Where Did THAT Come From – Vegas Wives

Helloooooooooooo High Rollers! How’s the City of Simp-sin treat treating you?

In our silly lil game, we sometimes see things pop in that we have no clue as to their Origin. They seem familiar, but we just can’t pinpoint from where. So that is why we decided to make a fun lil reminder out of it. To let you know just Where Did THAT Come From?

charactersets_ambersimpson charactersets_gingerflanders

So EA did it again and threw a big ol’ mega event our way to use up our free time. This round of event goodness centers around casinos and gambling but what’s a trip to Springfield Vegas without some drunken accidental marriage?  I’m loving all the new glitz and glamor in my town and even better, there’s a ton of new stuff to write origins for. For the installment, we’ll take a look at the Vegas Wives offered for 115 donuts.

“Viva Ned Flanders” (S10:E10)

At first it may seem strange to have two premium characters in town with the same last names as Marge and Maude but that’d only be because you hadn’t seen this episode. At a car wash, Homer finds out that Flanders (aka Churchy LaFemme) is actually a senior citizen… he’s 60. “Clean living, chewing thoroughly, and a daily dose of vitamin Church” are the key. He’s resisted all the major urges including splurging and eating an entire birthday cake and blaming it on the dog, licking maple syrup off his lover’s stomach, or sneaking out of church to break into cars. You name it he hasn’t done it. Sixty years old and he’s never lived a day of his life. Heck… even Grampa and Jasper are living up their senior days.  Ned feels like he’s wasted his life on plain white bread with a glass of water on the side for dipping.

White Breas & Water Ned Flanders Simpsons

He turns to Homer to spice up his life. Flawless Flanders needs help from Stinky Pants Simpson. Homer takes Ned to Las Vegas to teach him how to have fun. “The lights, the sounds, the letter X, it’s all designed to inflame the senses.” Vegas has lots of funny stuff and apparently likes shows featuring lesbians. Lance Murdock and his Suicycle, the dog doo stick, gambling, blood lust… all to be found at Nero’s Palace.  The two imperial conquerors enjoy their libations and the cocktail waitresses should look familiar.  Bring on the morning and the realization that both Homer and Ned got married.

Amber Simpson & Ginger Flanders Vegas Wives

It’s even all been caught on video. While we never see the outside of the Impulse Wedding Chapel, the video is clearly from there (so the new original building is sort of from this episode too.)

Simpson-Flanders Impulse Wedding Vegas Wives

The men try to explain that they are already married but Ginger Flanders and Amber Simpson are not too keen on the idea of losing their new husbands. The boys end up running away when it seems there’s nothing that can be done. The chase ensues through the casino. They’re finally stooped by security, Gunter & Ernst, Drederick Tatum, and The Moody Blues.

Amber Simpson & Ginger Flanders Vegas Wives 2

Homer and ned try to escape in a car you can win in the casino but are caught and beat down. The gaming commission throws them out of Nevada. Amber and Ginger decide to stay in Vegas opting be with Gunter & Ernst instead of the husbands who want to abandon them.  Homer and Ned decide that the official story is they were out buying their Springfield wives gifts and were abducted by aliens. Homer saved the world by blowing them up but unfortunately Ned was gang-probed.

Amber Simpson & Ginger Flanders Vegas Wives 3

But that’s not the end for Ned and Homer’s polygamy.  In “Alone Again, Natura-Diddily” (S11:E14), Ned is super down after Maude is killed in a freak t-shirt cannon accident.  But Ned shouldn’t be down on himself… “Those floozies we married in Vegas were crazy about you.”  Pretty great that Marge has no idea what Homer is talking about.  Ned and Homer are good secret keepers apparently.

But this origin isn’t only random mentions in episodes and a secret can’t keep forever.  Ginger and Amber reappear in “Brawl in the Family” (S13:E7). The repeal of all environmental laws by the Springfield Republicans results in acid rain.  Nothing like some Star Wars Monopoly for an evening in with the family. Monopoly-related violence ensues and the whole family is arrested.  Rock bottom isn’t too bad… at least they get a social worker with a calming voice.  Who else to analyze “Marge, Bart, the girl Bart, the one who doesn’t talk, and the fat guy”? Gabriel tries to cure them with an outdoor retreat and cooperative teamwork ideas.  Sure his plan goes awry and the family has to save him from hungry wolves and cougars but that’s okay.  The Simpsons are just special like that.

Gabriel Social Worker Simpsons

The gang is happily united as a family but the honeymoon phase of their new family bond is over once they get home and find Amber and Ginger looking for their husbands. Marge says it’s the worst thing Homer has ever done and that’s saying something. I agree… marrying a floozy and then abandoning her is pretty bad.

Vegas Wives Simpsons

At the Flanders house, Ginger is trying to fit in.  No Wet Ones showers for her… they’ve got a bathroom upstairs.  Too bad Ginger doesn’t dig the Flandereeno way of life.  No Irish coffee, no cigarettes.

Ginger Flanders Simpsons

Homer goes to get an annulment from his Vegas marriage but bigamy aka “Mormon Hold-em” is legal in Nevada and he’s stuck supporting both of his wives.  (NOTE:  In “Barting Over” (S14:E11), we learn that half of Homer’s paycheck goes to Amber Simpson. No wonder she’s at the bottom of Homer’s family rankings in “Old Yeller Belly” (S14:E19).)

Homer Simpson's Family Ranking List

Homer is in big trouble with Marge and is stuck with Amber in Bart’s treehouse. At least she makes one tantalizing sandwich.  Who knew making one could sound so sensual?  Well… I guess Homer and Marge knew.  Amber has unpacked her delicates and is all ready to teach Lisa make-up and Bart how to count cards. What a role model.  Marge ends up kicking Homer out of the house for good.  It’s just Homer and his Vegas wife now.

Amber Simpson

The couple go to Moe’s and Amber gets super drunk.  Turns out it’s all part of Marge’s plan.  Amber wakes up married to Grampa.  “You crapped out Vegas mom.”

Amber Simpson marries Grampa Abe Simpson

So Ginger can’t stand the goody goody Flanders clan and Amber’s not too keen on being Mrs. Abe Simpson (or maybe that she’d be her own mother-in-law?) so the two Vegas wives run away back to Vegas.  There’s always poker games they can be won in.

Amber Simpson & Ginger Flanders Vegas Wives 4

Truly, there’s no need to worry about the complicated marital status of Amber and the Simpson men.  In “Jazzy and the Pussycats” (S18:E2), we attend her funeral right at the beginning.  “Malt liquor mommy” died when she overdosed right in front of the rollercoaster sign that tells you not to stand up.  Amber Paigow Simpson was a gifted cocktail waitress with an eight grade education who longed to someday learn computers.

Amber Simpson's Funeral

And that’s it friends.  Vegas wives to join the TSTO fun.  One joins the ghost ranks of Mona, Dr. Monroe, and Maude, and the other is still technically married to Ned I suppose.  Weird that two of Abe’s widows joined the game so recently… let’s hear it for Abe!  Did you buy the floozies?  Sound off in the comments and happy crappy (as in craps the game, not the losing dice roll) tapping.

TTFN… Wookiee out!

24 responses to “Where Did THAT Come From – Vegas Wives

  1. I’ll buy the floozies but keep hoping for a miracle so I can buy Miss Springfield too…. If I just had enough donuts for her, the 115 donut rebate would cover the floozies. With 9 hours to go, hope is waning. So floozies will be all I can get. I need an in-game loan shark.

    The new app is great! I downloaded it before finishing reading the announcement and am writing this on it.

  2. Cheap deal…two drunk wives for the price of one!

    …or are you seeing double?

  3. This has one of Homer’s best lines ever: We take care of that with our old friend alcohol.

  4. Vegas wives look better waking up (without makeup) than with all their makeup on (in my weird opinion).

    Ernst and Gunter!!!! Still frustrated they didn’t make it into this Update :/

    If anyone’s really bored like me (just got Cregg Demon and bored) you can Play Spot the difference (like I did) between the Wedding Tape footage and the picture of Amber and Homer in the Funeral Wreath Photo (quite a few differences, which make me wonder while drunk how did they make all those changes or were the animators drunk?)

    • It’s been my observation that most women who feel the need to cake on makeup look far better without it. Trouble is that they won’t be convinced of it.

  5. Wookiee – What’s the pig in blue sparkly dress?? I don’t think I’ve very seen that anywhere before!

  6. “Two of Abe’s widows” means Abe died while married to two women (and maybe even more…)

    You probably meant something like “two (both?) of Abe’s dead wives” or maybe “two women who left Abe a widower”

    Thanks for this. Clearly I don’t follow the Simpsons closely enough because I never even knew about the Vegas Wives before they showed up in the game. Time for some catching up with these episodes!

  7. Cool Wookiee got his own banner now? 😀

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