WARNING For Tappers Using iOS (Apple) Devices and iOS 9

Update: Version 4.16.9 is the current version out for Android.  iOS is still on 4.16.8.  If you’re on iOS and your version is 4.16.8 sit tight, as 4.16.9 should be hitting for you soon.  They may be waiting for these issues to resolve to release or or Apple could be holding it up.  IF you’re on iOS and getting a message when visiting friends that they have a newer version than you, it’s probably because they’re on Android and have Version 4.16.9.

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Just popping in with a quick tip for those Tappers using iOS (Apple) devices and the new iOS 9 Software.


The new iOS update (the actual update from Apple, not something EA has anything to do with), iOS 9 has a lovely glitch with it that impacts the ability to update apps.

So check to see (or remember if) you’ve downloaded the latest software for Apple (iOS9) in the last 24 hours…if you have that’s probably why you’re not seeing updates to TSTO.

So what can you do about this?  Personally, I don’t really use Apple devices on a regular basis so I can’t check things out but I did search the Apple Forums and a few tips to try came up.  So if you’re having issues try the following methods: 

-Turn off wifi (and mobile) go to your App Store and hit update all.  Then very quickly turn wifi/mobile back on.

-Go to iTunes on your device, at the very bottom sign out and sign back in.

-Go to the “Featured” section, wait a few seconds, then tap the updates tab. Immediately after tapping the updates tab, tap “Update All” at the top of the screen.

For more tips check out this feed on the Apple Support Forums:


Hopefully Apple gets this sorted soon.  If you’re an Apple user feel free to discuss what worked for you with updates in the comments below, or talk about how you’re having issues.

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  1. Beer and Brawl issue…
    Help wanted. It seems that Beer n Brawl is having a bug. I can’t continue the guests. It is not possible to make Marge write a smear article…. i have bought beer n brawl and i have the bbq pit to. Must i buy Clamphitheater to continue?

  2. I can’t get on my tapped out

  3. So I got an update on my phone and then I went to log into my Simpsons game and it keeps saying that I’m logged on another device and I’ve never played on another device so I’m not sure what to do.

  4. Kim (kimberlyah794)

    I contacted EA this morning (Sept 23, 2015) because I’m still having the widespread issue of my building income disappearing. I’ve uninstalled/reinstalled the app. But since I’m on iOS, I haven’t updated my iOS because of the problem related to that. He said he put a note in my file so that if EA doesn’t give everyone free donuts, as they often do after a widespread problem like this, then I can call back and they’ll award them to me to make up the loss. He said every call make sure they can see that many people are having the same problem and hopefully they’ll have a patch out soon. He was very kind, but in the end, not particularly helpful. Just told me to try an uninstall/reinstall, make sure the game is fully updated, and my OS is up-to-date.

    For me, what’s been happening is in the morning, most of my buildings have signs above them that I can collect the income. Because of the problems I’ve been having, I’m only collecting on handshakes and buildings with timers an hour or less. Then, if I leave my town for any reason (close the app, visit neighbors, go to KL), the income I’ve left uncollected so my neighbors have something to tap is gone. I was going to say it’s *nearly* every building, except for those that have short timers. But I really think that they all reset, but the short-timed buildings (like brown houses, etc.) have just re-earned the income after the timer reset. And sometimes I have a building with two handshakes, or when I tap a handshake, two names pop out. *sigh*

    I’ve got over $10million, so it’s not a HUGE deal to lose the income, but I know it’s not fun for my neighbors to have to search around for things to tap. I’m not even horribly upset that I’m getting vandalized all the time right now. I get it. I just hope they fix this soon. It’s really starting to irritate me.

    And, for any of my neighbors who see this, I’m sorry if it’s affecting your gameplay. 🙁

  5. Not sure if this issue is happening to anyone else but my blueprints keep surpassing the total amount needed and I’m not receiving the monorail prizes. I missed out on donuts yesterday and now today I should be in the 3rd prize and I’m still waiting to claim the first even tho I’m past it.

  6. Still waiting on my lvl 57 items to come back….

    I called EA again and they are still insisting there will be an update to fix this. But nobody knows when.

  7. I’m not sure if this is a glitch or not. This morning, I knew I had not crafted enough blueprints in time to win the five price monorail tracks because the night before, the game said “the prizes” reset after such and such hours. so I expected at least I would have kep the blueprints that I collected so far but would be starting at square one with the one monorail piece. Anyways, my blueprints are at zero. is this how it’s supposed to be? Ok thanks.

  8. Hi all! All of the sudden I am having issues seeing dollar signs above buildings that should show them. For example, brown houses don’t have dollar signs when I open the app after a couple hours away. Also, the houses will have dollar signs one minute, then they are gone when I look back. I also notice that my friends don’t seem to be visiting as much. I wonder if this is related to the no dollar signs problem. Anyone else having this issue??

  9. When neighbors visit my town, half (or more) of the time I’m not receiving friend points. What is going on???

  10. Need Help
    I have not updated any ios patches (i never do straight away)
    I cant get into Springfield at all. At load screen my EA identity is gone & only playing as an observer from the very start works. I’ve clicked bottom left EA logo to click login, ive forgotten my password and when i REQUEST a password change… EA states an email has been sent to change/adjust password. 2 days now and after 100 requests for a password change, no emails are ever in my inbox or junk/spam folders. I’ve even typed in my other email addresses that are not linked into this game and they also never arrive.
    HEADS NEED TO ROLL, this is frustrating, lv 58 and progress just dying. Rant over , Graeme.

  11. I haven’t been able to log in at all this morning. Yesterday the game ate my progress, took me from level 30- something back to 11 and then erased my whole game. $ losses are huge. EA dropped the ball on that one.

  12. Is anyone besides me not able to get into game this morning? I keep getting that cannot connect to server screen. My connection is fine with my internet, and updates are current.

  13. 100% Bart screen this am. Hard closed, uninstalled. . nothing. I even went into the App store and updated after the initial Bart screen-hard close-restart x2 didn’t work. Guess I’ll give up for now and go outside or something!

  14. I updated to ios9 yesterday and haven’t been able to visit friends since anyone got any suggestions?

  15. Anyone else having an EA login issue? It keeps logging me out and when I try to login it tells me there is an issue and retry.

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