Add Friends For Halloween Nightmares

This thread was getting full…and there’s an all new event!  So check out this post to add friends for Christmas!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

It’s Halloween in TSTO…and we know Friends will play an important role!  So with that in mind we figured now would be the perfect time for a new Add Friends Feed….just in time for all the Halloween Fun!

So now…hit up this post with your Origin ID’s and Add Me Requests!  Who wants to be first?

Pssssst….If you’re looking for a thread to find neighbor-eenos who WON’T vandalize you check out this Add-Me page…now Graffiti free! 🙂

And remember…if you’re looking for ways you can THANK your neighbors for visiting, tell them you LOVE their designs…or even yell at them for stealing your designs…you can hit up our THANK YOU Thread!  The only place in the TSTO-verse where you can freely Thank and Admire your TSTO Friends and Neighbors!

Spooky Campfire

3,186 responses to “Add Friends For Halloween Nightmares

  1. nathanalicia977

  2. Please add me I play every day x

    Thank you

  3. Add me! LordFIstas (with big i). 42lvl login every Day.

  4. I’m a daily player add me Mustache23

  5. Add me. Need more friends lauraline91

  6. Add me 🙂 dippingunited

  7. If AtylaUro doesent work try my mail

  8. Atylauro here. Please add. I play several times a day…

  9. Add me, I play all day jai_spliff

  10. Add my origin account! jai_spliff

  11. Add me! Just getting back into playing, usually check in at least once a day. Level 59. No problem with tags. 🙂


  12. Add me examplefan75, daily player, constant tapping

  13. If you’re looking for a daily player to add, I fit the bill. 🙂 Please add:



  14. Add me – prezza92

    Daily player, and I hear you pledge not to use spray paint in your neighbourhood!

  15. Add BAUH2
    Level 57 and counting

  16. Daily player


  17. Joshnoxiou253 daily

  18. Add sugarmommajane! Daily player top level

  19. Daily player, have about 10 spots available sharono60

  20. Add me ! Daily player

  21. Jidef88@gmail.Com new player don’t mind graffiti

  22. ThrobbinMonster

    Please add me — ThrobbinMons — You have my cromulent pledge to never graffiti … and there just might be some corn in it for you …

  23. xvi6

    Add me. Daily player[:

    *Doesn’t vandalize, if interested.

  24. username is “ryltao”;
    Feel free to add, I don’t vandalize;
    Am on daily,

  25. edcannon

    Add me for daily checks.

  26. Please add me. Shorticia
    I do tag sometimes, welcome to tag back.
    its all in fun. Play every day.

  27. Please add me, I dont mind graffiti, I play daily


  28. Still have a few friend spaces open, daily player level 56
    Add me: kyledgilla915

  29. Take 2!!!! I have room for new neighbours! Welcome to everybody! I’m level 59 very active player. Amareau

  30. amareau (level 59) I just cleaned inactive so I need new neighbours… no matter which level you are!