Where Did THAT Come From- Shredded Ned

Special thanks to Addicts reader Robobot for writing this one up!  He reached out and asked if he could write up a WDTCF for Shredded Ned and of course we love when you guys contribute so we said absolutely!  Y’all may know Robobot from the comments, as he’s a regular in the Open Threads and just about every other post.  Thanks again for the help Robobot! 

Sometimes In our silly little game, we see things that pop up and we scratch our heads and have no clue to their origin. They seem familiar but we just don’t know where. Luckily, The Addicts are here to answer the age old question, Where Did THAT Come From?


(Note from Alissa:  This is more along the lines of an episode recap…so you’ll get a full play by play on the episode Shredded Ned appears in)

While Everyone Loves the Idea of Chocolate Bunnies in their Green Beer, Ned does not approve of “St. Easter” and he’s got his rock hard abs to prove it!

“Alone Again Natura-Diddly” (S11:E14)

This episode starts with our favorite yellow family on a hike in the Springfield Nature Preserve

ned 1

The Simpsons hear a Buzzing Sound But luckily Homer is prepared.  Bart then pokes through some bushes and sees a Race Track that was causing the buzzing.

The Simpsons Go to the Race Track much to Lisa’s Chagrin. They decide to have a picnic in the middle area of the track. Until a car Flips into their picnic area.


The Driver Decides to let Bart ride in his car where Bart learns how to drive the car, “the usual way” and meets the driver’s wife in the car who is not fond of Bart putting his feet on the upholstery.

The driver after the first lap pulls over and gives the Simpsons tickets for the race.


The Simpsons meet the Flanders at their seats and find out that Ned is more interested in the safety policies than the actual racing. The drivers race and the crowd is waiting for a car to crash when the T Shirt Girls come out ready to make the sky ablaze with T Shirts.

Maude wants to go get a hotdog. (But make it less than 12 inches long to not bother Ned)

Meanwhile Homer Really wants a T Shirt to the point of drawing a target on himself. The T Shirt girls shoot just as Maude Is coming back and Homer ducks down to pick up a Bobby pin and it’s a direct hit on poor Maude.


And She Falls.

Ned is horrified.

Doctor Hibbert is right on the scene to announce that Maude is dead.

Later, The Simpsons Prepare for the funeral and Marge tells Homer to go easy on Ned. At the Cemetery, Rev. Lovejoy tells a eulogy about Maude and

How she didn’t really stand out with catchphrases, or comical accents, but she was always there.

Later at the Simpsons Home Ned is grieving when he gets Maude’s Squishee Points from Apu, and gets angry at Moe for saying that If it was Ned That died he would have been all over Maude so fast. Later Ned is still upset and Homer offers to walk Ned home. Homer even made calming noises and kisses Ned on the forehead. The full package.


Later in the night Ned wakes up and throws rocks at Homer’s window to wake him up. Homer wakes up and is prepared for a rock war when Ned says that he wants to talk. Homer and Ned go to the swings and the backyard and Homer tells Ned that it was him who made Maude move, it was him who made the T Shirt Girls fire and it was him who parked in the ambulance zone destroying any chance of resuscitation. As Expected Ned gets Mad at Homer.

Homer tells Ned not to play the blame game and Ned agrees. Ned tells Homer that there is no easy answer. Homer then Thinks of a easy answer! A dating Video! The Next Day Homer Films Ned trimming his hedges and taking off his shirt to reveal his abs.


Then With Lisa’s Help and a lot of star wipes on scenes Homer Makes Ned’s Dating Video. Homer then goes over to Ned’s House To Show it to him.

The many Highlights of the video include Ned getting maced, Ned putting in his ATM code, and Ned Showering.


By Now is Ned is pretty angry and the next scene shows Shredded Ned gardening in all his glory.


So step up to the Best. Shredded Ned, The Man With the Chest.


So that is the origin of Shredded Ned.

What do you think of Shredded Ned? Do you like his outdoor tasks? Thoughts on St. Easter? Sound off in the Comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

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  1. Is anyone else missing shredded Ned’s first two jobs???? Obviously those are the best ones as they are visible…

  2. Anyone know why Shredded Ned’s outdoor tasks were removed suddenly? Having him trim the hedge was my favorite task for him, and now suddenly this morning it’s gone (along with all of his other outdoor tasks)! Now I ask you, what in the world is the point of being shredded if you can’t be shredded in public?

  3. ***

  4. I for 1 find it comical that underneath all the strange layers of Ned,,there is all this hotness,, wonder if he knows how to use it? With all his religious fanaticism…I love that they gave us this fun side to enjoy in our game. Side note…sorry if some of my previous posting doesn’t seem to make sense. I was responding to jocephus83 when I accidentally sent in the middle of what I was saying….I’m sure anyone reading understands,,just wanted to clarify so that it doesn’t sound like crazy rambling…

  5. Oops…sent too soon! Meant to say there have been times where she was found in places that I could’ve sworn I looked. Sorry for the delay-real life interrupted-

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  7. Stupid sexy Flanders!

  8. I thought it was from “a streetcar named Marge” when they wereturn doing the bottle scene. I remember Ned was pretty buff then.

  9. Good write-up and a neat addition, but a bummer that it comes from what is probably my least liked episode.

  10. love shredded ned! still hoping for a T-shirt girl character with a 21 t-shirt gun salute outdoor task tho.

  11. 1st) thanks for the recap and i thought this questline was hilarious
    2nd) off-topic, but has anyone noticed the maggie game seeming glitchy? the last two times i’ve searched for her i could not find her at all, then when the timer was up it would take me to a place i know i looked at (and she wasn’t there) and she ends up being in that place. i know she can be tricky to find sometimes but it happened literally the last 2 times where she seemed invisible; enough to make me think “hmmm, wonder if anyone else has this”.

  12. Favorite part, that blur bar in the shower goes to the floor. You go Ned!

  13. Religion has never looked sexier.

  14. Thanks Robobot , well done 🙂

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