From the Mouths of Addicts: Character Visual Task List

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

As we all know TSTO is full of some great animations!  Everything from Homer shoving donuts in his face at a rapid pace to Comic Book Guy helping Agnes Cross the street!  We all love those visual tasks, but sometimes it’s hard to remember which characters tasks are visual.  Well not anymore!

A few weeks ago Addicts reader Z and reached out and let me know she was currently compiling a list of visual tasks for TSTO.  And she wanted to know if we would be interested in the list when she had it complete.  Of course knowing that many of you have been asking for such a list, I jumped at the opportunity!  Plus you know we love when you guys get involved in the process! 🙂


So without further ado, here’s the list….

Character Visual Tasks

This will take you to a Google Doc.  There are over 350 tasks on this list and more will be added in the future.  Presenting it as a Google Doc is the best solution to get it posted 🙂

Z does warn that the list is not complete, she’s missing Fireman Homer and Fireman Apu’s tasks and a few others.  But she’ll be updating it every so often as more tasks are added.

So a BIG thanks to Z for providing this fantastic list!  And an even bigger thanks for offering to update it as we move along!

What are your thoughts on the outdoor task list?  Any regular ones you send characters on?  Some you forgot about?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

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  1. Funny that this google doc made public when it did 🙂
    I’ve just noticed that, with the Wild West update, the task lists (when you select a character) have an extra icon, to the left, showing if the task is animated or not…

  2. Hey everyone – I had a guest from out of town and a convention, so I’m sorry it took me so long to get back here. I was going to say I was glad it was so helpful to so many of you and that I would add any additions you posted (and to respond to each of you individually……….

    But then they added the icons in game. I’m glad they did it, but MAN. I am so frustrated. I spent SO MANY HOURS on that thing. Especially because I initially did it as a regular text doc and then redid it as a spreadsheet when I realized it would be a good resource to share and that would be a better format. 🙁 So unless it would still be helpful to anyone, I guess I will stop updating. If people still think it would be useful to be able to re-order the tasks by time or by character (so you don’t have to manually go through skins to see what is available on each) I’d be happy to keep it up, since the main work is done and adding some here and there would be easy, but… Grah. It’s especially irritating because this sort of thing has happened to me before; I nuked my town and spent hours rebuilding it literally just a few days before they implemented the feature where you can select areas and move things en mass.

    Frustration level = infinate. Anyway, please let me know if it would be helpful for me to keep it up. :/ I kind of hope it will be to at lesst some of you so it doesn’t feel like a waste, but of course it’s okay if not. *biggest, most dramatic sigh* Worst. Timing. Ever.

    P.S. I’m switching over to usinv my Origin ID to comment on here, so this will be my last post as Z. I’ll be seeing y’all around as iwasayingboourns. 🙂

    Thanks again for all the lovely posts about the sheet, and may the bonuts be with you.

  3. CrimsonCrafted

    My favorite task is “Let Homer let it all hang in the beach” it’s just so hilarious!

  4. Thank you Z! I have been looking for this information. I wonder if this spreadsheet can be saved. I am using a android phone.

  5. I always send characters with a bench task on those tasks as I have all my benches together in a park. I’m always keen to know if I’ve missed any.

  6. Z, this is awesome! Some of these i never knew existed, so I’ve never sen them. Thanks so much!

  7. Ballet Ralph?! When was this released I’m so jealous! Anyone have a screenshot or something of his visual tasks??

  8. I’ve been playing for a long time and own almost every character and skin ever released. I also compiled a list of tasks and where they take place, I could try to translate it and make it available if there’s any interest.

  9. What a great list! Thank you for compiling it! I’m eager to try out some of the visual tasks I had missed.

    I recently noticed a 2-hour task for Homer, Surf the Net, which requires a tennis court. It’s one of my favorite visual tasks because he tries to balance on the net.

    Also, I stumbled on a 24-hour outdoor task for Sacagawea Lisa, Care for Kidnapped Turkeys, which requires a Brown House. She pets a turkey in front of the house, which I previously could not see because of an overcrowded design. Anyway, it’s really cute!

  10. Super helpful! Thanks 🙂

    Do you guys think, we can expect something new before the Firehouse ends?

  11. It’s a great list! Thank you for all the work to compile it. In fairness to Z, some of the missing ones are skins that were limited time/event or tie-in specific, like some mentioned by momanmin888, and a couple I’d add – Moe strutting in his suit and the devil Ned tasks. So it’s fair to say a lot of newer players might not have them. And the multiple person joint tasks too – WOD FIR Bart, Milhouse, Martin, Nelson – are hard to keep track of.

    The Open Air Stage hosts a lot of outdoor tasks – some solo such as Moleman, Lisa, Krusty, (+ others) and some groups such as the B Sharps and such.

    The cool thing is, as people notice others not on the list they can help complete what Z started and is nearly complete. Adding to this is a community thing – I don’t see it as people criticising omission of things that aren’t on Z’s lists.

    Thanks again for your efforts Z.

  12. barleecreations (canid88)

    This is perfect! Thank you Z!

  13. Many of the superhero outfit tasks are missing from the list. Bart’s Bartman outfit has visual tasks of Test Gadgets (4 hrs), Train for a Future Conflict (10 hrs) and Go on Patrol (12 hrs). Comic Book Guy as The Collector has Lament (4 hrs), Practice Swordmanship (8 hrs), and Train for a Future Conflict (10 hrs). Burns Fruit Bat-Man has Fly Like A Decrepit Superhero (4 hrs), Train For a Future Conflict (10 hrs) and Practice Punching Out A Crook (12 hrs.)

  14. Thanks Z!
    I used to put my characters on the visual tasks, but since the job assigner through the unemployment office came out I’ve been lazy. I don’t even know a lot of the newer characters outside jobs. This is a great resource and inspiration to get back into doing the outdoor tasks.

  15. Great info, Z! I think there are always some players who love having “data” posts like this, including me! 😀

    Addicts – Might it make sense to have a section of this site dedicated to posts that provide comprehensive types of data like this? The land map could go there, too, for example. I bet there are other folks here who might be willing to compile specific types of data to include in it, so the burden wouldn’t all fall on you. I’d love to see some sortable tables of data….for example, you could have one for the different items and how they contribute to the Conform-o-Meter. (Personally, I’m too far along to care about that one, but I remember how important that info was when I was newer.) Granted, these tables (and other types of data would require periodic updating, but maybe this could be done collaboratively (for data that’s not hidden in the code, like Conform-o-Meter data), using Google Docs or other type of collaboration platform.


    Thank you ‘Z’ for all the time and effort you put into your spreadsheet… It’s a very useful resource; data input is a very time intensive pastime, as you are well aware of.
    In a future update could you please consider making all the tasks hyperlinks linking back to the relevant page at ‘ADDICTS’ for added functionality?

    Thanking you for any consideration you might give my request.

    • If I do end up updating it (see my main comment from today about whether it would be useful given the new visual tasks option), I would consider it. It would probably take a while, so I might do it a little at a time and update when they’re all there. 🙂

  17. Thanks for the list Z! Only problem now is, after going through it I see characters on there that I don’t have and now I want them!😣 For example, was Brandine ever brought back after the initial release? I’ve been trying to figure out which premium character I should go for next, and since I love the funny outdoor tasks, this list will make it easier to decide which to spend the dough on. 😀

    • Yes, twice.

      • Thanks Alissa. Well I guess I’ll have to keep my fingers crossed that they’ll bring her back again 😊. I’ve got donuts burning a hole in my pocket, and I’m itching to spend them. Thought about getting a leprechaun , decided to wait and see what came up for Easter, but already had most of it. Now I’m wishing I had seen Brandine, or bought Mrs. Bouvier when she was available. I’m also considering the crazy cat lady, Hans moleman, and Manjula. Hey, has a poll ever been done for the funniest outdoor task?

  18. sonicboiny834 ryan

    Wow. Colour me impressed. Thank you so much. I tend to use visual tasks 99.5% of the time so I know most of them by heart but many I had forgotten about. Thanks again!

  19. What an AWESOME thing for Z to compile and share! I often want to send my characters on visual tasks based on some theme or whim, and have longed for such a resource. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

  20. Oh yeah, Homer and the Donut Torture Device!! Still love his wiggly fingers in that one! Nice one, EA!

  21. Great list

  22. Off the top of my head, missing ones:
    Many character tasks from Clash of Clones, including Homer Barbarian — Chase Homer with Axe is a good one.
    Kodos and Kang 20 hr task to Drink Hilarium (requires Queen)
    Isn’t one of Martin’s Ice Princess jobs outside?
    Ebenezer Burns and Smithers have the 24-hr money fight, which is awesome.
    Stonecutter Homer: Be the Chosen One, and with the Rock, Sing the Stonecutter Song
    Sing the Stonecutter Song for Wiggum and Krusty (and #51)
    Pocahontas Lisa – host Thanksgiving Dinner with Pilgrim Ned
    Pilgim Ned – Self Punish

    Sure there’s lots more if I thought about it. Thanks for getting it started!!!

    • I didn’t post these to be a d!ck or anything…please don’t take it that way!!! I was helping to compile more for the Ultimate, Final, Complete list of Z’s Awesomeness.

      Sorry if it came across wrong, or as show-offy. Completely not intended as such. So I’ll be quiet now. Apologies.

      • lol nah it’s ok (I certainly didn’t think that). I just think it’s funny…in my response to Lee. Actually I like when you guys point stuff out. Saves me the trouble of having to research it all 🙂

    • ***Sacagawea Lisa skin***

      • There’s also Treehugger Lisa task to get tried to a tree.

        • In case no one’s mentioned, Treehugger Lisa also has a 24-hour task to Camp Out in the Redwood. Thanks to Z for compiling this ambitious list and everyone else who’s helping her make it even more awesome!

  23. Thanks Z,
    now I’m sure everyone will remind you which ones you missed,……………


    • I don’t think people are necessarily trying to be nitpicky when they do that…I think some people are trying to be helpful, contributing to the data to help make it even more comprehensive.

  24. Awesome list!! Makes me wish they’d upgrade the Unemployment Office to where you could set a favorite skin/task for each character, then hit “Favorite Task” instead of a timed task for everyone. Anyone you didn’t have favorite, could then be sent on a regular timed task.

    • I agree completely! A ‘Favorite Task’ setting at the Unemployment Office would be so cool. Btw – Rich Texan’s 4 hour task at the Downs isn’t outdoors, it’s inside. I think he’s only got the 2 visual tasks. RachelS

    • I’d just love to have all the times available, with be expectation they add jobs to make them 100%. But I’d love to be able to put as many chars add possible on 16 hour tasks, then out the leftovers on 12 hours.

      Also wish it would switch costumes if that would earn more money for the same time.

  25. This is very helpful. What a great idea! Which premium character has the best visuel animation?

  26. Just tried Mona’s Complain about the living task and I made sure Maude was free but Mona just went to the brown house and Maude did nothing? So is this really not a joint/visual task or did something go wrong?

    • It was joint initially…but I’ll double check

    • Yeah, when I found the reference for it, I wasn’t sure if that was just a glitch in my game or a changed task; I seem to not get the Cecil Terwilliger mayor one, so I was hoping that this was another case of that. I was extra sad because I like Maude’s look as a ghost, and one of her tasks makes her that phantasm thing, and the other (while definitely hilarious) uses Homer, who ends up being needed for almost any event that comes up and also has approximately a million other joint tasks (and skins, etc.). I often end up just not assigning her to anything so I can see her wandering he town. Was really hoping that the visual on “Complain About the Living” would eventually show up for me. 🙁 In the meantime, I at least enjoy Mona’s joint task with Grampa to feed the birds. Looks all sweet. 🙂

  27. Thanks for the list, very useful.

  28. wow , I mean wow , no ….. I mean WOW ! Thanks Z 🙂
    That is a whole lot of work , great for reference too . Again , wow 🙂

  29. That is amazingly helpful…thank you so much Z! ☆☆☆☆☆

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