Level 58!! Plato’s & More!!

Hey there Hoppereenos!

Just as we suspected,  EA has dropped a Level 58 on us and it looks like there’s gonna be competition for Tony.

As I’m away from home at the moment… gimme a bit to go through it all and Alissa and myself will get all the details out.


Back with more in a bit…

BEWARE! I see many of you experiencing the usual “Rollback” that comes when Updates first hit. If you experience this, you are going to have to reach out to EA for assistance and most likely Level Up again.

Frankie the Squealer is in our games along with a few other “Persons of Interest” in the Mafia Simpsons Family. Many of you are also now noticing the New EA Logo that replaced the Origin one. No worries, everything is exactly the same. Same emails, same passwords, no changes to anything except that Logo.

EA New Look Origin

Opening the New Level 58 in my game, started things off with a message from Wolfcastle.

Level 58 Unlock Screen

“Remember when we told you Level 57 would be the last? We lied.”

Of course we get some Free Sprinklies for leveling up, this one gave us 2. Tony kicked things off in my game with some dialog about Uber & Lyft. This will begin the New Level 58 Questline, Frankie the Politician.



Springfield Country ClubSpringfield Country Club: 60 Yoga Mats, 24hr Build, +180K Real Estate, (Unlocks at Frankie the Politician Part 3 ), Earns $60 & 10xp every 4hr, sits on a 5×13 base, can be placed on Grass/Pavement


Mafia CarMafia Car: $1,680,000, 3×5 Base, can be placed on Grass/Pavement/Boardwalk, Obedience +10

Plato's Republic SignPlato’s Republic Sign: $10,000, can be placed on Grass/Pavement, Vanity +610

Plato's Republic ColumnPlato’s Republic Column: $2500, can be placed on Grass/Pavement, Vanity +300


Frankie the SquealerFrankie the Squealer: You find him in the trunk of the Mafia car when finished with Part 1, job at Pimento Grove for him & Martha Quimby Unlocks at Part 2 Completion.



Plato's CasinoPlato’s Republic Casino: 175 Donuts, 6sec Build, Earns $300 & 30xp every 12hrs, sits on a 8×13 base


Plato's Republic FountainPlato’s Republic Fountain: 10 Donuts, 0.25% Bonus xp & $$, can be placed on Grass/Pavement, Vanity +100

Rigellian Chalk OutlineRigellian Chalk Outline: 5 Donuts, 0.25% Bonus xp & $$, can be placed on Grass/Pavement/Beach/Boardwalk

Jockey Chalk OutlineJockey Chalk Outline: 5 Donuts, 0.25% Bonus xp & $$, can be placed on Grass/Pavement/Beach/Boardwalk


Johnny TightlipsJohnny Tightlips: Comes with Plato’s Republic Casino


Looks like we also have a New FP Prize to earn towards too. I know some of you were asking about that.

H.M.O FP PrizeH.M.O: 2000 FP (OR 200 Donut Buyout), 24hrs Build time, Earns $90 & 10xp every 4hrs, can be placed on Grass/Pavement, Consumerism +10

Mulberry Island FP PrizeMulberry Island: 2500 FP OR (250 Donut Buyout), can be placed on Water, Tree-hugging +100

There you have it. MORE Gangsters added to the town along with some interesting New Decorations and Buildings. Still not my Maggie… but keeping my fingers crossed. Maybe I got to have one of these guys “have somebody sleep with the fishes” to get her in the game. 😉

What do you think of the Update? Are you close to Level 58? What do you think of the New Decorations and Buildings? Let us know.


164 responses to “Level 58!! Plato’s & More!!

  1. Please help…
    I am on level 59 nearly at level 60 and when I got to level 58 I was never given the Mafia Car and so I cannot do the Frankie the Politician challenge.
    Can anyone suggest what I have to do in order to start the level 58 challenge?

    • XP Level at bottom corner isn’t all you need to focus on… it’s Game Play Level aka Questlines that’ll keep the flow going and unlock items.

      Look at your Task Menu and list your open Task names and part numbers. Then compare those to the Level Walkthroughs and see what Game Play Level you’re actually on.

      That will let you know what Questline you need to complete to move forward. 🙂

  2. What do I do? A job for Legs and Louie in the “Frankie the politician part 6” is not a job highlighted in either characters list. I am stuck .

  3. Hi!! Wondering if you can help me. I am trying to complete “Frankie the Politican” jobs but the part 6 “legs and Louie ensure no spoilers for the season” is in Louies or Legs jobs and I am stuck. Please where do I go?

  4. Yesterday I suddenly realized that about 1,4-1,6 million had disappeared from my account.. Couldn’t find anything on the forums about this. Has this happened to anyone else, or is there anyone who knows what to do?

  5. Level 58 did pop up unexpectedly (I had to quickly Level up on Obedience) and so far Frankie the Squealer (erm Politician) has been a lol fueled Quest. Springfield Country Club: makes a nice addition to Springfield Heights (and is the right sort of Freemium Tappers deserve vs wasting Donuts on new Buildings).

    Mafia Car was overpriced (it sure feels like we pay more for stuff as we Level up – I don’t like this and I’m sure I can’t be the only Tapper who feels this way) and isn’t really used by Characters.

    I did lol @ the HMO Building / Mulberry Island, as well as the Chalk Outlines for Jockey & Horse and Rigellian Alien – but I won’t waste $ or Donuts on anything related to Plato’s Republic Casino / Johnny Tightlips (as I’m saving my Donuts for Halloween 2015)!

  6. I just updated the IPad and the game and to my surprise, it change the language on the game. It is now in english and i used to play in french. I checked all my settings and it is ok. Dont know what to do…

  7. I was wonder what was going on… i have to visit Krustyland or a friend nowadays to get my buildings to start regenerating money( the dreaded not synchronizing issue). sometimes they reset at Zero and I have to start waiting again.

  8. Upgrade, but I am missing one building and at least 18 characters, including Burns and others part of Monorail building, and the 58 quest keeps rolling back to 1st 12 hour dinner? Too many glitches, and none of the usual remedies work?!?!? Waiting in vain for EA. Are others just sailing along?

  9. Wow, this is the first time in years – literally – that I was not ready to level up with a new level update. With the focus on SH, the Monorail event, and buying all those new tracks of land, I let the level 57 quest sit (although what little progress I had made was wiped out by the IOS update – wish I could get the Overpass Cafe back!). Now I need to start accumulating cash to catch up. Anyone else in this boat?

  10. Has the neighbour visiting changed? I only ask because I logged in today and found a couple of buildings had two thumbs up above them.

    • Usually that means a character is done with a task…

    • Susan C. (Suski33)

      I wonder if Rachael means that she has seen some buildings with two overlapping handshakes at the same time. I’ve seen that a few times: two handshakes, one on top of the other, as though it was possible for two neighbors to visit the same building, without the building needing to first be cleared by me. When I clear the building two names float up simultaneously. Bizarre…but since (like so many) my building cash is resetting every time I leave my main town, I’ll take whatever handshakes I can get! 😸👍🏼

      P.S. A hearty thank you for the info on problems specific to iOS devices. That not only helped me feel like I wasn’t alone in my misery, but pointed me in the right direction for seeking help.💜

      • I had this same “issue” myself. Two handshakes on a Building. Several that are isolated and not a single one nearby. I have also encountered it before… many times in fact and almost always right after End of an Event. It usually is remnants, nothing more. 😉

  11. I desperately need more land in SH. There’s so much darkened land plots above the mountains that could easily be released!! I hope they don’t neglect SH like Krustyland since SH is on the same screen

  12. I just leveled up the day before the new level hit & got my 3 bonut sprinkles then 2 more for the new level :). Can’t wait for TOH!!!!

  13. So I get the update last night. Start the level 58 quest all the way to unlock the squealer in the trunk. I login today, a new download starts and I am back to 57 and the mafia car and squealer are gone! Also, what is up with the last part of the weekly monorail? I am at 76,714 of 70,00 and I am not getting my last track set or free 5 donuts

  14. *sigh I’ve wanted to see Johnny Tightlips in the game for awhile but I do not want a big, gaudy pink casino in my town and to have to pay big sprinkles for it too- right before TOH. Sorry Johnny, maybe some day.

  15. I woke up this morning and my Springfield was completely loaded with menus, dollars and bills. I did something (bought land, went into architect) and went back and all were gone. All the times on all the buildings had reset and were 15 minutes into their counter.

    What is causing that?,

  16. I’m still stuck at Level 57 with 310K XP. I updated my iOS app the first thing the Monorail removal came out and got bumped back to Level 56. Through the day, I got the other two updates, taking me back to 57, including the Level Up two donut bonus and the Rosh Hashana bonus of 15. Now I’m debating whether to contact EA to and risk losing those 17 sprinkles or go ahead and replay 57. I didn’t buy anything premium in Level 57, so I think I’ll just play through (and hope an update comes through to bring everything back!)

  17. I so want Johnny “I ain’t saying nothing'” Tightlips but why so much donuts needed……?

    Saving those precious donuts for limited items instead…

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