Anonymous Game Reset: Update From EA

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

EA released an update on their Facebook page regarding the Anonymous Game reset issue many of you are experiencing.  Here’s what they had to say:

This is direct from the TSTO Facebook Page:


The link posted is here:

Again if you don’t have an EA account I strongly encourage you to create one…regardless if you didn’t lose your game this time.  It’s important to save your progress on EA’s servers in case something happens to your device.  Or if something like this happens again.  You can check out the details on creating an account here.

I’ll update you guys with more as I have it.

38 responses to “Anonymous Game Reset: Update From EA

  1. My game reset to level 1, lije a hour ago… I don’t know what to do, I already entered to EA/Origin support but in this moment I cant chat with them because it’s to late. Also I have my EA account but Im afraid, and scare. I don’t want to lose all my years playing this game 🙁

    • Hard close your game and uninstall it. Restart your device and reinstall it. Then log into your account. That should bring your game back

  2. Hi all,
    Anyone else having a problem where the game crashes (turns off, takes you back to iOS icons screen)?

    I am working on crafting the CowGirl sign and when I go into the crafting page, and slide it to the cowgirl sign or the spruce goose (airplane) my game crashes entirely, boots me out.

    I have rebooted my iPhone, and stopped/exited out of TSTO entirely and it hasn’t helped…

    Any ideas?
    Thank you to everyone who posts/contributes to this site… It is a butt-saver!

  3. Anyone else having a problem crafting casino prizes?

  4. Hello again! I’ve said good-bye to all you nice people last week when my game was reset to level 1; however, I read a few from here in my email, didn’t expect much but opened my game today for the first time since last week, and everything was back right where I left it. I was so glad to see cute Jasper was ready to continue on with his quest. YES, I have created an ID, but I know even that doesn’t guarantee anything. I’m very far behind on this event but will gladly accept anything that I am able to earn. If nothing else, I have a few cute casinos to add to my town and I’m very grateful to have another chance to play this game.

  5. Not totally related, but I wish there was a way to sign into the game when an update signs you out. I’ve run into situations where I start the game, got signed out, and then got thrown into a loop of having to repeat the tutorial, which crashes the app after a certain point, then the tutorial keeps crashing and looping itself when the app restarts.

    If I’m lucky, I can get through the tutorial, and then properly sign in and return to my proper account progress. But when I’m unlucky (and it happens every other time or so when I get signed out), I need to uninstall the game and reinstall it. Which isn’t a big deal if I’m at home, but is really vexing when I’m out and can’t burn 400MB of data to reinstall the game.

    Basically, a really simple fix is to allow you to sign into the game from the main menu instead of forcing you into an unskippable intro video making you finish the tutorial first before you can do anything else. That way, you’ll know if the server is down.

  6. I lost the toy workshop… Did anyone else loose a building?

  7. Totally out of the blue, my anonymous town is back tonight, even though right after this update it was still gone, and I didn’t contact EA or anything. I even started up a new game in the meantime. Very strange…
    Hope this happens to all the other distraught players as well.

  8. Hello dunno if you can help, but I live in Korea and as of this morning, the game has completely disappeared from Google Play (I play on android). When I clicked on my game, it told me to update. When I clicked update, there was an error. I uninstalled my game, but of course I can’t reinstall because it’s not in the store at all. I searched for it on PC, and it says, “this content is not available in your country yet”. Any advice?

  9. So my game seems to be in limbo… I load the game, or tells me update available I want I want! Clicking “upload” takes me to internet based play store where my option is to install (not update). Opening play store app my options are to open or uninstall. Should I uninstall then reinstall? I do of course have origin ID ☺

  10. I was surprised to see that EA can roll your game back and restore it. I play the same game on my iPad and iPhone. When the space update hit I played for quite awhile on my iPad, made a lot of progress then closed it. I restarted on my iPhone an hour or two later. All of my progress was lost! There was no warning, it was just gone. I contacted EA. They returned the donuts immediately and started a ticket. The rep I got explained that every time I sign out I need to synchronize the game by visiting a neighbor or krustyland. I’ve had no trouble since. I was told they could not give me back my “progress”. Since I play back and forth on my two devices often I always synch before I close and haven’t had another problem. Hope this warning keeps any other addicts from losing their progress. Thank you for being such an awesome forum, you do a fantastic service to the community 👌

  11. I got yesterday’s in-game update, but today morning i also got a Play store update (it moved the Android version from 4.19.2 to 4.19.3). Do we know what this one did? Was it maybe the game reset fix?

  12. i originally did have an EA account 3 yrs ago and my game got stuck on a level and would not progress. I was told to get a new email and resign up as nothing could be done. This meant starting over, even though I had an EA account. Having an EA account was no guarantee that my game would be saved or continue to work so I chose to play anonymously. Doesn’t seem like there is a guarantee either way

    • Maybe 3 years ago. Now they’re able to roll games back and restore it. Bunny’s one game was locked out for months and finally EA was able to roll it back and restore it

      • Too bad that was never brought to my attention or I could have signed up again and not lost 3 yrs of progress. I still don’t trust that it couldn’t happen, though.

        • Wearing a seat belt in a car doesn’t guarantee you’ll be OK in a crash. But so what? The better question is: which option is safer? Having an account is safer.

  13. They also updated Mr. Burns’ Casino so that it can be places on Boardwalk tiles. Yay for paying attention to customer feedback!

    Now put Maude back on sale, dang it, you took her down 10 hours too soon!

  14. Just curious but if my neighbours number is zero in the neigbour menu, does that indicate that they are probably not playing this game?

  15. How do I get my Crafting level up? I seem to be stuck at 2.
    Thanks for the info in advance.

  16. I check the Addicts page a few times a day and it’s a good thing I did. Luckily my iPad doesn’t automatically update my Apps right away or I would have lost my game. I too, like many others, played anonymously. Saw the warning and created an account. Although I had created an account a couple of months after I started playing, I started from scratch on that game hoping to friend myself….which you can’t do if you play anonymously. No log in = no friends. Now I have two accounts (needed to create a new e-mail address) and I’m friends with myself.

    Thank you Alissa, Wookie and Bunny for the warning and all the hard work you do on this site.

    Hope those who lost their anonymous games get them back soon…and that they create an account. (You don’t have to use your real name and the system gives you a generated birth date based on when you sign up for an account, so your real birthday isn’t used. As long as you don’t friend anyone in the game, you’re still “anonymous”.

  17. Ahhh what happened!! The font is slightly different 😱

  18. If ChiliMallow is resurrected, I think I shall ignore him lest his 12 friends spread rumours about him that I can’t control….

  19. Names big82s and for some reason my comments aren’t showing up after I post them.

  20. The patch also seemed to fix the Nieghbor Menu (zero red chips – now most neighbors have some number there)

  21. My game reset to level one even though I had it linked to an EA account. I had to uninstall the game and reinstall it, not once but twice to get it back.

    • You shouldn’t have needed to uninstall the game to get logged back in… it should have been possible by simply forcing the game to fully close, and then clicking on the login button in the bottom left corner of the initial load screen. (In fact, I believe you could also theoretically switch between multiple Springfields in this fashion, if you were *REALLY* addicted… not anonymous games, mind you: they’d all have to be attached to separately saved EA accounts.)

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