Episode Recap: Treehouse of Horrors XXVI- HAPPY HALLOWEEN

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Hey there Screemereenos!

How you enjoying all the Spooktacular fun in the game? Getting ready for some Tricks? How about a lil bit of Treats?

It is my most favorite time of the year right now… HALLOWEEN!!! WOOHOO!! (Or as Alissa calls it, MY Christmas.) As we will be most likely out n about until pretty late tonight getting our own treats, setting up tricks, and causing a LOT of Horrors… we figured today would be a great time to put up the Recap for the Treehouse of Horrors Episode to get us all in the Spirit.



Let’s dive into Treehouse of Horrors XXVI!


To open this Episode, many of you may have already recognized the “style” of the Couch Gag from the Creator of another Popular Cartoon, Ren & Stimpy. The Simpsons, along with several other Characters, are definitely drawn up to portray that whacky look you get with the Ren & Stimpy cartoons. It was interesting to say the least.

Now just a quick thought of my own, I actually feel that last week’s show was MORE Halloweenish than this one. It seems the THOH Episodes have slightly become off track over the years. That being said and without further ado, let’s jump into the 3 segmented parts of the Episode.


Bart is out back in the Playground taking bets of how many times he can spin Wendell Barton around on the merry go round before he pukes all over. The rest of the School Kids are standing by counting, hoping that their bet will be the winner. 14 Spins until Wendell threw up… well… wait… he held it in. So no one wins and Bart takes all the cash for himself. Just as he is stuffing it in his pocket, he gets what he believes is a text from Milhouse. Stating that Dewey Largo is stuck in a Harp in the Music Room. Of course Bart wants to see this and rushes to go look.

As he enters the Music Room, he realizes that something is seriously wrong… the music playing is in tune. Enter… SIDESHOW BOB! AAAHHHH!!


He is the one that sent Bart the text to lure him to the Music Room alone. Sideshow Bob does his usual thing of explaining to Bart that he is going to kill him, while Bart explains how he has tried multiple times but never actually succeeded. All while Sideshow is holding a Harpoon aimed at him. Bob fires, while Bart is still teasing him that it just isn’t going to work… as he falls dead to the ground. “Tell… My… Father… He’s… FAT.” 24 years of trying and Sideshow Bob is FINALLY successful in killing a 10 yr old Child. Queue song n dance routine, with of course a Facebook Post and Status Update to Murderer tossed in. Gotta share your life story and selfies with the world, right? Facebook or it didn’t happen? (Did you catch the other posts by Fat Tony, Snake, and Russ Cargill?)

Off to Bob’s House they go (the same that is in our games from the tie in). I did have to giggle that the sign makes passers by aware if Sideshow Bob is “In Prison” or “On Parole”. Bob dusts off the Wine he has been saving for years to drink after he successfully killed Bart, but he has to put it down to get the doorbell. It is Homer with Santa’s Lil Helper in tow. They’re tracking down Bart as Homer goes to all the possible “suspects” on his list. Bob plays dumb and tells Homer he has no idea where Bart is. Homer moves on to the next suspect, himself.


Bob is growing tired of playing around with Dead Bart, so he sets him aside to go be an Associate Professor at Springfield University. (Did you catch the sign outside of the University? Lol.) Bob is annoyed that he is trying so hard to teach the class, but they are more concerned with NOT reading anything and instead just Oogling the information on the interwebs. He dismisses the class, turns to be hit by a Rake, and promptly gives them all F’s and F variations. He is miserable. The only thing that ever brought joy to his life was killing Bart. Well, only one thing to do… bring Bart back to life. He makes use of the Campus and pulls items from Engineering, Chemistry, and even the Black Arts Buildings.

Back to his basement, Bob is making final preparations to get the machine to work. That even includes tossing the Leprechaun (in our game from St. Patricks) into the “Motor”. Now to spark Bart back to life. It works. Bart is back. Bob kills him. Brings Bart back. Kills him. Back. Kill. Back. Kill. Back. Kill. On n on n on as he incorporates anyway he can think of to Kill Bart and bring him back to do it again.

He decides to take a break and leaves Bart in pieces on the table. Just so happens that Santa’s Lil Helper has brought Lisa to the Basement window to see just what is going on at Bob’s house. She knew it was Bob that took Bart. Even when they tried and executed Jailbird, she knew. She goes home to tell the family and they soon all return to help Bart. Homer has been pulling levers all day and doesn’t want to, but Marge insists. Bart is alive again and for once Homer is sober for his birth. Bob enters with a shotgun while on the phone to Wiggum telling him he has intruders and asking if it is OK to shoot. Wiggum tells him to go ahead of course, but Homer has other ideas. He takes Bob down, and with the help of a lamp, cuts him up into pieces. That’s what he gets for trying to kill Krusty. As for Bart… meh. Bart decides to exact revenge on Bob for what he did to him. So he tosses in some parts of Bob with other various animals… some boogers… and reanimates him.

Alissa Shadowed Halloween

In a very Sepia colored Springfield Prefecture, where there High Tension Wires have never been snapped by Monsters, Grampa Abe is taking a perfectly good donut to the Ocean to drop it in. He does this everyday.


Everyone in town teases Grampa and his family. Why on earth does he go drop donuts into the Ocean? (Anyone besides me catch the Mr. Sparkle Billboard in the background as they walked by?) Lisa & Bart question Grampa as to why he does this. He explains that for centuries his Family has made a daily offering of the Donut to a Slumbering Underwater Sea Creature. They don’t want him to rise and destroy them all. The Kids of course laugh at him and his “story”. What a foolish old man. Cut to the Donut making it’s journey to a Monster below.


Back at his home, Abe is making another Donut carefully. Unfortunately this time as he adds the sprinkles to the top, he inhales some down the wrong pipe, chokes, and dies. Death by Sprinkles? Nice. Comic Book Guy is rejoicing at his funeral as the Donuts were making their fish Fat & Ugly (though they sure do seem to look a lot like him. 😉 )

Without any Donuts it looks like Homer… errrr… the Sea Monster is now unhappy and waking up. His roars can be heard clear to the surface at the School, where the kids are told that it is just the excitement from the Cherry Blossoms. (Did you catch the 4 Groups of Sushi? Icky, Ucky, Ooky, & Gross.) Lisa points out that… umm… no. There is a HUGE Creature emerging from the Ocean.


People run screaming from the Beach. Expect Moe, he still refuses to admit that the Old Man was right, and is promptly fried with the flames the Creature spits out on him. Quimby asks the Professor if there is a way to get save them. Frink goes off about how it is impossible for an Animal of that size and weight to carry his own weight outside of the Ocean… as he is stepped on and smashed by Homerzilla. D’OH JO!


Homerzilla continues to destroy the city, lighting buildings on fire, smash places to bits, use airplanes to do yo-yo tricks with. As he is messing around, Lisa approaches him. She points out that they are in a HUGE rural area, so Homerzilla could very easily go anywhere else and walk around just fine without stepping on or destroying things. Homerzilla lights her bike on fire and continues to storm off… right out off the Studio Recording Stage Model. Oops. The Crew helps him back onto the “Model” so they can continue filming. Cut to a Board Room of people talking about how much money they are going to be making off of remaking super cheaply made films. (Like Green Hornet vs Green Hornet and Solitaire: The Movie.) Cut next to the World Premiere of ‘Zilla where everyone has shown up. Lurleen, Drederick, and even the Grumple. Even Krusty is getting involved by making Krusty Burgers out of Reptile Meat… only the sick ones.

Of course the Movie bombs. Only one ticket was sold… to Comic Book Guy… who only bought it to save his place for the New Star Wars Movie… which he says will stink to high heaven. Only one thing they can do, take everything and toss it deep into the Ocean… where a Homerzilla Creature lives.


Halloween Addicts Image Wookiee

Lisa, Bart, and Milhouse are out in the woods filming and hunting Butterflies… or was it owls? As they argue, Milhouse is hit by Lisa’s camera, stumbles back, and falls into a very deep well. (While the “Ice Age Squirrel” runs by chasing his Acorn and is rolled over by a rock.) At first Milhouse doesn’t think it is very deep… until he realizes he is on a ledge. Bart tries to run off, but Lisa insists they save him. So down the well they go with the camera. (Apparently Fred Flintstone got stuck down there too.)

At the muddy bottom there is a bunch of glowing green ooze. Milhouse feels around in it while Bart makes himself a mustache and beard. Lisa is annoyed that he can’t play around with something he has no idea of where it came from. Bart points out it’s the same junk Homer brings them home from work all the time. Toxic Waste Barrels from the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant. To a Simpson, the green goop is like Mother’s Milk… as a giant bubble of the Ooze pops and knocks out the camera.

The 3 wake up back on the surface by the well. Lisa and Milhouse notice that the Ooze have given them super powers to move things with their intellect. Too bad Bart doesn’t have much…. ummm… what is it called again… smarts…. errr… Intellect? Lisa starts panicking that no one can know about this. Otherwise they’ll be turned into test subjects.


Cut to Montage of the daily activities with super powers. Like Lisa not being able to climb the rope at gym and failing… but quickly uses her powers to get to the top and pass. Milhouse getting a wedgie by Dolph, but then flying off with him still hanging on to the underwear as he brings him over to a Volcano and drops the bully in. Meanwhile Bart is annoyed Lisa uses her powers to “fix” his tagging the School. Apparently Skinner likes being called a Weiner vs a Winner. But it seems like Milhouse is taking it a bit too far. He sets up a game of Whack-a-mole with the bullies using the Sewer access points as holes, and even put him Mom & Dad back together… literally. He seemed them together so each one is one half of a body. He gives Apu 8 arms, but unfortunately Snake got them too.


But Milhouse is brought down quickly with a zap. Bart thinks Lisa did it, but it was actually… MAGGIE OF COURSE! I guess sucking on a Plutonium Rod as a Binky has given her powers too. She starts to “fix” all the problems of the world with her powers, like making Homerzilla more loveable like Barney. Or having a French person be kind to an American.


Once again, Kang & Kodos just have a cameo… they better watch out though, too much complaining will put the screen back to a 4:3 sizing… too late.


Roll the silly Credits of silly names… here are a few… feel free to point out the ones that were your favorites!

Emojean 🙂
James “You have no idea how much you frighten me” Brooks
Bat Groening
Dan 9 From Outer Space-eta
Blood Bank Azaria
Burnt To A Crisp Deadgerly
Claw-and-Sons Haste Management
Scott Mulrrr! Ruler of the Planet Omicron Persei 8!
Nick “Nechorchasm” Conti (still don’t have it)
Tar-Aaaaah! Paul


That about does it. Again, I kind of felt “MEH” about these episodes. Enjoyed last week’s more as Halloween content and this one as more a Side Show. Found myself looking more for background gags then the actual content going on for the main story.

What did you think of these episodes? Same thoughts? Anything stand out to you that you did not see?


Just for fun… since it is Halloween and all… I would LOVE to see some pics of YOUR Halloween Experiences. I know that we are all over the world, so it may be celebrated differently or not at all. So show me!! Let me see what kind of decorations you put up. Your costume, if you want to share with the crowd. You favorite House in the Neighborhood. Etc. (Of course as I also appreciate anonymity and keeping personal life, personal… only share what YOU are comfortable to share with the world of readers here.) LET US KNOW!


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64 responses to “Episode Recap: Treehouse of Horrors XXVI- HAPPY HALLOWEEN

  1. Treehouse of horror

  2. Not a fan of this episode at all… Didn’t find it offensive or anything, just not particularly funny or scary or touching or anything. Really liked last week’s though…glad they decided to do two this Halloween.

  3. I didn’t like this episode. Bob killing Bart over and over again and what he does to his body was over the top. I thought it was more disturbing. I didn’t find anything funny either and it was boring. The only thing I liked was the intro. If I had kids I wouldn’t let them watch this. Oh well

    • Regarding not letting kids watch this… I agree, but sadly, The Simpsons is by no means the only prime-time “kids show” that falls into that category. I always enjoyed The Muppets as a kid… but there is no way on earth my kids are watching the *current* incarnation of that… far too much overt sexual innuendo.

      I guess “They don’t make ’em like they used to,” applies to TV as well.

      • But the innuendo on The Muppets is just that, *innuendo*. Those jokes will go right over most kids’ heads…they won’t realize that there’s anything sexual implied. (I know of at least one sex-related joke in the first episode that went right over my 75-year-old mother’s head!) The kids will only get one “entendre” of the double entendres. 😉

  4. This episode was a bit much… wasn’t the typical THOH humour. Sideshow bob killing Bart was actually a bit sick, I watched this with my friend (we’re both in our 30’s) and both of us commented on it. Barts decomposing body and the multiple ways Bob kept killing Bart seemed a bit too much. I decided to put it on for other friends of mine that have come over the last week without mentioning the content, to see their reactions, and they’ve all been the same. One episode I would really discourage playing to kids. My friends 10 year old son watched it and looked quite upset, said it wasn’t funny it was sick. When we went to turn it off he tried to rationalise that it wasn’t sick it was funny but the look on his face initially said he wasn’t enjoying it. I also thought that EA might have given us something for the actual Halloween day. I mean, this event has been very disappointing and I had hoped that the Lake we were given MIGHT contain Homerzilla or even an update to the store with a limited time character or building to buy. But nothing. So a bit uncertain about the whole THOH event this year. Episode wise and Game Event wise.

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