What a Wookiee Wants: Oh No! More Krustyland ideas!

You know… the little joke in the Maggie questline about Krustyland got me thinking about EA’s forgotten little disaster.

Moe Krustyland TSTO DialogueWhy don’t they do more with it? Is there a way to connect it to regular Springfield without the shuttle so people don’t ignore it? I am an admitted theme park enthusiast and I enjoy going to Krustyland. I’m proud of my designing in KL.

Wookiee Krustyland

Even if you feel like Moe about it, the Sideshow You donuts should be enough of an incentive to pop by. I’ve had some ideas for bringing some TLC to the theme park before and actually had a post idea for months that was delayed by events, school, work, and real life in general.  Then I read some of our addicts discussing it in the SUnday Open Thread this morning and realized I should get off my Duff (pun intended) and finally write the post since I find myself with some free time. Of course, I write on said Duff but anyhoo… here we go-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh………..

TSTO Krustyland visitors main

So I’m randomly watching Simpsons episodes back in October the way I normally do (open Simpsons world… whichever Season pops up gets clicked and then I randomly hit an episode) and what should I happen upon but “I Don’t Wanna Know Why the Caged Bird Sings” (S19:E4). Marge becomes a hostage in a bank robbery at the First Bank of Springfield. She saves the day by convincing Dwight (amazingly voiced by the incomparable Steve Buscemi) to give himself up provided she visits him in the joint. Marge doesn’t live up to the promise so Dwight escapes from the big house and kidnaps her. Don’t worry, this post isn’t intended to be a bummer. I only bring up all this because Dwight has abandonment issues and takes Marge to Plaster Mountain Theme Park because his real mother abandoned him there.

Plaster Mountain Theme Park Simpsons

There’s lot of goodness here that could be incorporated into Krustyland: Dilbert’s Flying Cubicle, a Skyway, Bumper Cars, the Tilt ‘N’ Spew.

Plaster Mountain Theme Park Dilbert's Flying Cubicle Tilt N Spew Simpsons

I giggle at Mr. Frog’s Mild Ride.  As a kiddo, the ride this spoofs was my favorite. I’ve taken my own kiddos.  DOn’t want to spoil the ending of it but when I took my 3-year-old son, at the end he asked where we were.  DIdn’t know what to say so I just said Florida lol. Fun to point out that Krusty was visiting on the same day as Marge’s kidnapping.  I know the designers could find some clever way to incorporate this theme park in a funny questline.

Plaster Mountain Theme Park Mr. Frog's Mild Ride Simpsons

Why not just bring Dwight David Diddlehopper into the game with his beady eyes. A task for him with the Maniac Mirror could be funny.

Plaster Mountain Theme Park Maniac Mirror Simpsons

FedEx Presents: The Bathroom and It’s a Long Line also make me giggle. It should be pretty obvious that this particular amusement park is parodying another famous one that I may or may not work at.  Also some ribbing at SIx Flags expense especially if you’re familiar with Magic Mountain.

Plaster Mountain Theme Park FedEx Presents The Bathroom & It's a Long Line Simpsons

Although Krustyland already has a Viking boat ride, Plaster Mountain has a double one. I think I just want to see a Wiggum task on it.

Plaster Mountain Theme Park Viking Boats Simpsons

So much more cool looking stuff in the backgrounds of these shots.  There’s a fortune teller booth at one point and Quimby winning a monkey at a game of chance. Of course, there’s plenty of other theme parks EA could incorporate into Krustyland. Why not just have Krusty acquire the rights to Duff Gardens from “Selma’s Choice” (S4:E13). The whole questline could involve Howard K. Duff VIII attempting to buy the park or something like that. Lance Murdock is also in the game so this seems like an easy choice. I just really want to see the Home of the Whiplash (not to worry, it was completed in 1994) and the washing machine.

Duff Gardens Whiplash & Washing Machine Simpsons

The Beerquarium, Beeramid, and Duff Beer Hall of Presidents could be fun too. Why not give Abraham Lincoln and George Washington their animatronic equivalents?

Duff Gardens Beerquarium, Beeramid & Duff Beer Hall of Presidents Simpsons

The Little Land of Duff and Duff Light Parade could spruce up our forgotten theme park. You know you want a Lizard Queen task for Lisa.

Duff Gardens Little Land of Duff & Duff Light Parade Simpsons

I think the Barrell Roller rollercoaster would be delightful in our towns and include a fun task for one Bart Simpson.

Duff Gardens Barrel Roll Rollercoaster Simpsons

From experience, theme parks could always use souveneirs and security. Where else to buy beer goggles and Bort license plates?

Duff Gardens Simpsons

Well those are just some of my ideas. Heck, EA could even do something revolving around Ned Flanders reopening Praiseland.  What about Mt. Splashmore?  I’d even like to see as simple a decoration as Krusty’s Crowd Control Barrier (or is is Krowd Kontrol) from “Homie the Clown” (S6:E15).

Krusty's Crowd Control Barrier Simpsons

I’ll stop here but hopefully you can see some of the possibilities. What do you think of the ideas? Got any others you’d like for KL? Sound off in the comments and stay classy like usual. I’m off for another random Simpsons episode. Who knows what inspiration might strike next?

TTFN… Wookiee out!

226 responses to “What a Wookiee Wants: Oh No! More Krustyland ideas!

  1. Poor Krustyland:/
    I just recently (well not recently, during the Wild West event) purchased all of Krustyland’s…land? Then decided to actually do something with it instead of just a jumble of rides-I too LOVE theme parks and was ashamed of my lack of design effort. Pleased with my KL now, I’ve noticed some subtle updates to it as well-like towards the end of my manifest destiny, they changed the ticket requirements (so irked cause I had spent TONS of tickets already, so when my last few squares were just a measly 1000+ tickets, I was a little bummed cause I had tapped away to get the other plots). Not sure if it works out that way or if they indeed changed it.
    So here are my *wishes*:
    Marshmallow trees-I bought a ton during an event, and would go perfect in KL, since it is a fantasy land and all.
    Lollipop flowers-again bought a ton, don’t have anywhere to put hem in my SF
    I went premium with KL and bought all rides/attractions (am saving up donuts through freemium play to get the characters), as it looks sad with just the few you get from the play through. So next to final wish is bring back the Tunnel of Love (with Valentine’s here and all) and the Twirl-N-Hurl (I was disappointed they didn’t include that in the past THOH event). I shelled out donuts for the other rides, I’d shell ’em out again for these 2.
    And finally, do SOMETHING with it again, maybe I’m the minority but I wouldn’t mind KL events, or being included in events.
    My 2¢. Thanks addicts, this site is beyond helpful🙂

  2. Just a thought and I don’t know if it would work. How many tappers actually do anything in Krustyland other than punch balloons and tickets for extra game cash? I’d like to see a poll on that here. If I’m right that almost nobody uses Krustyland much anymore, I’d like to see an online petition to shut it down, somehow pay off for the items people have, and use the computer memory for Springfield and Springfield Heights expansions. I know I’d love to have more Heights land at least. Another row of water would be nice too.

  3. My Krustyland quests seem to have stopped after the Toothchipper & the ability to turn tickets into cash, but I see other parks with more rides that aren’t even in my store. Guessing I missed something?

  4. I’m gonna be a squeaky wheel and say, more straight track pieces!!! I play Tapped Out everyday, multiple times a day, and I only get one or two straight track pieces a week!

  5. Sideshow You gives out donuts?!? Since when? I’ve never, ever got one single donut from SY!

  6. So, this is not regarding Krustyland. I recently bought Ninja Homer and Prarie Maggie. Ninja Homer is on front of the Simpson House twirling his snake whacking stick, and Prarie Maggie us in front of the Simpson House befriending animals. Prarie Maggie’s animation is underneath Homer’s legs, and it looks like he’s got this weird brown shape moving between his legs. ALL THAT TO SAY, perhaps EA should put some space between animations, when they occur outside of the same building/decoration.

  7. I think it would help if there were a few outdoor tasks for every character in Krustyland. There are very few outdoor tasks in Krustyland, so when I send everyone on tasks there, it pretty much looks the same as if no characters have tasks there.

  8. I’ve purchased 4 balloons and but I’m still not able to complete the princess level my counter still says 0/2 is something wrong??

  9. First of, I am a die hard fan of Tapped Out. Been playing every day for years. And EA has outdone itself every event with tons of great questlines and free content. I would really like an option to delete stuff in storage that we cannot sell. Maybe it would have four prompts asking if we are sure we want to delete the item, like with the store all button. I ask because of have a ton of stuff in storage that I’ll never use–prizes I don’t care for, too many bonsai trees from Akira’s task.

  10. A giant event where the main questline is about Springfield 20 years from now and skins for an older version of every character!! Also a Mac/PC version of the game, so we can play on our tablets, phones AND COMPUTERS!!!

    • You can play on your computer using Bluestacks.

      • Have played TSTO with Bluestacks, what a piece of S**T. I creeps crashing, so I lit a fire into the blue stacks.

      • Yeah, I have tried Bluestacks several times over the last two years, and Bluestacks does not work. Also, I’d prefer something create and maintained by EA, so I don’t run the risk of losing my game or losing donuts from some bug in Bluestacks.

        • That’s odd..the few times I’ve tried it, Bluestacks worked fine for me. And, assuming you’re logging into the game through your Origin ID, I don’t see why you’d lose anything…

  11. Amen Wookie !

    Krustyland is being ignored by EA (my opinion) obviously as new Tappers haven’t built this section – but long time Tappers deserve some new Tasks with the new Characters we’ve obtained (new Rides, Attractions, Decor, Buildings – that are interactive and earn tickets – we deserve this) ….

    • I completely ageren with you. I have almost 100k in Krustytickets What to do with them. Exchanging them to gamecash? I have almost 200 million!
      So EA bring some Krustyland, buildings and tasks. An inspirational building would be nice too (the Largest Toilet Bowl spring to my mind)

  12. Love your KL Wookiee! You should post again without the snow… I’d love to see the colors.

  13. I think having it joined on the normal game area would definitely make me visit Krustyland more often because I always forget it exists. Some more questlines and items for it would be good too.

  14. I was so excited about krustyland. When I realized I had played through all there was there I was fairly disappointed. Personally, I’d much rather see more krustyland expansion than Springfield heights. i also think that they consult this sight for ideas ( or REALLY should, ) so I hope they see your ideas here. (:

  15. I think that the reason I’ve ignored Krustyland can be summed up in a single word: donuts. I simply have no intention of spooning out expensive or hard-won donuts on purchasing anything there.

  16. I’ve been playing for over 2 years, and have NEVER gotten donuts on the Sideshow You balloon game…

  17. No-one wants Mr. Black? Uncle Blackie? President of EuroKrustyland…until it blew up?

  18. I like Krustyland, shame they don’t do more with it
    I like Wookie’s idea of a “Tilt ‘n’ spew” ride

    Players seem to love it or hate it but even the ones who say they don’t like it, probably did when they were building it back at level whatever it was and that can probably be re-kindled with new tasks/content/characters

    If they had placed Maggie’s game there for d🍩nuts every few days ……. you’d like it 🙂

  19. Really would like to see some Duff Gardens goodness in Krustyland. Some great ideas, Wook!

  20. I actually assumed Krustyland was an intern project – a safe place for them to create without completely messing up the rest of Springfield. I’d still like to see *someone* put some work into it – I do think it’s a good way to let someone in there to code without jeopardizing the entire game.

  21. We need the Monorail in KL!

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