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THOH 2015 Halloween Event is Live!

UPDATE BUNNY: I see many of you concerned on your S’mores counts in your game. I just wanted to clarify something for you… it is AS INTENDED. ūüėČ

Basically the game is showing you ONLY the countdown for that particular item you are earning for. NOT the total amount you have collected to date. I think this is a way of letting you know just how close you are to gettting that particular prize. The total amount will still show on your S’mores counter in the Lower Left Corner, but when in the actual Act 1 Prize Screen, just the amount for the current item you are on will show.

Crafting Resources: /180
Spooky Cabin: /360
Pirate Kang: /1620
Model Donut: /2880
Gate to Nowhere: /4230

Another side note, watch WHO tells the story and the Nightmare needed to Upgrade. If you need Zombies, Martin has to tell a story to swap the spawn back to Zombies. Lisa Snakes… etc. Make sure you are spawning the RIGHT item out of the Campfire. (See turbo tappin for each Story release)

PART 3 BART TELL STORIES BUG ALERT: The patch has been released to fix this issue.  

I have NOT been able to duplicate this in my game, but Bunny was able to. ¬†When you get to part 3 you’ll have to send Bart to tell Spooky Stories AND you’ll have to send 4 youngsters to listen to Spooky Stories. ¬†This is a suggestion we received from a reader in the comments who tried it on their A and B game: Send Bart FIRST (and send him via the Campfire, don’t use the Do it option on the task book. ¬†Send him direct from the Campfire) and let that task finish BEFORE sending the youngsters. ¬†Clear Bart’s task and then send the 4 youngsters. ¬†This should get you past it. ¬†So send Bart alone and let him finish the task. ¬†Then send the kids to listen. ¬†If you don’t there’s a good chance it’ll lock up on you.

If you’ve already had the game lockup on you, unfortunately there’s no “quick fix” for it. ¬†You will have to contact EA to get them to clear it for you. ¬†At this point don’t try contacting them (although you can still use the forum thread linked below). ¬†They are aware of the situation and a patch is coming. ¬†It’s not necessary to spend the time and energy dealing with EA right now because they’ll just tell you to wait for a patch.

Also, there’s an EA forum link for this here:


Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

It’s Live! ¬†If you’ve downloaded the iOS Update earlier you’ll just get the downloading updates screen, like when you see an in game update.

It’s out on iOS and Kindle…but I still don’t see anything on Android. ¬†I’ll keep an eye out though. and on Android (if you don’t see it on your list of apps to update, search the store for The Simpsons Tapped Out, should show update there)

It will Auto-Start with some dialogue from Homer followed by tasks for Lisa and Bart.  

As always we’ll be back with more in a bit…

Remember…this is a APP STORE UPDATE. ¬†So you will need to download the latest version of TSTO from your App Store BEFORE you can see this. ¬†You’ll know you’re on the latest version because the splash screen and icon will change. ¬†I know inevitably there will be people saying the game didn’t tell them to update, so they’re behind. ¬†CHECK YOUR APP STORE!

2015-10-06 12.48.12

P.S. The unemployment office is currently having issues. ¬†Don’t worry about it for right now…it’s either event related or their attempt to fix it. Continue reading

Halloween Update in iOS Store but NOT Live Yet

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Seeing lots of reports of the Halloween Update hitting iOS Stores…however NOTHING happens when you download it. ¬†Just a splash screen change and icon change.

This was first being reported in Europe, but now it appears to be in the US as well.  However, nothing is live yet.  I repeat NOTHING IS LIVE YET.

It appears that this was an “oops” by Apple in pushing the update too soon. ¬†The game files on the server are not yet updated to correspond with this. ¬†So you’ll just see a splash screen change and the icon change, but NOTHING NEW IS GOING ON. ¬†So don’t panic.

I know a bunch of you are going to be freaking out that no one is starting anything…and you’ll be screaming at your device about it. ¬†STOP. ¬†Nothing new is going on. ¬†This is just a case of someone at Apple pulling the trigger a little too early…

Just sit back and relax for a bit…we’ll let you know when something changes in the game itself.

For now…here’s a peak at the Splash Screen…

2015-10-06 12.48.12

And here’s a look at the update details (thanks¬†Owen14 for sending this in, mine still shows the Monorail poem)…



Unemployment & IRS Building Poll Results

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Last week we asked you what you thought of the Unemployment Building and the IRS Building and tons of you weighed in.  Not only did you vote, but the comment section of the post was on fire with you guys giving your in depth opinion about both!  Always love to see the conversation, both good and bad, about the game going on!

So now that the poll has been up for about a week, and as we gear up for the THOH (Halloween) Event,¬†let’s take a look at the poll results….

officeofunemployment_menu irslevel1_menu

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Where Did THAT Come From: Johnny Tightlips & Frankie the Squealer

In our silly lil game, we sometimes see things pop in that we have no clue as to their Origin. They seem familiar, but we just can’t pinpoint from where. So that is why we decided to make a fun lil reminder out of it. To let you know just Where did THAT Come From?

Johnny tightlips act like nobody shot him frankiethesquealer_do_a_job_
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