Should I Spend Donuts on Tuxedo Krusty?

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Viva Las Springfield!  Bring on the Casinos, as it’s Vegas time in Springfield!  So bust open that change purse and stock up on donuts because there are loads of Vegas inspired items in our stores!

Now with all this new content I know you may be trying to if any of it is worth YOUR donuts, but don’t sweat it!  We’re here to tell you what’s worth the donuts and what you might want to hold off on.

Wondering if you should add Tuxdeo Krusty to your Springfield?  Well before you hit that confirm button let’s break down the pros and cons of adding this Vegas Lounge Act to your Springfield!


Character/Skin: Tuxedo Krusty
Donut Price: 60 Donuts

Leave Our Games March 17th

-Comes with a quest line
-Returning from the Season 26 Premiere Episode Tie-In
-Premium character earns 50% more on all cash and XP (was originally a regular character, now earns at a premium rate)
-The ONLY addition to the premium store that can actually earn chips in the casino.

-Does not earn bonus VIP cards when purchased
-If you already have the Stonecutters skin for Krusty there’s no real bonus outside of the event chip earning potential.

Final Thought:
If you don’t already have this, get it.  The benefit for the event is great, and because it’s a skin, it’s the least expensive premium option for chip earning at the casino.

This is a toss up for Freemium players in my opinion.  If you’re stuck with the basic 5 characters at the casino (6 if you have Paris) and see that you’re struggling a bit to earn chips, this is a good option for you.  At 60 donuts he’s the least expensive of the premium options that can go to the casino.  So it’s not a bad buy for freemium players.

Of course in the end it’s your decision, we can only tell you what we would/wouldn’t do…and I can tell you I already own Tuxedo Krusty, from the episode tie-in.  But if I didn’t, I’d pick him up here.    However, this is limited-time.  So if you’re thinking about getting him make sure you make your final decision before he leaves our game on March 17th

Tuxedo Krusty’s Permanent Tasks:

Tuxedo Krusty Mini Ha Ha Pants Clown 1 Tuxedo Krusty 2 Tuxedo Krusty 3

Task Length Earns Location
Take a “Spoonful of Courage” 1hr $70, 17xp Krusty Burger
Enjoy Fine Dining 2hrs $110, 27xp Gilded Truffle
Dine Beneth His Station 4hrs $175, 45xp Krusty Burger
Relax Like a One Percenter 6hrs $350, 90xp Krusty’s Mansion
Prepare Scathing Retorts 8hrs $275, 70xp Krusty Burger
Strut Around Town 12hrs $420, 100xp Outside
Rehearse with Mini-Ha-Ha 24hrs $600, 150xp Outside

What are your thoughts on Tuxedo Krusty?  Will you be spending the donuts to bring him to your Springfield (or did you already)?  Or did you get him for free back in 2014? Thoughts on the Casino update in general? Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

64 responses to “Should I Spend Donuts on Tuxedo Krusty?

  1. Is anyone else missing their 12 & 24 hour tasks for Tuxedo Krusty since the county fair update? I’ve had TK for a while and I just noticed those tasks are gone now. Oh where did you go mini “ha ha”? 🤡😔

    • I think everyone is. Disappointing too since those are my most used task times and I always keep Krusty in this skin.

      • Yes, disappointing. That’s my only premium skin for Krusty and I also use those two task times often also. Hopefully we’ll get a fix soon.

    • Yes! I noticed this and was so freaked out thinking maybe I forgot the name of the task. I loved that 24-hour task for the skin so why on earth did they do this? It was his best animation. I hope they put it back and this was a simple coding error they haven’t noticed yet. Maybe an email campaign would help them look into it and/or reconsider.
      Another one I noticed not working right is the Clockwork Bart 4 hour task where he used to throw glitter from his cane. Now he just stands there looking stupid.

    • Tuxedo Krusty is back to having both his usual 12- and 24-hour jobs.

      • I’ll take another look, but didn’t see it yet. Then again I’ve been busy grinding rails for the new station and taking this brief opportunity to clean my town up so it’s not so disgraceful while moving rails to make it more open visually and haven’t had time for much else. Now we are back to a new quest. They keep me busy to the point of having to schedule my life to keep up.

  2. I just got him. Sorta regretting it because now I have only 2 characters available to work on metal. Oy! I hope it’s an easy week on the rail yard this week.

    • Getting Jessie has really helped with that, giving me three characters to earn metal, one of whom earns at a premium rate (15, instead of 10). Plus, once Lisa gets to leave the casino, she’ll be happy to have him hanging around (dreamy!). 😉

      • lol. Yeah. I’m just about 40 donuts away from getting him or I would get him right now because it would be so helpful. Not that I wish for it, but if the next event also hogs all my metal people, then it would be a great value to have Jesse then, too.

  3. Just wondering, do any of you have problems with some of the Stonecutters skins not paying out premium rates for their 2 and 4 hour tasks? For me it was with Skinner, Krusty and Brockman, and Number 1’s 4-hour task. I hadn’t noticed Tuxedo Krusty being turned into a premium character, but if his 4-hour task pays at premium rate, I’ll probably keep that costume on him permanently.

  4. I’m not seeing him either does he show up after a certain task? I fell behind a little yesterday. ☹️

  5. Rehearse a with Mini Ha-Ha job is all you need to know

  6. Does anyone know if Bart’s casino offers chips or jobs for characters that produce chips and tokens?

  7. OMG, after lots of over thinking, I decided I would like to buy Tuxedo Krusty but now I can’t find him in the store! Might I have missed the boat???

  8. I just bought Tuxedo Krusty 🙂 Should we anticipate any kind of rebate/discount/sale on Johnny Tightlips???

  9. Thanks, Alissa. I was on the fence with this one, since I started playing a month after it was released and purchased all the Stonecutter skins at one of the yard sales. I love the task with mini-Haha, but that one being 24 hours made me hesitate as well. The thing that clinches the deal for me is your point that it’s the cheapest purchase for earning chips/tokens during the event. I held off on purchasing any chip-earning characters during Act 1 to see if they’d use different characters in Act 2, and since they didn’t, it looks like this will be the best possible investment. With all the bonut rounds, he’ll help pay for himself in no time. 🙂 Now I just have to wait for Krusty to finish his 12-hour questline task tonight, and then I’ll snag the skin.
    Thanks again!

    • If it’s any additional reassurance, I got Tuxedo Krusty back when he was first released, and I often enjoyed using that skin, even when it wasn’t premium. Tuxedo Krusty looks so dapper and I enjoy sending him to have fine dining and such!

      • Assuredly better than Opera Krusty. I use some of those tasks, but he’ll look better in the suit and premium. 🙂

        • I never use the Opera Krusty skin; I should probably do that sometime soon, just for a change of pace.
          I used to send my characters on hour-long tasks to make the most income. Then, when my town got huge, I started sending them on 4 hour tasks (because I didn’t want to spend almost 15 minutes roaming around collecting.) Then, with the IRS building and the Unemployment Office update, I kept sending them on 4 hour tasks with quick cleanup, because honestly, I got lazy. Since the Winter event, I’ve decided to try to break 100mil before Level 60 hits, so I’ve been grinding away most characters at one-hour intervals in their premium skins (if they have them), with the exception of a few that I always keep on 12 or 24 hour tasks because I enjoy them. I’m just over 96mil (I took a couple of big hits with the new strip of land and the redwood), and it looks like I’ll be reaching my goal, unless Level 60 hits today.
          Then I’ll be leaving my Tapper’s Dream, sending whoever I want wherever I want whenever I want in whichever skin I want. Woohoo! 😀
          Short version: I look forward to playing around with more skins soon. 😉

      • Thanks, Sandra, that’s a good point! It will be nice to have someone classing up the town, for a change. 😉

  10. Meh, got this long time ago. Believe it came with Krusty’s House. How about Elvis Homer?

  11. Skins don’t do much for me. If they’re a free prize, I’ll take them. Otherwise I can’t see spending much on them. My two cents, thanks.

    • Agreed. The only skin I spent donuts on (that didn’t come with a building or character) was Fairy Kodos, which I think was only 50 donuts and came with my all time favourite task: spread glitter around town with Smithers!!!

  12. Is mini-haha worth the price?

  13. When I got Sideshow Mel during the Black Friday rebates I got the questline for Shakespearean Comedy Pt. 1 (but oddly, not Pt. 2) which is/was part of the tie-in that brought Tuxedo Krusty into the game. When I looked it up I found the questline linked in the “pros.” Looking back at some of the comments on that page, who’s name do I see? Mine! 😊 Being a jerk, pointing out a mistake/typo (then quoting from a Beatles song).

    P. S. You have his payouts listed at the regular non-premium rate. See, I haven’t changed a bit! 😛

    • lol yea i forgot to change them. Geez do you want the post fast or do you want it right? 😉

      • ***** Want it fast or right? Okay. I should stop. David is supposed to be the jerk. David, be more of a jerk, please.

        • i’m telling you dude…i can do this all night (well until i go to bed in which case I’ll have to censor you in the morning lol)

          • Alissa, I’m glad you’re here to “think of the children”. 😉 Eh, might as well give you something to moderate, no? (No? I know….)

          • When you get called dude (or buddy, or, god forbid, bub) you know you’re going the right way for a smack bottom. (Hey, I chose a phrase that doesn’t need “dealt with”.)

      • I already have Tuxedo Krusty, so…ummm…neither! 😉

      • One of my favourite phrases Alissa,
        “You want it done now, or do you want it done properly?”
        bosses love it,

      • 5 likes for your reply, only 1 for my OC (original comment, not some other OC meaning). Maybe they thought I really was being a jerk. 😕 I was only playing, couldn’t let you think I’d gone soft on you after all this time. 😉

        The straight man (in a comedy duo) never gets the “likes.” But you know the secret to great com-timing. Does this joke work in the written form? Guess we’ll find it out…

        At least nobody pointed out the mistake in my OC. I, uh, left it in there on porpoise, just in case anyone wanted to give me a taste of my own medicine. 😏

        • lol you know they always defend me…silly. All that matters is I knew you were kidding 😉 (you’re only a jerk like 2% of the time 😉 )

          • 2%? That sounds about right. Wait, are you calling me silly? Or that it’s silly they defend you? Don’t answer that…😉

        • I don’t think anyone thought you were being a jerk. I think some just thought Alissa’s response was witty. 🙂

          • Oh, I was only joking, in both comments. But, thanks, it’s nice to know I’m not witty…er, I mean not a jerk. 😉😄🙂

            • You’re very witty, David, just she beat you. Now step up your game (without being a jerk about it) Haha 🙂

              • I don’t mind being beaten by a girl. In fact, I kinda like it. I won’t be a jerk about it…but she can. 😉😊😇

        • Personally, David, I enjoy your sense of humor. You’ve got that “subtle-wit-straight-man” thing down to a science. So even when I’m pretending not to notice your ribbing (**cough** ahem **cough** like posting helpful videos), just know you always get a wry chuckle out of me. 😉

          • Well, thank you, Kat. I just like having some fun on here and it’s nice to know someone’s enjoying it with me. 🙂

  14. I think his Strut Around Town task is adorable

  15. Thanks Alissa, I got him as soon as the store opened yesterday,
    for all the reasons you said
    💡 🍩 🎰 🎲 🙂

  16. Got both these skins the second they were introduced. One question that I think I know the answer to, mainly just checking. The questlines for Tuxedo Krusty and the Two Broke Gals can wait til after the event right? They don’t impact the continuation into act 3.

  17. Does this mean that he won’t be available for use after the 17th or that we just can’t buy him anymore?

    • Just can’t buy him anymore. Once an item is purchased it’s available in your town for the life of TSTO…it may not look the same (like snowmen) but it’s still there

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