Pi Day Winners!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

March 14th was Pi Day and here at Addicts we love every excuse for Pie!  So we thought it would be fun to have a little Pi Day contest where the winner wins…you guessed it…PIE!

So many of you entered and shared with us your favorite Pie…it made me hungry just reading the submissions!  But we could only have 1 Pi Day winner.  (well 2…one from the US and one from outside the US) So let’s see who the Randomizer chose….


The 2016 Addicts Pi Day Contest winner is…


And his favorite pie is Cherry!

Congratulations again Ryan and enjoy your pies!

And for our outside the US winner….


She’s from Canada and her favorite pie is Apple.

Congratulations again jump-upcats and your prize is on it’s way to you!  Hope you enjoy it!

And thank YOU to the best readers on the planet for participating in our fun little contest!  Stay tuned…you never know when the contest mood will strike us!

How was your Pi Day?  Do anything fun?  Did you eat pie?  Did you spend your day eating pie shaped items?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

Pie Man and Felon

30 responses to “Pi Day Winners!

  1. Ryan? The Tapper who has everything?

  2. johnnyicemaker

    I have always loved the irony of geometry versus the typical shape of pie.
    Area of a circle, A=πr2…translated…Area of a circle = Pie are squared
    But pie are not square they are usually round…

  3. So when I was about to log in and play, a text message showed up saying: “you could now spend 5 game tokens to earn 5 times the prize” I was like WAT?!
    however I kinda feel like it useless now because I got all the prize. Not really interested in the donuts…

    • I know that’s just your opinion but for the vast majority of people this is an extreme timesaver and they are after Bonuts. I had just spent a lot of time burning through 350+ tokens one at a time right before that happened. Would have loved to spend 5 times less time doing that. Also, almost every person who doesn’t care about free donuts has a hacked game, or a B game as it seems to be known around here. They did this for the non-hack players, it’s a great thing. Donuts are expensive, Bonuts are awesome. Love the event, love my strip.

      • I never received that message notification. I never spend money on donuts, so any chance I get t earn them I’m all over it. I’ve been busting my butt finishing up each stage of the events to earn the bonuts. So why has no such opportunity been made possible for me?

        • A General Response:

          Keep in mind that not everything is for everyone. Just because it does not apply to you, does not mean it won’t be useful to another Player.

          Then there is the fact the option JUST recently hit our games. Not like it has been there forever. It is more due to the Event is winding down and those “last minute additions” are hitting the game to get Players down the home stretch.

          As far as notifications, if you have them disabled you won’t get them popping up randomly on your device. Also if you are in habit of “rapid tapping” through dialog, as many Players have the same habit due to the game gets you in that habit, you may have not even saw it and just tapped right on through. However, EVERYTIME you tap on Moe’s & Cletus’, etc… that option shows on the screen to use it. If you see the pop up… the opportunity is there.

          The game is for EVERYONE, not just customized to one person so if you are done, it may not apply to you… but many other Players are still going day by day to get the prizes and now the bonus donuts (which does apply to players that are done and want them). 🙂

          • Tracy - 1ltwoody920

            Do we know if the DAILY CHALLENGE will continue after the current Event ends? I only ask because today I finished a 10 part challenge, and my new challenge is 5 parts (that means 5 days) and there are only 2 days left in the Event.

            I try to “see” the absurdity in every day life. 😇

            • It was here before the Event… so I assume it will stay… but who knows. EA is full of surprises lately. Just got to wait and see 😉

          • To Tracy:
            If I remember correctly, the challenges kept counting towards the extra award when event hit, so I assume it won’t reset once the event leaves.

        • You have to have 25 tokens before it gives you the option. Stop gambling fire s a bit, wait till you have 25, and see if the option doesn’t pop up for you.

  4. Congrats to the winners! Mmmmmm pie. 😛

  5. Pi=3.14159625…🤓

  6. Sweet thanks guys! Doctor was freaking out about my weight yesterday, this will help!

    • Kim (kimberlyah794)

      Congrats, Ryan! You can always share with your loved ones. 😉

    • If you only eat 3.14159% of it, that might help.

    • Oh, and congrats!

    • If he’s worried because you are underweight you should tell him that you spend all your money on donuts 😄

      If he’s worried because you are overweight you should tell him that you spend all your money on colorie-free donuts 😄

      Enjoy your cherry pie! I’ve now made myself hungry thinking about pie and donuts so off to make a vanilla mug cake! Made a chocolate one yesterday and it was amazing so hoping this will be as good!

    • Congrats, Ryan! And to show you how much of a friend I truly am, I’ll support your doctor’s health concerns by offering to take that pie off your hands for you.

      No need to thank me – what are friends for?


      • I’d love to oblige but I weighed in at 116 lbs (52.6 kg) yesterday. So he really doesn’t want me to lose any weight. In fact he’d probably prescribe a La mode.

        • I think it’s sad/funny that if you say your doctor’s worried about your weight in America everyone automatically assumes you’re obese.

        • Hey Ryan

          I’ve got a kg or 3 that you are welcome to… Just let me know where to send it and it’s all yours 😄😄😄

          I’m sure that would make your doctor and mine (if I ever went to see him) very happy…

          • Lol my mom and I joke about it. She’s overweight and has a fatty liver, they’re afraid if I lose anymore weight I’ll damage my kidneys. We say we should swap and as long as they’re at it do a fat transplant.

    • Congrats!! Enjoy the pie 😉

  7. Ryan!! congrats!

  8. Congrats!

  9. Congratulations, winners !
    Please give a 100 word comment describing your prize from receiving it till the last mouthful, so we can dribble on our screens.

  10. Awwww yay Ryan!!! 🎆🌟✨ and to Jump my fellow Canadian! 🇨🇦🎉🎈

  11. Well done Ryan and jump-upcats .:)

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