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In-Game Update: Treehouse Of Horror Episode Tie-In (Updated and Complete)

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Just when you think it’s safe to go to sleep…or in my case write some Act 2 related posts….EA drops yet another episode tie-in on us!  This time featuring the upcoming Treehouse of Horror Episode (to air this Sunday).

As usual more information as we go through it..but for now know that Homer starts things off…

Back with more in a bit…

2015-10-15 20.03.12

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THOH 2015 101: How To Earn Gummies in Act 2

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Act 2 is upon us and Springfield has gotten  bit more…risqué.  At least the adults have anyway.  Must be a full moon or too much candy.  Or maybe, as the game dialogue suggests, they’re really under a spell from the M’nthster…we’ll have to wait for Act 3 to find out what’s REALLY going on.

Anyway…as Act 1 changed into Act 2 so did the prize currency we’re supposed to collect.  We’ve now gone from earning S’mores in Act 1 to earning Gummies in Act 2.  So let’s take a look at all the ways we can earn those yummy gummies to unlock all of the Act 2 prizes….


REMEMBER: Act 2 Ends November 4th (0800GMT), so you must unlock all the Gummy Prizes by then or you’ll miss out on the chance to get them for free.  

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Addicts Question Corner: THOH Act 2…Pixelated Characters, Facades, Fairy Kodos and More!

Update: An update is live in both the iOS and Android markets (sorry Kindle, you’ve got to let me know on this one).  This update will restore your Unemployment Building.  So…download it now 🙂

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Back with another edition of Addicts Question Corner, this time addressing your Act 2 concerns.

This post is based around the most common questions we’re seeing asked in the comments.  And it’s designed to help you understand the event a little bit better..or at the very least make you feel like you’re not going crazy with an issue you’re having.  So…if you’re stuck somewhere, seeing something strange or just not sure what’s going on read this post first.  If you don’t see the help then ask your question.  I’m going to try and address every major question we’re seeing in this one post.  So hopefully this will help those that are still stuck/confused out.

Let’s get to it…

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THOH 2015 Calendar: Act Two

Hey there Spookereenos!

We got several Nightmares Roaming our towns, Grown Ups are getting a bit carried away on the Role Playing, and Gummy Bears… err… Gummy Cthulhu’s are squishing all over our Springfield’s

The Treehouse of Horror Halloween Event Act Two has been launched. You know what that means? Time for a nap, after I bug Sandra a lil bit of course, and BigPhil now has to write EVERY POST I would normally write (Sandra volunteered him). Seems fair, right? 😉

Now I know some of you are stressing on just HOW you are going to get all these New Act Two Personal Prizes. Well don’t have a Cow Man!!! IT’S CALENDAR TIME!!


Clockwork Bart 1

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