Where Did THAT Come From – Der Krazy Kraut & Becky

In our silly lil game, we sometimes see things pop in that we have no clue as to their Origin. They seem familiar, but we just can’t pinpoint from where. So that is why we decided to make a fun lil reminder out of it. To let you know just Where Did THAT Come From?

derkrazykraut_menu becky_victory_posebecky_get_mileage_out_of_dress

Love is in the air in Springfield and this time it’s an affair for the older Sprinfieldianites… and Otto. You asked for some VD, I mean Valentine’s Day action (okay that doesn’t sound better), I mean an event themed to the sacrifices of a priest during the reign of Roman Emperor Claudius, okay, I don’t know what I mean. How about just saying we got another mini-event for a “holiday” and tappers got what they sort of asked for? As I suspected, a portion of this event is basically an episode tie-in for the upcoming Valentine’s Day episode, “Love Is in the N2-O2-Ar-CO2-Ne-He-CH4” (S27:E13) airing on February 14th. But not everything is new… some of the items come from previous episodes and that’s why I get to share with all of my favorite tappers here. For this origin, we’ll be taking a look at Der Krazy Kraut and Becky, available for 150 donuts in the 2016 Valentine’s Day Update. Let’s take a look at the TV Series to find them.

“It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Marge” (S11:E21)

I decided to include these two items together since they appeared together in the show just like they do in our games.  They might seem like a strange pairing but not any more than Otto and Becky in the episode.  They “met during the Summer of Love, Woodstock 99.”  Otto was on fire and unwilling to pay eight bucks for a bottle of water.  Becky was kind enough to use her spring water to put him out and the rest is history.

Otto & Becky Summer of Love Woodstock 99 Simpsons

Otto knows she’s the one and proposes to her at her work, the one and only Der Krazy Kraut, dressed as Slash.

Der Krazy Kraut Simpsons

And where else to have a wedding?  The Simpson house.  Easy enough since they still had most of the stuff from Apu’s wedding (remember me mentioning that here?) and Bart was nice enough to offer it as a venue.  Becky is all dressed up beautiful for her wedding.  She likes all the same things as Otto except for heavy metal.  Uh oh.

Becky & Otto's Wedding Simpsons

The wedding is off when Becky is unhappy with Cyanide (“a loving tribute to Poison”) replaces the bridal march.  With Marge’s prompting, Becky makes Otto pick between her and metal.  No surprise what he chooses.

Becky & Otto's Wedding Simpsons 2

To make it up to Becky, the Simpsons let her stay with them until she gets on her feet.  It all starts well with Becky adding rosemary to the gravy and boosting the taste of dinner, but then she’s adding Jackie Chan moves  to Bart’s video project, jam painting with Lisa, and generally wearing out her welcome with Marge with her helpfulness.

Becky Simpsons

Bring on the plotline a la The Hand That Rocks the Cradle.  Frankly I blame Patty & Selma for planting the idea in Marge’s brain.  Seduction and murder. Replacing Marge and cutting her brakes.  Resuscitating Homer when she’s not there.  It’s enough to drive Marge to the mad house… literally.

Becky the Usurper Simpsons

Ok, Marge doesn’t go to an asylum but she is declared insane and is a mental patient on the run.  “Run Marge!  Pump those crazy legs!”  And then she literally marches into a mental asylum only to escape again.

Insane Marge Mental Asylum Marching Band Simpsons

Marge on the Lam.  The headlines at the Springfield Library reveal that Becky is talented and a catcher of usurpers, but not a murderer.  Marge heads home but when she gets there, her fears are realized.

Becky the Usurper Simpsons 2

Okay… maybe not.  Turns out Becky is still helping Bart with his video project and Homer probably drained her brake fluid when he was changing the oil.  A minor reveal that it turns out Becky did think of killing Marge but wasn’t keen on picking between seven different shovels.  So all is well.  Marge isn’t crazy and Becky is a lazy usurper.

And that’s it friends… the origins of the Gil deal in the 2016 Valentine’s Day thingie.  Anyone besides me have a craving for Der Wienerschnitzel after seeing the deal?  What are your thoughts?  Did you splurge on it?  Wish Becky had arrived in the vamp costume instead?  Sound off and happy romantic tapping.

TTFN… Wookiee out!



27 responses to “Where Did THAT Come From – Der Krazy Kraut & Becky

  1. I really was in a doubt whether to get Becky or Maude, but since I don’t have Otto yet, I purchased Maude. After buying the Bowlarama and Barney in sale a few weeks/months ago, EA gave me two Bowlarama’s and 130 donuts twice. I contacted them and they told me I could keep it, so it’s just 20 donuts that I had to spend. Finally felt lucky, especially since I’ve read she originally only was 25 donuts (for a little while, I wasn’t playing this game back then)!

    Keep up the good work, every time I notice there has been an update, I immediately go to TSTO Addicts 🙂

    • Yes you are so lucky! And you even contacted EA about it. I just bought Becky. Will work towards getting Maude before she leaves the store.

      • My main concern was EA claiming them back actually, after all I should’ve known that it has been incorrect to cash them twice. Sometimes I’m just too polite I guess 😀

  2. Thanks you Alissa and Jeff Z, I’m again Antonio Martín. Thanks your answers, I’ve decide to wait (I get in order of 90,000 XP by day, so I hope the new level doensn’t arrive so quickly as I want). Before you answer, I thought the money wasn’t so important, and I was sure to spend it by buying and selling house or Quick-E-Mart. Thanks you again!

    And sorry for my English (I’ve learnt it reading in internet, without teachers, so I just talk like I can).

  3. I guess things just didn’t work out with Krystal…

  4. Hi, I need your help for one question: I have 2millions and 1,600,000 XP, with 2,400,000 XP to win a donuts. So should I spend my money to win the donuts box or should I wait this week the new level doesn’t arrive? Thanks for your help, because I want to get the last level of IRD to maxim the area of get money.

    • It’s not worth it to spend the money, IMO, for the free donuts that far out. Especially with only 2 million…but that’s just my 2 cents. Anyone in the community want to chime in?

    • I’ve been wrong 4-5 times already in trying to guess when Level 60 will arrive, so I’d say to just wait it out. How long will it take you to get the remaining 800k?

      Also, regardless of your multiplier, I’d say you’ve reached the stage where you should be continually building, selling and rebuilding Quick-E-Marts. My math (which I’ll skip here, but will provide upon request) determined that a constant farming of ~16 QEMs is the best way to grind XP over time.

    • Definitely wait.

  5. Event: Hellfish

    Sgt Skinner (free)
    Lt Simpson (free)
    Commander Flanders (premium)
    Private Burns (premium)

    Asa “Ox” Phelps (premium)
    Griff Mcdonald (free)
    Etch Westgrin (free)
    Milton Haas (premium)

    Hellfish Statue (upgradable)
    Hellfish Bonanza
    Flanders boat
    Burns speedboat

    German Castle with Baron Von Herzenberger

    Great idea or what?

    • Not my fav episode…but this is a tremendous idea!😊

    • One minor detail that bugs me just a bit is the fact that the US Army has no rank of Commander; it’s a Navy one. At their level, the Commanding Officer would be either a Captain or a Lieutenant, and he’d refer to him either as “Captain Flanders” or “the CO,” but never “Commander Flanders.”

      But yeah, a Flying Hellfish event would be awesome, right around June 6.

      “Hey funboys, get a room!”

  6. I’m passing on her, the one hit wonder, no Vamp outfit, saw when she’s in her Wedding dress she has a knife (there is a Lorena Bobbit joke there somewhere) too Desturbing. Maybe have her in her work uniform instead. EA Otto know better than to release this one before more popular characters :p should have come with a bonus Otto/(slash)/ Slash skin.

  7. Thanks for the article. Becky seems to be quite a nut. She’s perfect for Otto. I bought Der Krazy Kraut w/o much hesitation. Maybe it’s my own German heritage that attracted me? The statue on top cracks me up. Also, I have too many Krusty Burger franchises, so I put the Krazy Kraut where a Krusty Burger used to be. Cheers

  8. Thanks for jogging my memory Wookie. Couldn’t remember her by name but remember the episode well. I’m not going to buy her, I don’t think. At least, not yet.


  10. How about a top ten or top twenty best value characters to buy. Im always a bit of a muddler and find it takes me a while to decide, plus I always come to TSTOAddicts to see advice.

  11. Hi Chewie you are so funny replacing air with its components.

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