Winter/Christmas Removal is Live

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Looks like the removal update is live…on all devices.  So if you’re ready to be done with Winter and Snow download it now!

Remember this is a APP STORE update.  So in order to get the removal you’ll need to check out your App Store and download the update.

Friendly reminder that if you’re still trying to collect those last few pacifiers for prizes (or bonuts) turn off your auto updates.  But remember you’ll be playing on borrowed time, there’s no indication as to when you’ll be forced to update…so you’re playing at your own risk.

So what’s next?  Well here’s a couple of hints from the app store..

So what’s the same/changed?  

-First off…the Where’s Maggie game has stuck around!  So you’ve still got your change to earn bonuts regularly!  Pretty sweet, especially in conjunction with the Rail Yard from the Monorail Event!


-Second..the snow is gone!  Everything’s back to being green!  Might take some adjustment on the eyes 😉

-Third there’s an imaginary bear in the stores for purchase!  So all of you who were wishing there would be one, well you go your wish!  For 35 donuts you can purchase your own NPC Imaginary Bear! Only in stores until 1/25/16…

Baby Bear

-The slide factory now earns $120, 12xp/6hrs..for those that have it


-The characters that earned Pacifiers (Babysitter Bandit, Ling & Maggie), now all pay out cash payments.

And that’s about it for now…until the next update!

Have you downloaded the removal update?  Excited about the bear?  Ready for what’s next?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

165 responses to “Winter/Christmas Removal is Live

  1. i finally did the removal, but i also noticed one of my NPC character is missing: the walking donut girl. there are probably others missing, but this was the most recent “freebie” i had received through an event. is there anyway to “force” her to reappear in-game?

  2. For some reason all of my yellow trees are now green , since they updated the game . What happened to my yellow trees??

  3. Once I saw the Maggie game was permanent I emmediatley bought te bear! But now… I literally have only one donut….

  4. Perhaps this has been mentioned already, but Things Unnecessary now pays out $90/10XP every 4 hours.

    • It was mentioned on other sites. I didn’t think to share it here.

      Here’s some other changes, all of which I discovered:
      * Krustyland buildings can be moved freely onto the roads.
      * The unfinished snowman (and gingerbread and the rest) can now be stored. They earn money just like the finished “buildings” do.
      * Graffiti on the fortress of lonelitude had been cleaned up.

      I guess that’s it.

  5. Sooo much green! But then the last time we saw all the trees with leaves was before the halloween event… I wish that ea couple keep the snow on the ground longer, like through to the end of the valentines event maybe. They did a similar thing after the halloween takedown this year, having the trees without their leaves… It feels to soon to be back to green and blooming!
    Guess I should take down the xmas decs and turn off the lights now….
    Looking forward to the next ? Level up or event? Hoping for deep space homer… Heard rumours awhile ago that dsh items were in the files (what does that mean exactly? Do y’all get a preview to the game files, or are you able to decode the updates?).

    Thanks guys for your guidance, and thanks ea for a great event, and a great year of events! This time last year, after the elves, I wasn’t sure how much longer I’d be playing as I thought the game had jumped the shark…but a lot of great content released. Even with the heights grind…

  6. One thing I just noticed in my game, but doesn’t seem to be mentioned here (Unless I missed it, which I often do miss stuff lol) The SF Heights leaderboard is back.

  7. Man, I wish the snow stayed around since we haven’t even gotten an inch of snow in RL where I am in New York.It feels like winter hasn’t even started yet in the real world and it’s over already in the game. I was planning on removing all my roads when we got our first big snow storm in RL, like there was a blizzard and Springfield wasn’t ready for it. I did that another year and it was fun.
    I’m also kinda bummed I missed out on the Babysitter Bandit, hopefully Gil will have a deal on her some time or she’ll come back for a limited time sale as things often do.

    • Hang in there…from what I heard on the news last night, sounds like the mid-Atlantic is likely to get a pretty heavy snowstorm on Saturday!

      Personally, I’m praying that it doesn’t hit my area much near Boston, since I have to be out most of the day on Saturday at a local TEDx event and I really don’t want to have to clean snow off my car afterwards while wearing shorts, which is all I can wear with my current disability…

  8. Hey Addicts, when I Read The Description for “Take Off” on his on, I thought either it was the space event, or for valentines day Homer would “leave” Marge for That Candace girl, just like in that awful Season 27 opener.

  9. Yay Maggie game still running! Very surprised about that, and my hot squishy stand didn’t dump everybody off either, don’t know if that’ll stay as a standing job or not but it’s nice to have a little final reminder of this wonderful event, and I know personally I would’ve never made it through without the help of this site so thank you all!!

  10. I was 450 pacifiers away from the last prize, baby gerald… Suddenly the game stopped and I had to update before I could play again… Sooo sad 🙁 🙁

  11. I miss the snow already. Seems a bit early to have trees and flowers in bloom, especially since we are expecting 12+ inches of snow this weekend here in Washington DC.

    I’m playing on a new iPad now (thanks Santa! Don’t know how I played on my phone for over a year, I’ll never use it again, totally life-tapping-changing) and didn’t know it auto-updated. I was quite bummed as I was only 300 pacifiers away from my 4th round of bonuts. And prob would have kept going for days. Now I know to turn off the auto-update, that won’t happen twice.

    Love the site here (I’m an everyday reader but a very infrequent commenter, maybe I’ll get out there more this year)- the mods are just too great, thanks for everything. And even the regulars. I couldn’t imagine playing without ALL of you.

    • You’re welcome.

      Congrats on getting a tablet. *jealous*

    • Congrats on the tablet. Like you, living in Canada it is a bit early for the snow to go completely. We are supposed to get a huge blizzard this Saturday in fact. Not sure if it would be too difficult to do graphically, but having Springfield in mid melt state in our games would be kinda cool.

      • Or like real snow it could get all black and dirty, full of trash. Big slush puddles Yr characters walking around with pants wet up to their calves. Ahh snow, hate it.

  12. Hello again TSTO! I still have my problem of disappearing characters… After ROSA, Baby Gerald, now it is Homer’s turn! I have uninstalled the whole game and downloaded it back (for the 2nd time within 3 months!) and it didn’t fix my issue! Gerald’s task is still in my task bar… And this morning…Homer decided to go away! I can’t stock the simpsons’ house! I have (tried) to contact EA but it is not really obvious to ask for their help… What is the most efficient way to contact them? Their email is an automatized reply email to tell you to use their “help” web site!! Once again thank you guys for your precious help!

  13. Glad to see the ‘Where’s Maggie” game still. To make it easier I removed all the spare houses, but decided to put them back now. The first blue house pulled out of storage has Maggie on it, chasing butterflies, whilst I already have her practising against Gerald so I now have 2 Maggies!!

  14. Spend 80 donuts on Baby Gerald or risk another day to collect extra pacifiers?

    • Absolutely no “risk” involved, is there? Definitely collect dummies for another day (especially if you’re lucky enough to be on day 5 of your daily bonus, paying out 500 dummies).

      I’m hopeful of a fourth and final bonut payout before the update is enforced.

  15. First time turning off Auto-Update! When do they usually force you to update? I’m less than 2000 pacifiers away from Baby Gerald and I am a freemium player. Should I hold off another day or spend 80 donuts to get him now?

  16. Just got gerald spent 10 donuts wasnt goin to take the chance with only 200 pacifiers to get :-)removal time is here at last

  17. Romantic stroll. Love it!

  18. So as I have finished the event quest lines I realized that while the Maggie mini game resets every 16 hours Maggie doesn’t have a 16 hour mission. It would be nice if EA add a 16 hour mission to keep her on track with the mini game.

  19. Still no tasks for R.O.S.A.? They haven’t removed her from the town hall census though.

  20. OMG was it so GREEN previously?

  21. And with the end of the event, I do my yearly town nuke and rebuilding. Wish me luck!

  22. Cruising over all of your towns, sniping your bears from afar, I can’t help but think, “This is what Sarah Palin must feel like.”

  23. As soon as I got Ms. Botz, I heavily dodged doing her quest line, as I saw the amount of currency payout, but now I will make it 🙂

  24. I can’t wait for the next event, I actually prefer when there’s some event going on. I’ve found out about this site a couple of days ago and I’m really glad that I found you guys, my husband and I play it all the time but we don’t anyone else who does it too. Thanks for everything!! =]

  25. I was wrong…the cave doesnt pay out. Sorry…my bad!

  26. Is it just me or has the Springfield Heights menu disappeared from the store? The only items for SH I have listed in my store are a couple of decorations. I wanted to finish up the remaining Private Islands, but they’re just not there 😭

  27. I’m blinded (by the colors)!

    I thought something was wrong with my game. LOL

    …Cute bear!

  28. Awww, have to get a bear! So not updating until forced. I don’t understand why people rush to get rid of the chance at more bonughts. If they let this hang around as long as they did Tapball I should get two more rounds in. Just have to be sure and do it before the bear leaves the store.

    • Too early to lose the snow, we’re just starting to get ours to stay a bit in realspace because it’s been a freaky warm winter but sporadically down to single digits now. Usually we have it by late November/early December and stay buried until March. When I lived in Michigan, we celebrated both Halloween and Easter with deep snow everywhere. In grade school, I told myself to always remember that odd year when I could go roller skating on the sidewalks on Columbus Day (Oct. 12) because there was atypically no snow yet! That’s how early we got snow and how late we kept it. Where do the developers live that they think snow disappears in mid-January?!?

      I managed to get two more donuts out of the bonus bears after the end deadline, am trying do another 4000 pacifiers. Will I make it? Once I was able to play a whole week after the end of the event, so there might be more bear donuts in my future with a little luck. They might as well let us play longer in the snow anyway.

      • We haven’t had any snow yet but expecting a storm on the weekend.
        I’m halfway to another round of bonuts as long as we aren’t forced tomorrow I’ll get at least one more round.
        I just spent 3 hours redecorating, hoping the flowers I placed will look like I hope they do.

    • I’m not updating yet, but might take all day tomorrow to get another round of bonuts. But with nothing else hitting right away, I figure why not hold off a while.

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