Severs Down Bart Screen

Hey there Hoppereenos!!

Yaaawwwwwnnnn… so Bart keeps taking over our games. Looks like it’s wide spread and not just this game Severs are being temperamental. Hang in there. Nothing you can do but wait. It’s barely after 5am at EA. Patience.

TSTO Server Issues

I’m going back to sleep in the meantime 😛



Want more info on outage?

154 responses to “Severs Down Bart Screen

  1. Can’t get in to the game for awhile trying to reinstall not working.

    • I wonder if it is isolated. I have tried to go in n out several times and was able to play for a while. Others though are reporting the same. Can I ask what region you’re in? Device you play one?

  2. Does anyone know if the Apple IOS9 is still causing problems? I have held off downloading it so far.

  3. mine still wont let me log in past the title screen 🙁

    All weekend I’ve had to log back in to EA too – also tried force closing, restarting and powering down my smartphone to no avail

  4. Grrrr… This will cost me the 5 weekly donuts, as I don’t have as much playtime on Mondays 🙁

  5. I’m still not getting my train pieces but when I went to log into EA to get help, their log-in page was written all in Chinese, which seemed odd. Anyone else getting that?

  6. Nicholas Kingsley

    Are the servers down again?

  7. Thankfully we seem to be back on track here in the UK, fingers crossed

  8. I can I get more tracks for monorail

  9. Servers seem to be back up here, but when I try to sign in, I get this:
    Your other device didn’t save your Springfield. Please sign into that device before playing.
    The problem is that I don’t HAVE another that I play TO on! If I try to play anyway, it gives me another warning about potentially losing progress made… I really don’t want to lose progress ~ Frankie is almost finished w his tasks, so not sure what I should do ~ HELP! Any advice would be greatly appreciated! 😚

  10. Mine came back about an hour and 1/2 ago, about 11:30am EST.

    It sucked tho trying to get on this morning, a lot of things were giving me problems not just Simpsons Tapped Out, the FX Now website wouldn’t let me watch the Simpsons either, I haven’t checked that yet tho.

  11. Got in the game ☑

    Visited neighbours ☑

    Got booted out ⬜

    Reached level 57 ☑

    Back to normal 🙂

  12. I managed to get in and send everyone on jobs but my Frankie the Squealer task and Belle tasks haven’t progressed anywhere near as much as they should have done. The amount of time left suggests I started them at 2am and 4am, when they were both approx 10-12 hours before that.

  13. Good to know that other people were having problems too. I thought I was having server problems due to the stormy weather and brown outs here.

  14. And back up again! Oh, what a merry dance the server farms are leading us on. Do-si-do your server, EA!

  15. 11:50 am eastern time, just got back into game.

  16. Still waiting…and waiting. the donut just spins and spins and spins

  17. Still down on the Canadian west coast. I went to bed at like…11 last night after I sent everybody on their 12hr tasks, so hopefully it’s back up by 11am. Only thing I care about is missing out on the 5 bonuts!!! I was only 20,000 away and planned to grind all day today at work 🙁

    • I’m in! Tried again after I wrote this and everything looks like it’s back up 🙂

      • Sandra!! Lol I did NOT mean to tag you omg. That was my bad. I totally meant to tap your Singin Sirloin, and I always feel bad when I tag people, looked at the name and sure enough it was my new friend lol. Here’s an imaginary training wall for ya.

        • No worries – I don’t mind being tagged at all. (And I accidentally tagged two different neighbors last night myself!) In fact, when I was a lower-level player, I actually liked being tagged, because it gave me a way to collect much-needed income from those buildings. I don’t need that income any more at this point, but I have enough training walls to keep tagging from making any difference to my Conform-o-Meter.

    • If it’s any consolation, I ground away most of the week to reach the magic number of blueprints (which I hit on Friday), but I never got any donuts. From what I’ve been reading, this has been a common problem, so I wouldn’t feel to bad if you can’t hit the number this week. (And, remember – I think the clock resets on Tuesday, so you still have time left to try and hit it.)

      • Yes I totally forgot it resets on Tuesdays and not on Sunday nights, Sunday is just ingrained in my mind as the end of the week lol. And that sucks about the bonuts! I really wanna get as many free sprinklies as possible before THOH.
        Btw Sandra I was hoping to add you to my friends, I know you usually have quite a queue of people waiting and I don’t know if I could send you a request since I think your list is full but I’d love you to add me if you ever get a spot 🙂

        • Oh, definitely send me a friend request! People that I “know” from here as frequent posters always take priority of over “strangers” (and I don’t have any other familiar folks from here on the waiting list right now, so you’d be at the head of the line). I’m not sure if I have anyone to dump right now, but I’ll pay more attention to that over the next few days and hopefully will be able to make a spot for you. 🙂

      • Sent 🙂

  18. Back up on US East Coast, c. 11:15am. Let me in, AND collected mystery box with 10 donuts! Dropped out once, got back in right away, now feverishly tapping and resetting tasks…….and another drop out while I type…Doh

  19. finally got in to my game. florida, 11:30am , been trying since 7am. finally.

  20. Servers working on the west coast. My EA id showed as Level 1 but when it opened all was as it should be.

  21. i was wondering what happened? i’ll have to check again.. and this happened right after i blew up my town to rearrange. coincidence??? j/k xP

  22. 8a.m. in San Diego and I still can not get in. So frustrating given the large number of issues of late.

  23. Loaded suuuuper slow and I got the Bart screen once, but I managed to get in!

  24. Getting in but it’s exceptionally sllllllooooowwwww!!! Too annoying to visit neighbors 🙁

  25. Nicholas Kingsley

    Looks like people won’t be able to complete the tasks for the 5 donuts 🙁

  26. Working again @9:55 CST

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