch of some kind!! I am having to start over with one piece of Monorail, and am not happy ant that!! Hope there is a solution with that!! Thank you..

    • My monorail builder hasn’t been working properly for at least a month. It operates normally until I get to 5 mystery monorail prices, and instead it resets back to the beginning, and I have to start over. I own a lot of track. Is there something in the program that keeps me from building too much track? Anyone else have this issue?

      • Deborah Strickland English

        Me too, work all four then instead of going into the fifth section it goes back to the first one … Not letting me earn the last pieces and earn the 5 donuts

  6. I lost Fat Tony after the last update and calling EA has been like pulling teeth, it’s been 2 weeks and they’ve done absolutely nothing. He’s still nowhere to be found and putting the Legitimate Businessman’s Social Club into inventory does nothing. Anyone else having this issue or know what to do about it?

    • Fat Tony’s his own character now…not associated with a building. (which kinda stinks for storage) Do you have Monorail tracks in the water? If you do, pull them out, as it’s a known issue for characters disappearing. Beyond that, it’s a contact EA situation because only EA can go in and restore your characters.

  7. The tennis court glitch is still happening. I’m buying all I can. Went from 30% bonus to 110% in 2 days. Don’t tell EA!

    • What is the tennis court glitch?

      • It was from the Tap Ball promo I think, with Tennis Marge. The tennis courts offered a percentage jump to your bonus. I was able to go from 30 some percent to almost 140 percent. I just saw it dropped off today unfortunately. Sorry.

  8. Is it safe to update now or will some progress be killed?

  9. I reached the monorail 5 pieces + 5 donuts twice and received nada. Finally contacted EA and was quite happy with customer service. Received 10 straight pieces & 15 donuts. Silly to get worked up over a little game.

  10. I have a railyard problem but its not one I see in this article or in any of the comments. Twice so far I get close to 30,000 points. Im not sure if its happening over night or what but it starts me back in the middle of the 5000 point mark (1 track). Super annoying. At this rate I’ll never be able to build the monorail I want. Ill give the krustyland fix a shot. Sorry if this has already been answered.

  11. Hey Alissa, I know this thread is a few days old so not many people will see this comment, but I wanted to leave it anyway. If you think it’s appropriate, maybe you could post a friendly reminder in an upcoming post?
    Here’s the issue. I’m playing on an iphone, like many, many others, and EA *still* hasn’t fixed the problem with $ disappearing from buildings. The buildings haven’t been tapped, but the dollar signs disappear and the timer is reset. (Just a recap, for anyone who hasn’t read about it a thousand times already. 😉 ) What this means is that not only are you losing money and xp, but your neighbors have nothing to tap when they visit except for buildings that can be tagged. I’ve been tagged over 40 times since the update was forced Thursday (despite the fact that my neighbors are from the graffiti-free list), and I’ve been unfriended by over a dozen people. It’s pretty disappointing, since I’ve only missed 8 days of TSTO in the year I’ve been playing. I spoke with EA and they said they still don’t have a fix, so it looks like this could end tomorrow or in a year. And with the 2 new neighbor prizes, it’s pretty bad timing! So please, if you wouldn’t mind reminding people that this is still an issue and it’s not our fault, maybe folks won’t be so quick to tag or unfriend. Patience, guys, especially for long-time, reliable neighborinos! We want the problem fixed, too! 🙂

    • Oh, and one more thing I should add- I have lots of fan-diddly-tastic neighborinos, so thanks to all of you guys!!! 😀

    • I’ll remind them..but I can tell you some people are just quick to unfriend because they don’t read anything else on this site. (and then ask the same questions over and over again in the comments that we’ve answered a million times in posts)

    • Thank you katg504 (and all the team at tstoaddicts). Have had this problem and haven’t yet been in touch with EA as, realising they would be inundated, I thought I would just wait for a ‘fix’ update.
      I would just like to add my observations-
      1.Neighbours (some) ARE tapping but it doesn’t always record the tap in my town. I know this because I have tapped myself from my A and B game and sometimes none, 1 or 2 will register with handshake. The others are just reset without giving me FR points. It explains why some of my neighbours taps are only showing 1 or 2 handshakes or maybe none when they are still being good neighborinos.
      So PLEASE, neighbours don’t give up on me/us. I visit everyone every day from both my games unless they haven’t logged in for longer than 3 weeks. However, I think some of my neighbours are also on iOS and have already given up on their own game!
      2. I lost, definitely 1 but think 2 boardwalk sections that reset without giving me the section. Not trying for another until a fix happens.
      3. I have had a little success after trying all resets and uninstalling/reinstalling. Now not every building always resets on log in or returning from KL or neighbours every time, just some of them.

      Hope this helps others and hope EA gets a fix soon.

      • Andrew-
        It’s good to know that some taps are disappearing. Several times I’ve only gotten one tap from neighbors and I’ve been wondering. I know I have a few neighbors who routinely play this way- to get their 24 hour clock started, they just go through and tap one thing in each town and then go tap 2 more later when they have time. Just a different way to play, and it never phased me, but the last few days it’s been most taps one at a time, and now I know why. I thought more people had adopted the “start the clock and come back later” approach, but I guess it’s another bug/glitch to be fixed.
        And FYI- I lost a boardwalk piece as well that’s not in inventory and no timer reset. I’m assuming the timer doesn’t reset like it does when other things disappear since unlike buildings, the boardwalk pieces must be started manually. The only odd thing is the glitch never happens, for me anyway, on Cletus’ farm. I can grow crops and they remain there until I tap to clear either them or the handshake. This means I’ve been growing a lot of tomacco since it’s 30 minutes- it provides another spot for neighbors to tap for FP on both ends.
        Like you said, sometimes everything disappears at once (as far as $ on buildings), but sometimes, they disappear a few at a time. I’ve noticed that when they disappear a few at a time, it happens not by section of town, as I would expect, but by hourly rate. All of my 12 hour buildings will suddenly be reset, or all of my 3 hour buildings, etc.
        I haven’t given up on my neighbors at all (although I did delete 3 from the anti-graffiti list who tagged 3 buildings 4 days in a row, but I think those were reasonable to delete, even in the current EA situation). In fact, I’m glad my neighbors haven’t given up on ME yet!! Thanks, neighborinos! 😀
        Another tip to go along with planting every 30 minutes- only do the planting every 30 min during regular game play. If you’re logging in every 30 min just for that, I’ve found my $ disappear faster. If I stay out of my game for 12 hours (instead of my usual 4-6 per night), it gives more buildings a chance to refresh their timers and $ to appear again for taps. The pro side of this is that it does definitely help your neighbors, the con side is that it limits your game play. So if you can, try to get as much done each time you play as possible, and then give it a few hours before you go back into the game. More buildings refreshed, more taps, more good stuff all around… Except for the fact that yes, I am an addict and compulsive tapper, so restraint has been fairly difficult, haha. 😉 Good luck, thanks for the feedback, and here’s hoping EA gets this fixed soon!

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