Casino 2016 Calendar: Act Two

Hey there Gamblers!!

Big Money! Big Money! Big Money! No Whammies! STOP!!!

Act 2 is now live and running in our games. With it, a lot of new items for us to Collect towards and earn. You know what that means…



A few quick FYI’s


As per usual, I will be starting the Calendar one day AFTER the Act releases so you can factor in time you will need to send Characters on tasks, get Buildings, and fully launch the New Act. I will also be stopping it the night BEFORE the Act ends, as it will give you enough time to focus on all the other last minute stuff.

Casino Act 2 Calendar

Now you have a basic daily breakdown for 9 days based off of approximately 7956 ico_casino_greenchip_lgGreen Chips a day.

Again, do not panic. Remember that it is slow going at first so you may “appear” and feel like you are behind, but as you progress through the Questlines and Event you will start to see that you are getting more and more and more each day. Just go at a pace that fits you, but remember the more you play the more you will get. These are totals you want to reach by the end of each day if possible.



Here’s the rundown of the prizes available during Act 2 that you can win by just playing the game and collecting ico_casino_greenchip_lgGreen Chips.

As I mentioned already HERE, you will see TWO Totals of Chips in the game. One in the Personal Prizes screen that will be the amount needed only for the one INDIVIDUAL item. Then you will see the TOTAL amount of Chips you earned in a running total in the Lower Left Half of your screen.

Here is the INDIVIDUAL Chip Count you will see listed while in the Personal Prizes Screen.

ico_priz_casino_newarknewark_lgNewark Newark Sign: 6800 ico_casino_greenchip_lgGreen Chips

ico_priz_casino_luckycasino_lgLucky Casino:  11350 ico_casino_greenchip_lgGreen Chips

casinonessie_front_walk_image_4Casino Nessie: 14800 ico_casino_greenchip_lgGreen Chips

ico_priz_casino_woodstock_lgWoodstock Casino: 15900 ico_casino_greenchip_lgGreen Chips

creggdemon_victory_pose_left_image_5Cregg Demon: 22750 ico_casino_greenchip_lgGreen Chips


If you add all the Chips together, here is where you will see the Personal Prizes awarded when your OVERALL TOTAL Chip Count hits these amounts. (Number in Lower Left Corner of your game screen.)


Newark Newark Sign: 6800 ico_casino_greenchip_lgGreen Chips

Lucky Casino: 18150 ico_casino_greenchip_lgGreen Chips

Casino Nessie: 32950 ico_casino_greenchip_lgGreen Chips

Woodstock Casino: 48850 ico_casino_greenchip_lgGreen Chips

Cregg Demon: 71600 ico_casino_greenchip_lgGreen Chips




In addition to earning the Chips, you can also earn Players Club Points to get even more items. Here are the amount of Club Points you can earn from the Personal Prizes in Act 2 (they reward when placed in the game). More on Players Club Points HERE.

ico_priz_casino_newarknewark_lgNewark Newark Sign: 120ico_mhub_casino_eventlevelClub Card Point

ico_priz_casino_luckycasino_lgLucky Casino: 300ico_mhub_casino_eventlevelClub Card Point

casinonessie_front_walk_image_4Casino Nessie: 300ico_mhub_casino_eventlevelClub Card Point

ico_priz_casino_woodstock_lgWoodstock Casino: 240ico_mhub_casino_eventlevelClub Card Point

creggdemon_victory_pose_left_image_5Cregg Demon: 595ico_mhub_casino_eventlevelClub Card Point




YES! The “BONUTS” (Bonus Donuts) are still going on for Act 2. Once you have collected the 71600 Total ico_casino_greenchip_lgGreen Chips needed for the Personal Prizes, you then will get the chance to earn some more for a Bonus Gift. High Roller Bonus

My High Roller Bonus Rounds were 8500 ico_casino_greenchip_lgGreen Chips

Once you reach the 8500 extra ico_casino_greenchip_lgGreen Chips, the 3 Donut Box Pop Up will appear and you have a 1 in 3 chance to tap a box and get 3 Donuts. If you do not get the 3 Donuts, you can pay $150,000 to try again until you get the 3 Donuts you want.



There you have it. A Calendar of Casino/Poker Green Chips for all of you extreme Addicts out there.

What do you think of it so far? Where are YOU in the game? How are your totals coming along? Ready for a Magic Trick? Let us know.


160 responses to “Casino 2016 Calendar: Act Two

  1. Hi I have 100 coins will I need thes in level 3 or should I use them all now?

  2. I unlocked all the act 2 prizes but Cragg Demon hasn’t shown up in my Springfield yet. I’ve tried deleting the game and reinstalling, but still nothing. Anyone else have this issue?

  3. I have unlocked the Level 3 Crafting already (at 134105 green chips) but have not earned any tickets yet… All Level 3 crafting items require tickets. Will tickets not start until Act 3 arrives?

  4. I have 106,000 green chips, but was keeping the number of gold ones down by gambling, as suggested before – but maybe that was a bad idea, since I’ve long since gotten the max prize for Act 2. Idea? Should I just keep any gold chips I earn at this point?

  5. I’m hoarding my Gold tokens too for stage 3, but do we know if the gold tokens will be used in stage 3? I don’t want them to go to waste.

  6. Finally unlocked all the prizes in act 2 early….for the last couple of events including this one, I’ve been like an hour or two short of unlocking the last prize everytime, had to use all the donuts I have accumulated through challenges and what not from the last three events, including the donut shop challenges, but it was worth it, going to forgo getting the bonus donuts in favour of getting a leg up for the next act….hopefully I can unlock everything there too…..this event has really been my best one in almost a year….

  7. awesome…we didn’t lose an hour on the Act 2 due to the time change 🙂

  8. So as a freemium player I’ve just unlocked the last prize in act 2 yesterday and now I’ve began stockpiling tokens to give me a boost in Act 3 currently 43. I’ve only 3 tiers before I’m on level 3 crating. Would anyone recommend I use my tokens to get more crafting materials such as keychains, coasters, martini glasses and get to level 3 crafting or keep the tokens for level 3??

    • personally I’m doing a mix of both. Play a little then start saving..

      • thanks for your relpy – I’m hoping i can get enough crafting materials for the next level by tapping gamblers. My next club card points prize is the 1300 casino chips so I’m thinking if I hold off on buying anything that awards the points it will be a little help in getting towards the final of act 3 🙂

    • i’d recommend hoarding your tokens for act 3, that way you can get the beneficial token count for prizes and still get your crafting supplies at the same time.

    • Yeah, same here. I unlocked the last reward just now, but already 165 tokens saved for the next stage and just one more step to level 3 crafting, which I should easily get by tapping gamblers for the last three days. I’d recommend saving tokens early on, then checking in an hour before this tier ends and using some tokens to complete the bonut award; and then of course go crazy gambling and crafting in the third tier. I figure that’s more efficient than sitting on 6k of chips when the tier ends.

  9. Anybody noticed you get 20 green chips now when tapping gamblers, instead of 10? This will speed up increasing your chips stacks significantly!!

    • I noticed that aswell, say nothing – it also seems easier to get through act 2 than 1. In 1 we needed 101200 tokens … act 2 we needed only 71600. and now we’re getting 20 per gambler tapped rather than 10 in act 1.
      I wonder how many we’ll get in Act 3

  10. each doughnut equal to how many chips?

  11. Tracy - 1ltwoody920

    Well, I got the final Act 2 Prize, Cregg. Along the way I earned a prize of Tokens, so I have lots of Tokens.
    Since I have sufficient donuts to buy what I want in the short term, I think I’ll save my tokens so I can level up quickly next Act and THEN I can start earning donuts really, really early.

    • Same for me. Levelled up crafting to level 3 and have all the phase 2 prizes. Saving gold tokens from today until Thurs THEN getting a quick start on phase 3 prizes and crafting materials. THEN crafting prizes and earning bonus. Can still get a few bonus now by just tapping casino goers 🙂

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