Deep Space Homer Prize Guide: Rocket Ship

Hey Howdy Hey Space Tappers!

The Deep Space Homer mini event hit our Springfield’s yesterday and with it arrived a whole bunch (ok a few) of Space Themed prizes for our Springfields!

This event is designed to follow a series of tasks via the questline to unlock prizes.  For each of the first 6 parts of Cheap Space Homer you’ll have to earn star via various character tasks in order to unlock the prize for that part.  The sixth and final prize you’ll earn is the Rocket Ship…because every astronaut needs a Rocket Ship to blast off in…

2016-01-22 03.02.00

So let’s take a look at this sixth prize and just what happens when you unlock it in your Springfield.

Note: I’m doing this a little out of order, since we lost a couple of days with the weekend.  I know a lot of you are just about hitting this part of the Event, so I wanted to go over this breakdown.  I’ll go back over the next couple of days and break down the other missing prizes 🙂

Once you’ve completed Cheap Space Homer Pt. 6 and successfully earned the 100 NARA star AND you’ve had he Simpsons put the Rocket Ship together  you’ll automatically be awarded the Rocket Ship and see this message pop-up:

2016-01-22 03.06.23

You won’t have an option to place or store this one, your platform will automatically upgrade to include the Rocket Ship.  And once it has, you’ll see this message pop up…

2016-01-22 03.06.28

And you’ll be able to start the rocket launches! Quimby will start up the next part to guide you through what to do…

Cheap Space Homer Pt. 7

Quimby: Good news, Homer! The Inanimate Carbon Rod re-entered the atmosphere and has been recovered!  So you’re off the hook. The rod can take over the mission and you can go back to being… what were you before? A bum?
Homer: Mark my words. No rod – inanimate carbon, Serling or Stewart – will steal my thunder. I trained for this mission, and I will carry it out! Now is the rocket ship automatic or stick? Because I can’t drive a stick.
Frink: I’m starting to regret not paying more attention during the training process.
Make Homer Launch the Space Ship- 6s, Earns $35, 1xp

Cheap Space Homer Pt. 8
Homer starts

Homer:  Sorry, I didn’t realize the parking brake was still on. And that Houston was not our destination.
Frink: Homer, you might be the worst astronaut in world history.
Homer: Even worse than the chimpanzees?
Frink: Even worse than that Collins guy!
Barney: The least you could do is put out the fires you caused! Some of us sober astronauts are serious about getting into space!
Homer: Fine. I’ll put out the literal fires but I refuse to try to fix any of the emotional ones.
Make Homer Put Out Rocket Fuel Fires- 2hrs, Earns $110, 27xp
Quimby: Homer, you really saved the day!
Frink: Saved the day? He crushed our dreams, ruined our space program, and called me a nerd on several occasions!
Quimby: But Homer’s incompetence gave the Inanimate Carbon Rod the opportunity to pry open the water valve and douse those fires.
Frink: That rod deserves another ticker tape parade! And I deserve another bribe from the ticker tape lobby.

Space Trek
Quimby starts

Quimby: Hey, this update isn’t over. We have to try again.
Homer: The controls are a little burned, but I think I can handle it.
Frink: By my calculations, an unmanned flight will yield a higher success rate than having that man at the helm.
Quimby: So it’s settled, tap the switch on the spaceship to launch when ready.
Make the Rocket Blast Off- 12hrs, Earns $200, 20xp

At this point your Rocket will disappear for 12hrs.  And at the conclusion of 12hrs you’ll see this pop up:
2016-01-22 03.11.07
Homer: Why is there so much weird stuff floating around in outer space?
Kang: It’s from our civilization!
Homer: Ooh! So these are priceless alien relics?
Kang: No, useless alien trash.

You’ll then see…

2016-01-22 03.11.17 2016-01-22 03.11.20

So here’s the deal with this.  First, your Rocket is “ready” after you send it to “Blast Off” and the 12hr task is complete.  There’s no cool down time beyond that.

To send your Rocket on a “mission” simply tap the Rocket and you’ll see…2016-01-22 03.12.39

Hit Start and then you can “Blast Off!”…
2016-01-22 03.12.41

Your Rocket will either take off or have a failed mission.    If it’s a failed mission your Rocket won’t launch and your platform will catch on fire, almost immediately, it’ll look like this:

2016-01-22 03.54.10

And the first time this happens you’ll see this pop up:

2016-01-22 03.11.36

All you have to do is wait until the task clears in 12hrs and then you can try another launch.

If you have success your Rocket will disappear right away…and your platform will look like this:

2016-01-22 03.53.38

Once the 12hrs are up your Rocket will come back with a “prize” from Space…the prize will either be:

-Debris (just like the trash in your Springfield that you clean up)
-Kang/Kodos Topiary
-Mini Nuclear Warhead
-Hail Ants Sign

I’ll warn you…you’ll mostly get Debri and the Hail Ants sign…

The prizes will popup just like prizes for other events, and you’ll have the option to place or store them:

2016-01-22 03.53.48 2016-01-22 03.12.14

So if you can’t find them check out your inventory…

Remember you only have a 1 and 4 chance that the Rocket will take off and bring back a prize.  So don’t panic when your Platform is on fire over and over again.

And that’s the breakdown on the Platform!

What’s Next?

Nothing!  Once you’ve unlocked the Rocket and completed the questline above you’ve completed the Deep Space Homer Event.  There’s no point on sending your characters to earn more stars, you don’t need them.  So at this point you can go back to sending your characters on their regular tasks. 🙂

What are your thoughts on the Rocket and prizes?  Have you earned it yet? Did you enjoy the Deep Space Homer event?  Which prizes is your favorite?  What do you think will come next?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

215 responses to “Deep Space Homer Prize Guide: Rocket Ship

  1. If I still have the goal to put the rocket ship together appearing yellow do I need to send the characters to build it to finish?

  2. Hi! I started after NARA quest/event so no rocket option for me, but I noticed I can launch rocket when ‘clearing-3′ in friends’ places. I’ve never received anything & not sure if they have either. I hope I’m not negatively impacting their game 🙁 I’ve launched others’ rockets over dozen times & have never had a failed launch… [insert sexual innuendo joke here]
    More friends the merrier…. nasty2who

    • Honestly, no idea what happens here..

      I don’t think it negatively impacts them. It’s probably just an ability for your to view the animation..

  3. What should I do with all the Hail Ants signs? What does that even Mean?

  4. All I get is debris and hail ants sign and lots of them and I don’t get anything else at all which is very annoying as my friend has got 3 nuclear rockets and aliens so while he gets premium I get rubbish its not fair being as we have both been playing for early 3 years

  5. So im currently on the valentine event .i have notice that when i send characters to do tasks they still have the stars tasks on them. I didn’t really finish the deep space homer event (i never had a rocket launch) why are the stars still there? And is there any point sending characters to create stars now?

  6. I just get debris every time

  7. How does one get the second launch pad?

  8. After the update to fix the rocket ship glitch I no longer get any prizes after my rocket skip comes back down to land. The icon in floating there but I get nothing when I tap on it. Is this the norm now. Have they taken the prizes away? This has happened to me twice now.

    • No, it’s still bugged for some players. I would contact EA, let them know so they can work to repair it

    • Nope – got a topiary since then. Unfortunately, though, my last two launches were both unsuccessful….my rocket is currently in flames again. 🙁

  9. Kim (kimberlyah794)

    To me the potential prizes are pretty “meh.” I know the topiaries are premium items, but even then…

    Quick question, though. If we place and clean up the debris, will we still have a chance to find a donut, like when we regularly clean up our town? If so, I guess it could be worth collecting the garbage, you know? 🙂

  10. I had the rocket pad. I put the rocket in inventory and brought it out and the rocket was gone. It had been gone for 30 hours. I tried moving it and putting it back in inventory but when I did that, the whole thing is gone and now I do not see it in the inventory at all! Any ideas?

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