Christmas 2015 101: Best Snowman Ever

Special thanks to Kim (kimberlyah794) from the Addicts community for helping me out and writing this post!  

Ho, ho, ho, Tapperinos!

Here in the Midwestern United States, it appears we are all getting a green Christmas this year, but not in Springfield.  In fact, there is so much snow, Homer and the rest of our Springfieldians (if thus they can be called) have gone a little snow-crazy, thanks to a competition with everyone’s favorite neighbor, Ned Flanders.

By now, most, if not all, of you may be finished with the Best Snowman Ever.  But for those still working on it, we wanted to provide you with the details of this snowy behemoth.

The Best Snowman Ever

bestsnowmanever05_menu(Fully Upgraded Snowman)

Building/Decoration:  Best Snowman Ever
32 hats/8hours
Build Time: 
Earns:  32 hats / 8 hours
  Vanity +50
Unique:  Yes
Size:  5X5 
Can Be Placed:  Grass/Pavement/Beach/Boardwalk/Pier
What Does It Do?:  Once fully upgraded, will earn event currency (hats)

Here are the basics…

How Do I Get The Best Snowman Ever?

The Best Snowman Ever is FREE and unlocks via the Effigy in White questline.  Turbo tapping guide is here.


Snowman, Level 1

Personally, I get a kick out of the fact that Homer has apparently rented a snow machine so he can build this fella.

This is a five-part questline, similar to the Can’t Catch Me I’m the Gingerbread Man (Gingerbread Mansion questline).  You will send groups of characters (Youngsters, Kooks, etc.) to work at the Best Snowman Ever in order to upgrade it to its final stage.  Once it’s complete, similar to the Mansion, it will earn event currency.

How Do I Level Up?

Well it’s pretty simple really.  You have two ways to access your Best Snowman Ever.  You can tap on the event menu (remember you access that via the Santa Hat Trophy on the bottom right of your screen).  The icon looks like this: christmastrophy The second item listed in the menu on the left (magnifying glass with green “up” arrow) is the Find Attraction Screen:

find attraction

See the second icon?  That’s the one you’ll want to tap.  Tapping “Go To” under the Snowman will take you to it (similar to the Monorail Event and the recycling centers).  You can also simply tap directly on the Best Snowman Ever.

Once you’ve opened the Best Snowman Ever screen, it will tell you what you need to do in order to complete each level.

2015-12-14 03.47.49

But we know some of you like planning ahead, so here is a quick rundown of each level.


Level 1

Task # of Characters Needed Time Payout (Regular/Premium)
Build the Best Snowman Ever 0 Instant —-
Make Homer Pile Snow 1 1m $4,1xp

Level 2 

Task # of Characters Needed Time Payout (Regular/Premium)
Make Youngsters Pile Up Snow 3 4hrs 16/24 festivehats
Make Dimwits Unpile Snow 3 4hrs 16/24 festivehats
Make Gluttons Eat Snow 6 4hrs 16/25 festivehats

Level 3

Task # of Characters Needed Time Payout (Regular/Premium)
Make Youngsters Pack Snow 3 2hrs 8/12 festivehats
Make Seniors Complain About the Cold 4 6hrs 24/36  festivehats
Make Pessimists Point out Problems 4 4hrs                   16/24 festivehats

Level 4

Task # of Characters Needed Time Payout (Regular/Premium)
Make Dimwits Put Snow in all the Wrong Places 5 4hrs 16/24 festivehats
Make Seniors Move Snow for no Reason Complete the Previous Task 4 4hrs 16/24 festivehats
Make Gluttons Make Things Worse 4 4hrs 16/24 festivehats

Level 5

Task # of Characters Needed Time Payout (Regular/Premium)
Make Entrepreneurs Plan a Work Flow 3 4hrs 16/24 festivehats
Make High Rollers Buy Snow Building Materials 5 4hrs 16/24 festivehats
Make Kooks Put a Crazy Idea to Work 4 10hrs 40/60 festivehats

Each character will earn hats when they complete their tasks, so sending all possible characters will earn you the most hats.  As always, premium characters (not premium skins) earn at a higher rate.  As some of you have noted with Sherri and Terri and the Hot Squishee Stand, right now they are not earning at a higher-than-normal premium rate for event tasks.  Not sure why that is, but it’s how EA has set up the event.

Here are the characters that could potentially be sent on tasks:

Dimwits Brainiacs Gluttons
Barbarian Cecil Terwilliger Barney
Barney Comic Book Guy Chief Wiggum
Chester Dupree Crazy Cat Lady Comic Book Guy
Chief Wiggum Database Homer
Cletus Dr. Hibbert Mayor Quimby
Dr. Nick Hank Scorpio Space Mutant
Duffman Lisa
Grampa Simpson Martin
Homer Principal Skinner
Lenny Prof. Frink
Otto Sideshow Bob
Ralph Sideshow Mel
Sea Captain
Entrepreneurs Pessimists High Rollers
Akira Agnes Skinner Bernice Hibbert
Apu Arnie Pye Fat Tony
Artie Ziff Chester Lampwick Hank Scorpio
Belle Comic Book Guy Kent Brockman
Cecil Terwilliger Dolph Krusty
Comic Book Guy Grampa Simpson Martha Quimby
Fat Tony Hugs Bunny Mayor Quimby
Giuseppe Jasper Mr. Burns
Herman Moe Mr. Costington
Lugash Mrs. Krabappel Roger Meyers Jr.
Luigi Patty Stacy Lowell
Moe Rev. Lovejoy The Rich Texan
Mr. Burns Roger Meyers Jr. Wolfcastle
Roger Meyers Jr. Selma
The Rich Texan Willie
Tribal Chief
Youngsters Kooks  Seniors
Bart Apu Abraham Lincoln
Database Brandine Agnes Skinner
Dolph Bumblebee Man Chalmers
Gino Underdunk Terwilliger Cecil Terwilliger Chester Lampwick
Greta Wolfcastle Chester Lampwick Giuseppe
Hugo Cletus Grampa Simpson
Janey Crazy Cat Lady Hans Moleman
Jessica Lovejoy Disco Stu Hans Moleman
Jimbo Frink Jasper
Lisa Gino Underdunk Terwilliger Judge Snyder
Martin Hans Moleman Kent Brockman
Michael D’Amico Herman Mr. Burns
Milhouse Hugs Bunny Mrs. Bouvier
Nelson Kang Ned Flanders
Ralph Kodos Stacy Lowell
Rod Krusty Suzanne The Witch
Sherri and Terri Lurleen Tom O’Flanagan
Squeaky Voice Teen Otto
Todd Ralph
Uter Rod
Sea Captain
Shary Bobbins
Sideshow Bob
The Yes Guy

Keep in mind that not all characters from each group will be permitted to do the tasks.  EA has set it up so only a limited number characters from each category can go.

Once you’ve completed all of the levels, you will have earned a total of 5850 hats.  In addition, you will be awarded a total of 500 hats for completing the questline.  The fully upgraded Snowman will earn 32 hats every 8 hours.  We don’t yet know if it will earn money after the event is over.  We’ll find out when it happens.

Once the Snowman is fully upgraded, you will also be able to select your favorite façade.


Is the Grind Worth It?

YES!  You will receive 5850 hats just for upgrading and that figure doesn’t even include how much you will earn for sending characters on their tasks at the Snowman.

Strategies to Maximize the Hat Payout

If you want to maximize the hat payout you get from the characters completing the levels, you can stagger how you send them out, allowing you to send some of them more than one time.  For example, the task “Make Pessimists Point our Problems” requires four characters to complete, but allows you to send seven characters.  If you send three characters, instead of the available seven, then when the initial three are done, you can send all seven to complete the task.  This would allow you to complete the task total of ten times instead of only seven (assuming you have all of the characters in your game).  AND, if you send the premium character(s) on tasks twice, you will earn even more hats.

This strategy is certainly not right for everyone because it will take you longer to complete each level, particularly the long tasks that are 6, 8, or 10 hours, effectively doubling the length of each task.  But if you are able to be in your game frequently or don’t have all of the characters, this might be a good strategy.  Of course, if you are in your game frequently, you may not need to utilize this strategy because you may have no problem earning hats.  Remember, you’ll earn bonuts if you finish all the prizes before Act 1 ends…

And that my friends concludes the details on the Best Snowman Ever!

What are your thoughts on the Best Snowman Ever?  Do you have a favorite façade?  What do you think about it?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

Special thanks again to Kim (kimberlyah794) for helping me out and writing this post!  

40 responses to “Christmas 2015 101: Best Snowman Ever

  1. Hi All,
    Little late getting this lol, Xmas 2019.
    I got it out of the yearbook. Is there no way to build the snowman now? I’m looking at the character jobs and I don’t see any that match with what I’ve read. 🙁

  2. Problem, hi everyone.
    I completed the snowman, had him sitting in my Christmas side of town. Decided to re do that section put everything in inventory now his all a pile of snow and no man…😏😳 Bummer. Has anyone had this happen?

    Side note same frigging thing goes for the fortress of solitude… YIKES,!!!!

    Even w the game backed up BUMMER,,,,,

  3. How do I get rid of the unfinished giant snowman if I don’t want to spend the donuts to finish it? It is in the way in my Springfield.

    • You have to wait until the event fully ends and the removal update hits. Once that happens you should (i say should because that’s what happened in the past, but you never know with EA) be able to store it

  4. Could anyone explain why after completing 1,2 and 3 with no problems, 4 did not open the tasks needed. It just asked for donuts from day one, and no I was not behind schedule at any moment, it just never gave me any task.

  5. Im was on the Level 4 Snowman and i tapped the people to finish there quest and now its making me pay donuts to finish it, is that normal??, and i havent finished act one but now i have to do act two without finishing act one

  6. Handsome B. Wonderful

    I want at least another 3 giant snowmen to guard my ice castle.

  7. Do we lose the ability to upgrade after act 2 starts? I’m nervous I may not finish. =(

  8. So one of my neighbours today had ling bouvier and baby Gerald in their town am I missing some bits from my store or are they playing a hacked game??

  9. Thank you Alissa and Kim

    🎄 ❄ ⛄ 🎁

  10. Has anyone else had a task come up for a bonus prize at the end of crafting both the snowman and the gingerbread house?

    Im frantically tapping but have no idea what the prize is. Can anyone let me in on the secret? 🙂

  11. Totally off-topic, but when did the Snow Monster get tasks? Was it with the Christmas update or back when they gave full task lists to animals and people with joint tasks?

  12. I know this is Classic building materials but has anyone here ever used Coal for eyes, teeth/mouth, or buttons?

    I’m trying to go into Flashback mode to remember what I did instead… I think it was a twig mouth, and poked in eyes, and no buttons. I seriously can’t remember.. maybe charcoal bricketts.. I do remember making them but don’t recall the final product. But remember always being disapointed that when I put the hat on it didn’t come to life :/

    • Kim (kimberlyah794)

      Last year we used purple grapes for eyes… And some long grass for some hair. LOL!

    • Definitely coal for eyes and buttons . Before gas central heating “when I were a lad” We had a coal burning boiler in the kitchen and a big coal bunker outsice the back door . Dad grew vegetables too so a carrot for a nose was easy too . Happy days , even if they were flipping cold ones in the winter ….. 🙂

  13. I had lotsa fun building him and i love the different building choices given! On an exciting note with luck, i had 5.00 on itunes and figured 60 sprinkles or take a chance. So i did the latter with the Golden scratch. #1 gave 6, #2 gave 9, #3 gave 6, #4 gave 20 then #5 gave 100!! So i snatched up the limited Victor and Shelter! Still got over two weeks for the other two i am eyeing! Been a nice evening! Just wanted to share my excitement! Taking a chance can payoff sometimes! 😉

  14. Best Snowman Ever –

    Well, you’re going to need this in order to obtain Event Currency (even thogh this Long Time Tapper is sort of irritated with EA, as we have PLENTY from previous Xmas Events – Buildings / Decor that should also be generating Event Currency OR Craft Parts) !

  15. BTW definitely a green Christmas here (or maybe I should sat brown) we set record highs so far this week a mere 86 plus high humidity! Grrrrrr very hard to get in spirit when hanging light in shorts & tank top. I love going to SF to at least see snow in my town!

  16. I finished the snowman, but wanted to thank Kim for the the very thorough post and helping our amazing hosts!

  17. Sophie Krustofski only available for 16 more hours!?!

  18. Green Christmas like always here in Las Vegas…. I miss living in Michigan and having a white Christmas.

    • Well in Windsor, not much of a white Christmas. Was walking around in a t-shirt 2 days ago. And yesterday and today, just a sweatshirt, no jacket. And I can see Detroit right out my window as I’m right off Riverside Drive in Windsor and have a great view of the Detroit River and the Detroit skyline, and can tell you no snow in Detroit, Michigan either. Can’t speak for the rest of Michigan though.

  19. I didn’t know the snowman could be placed on the beach. Sounds like a name of a new hot, yet cold drink: “Snowman on the Beach”.

    If the snowman doesn’t melt after the event, I’d be curious to see what it looks like on the beach.

    • What if it partially melts, and you can see characters stuck inside it?

    • Frink said it doesn’t melt but I think after the event I’m going to use it to tell My Neighbors the weather (where I am):

      Level 5 (complete snowman) on VERY cold or Snowy days

      Level 4 (carrot hanging) on Rainy days

      Level 3 for cool days
      Level 2 for warm days
      Level 1 for Heat Wave

      Or I’ll be lazy and just do Level 1 in the Summer, 2 in spring, 3 in fall,
      4 in winter and 5 only for special Holidays 🙂

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