Addicts News: All New TSTO Addicts App!

Update: The Android App is now available!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

So I’m going to take a short break from our regularly scheduled Casino Event Post or  Marge-ian Chronicles episode tie-in post to bring you some exciting news….

Many of you have been requesting it over the last couple of years and now we have our own App!  Currently available for download in the Apple store and Google Play Store! (Android, I promise it’s coming (very soon!))

App icon

2016-03-10 22.32.13

This has been in the making for a while…so we’re excited that it’s finally out!  Now you can access the latest stories from your favorite Addicts in one handy little app!

2016-03-10 22.32.34   2016-03-10 22.32.39

We’re also excited about the push notification feature with this app!  Never again will you miss out on knowing when the latest update hits the game we all love, or miss out on a new post from your favorite Addicts!  (Plus you never know when you might see a random contest popup in the Push Notifications…)

Special thanks goes out to, Addicts Reader, Romeo from Timbojill, Inc. for creating this App for us! 

So we hope that you guys are just as excited about this app as we are and if you’re an iOS user you’ll download it today!  Again…my Android friends the Android Version is coming and will be live very soon.


Update: We also now have a Pro, Ad Free, Version out on can download it here.

Update: The Android Version is live!  You can download it here:

en-play-badgeNote: The Android version has a different look to it than the iOS version.  You can view a preview of it here

Update: The Pro, Ad Free, Version is now out on Android.  You can download it here.
Update on the Update: The crash issue is now fixed, thankfully.  So the pro version now works perfectly! 🙂

What are your thoughts on the Addicts App?  Will you be downloading it?  Any suggestions/ideas on improvements you’d like to see with the app?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

182 responses to “Addicts News: All New TSTO Addicts App!

  1. Bart Williams

    Well I just got a new phone and see that the app is not in the app store any more for the Iphone. What gives?

  2. David Griffin-Page

    Was the iOS app pulled? Had it on my old iPhone but unable to reinstall on my new iPhone

    • I am having the same problem. I just upgraded and it didn’t transfer to my new phone. Went to download it from the App Store and it’s gone.

  3. I can’t find the app in the uk store. When I click the above link it says it’s not available in the uk but I used to have ittill I deleted it

  4. It drives me crazy that there isnt a back button in the app. Like, if I go into an article and then accidentally click on an image for example, I then have to X out of the page back to the list of articles and go back into the article I was on. Drives me crazy.
    Also the app doesn’t go back very far. So during events, the calendar article is easy to lose and then not be able to find because other threads about the event will push it past the number of articles the app will list, then I’ll have to go to the page in a browser which defeated the point of the app for me.

  5. The free version.

  6. Oh and I’m using Android.

  7. The app isn’t working for me. Everything I click says no data found on web or something like that. Any ideas or did I miss that? Thanks.

  8. ***

  9. Hmm…I just found A TSTO ADDICTS app on Google play, but the developer isn’t the same as the one your iOs shows…and you haven’t announced it anywhere that I’ve seen. Can you confirm if it is indeed the new app?
    Developer is Timbojill, Inc.

  10. I just added the app. Looks good! Put it right next to TSTO app on my phone.

  11. No walkthroughs on the app? 🙁

  12. Congratulations on the app!! That’s fantastic!!! 😀

    Now I need to figure out which of my friends’ wedding photos to delete so I have room to download it. 😉

  13. The app is great!

  14. Sounds worth it. Especially those stealthy updates cough casino cough act one cough.


  15. Just grabbed the app. At first glance it looks great!! Thanks, I’ll definitely use it regularily.

  16. I am looking forward to the Android app
    This looks like it has been a nice clean interface 🙂

  17. An Addicts App? Yay!

    Right off the bat, I have a demand. TAKE MY MONEY!!! Seriously, you must make a “Pro” version and let me buy an ad-free copy of you app. Having pop-up ads, ESPECIALLY time-gated ads, is a deal-breaker. Ad when I open, ad when I go into settings? Yuck!

    Charge me a one-time $1-10, to never see an ad again, and I’ll use your app. Otherwise, pass. Sorry.

    Two other nits to pick… The images on the main page, above each article, are too big and misaligned. The top of people’s heads are cut off. And secondly I was somehow able to accidentally swipe out the left toolbar, but couldn’t get it to swipe it back.

  18. Got the app. Well done. One suggestion: let us choose specifically which notifications we want pushed. Like maybe just notifications about new game updates or new posts or replies/likes to your comments or new contests, etc. I would love to be notified of every new game update, but getting a notification every time a post goes up might be a little too much. Thanks for all you do.

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