In Game Update: St. Easter! (St. Patrick’s Day and Easter)

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Looks like we’ve got ourselves the St. Patrick’s Day update many of you were looking for…and as a bonus it’s jam packed with Easter too!  A two for 1 deal!

As always I’ll be back with more as I go through it (I’m battling slow internet here at work today…) for now know that Homer starts and has the first task (4hrs)…

More info updated below…

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First let me give you a little disclaimer…I went through the whole questline etc…nothing for Easter pops up Hugs Bunny is in the store…I can’t see him in ANY game because I have him in all of my games, but i’m trying to get the details.  When i do I’ll add it to this post.  So there’s nothing in the store for it.  Not sure if items will appear later, since Easter is still a week and a half out, but as of right now there’s nothing in the store with this update that’s Easter related…

Missing images will be coming soon..wanted to get you guys the info they’ll I’ll go back and pull the images..

First, let’s start with a few new Casino items in our store…you now have the option to purchase crafting currency for the Casino event with donuts.  (I DO NOT recommend doing this.  Especially not right now…since you still have act 3 to collect more currency…)

Here’s what you can get…

2016-03-16 14.32.54

As you can see these will be around for 2 weeks..until the end of the don’t be tempted to use donuts, especially right now.

Now on with the update….

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2016-03-16 10.48.05 2016-03-16 10.48.11

So this is a St. Easter update…combining the two, but really (at least right now) it’s all St. Patrick’s Day.  Which makes sense, considering it is tomorrow.  So don’t panic if you don’t see Easter items…they’re not there (yet, anyway).  So here’s a look at what you can get..

If you don’t already have it from previous St. Patrick’s Days, you’ll have the chance to get O’Flanagan’s and Tom O’Flanagan once again…for in game cash.

oflanaganspub_menu Tom_O'Flanagan O’ Flanagan’s Pub and Tom- $1,900.

Lots of returning items this year, so if you’ve missed out from previous year’s you can pick up a bunch of items.  There’s really only two new premium items this time around (nothing new that’s freemium).  Here’s the breakout:


St. Patrick’s Flag- 10 Donuts.  Earns .25% Bonus on all cash and XP

Northern Irish Leprechaun- 80 Donuts.  Earns a .25% Bonus (the flag) on all cash and XP.  Should work like the other Leprechauns where you tap and you get bonus cash or XP.  (Should I Buy is coming…)  (This has a longer timer on it and ends on March 30th)2016-03-16 10.58.50

There’s also a Gil deal…I’ll cover that below.

These items below leave stores in 7 days…so March 23rd. 


greenbeerfountain_transimageGreen Beer Fountain- $5,000.

shamrocktopiary_menuShamrock Topiary- $10,000

stackofbeer_transimageStack of Beer- 35 Donuts.  Earns .75% bonus on all cash and XP

blarneycastleBlarney Castle- 115 Donuts. Earns $200, 22xp/8hrs  Should I Buy

wishingwell_menuLeprechaunWishing Well & Leprechaun- 150 Donuts.  Earns 4% bonus on all cash and XP. (When you tap the Leprechaun he gives you cash or xp) Should I Buy

Sham Rock Cafe YupprechaunSham Rock Cafe & Yuprechaun- 120 Donuts.  Earns $300,30xp/12hrs. (When you tap the Yuprechaun he gives you cash or xp) Should I Buy

Gil’s New Deal…

This will NOT appear until you’ve finished the first St. Easter part with Homer…after his 4hr quest is done you’ll get the Gil Deal

Gil’s back with a deal for the Notre Dame of Springfield, and Groundskeeper Seamus!

Gil: Easter and St. Patrick’s Day all in one holiday basket this year!  Ol’ Gil’s got something up his short sleeves that’ll make you green with envy!  The fabulous Notre Dame of Springfield complete with its own leprechaun hunchback!
Groundskeeper Seamus: I be no leprechaun!  And me hunch grew after bein’ bit by a camel in a fistfight at the Killarney Zoo!

2016-03-16 10.56.53

Refused offer
Gil: Ah nuts!  I’ll be eating raw potatoes and cabbage tonight.
Groundskeeper Seamus: Mind sharing a wee bit?

Accepted Offer
Groundskeeper Seamus: Top of the mornin’ to ya!  Up for a pint?


The Notre Dame of Springfield earns $175, 18xp/6hrs.  And it’s 8×10 in size.  Groundskeeper Seamus does come with a questline…and yes, there will be a Should I Buy done on him soon.

This offer is only good until March 20th.

Questline Prize…

With this questline you’ll unlock Shredded Ned!

Shredded Ned

He’ll unlock after Part 2 of Strut Walk….

And that’s it my friends…really nothing about Easter except for mentions of it in the questline (some funny mentions at that…that as a Catholic cracked me up)

2016-03-16 10.48.56 2016-03-16 10.49.02 2016-03-16 10.59.06 2016-03-16 10.59.11

Hahaha you tell him Fr. Sean!   I’ll take my rapping Priest any day! 😉

What are your thoughts on the update?  Anything you’ll be picking up?  Anything you’re excited to see brought back?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

193 responses to “In Game Update: St. Easter! (St. Patrick’s Day and Easter)

  1. When i said 2/4 i jus bought the easter egg council guy. I had seamus and shredded ned

  2. Ok, it said i had 2 outa 4 easter chars, yet, it didnt let me buy any more?

  3. I’ve the task u say that lead up to old Gill offer but I haven’t got any offer from him y is that

    • I don’t know…you only need to be level 5 to see it. You just do the first partwith Homer and then Gil appears. If you don’t see him try uninstalling and reinstalling

  4. I downloaded the update and was through to the second part of the quest line tasking me to send Ned to protest and I did the same. Later when I logged into the game it prompted me with another in game update and when the game started I was confronted with the dialogue that started off the Marge-ian chronicles episode tie in quest line and no sign of the St Easter quest line. What should I do?

  5. Brian Caldwell

    I was trying to buy donuts during the Gil deal will he come back? HELP!

  6. I turned Gil down for Notre Dame cuz I needed to move some items to make room…now I cannot find the offer ANYWHERE! It’s not in the store under characters, buildings or otherwise, and Gil is gone. Anyone else having this problem? Any advice? Thanks!

  7. Happy St Patricks Day to all the Irish tappers!

    & since today everyone is considered an honourary Irishman (Irishperson?)…

    Happy St Patrick’s Day to all!

    • Thankfully I don’t think I’ve seen anyone call it St Pattys Day yet!

      • How do you feel about St Paddy’s Day? That also a no no? 😄

        Thanks to my maternal grandmother I am 1/4 Irish but it’s not enough to know the etiquette of St Patrick’s Day… Might have to study up on it if I want to get my Irish passport! 😄😄😄

  8. The update also supposedly fixed the issue with monorail tracks being in water. Hurrah!

  9. St. Easter makes me think of St. Anger.

  10. Since I don’t have Father Sean, I got a slightly different dialogue involving another character which I can’t remember. I guess I should have taken snapshots.

  11. Is anyone else experiencing a weird update bug on Android – this morning I opened the app and it downloaded the St Easter update, and I got Flannigan’s Pub, the new store items, started the questline, etc.

    However, when I opened the app later today, the St Easter questline and store section were gone (as well as the new Casino crafting items in the store), and instead it started the Space episode tie-in questline again, so I sent Lisa and Database on their tasks like it says. After that, the questline stopped and my app is just like it was yesterday.

    I still have all of the St Easter’s items which I bought this morning, but all other signs of the event have disappeared. I tried clearing the app data and letting it redownload, and even trying this on a different Android device, but it’s the same. Any ideas?

  12. Seriously? Another big ticket item already? Of course for a limited time. How did EA know I was broke?

    • Should I head shake?

      • Could just do like Taylor Swift and shake it off 😀

      • No, you should Smack me upside the head. You should have seen me when Gil brought ND. I was cursing up a storm, do I want it, no, do I have to have it, yes. I just bought $20 of doughnuts, I have like 160 left. If this can’t get me through easter and act 3 I might have to give up my status as a completionist. I hope someone at EA has a stroke and realizes these time limits aren’t fair.

  13. I wish they wouldn’t have so many donut items during events. I would love to spend the coins on some of this stuff.

  14. Samantha Smith

    Had to buy The Gil Deal. I needed a Catholic church! FRSEAN has somewhere to say Mass. They should give him that task!

  15. Are you sure the Leprechaun that comes with the Wishing Well gives $ and XP when tapped? I don’t have any of the Leprechauns myself (not yet, anyway), but when I tap him while visiting a neighbor all he does is run away. The leprechaun with the hat, who comes with the Sham Rock Cafe, is the only one I’ve seen that gives $ and XP when tapped. Maybe the Wishing Well leprechaun only gives $ and XP to the person whose town are in, but not to visitors?

    • I’m sure I have both in my town..

      • Thanks. It must be that whomever “owns” the leprechauns in their town (if you can ever really “own” a leprechaun) gets the $ and XP from tapping either or both of them, but visitors to someone else’s town can only get $ and XP from tapping the Sham Rock Cafe leprechaun.

  16. Is Groundskeeper Seamus a skin for Willie or a new character?

  17. is there a time limit on getting shredded ned or can we wait for the end of the casino event?

    • Read what the post above says…

      • To be honest, I just re-read the post and I don’t see where that was answered either…but maybe we’re both just missing it? It *has* been a long day….

        • i know i wrote it…maybe it was in a comment…losing my mind i guess I dunno. But just do the first part with Ned and it can sit for a little while…but do the first part (4hr task) at least (and at that point you might as well get Shredded Ned since it’s only a 6s task after the 4hr one..but at least start it.

  18. idk if this is the rite place for this but i wish they would bring brandean back

  19. In my B game I have the Northern Irish Leprechaun/banner for 80 donuts, but in my A game I have a banner only offer for 5 donuts. Is this a glitch?

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