Housekeeping Notes: Addicts App Updates (Pro Version, Android Update)

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

So I wanted to provide you guys with a couple of updates regarding the Addicts App…

App icon

First let’s talk about the iOS version…

The Free Version has a new update out, so if you haven’t downloaded it yet please do so.  It really just fixed a few heading issues you guys asked for.  We’re still working out some other bugs, but download the newest version and let me know your thoughts.

2016-03-21 11.20.00 2016-03-20 22.09.06

Second…a Pro, Ad Free, Version has now been created.  You guys asked for it and we had it created.  It’s the exact same app, just without ads.


So for those asking you can now get it without Ads!


Now for those on Android asking “where the heck is the Android Version you promise?!”

…it’s coming.  The Android Version is currently in review with Google.  We’re actually working with Google to get a name for the App that they’ll approve.  Apparently they have a problem with us calling it TSTO Addicts because TSTO infringes on one of EA’s Keywords.  So we’ve appealed the process with the title reworded a little different.  Ironically the Android review is supposed to be easier to get through than the Apple review…..

I’m hopeful we’ll get approval with the revised name very soon (fingers crossed for today).  If not I may be asking you guys for name suggestions..

And yes, there will be a Pro, ad free, Version of the Android App as well.

Oh and just a note…anytime you see the images with the feed change over to images of myself, Bunny or Wookiee from something else, that generally means we’re getting ready to submit the App for an update and Apple/Google is getting ready to review it.  So because of that we have to change the images over so they don’t pull it back for closer review over the images.

And that’s the latest and greatest with the Addicts App!

36 responses to “Housekeeping Notes: Addicts App Updates (Pro Version, Android Update)

  1. I just realized this week that my app is not pushing notifications when there is a new post. I guess I check things regularly enough that I hadn’t noticed before, but with the new event likely coming this week, I was sort of watching for notifications. I checked my app settings and notifications are turned on, they just aren’t actually pushing through. Any recommendations? I’m using iOS and latest version. Thanks in advance!

    • Nope it’s me. I’m not sending the notifications out. Too much going on I have to manually do it. And I was getting frustrated with all of the bugs within the App.

      I will try to do a notification when the next event hits. But updating the site is number 1 priority when it hits, so it may be delayed slightly.

      • Oh! That makes total sense! I thought something was wrong with my tablet. Whew! 😀

        No worries on the notifications. Probably one when the update hits would be good, but don’t stress out about it too much.

        BTW, if you need any help with the event, I’m happy to lend a hand. 🙂

  2. There’s an addict’s app?? Zoh my gawsh! =D. I eagerly await Google’s approval

  3. Still holding my breath. Someone needs to tell Google that I’m turning purple!

  4. Nah, this site deserves some class, heck they allow me here which downgrades the place 😀 lol

  5. Really looking forward to the Android pro! ☆☆☆☆☆

  6. Just bought and downloaded the Pro version. It’s amazing that I’m not willing to spend a dime on the game itself, but I’m more than willing to spend money to support your hard work in helping us all with the game. Not to mention fostering the community that seems to exist here.

  7. I’m Pro!

  8. How about. Anytime I’m not playing the actual game I’m on this App

  9. Tapped Out Addicts

    • Trying that one now…hoping it’s approved since there are several other apps that use the Tapped Out name. It’s insane that they won’t let you use TSTO, but Tapped Out is ok.


  11. Tapper addicts

  12. As for alternative names I have a couple suggestions.

    TSTOA, TSTOA Addicts (let’s be honest, it really is an TSTO Addicts addicts app), or get rid of the THE (STO Addicts), Yellow Family App Addicts (YFAA), ABW Addicts (Alissa, Bunny, Wookie addicts).

    I’m sure I’ll be back with more ideas.

  13. Again with my iOS, I’ve been a deleting fiend and still can’t get the iOS update in order to download the TSTO Addicts app. I keep thinking to just buy a new device (which is equally extreme to the deleting process I’m doing). So very frustrated.
    I would pay for a version that can sneak past iOS’s 8.0 requirement.

  14. Can’t go with just “Addicts”? Then maybe you could integrate the FG Addicts into it at some point, too. (Not a recommendation, I’m just a problem solver….or maker. I’m not sure.)

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