Should I Spend Donuts on the Yellow Submersible?

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

So we’ve got ourselves a fun little episode tie-in on our hands!  Ok well maybe not fun to some of you…more like a distraction from the casino event.  BUT to me they’re fun.  I always love episode tie-ins because they get me excited about the upcoming episode.

Anywho…this week’s episode tie-in is all about Mars.  Sorta. And of course, as with all episode tie-ins, a few new premium items have arrived in our stores to try and entice us to go “all in” with this week’s episode.  But with that limited time label it can be intimating trying to decide what you should spend your donuts on, or what should be a total pass.  But don’t sweat it, we’re here to help you break down the pros and cons of each item.

Wondering if you should add the Yellow Submersible to your Springfield?  Well before you hit that confirm button let’s break down the pros and cons of this rock band inspired decoration to your Springfield…


Decoration: Yellow Submersible
Donut Price: 85 donuts
Bonus %: 2.5% on all cash and XP
Size: 8×6
Unique: Yes, only 1 per Springfield
 Vanity +100

Leave Our Games March 16th

-Looks cool
-Comes with a short questline for the Sea Captain (1 part)
-You can actually use it.  As in you can tap it to send it on a “mission” and it’ll sink and disappear under water.
-Has a chance to bring you back either a Squidport tile or Pier Tile from “missions” (More on this below)

-“Missions” take 24hrs
-Bonus % isn’t that great for donuts spent
-Tiles are not a guaranteed payout, in fact many times you’ll come back empty handed.

Final Thought:
It has some benefits to it.  It is nice that it can bring back tiles, but it does take forever and it’s not a guaranteed payout.  This is one of those premium toss ups in my mind.  Personally I think if you’re going to get it purchase it more because you like the look of it…not for the concept of it earning you pier and boardwalk tiles.

Stay away from this one.  It’s not worth your hard earned donuts.  So unless you have an obsession with the Beatles, i’d completely pass on this as a freemium player.

Of course in the end it’s completely your decision, we can only tell you what we would or wouldn’t do…and I can tell you I’ll be passing on this one.  After playing around with it in my B town, it’s just not worth the donut investment for me.  I’d rather spend my donuts on something else.  Of course that’s just my opinion, I know y’all will have your own takes on it.  So whatever you decide just be sure to make your final decision before it leaves our games on March 16th.

And now for a little info about the Submersible and the tiles….

First off it comes with a questline that starts up as soon as you place it…

10 Leagues Under Squidport

Sea Captain: Arr, a yellow submersible.  An old first-mate and I used to sing our love of submersibles which be yellow. Then one day, he gathered up our lyrics and cord changes and dashed off to Liverpool, England. I wonder whatever became of him and those music publishing rights.
Reach Level 15 and Build Squidport
Make Old Sea Captain Reminisce- 30m, Earns $40, 10xp
Send Yellow Submersible Down Under- 24hrs, Earns $500,45xp…chance for Boardwalk or Pier Tile.
Sea Captain: The yellow submersible found something, it did!  Let’s see what we got!  I didn’t think anything was down there except the bodies of the many, many men I’ve killed.

Now to send the Submersible on “missions” simply tap on it and you’ll see the popup:

2016-03-09 23.01.42
Click Start
2016-03-09 23.01.46
And start.

It’ll disappear into the water..and not reappear for 24hrs.  When the “mission” is complete you’ll see a message at the top of your game screen, as well as a floating periscope icon over where the Submersible was…

2016-03-09 23.04.41

The first time you come back you’ll most likely earn something and see one of these popups:

2016-03-09 23.01.57 2016-03-09 23.02.48

With more instructions to follow….

2016-03-09 23.12.36

So now there’s the basics.  Let’s talk about actual game play.  First, it appears as though if you’re maxed out on tiles you can still earn more through this.  I’m maxed out in my B game and still got a squidport tile to appear.  However, it appeared only once in 15 tries.  Whereas the Pier tiles appeared more often, as they are not maxed out in my town.

Second, it’s not a guaranteed payout each time.  I send the submersible down 15 times…in that time I received 1 boardwalk tile, 3 pier tiles and the rest of the time (11) I came up empty.  You’ll still earn the $500 for the “mission” but no boardwalk tiles.  Kind of frustrating, in my opinion.


What are your thoughts on the Yellow Submersible?  Will you be spending the donuts to bring it to your Springfield?  Or have you already?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

47 responses to “Should I Spend Donuts on the Yellow Submersible?

  1. You can get it in the Yearbox now (30🍩 per drawing) So, especially if there are other good items in the selection, go for it.

  2. J. R. Bob Dobbs

    I think getting more of something you have maxed out is always worth it. Got mine for 30 🍩s!

  3. This was absolutely not worth it in my opinion. For every three times it finds tiles it goes 8 or 9 times coming up empty. And as cool as it looks it’s underwater for 24 hours so you can’t see it. You could not send it on it’s task…but then it’s really pointless.

  4. Milhouse in the Brown House.

    Just running an experiment, if anyone’s interested.
    I’m bringing lots of donuts and game cash these days since I got my XP up to 5700%.
    Just for fun I collected 13,140 donuts and spent them all on the yellow submersible. A little math- that’s 12 donuts to rush a 24 hour quest, so I pulled in 3 years worth of bonus tiles in a few hours.
    I got 331 boardwalk tiles and 120 Heights tiles.
    That’s a pretty major expansion if you’re spending donuts freely, but a loooooong payoff if you’re not.
    Even a true johnny-on-the-spot player isn’t likely to collect more that 300 times in a year. Nonetheless, do your own percentages from here to see if it’s worth it to you.
    Have a great day everyone!

  5. It’s back! Of course I have an obsession with the Beatles – doesn’t everyone!

  6. Now that it’s re-released with the Secret Agents, it’s been modified and has a 2.5% bonus rather than a 24-hour payout. If it still gets me extra tiles after maxing out, I’ll definitely get this. Any news on that yet? TIA

    • OH, sorry. I was confused… I see the 2.5% was already in place, so everything is probably the same as the original. I’m gonna grab it. Thanks again!

  7. I totally caved, I was worried that it wouldn’t yield results but I’ve sent it on four missions and gotten three tiles- one SH pier tile and two boardwalk tiles! Hooray for extra tiles!!!!

  8. If you have maxed out on all your tiles for both types, will u still get them when the sub should reward you?

  9. In the end I went for it…
    Did it partly to stop myself from spending 90% of my donuts on the Mars Colony but also as the only way for me to get more boardwalk/SH tiles… Even if it will be slow going.

  10. Can anyone confirm this definitely has a 2.5% multiplier?

    There’s no mention of this when you tap the ? in game

    Thank you

  11. Would be more tempted if it was “The Beatles” submarine, yes another Beatles fan here, but this doesn’t remotely remind me of “Yellow Submarine”. My water is also qute crowded already thanks to SH. I’m maxed on on both tiles also.
    DRATS now I can’t get that song out of my head, “We all live in a yellow submarine, yellow submarine,yellow submarine!

  12. I think EA blew it by –

    Not delivering a Level 60 update by now
    Keeping this episode tie in Submarine Premium
    Delivering what’s basically the Rocketship in the Ocean
    Offering something that’s distracting from the Casino Event
    (plenty of nice Casino Premiums I’d rather spend Donuts on)

  13. CrimsonCrafted

    I think I missed something, are the Pier Tiles new?

  14. I want to see Wookie or Bunny do a WDTCF but instead show the actual Beatles Yellow Submarine. I keep thinking of it crashing and them all saying “help us, help us” in their accents :p

    It’s hard to IMAGINE the Fab 3 (Lennon passed away earlier) Actually each apeared and voiced themselves in The Simpsons. Plus Ned having that collection.

    • On the commentary apparently Al Jean jokingly said to Paul now that they have him, George and Ringo on tape they were going to mix them together and make their own Beatles reunion. Apparently Sir Paul didn’t find it too funny.

  15. I love the look of it but not really sure I’ll use it that much. I already have tons of boardwalk sections in storage and don’t really care about the SH area. I’ll just put it next to my whale.

  16. I had just broken up with what was probably the love of my life when John Lennon was shot. He was a Huge Beatles/Lennon fan so I called him to let him know I felt bad for him and he had my sympathies. Well, we started talking again and in May we’ll celebrate our 35th anniversary. Somehow I think this will end up on my water as a decoration. It’s cute, it’s yellow and it’s a submarine. What more can be said?

  17. Come on! It’s a yellow submarine! How can anyone say no? And with the added incentive that it actually earns stuff, too. I still faithfully send out my rocket every twelve hours even though it brought back a rocket only once, a couple of topiaries, and doesn’t even take off most of the time. Maybe I am too optimistic. And definitely too old. Nobody else remembers that submarine song? And the movie?

  18. What is the max number of pier tiles?

  19. Is anyone else finding Act 2 to be rather boring and easy? I’ll have the last prize this evening, and I’ve already upgraded crafting to the max. That leaves me with nearly a week to hoard the tokens and crafting items.

  20. Any thoughts on this later bringing back other items in the future – sort of a bonus for early buyers – ie…donuts, premium stuff etc…


  21. Plus there’s no way I’m grinding the heights again for more tiles.

  22. R.I.P. George Martin. I got it in his honor. At least that’s how I’m justifying it. And hey it’s classic Simpsons, or it will be someday.

  23. Oh but I REALLY like it…I don’t normally buy any decorations just save up bonuts for characters. I am torn! It’s this or the stonecutter alien which I missed out on during the event amongst other things as a newbee to the game back then. Help …what to do?

  24. What are pier tiles? I’ve not seen those before.

  25. Maybe when my boardwalk tiles are maxed…..I can beg for them to bring it back, until then I’ll keep my donut purse firmly closed.

    Having said that,…….I’ve bought crazier stuff before,
    People who just want it for the extra boardwalk tiles could be waiting a month to get a couple (going by your figures) so slow going there, in fact….worse odds than getting a straight piece of track from the railyard or a warhead from the rocket.


  26. So, if you like the look of this, you can buy it and leave it in the water, but you won’t have a chance to earn tiles or money. If you want to get tiles and money, it will disappear and you won’t be able to see it. But you can’t look at it and earn tiles…

    I am slightly Beatles obsessed (they are my favorite band; Paul McCartney was my first concert) but I’m going to have to pass on this.

  27. Thanks Alissa,
    Before everybody jumps on you, little edit required…in the paragraph final thoughts premium….you put “it’s a guaranteed payout” when you mean “NOT a guaranteed payout ”


  28. I’m defiantly buying this!!!

  29. As a “premium” player, I’m leaning toward a “no” on this one.

    I’m maxed out (again) on boardwalk tiles just from doing that in the background over the last number of months and I while I haven’t put any real time into pier tiles, they only cost 10 magazines each and are ready in 2 hours.

    I got tired of the missions asking me to finish upgrading the private island and the exclusive resort, so I knocked both of those out in a couple days last week. I got a good rhythm going by constructing the mats mostly 2x for every cycle of magazines, and I can always do that again when I decide to expand the pier.

    As for the boardwalk, I’m pretty sure a time will come when they expand the capacity for that again.

    I’ll likely save the donuts for something more fun/useful/interesting unless I see a comment that really convinces me otherwise that waiting 24 hours every time just for the chance at a piece is a better way to go. About a 1-in-4 success rate in the example above, especially with the knowledge the boardwalk tiles were already maxed out and only one dropped in 15 tries while only 3 pier tiles did, doesn’t seem worth it.

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