Wookieecorp brings you… A-maze-ing Design

Hey hey friends… how’s life?  So the other day I found myself with a bit of free time in my game and was tinkering around with designs.  Staring at the Shinning Maze, I wished it was larger and then I thought to myself… “Self.  What if you just created your own?  If you’d thought of this two weeks ago, you could have saved yourself 55 donuts.” Well… regardless of a premium splurge I feel “meh” about… I did just that.

Shinning MAze

So using the maze EA brought us… I set about to create what I felt was as close a representation to it as I could get. For this, I used the 1 x 2 Large Hedges ($325) and the 1 x 1 Small Hedges ($220).

Shinning Maze Tutorial 2

Total materials needed:

86 Large Hedges = $27,950

9 Small Hedges = $1,980

Total Cost = $29,930

Here’s a grid layout to help with recreating this or for anyone who just wants to see how I did the design.  I actually just did the maze by eye but figured this image might make it easier for some.  I ensured all the paths were the same width which is why the small hedges came into play.

Shinning Maze Tutorial

There are so many options available with this!  You could make the maze with any manner of decorations although with the grid layout the blocky hedges are easier.  I myself am considering knocking out a design using all those spooky hedges that EA has given me.  There’s a pineapple maze from Oahu, Hawaii I think could be fun to try.


I got lost in that monstrosity for quite a while lol.  Of course, you could always try your hand at the actual maze from the movie inspired by an amazing Stephen King novel.  Anyone besides me read the sequel?

Overlook Hotel Maze The Shining

What do you think of creating your own Shinning Maze?  My design from the premium decoration is simple, and yes mazes usually have an entrance and exit, but I dig this.  I guess it should be noted you need a bit of space to add a maze to your town but IMHO this looks really cool behind the Maison Derriere or the Spooky House.  Inspired?  Do you plan on making your own Shinning Maze?  Do you have your own maze design you want to share?  Sound off in the comments and happy tapping.  I’m off to more spooky designing and tapa-tapa-tapping.

TTFN… Wookiee out!

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  1. Would anyone like to have a go at my Springfield Hedge Maze?! I may have gotten a little carried away… Head to the North-East of my map, start at the concrete floor opening near the road (opposite the Valentine’s Pond). Your aim is to reach the white Gazebo to the right of the entrance. Good luck!

    User: jacktuckwell

  2. Unrelated question (but the post has sparked a level of creativity that I was trying to avoid – must build maze…)

    Anyhoo, with the new release of the phase 3, I no longer have bunnies or skeletons to squish. I would think that it was something new with the new phase but my daily activities is to squish 30 bunnies. Is this a glitch?

  3. Dr. Sleep was great. Huge King fan here. The Simpsons should have a King themed episode like Family Guy.

  4. I did something kinda similar to a maze around my Quimby mansion. I made a go-cart track using the bumper cars and the same hedges. I was thinking about making the track go all around the outside edge of my Springfield, interacting with the houses/buildings differently but, it would be a lot of work and since the bumper cars can only face down and right, it can be really hard on 2 of the sides, but not impossible to make it work.
    Unfortunately, I don’t still have it up, I recently changed my Springfield around and took it out. The only pictures I have of it are showing the graphics glitch. Just pretend the race cars are walls (like they are supposed to be).
    (I forget how to post pics on here so if this is just a link then sorry)

  5. Very cool. I’m doing a maze with the Bramble Hedges with the Ancient Ruins in the middle. Mazes are great.

  6. I’ve been thinking of doing a maze in the original first Packman level. What do you guys think?

  7. Good going Wookie! The extra bonus about the Build your Own version vs the Premium Spend Donut buy one is that your characters will walk thru the BYO version where as the Premium one isn’t interactive at all. Makes it a no brainer to build one vs buy this one!

  8. I had this idea too while watching The Shining on Friday. Great minds think alike, huh? I’m super lazy though, so I might never actually get around to it. 😉

  9. Yes, I enjoyed the sequel, but hubby found it so so, love the maze idea, but haven’t created one yet

  10. I die make à maze around the Campfire with the spooky walls you get from upgrading your Campfire.

  11. Kim (kimberlyah794)

    Methinks we need to have a maze showoff event, judging by the comments on this post! 😀

  12. I’ve had my campfire on zombies only for much of the event, so am making a maze with wailing walls. It is a bit awkward because there is only one size. I’m filling in with some spooky walls for the time being but hope to get enough wailing walls to make it nicer.

  13. Before I nuked my Springfield to rebuild it entirely, I had a huge hedges labyrinth around my Stonemasons’ headquarters.
    I actually used hedges a lot, also to write things – such as around Radioactive Man’s beach house and Burns’ mansion. I think they are ideal for such purposes.
    Currently I am still busy rebuilding everything, I hope that the Springfield Heights area will soon be extended, because I could need the space.

  14. Nice! I created my first hedge maze when Willie’s tractor hit the game. It instantly reminded me of the “Crazy” Aerosmith music video & so I recreated it behind the Calmwood Mental hospital. As you could imagine it took up a huge chunk of land & while the thought of Michael Jackson (the patient) wandering it brought me happiness, the lack of perfection regarding the Z drove me batty. I finally nuked my town & only built a smal maze when THOH hit. Once Halloween gets put away I will probably make a large one again. I’m thinking a Celtic design this time. Though even as I type this another dozen ideas pop in my head. 😉

  15. Lots of comments on this thread with people trying to describe designs in their town,

    Post pics on the flickr page, that’s what it’s for ! 🎃 🎃 🙂

    • I have a sort of labyrinth with my Pagoda and I’m collecting brambles for another that’s long and narrow that has a surprise somewhere in it if you go the wrong way 😉 Posted them on the flickr page

  16. This is awesome. I actually created one of these a while back because I was bored. It looked awesome but then it got in the way when I rearranged I ended up blowing up my town to clean it up lol

  17. I haven’t read the sequel. My lady friend read it and said it wasn’t too great and King’s novels just seem to take awhile to get through.

  18. I made a skull and cross bones out of hedges for this Halloween. Looks a little silly but oh well helps add to my vanity rating. Already planning a cheesy display for Christmas.

  19. Matthew Szekeresh

    I have a hedge maze on Burn’s Mamor with the hell gate and the angel fossil in it. Would love to see a call for user generated maze pics if/when things slow down in game. Love this site

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